what is an outrunner moter? Answered

What  is a outrunner motor

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airborne Micro generator from nitro rc 40 motor / 400kv outrunner / smart charger / lipoly

Concept : design onboard lipoly charger system to extend flight time on giant scale electric plane.  1) if this is even a worth while project, the trade off of course is weight / power ,      can enough be created from a micro generator to make a differance, or would additionals 6 cell lipoy be more sensible ,  configuration =   OS max 40 nitro motor /  brushless 400 kv outrunner / ac / dc conversion rectifier / dc voltage regulator / 12v dc lipoly balance charger to main bank of lipoly batteries /  motors 2) I don't know how to build the rectifier bridge, so I would need some direction  Any suggestions or thoughts on this project are appreciated.  Jeff

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Brushless motor not running,help needed..!!!

I have Turnigy 2836, 2350Kv outrunner connected to Hobbyking 40A SBEC ,Rhino 1550mAh 3S 20c Lipoly Battery and a Hobbyking servo tester to control the motor .when i try to start it makes two beep sound, vibrates and turns off.it was perfectly running last time i checked .which components' fault is this??? and how to check lipoly's voltage and current?can i use normal multimeter? thanks for the suggestion....

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Can any brushless outrunner motor be used as a gimbal stabilization motor?

From looking at the construction of the gimbal motors, they do not appear to be much different than a standard brushless motor. However, they are able to be controlled like servo's, and I do not understand how. Does anyone have experience at these? I do not understand how a motor ment to spin fast with lowish torque, (high KV, as some may call that, or think of that) can be used to precisely control position, other than downwearing and feedback control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEWLrnYxLl0 Here is a video showing what I mean. Notice how slow that motor turns without gears? and I know they must have a lot of torque to be stabilizing a hefty camera.

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Do you think this motor will work/?

So im planing on making an electric skateboard and i need help choosing a motor. I found a good one that i think will work and do just fine. Can you guys help me out? Also is a motors power based on whats? because i know (2) 2000 watt motors will propel a human but i dont know if that is based off watts or not.  this is the motor im looking at getting:  http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__29356__Dr_Mad_Thrust_1000kv_4600watt_90mm_EDF_Inrunner_8_10s_version_40mm_.html Also should i go for an inrunner or outrunner motor?  whats the difference 

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