Repurpose parts

In the last 6 months, I had a 40" hd tv, a modem, a 27" monitor and a laptop  all quit on me for various reasons.  I'm wondering if I take them apart if there are any parts that are worth salvaging.  I have only a basic understanding of electronics but love to tinker and want to take up arduino projects.  What would you salvage if it were you? MK

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What is the best place to shop for parts for projects?

I would like to know some of the better sites to use for buying motors, wires, ect. 

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i need people with idears what to do with thease parts

I have a digital and analog multi meter and the board has blew up but evreything elce on it works but what could i use the digital screen the analog pointer and the rest of the guts for? i want to build a custom pc so if they could be used for that even better

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where can i buy electronic parts in uruguay or have them shipped there?

Im having a tough time finding a store to buy leds, resistors etc.  I need to find a good supply house in the states that will ship here or any supply house in Montevideo would be helpful.  Thanks

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where do i get lasers ?

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Parts info please

Hi all: Does anyone know of a part that will swith  240v AC current on & off for short periods of time like a pulse effect ?. Thanks.

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Old Computer Parts...

Alright I know this question has been asked a hundred times before, but I've searched and none of them have been close to what I specifically want. I have two old computers with some fans and L.E.D's, and I was just wanting to find something to use these things for. Everything I find is either about restoring the computer or just using the shell of one. I want something like robots lights or something like that. Oh, and sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

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Electronics Parts Suppliers

I'm curious about where instructables members purchase their electroincs parts. I've played around with electronics since high school, but I've always been in an environment where parts are "free" (aka paid for by others). Now that I'm branching out on my own, I'd like to know the best place to buy parts. I did a quick comparison of Jameco and Mouser on my blog. I'd greatly appreciate it if you all could share your thoughts on this. Thanks so much.

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Electronics parts sources

Anyone know of a good electronics parts source that takes PayPal?

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what electronic part is this??

What electronic part is this .What is it used for and some more details on it?!

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part 2 is out!


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 I want to build an original iphone or at least build a ipod an 3rd gen. please give me some sites that you know are reliable for ordering these parts

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2 part instructable

I'm going to be making a 2 part instructable, where the first instructable can be branched off and help people make other instructables, and my second instructable is to make an "attachment" for my first instructable" Would the 2 be counted as 1? Or would the 2nd instructable be considered "incomplete".

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Little help with a part.

OK I dissembled a WWII radar for its gold, silver and parts. I got these Bradley Labs #SE6M82H parts they are 4 inches long and ½ inch in diameter, I may just melt for the silver but before I do I would like to make sure what they are first. I think they are 25,000 to 50,000 volt rectifiers but I can’t get a datasheet or any other information on them. So can anyone help me with information on this part? Joe

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Small Plastic Parts

I've seen some forum topics here that explain how to create your own plastic molds etc. I'm looking for some help here. I need to make some small plastic gears, but I'm not sure that investing the time and effort into learning injection molding, simply to produce a hand full of parts, is sound logic. Is there anyone out there that makes small plastic parts for a living? I've contacted several companies in my area, but they won't do anything less than 10K quantity... Thanks, Tim

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What part would that be? Answered

Well I would love to know what this number is. Faso that question because I want to mount an equal for progeto, and knowing the name I search on Google. In hindsight not sopressiso name only the circuit and components

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What are these electronic parts for? Answered

I was taking apart this toy car called a formula fueler from hot wheels and found these to parts that look like leds but on a board. They each have a led thing and two wires on has red and black wires while the other has  purple and black wires. The red and black one has thes letters on it "LED REV:03 B4048-0030050" and the one with purple and black has "PHO-TR REV:00 C4331-003-5000". What are these and what are they used for? Should i keep them for future projects?  

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How to order parts for this circuit?

I'm a new to building circuits and trying to help my son with a school project.  Here is the circuit to hack the wireless doorbell into snail mail notifier (  I'm lost here though it appears to be a simple circiut.  (attached the circuit as image file) Please help me with ordering parts and the proper sequence to solder them. Thanks in advance. - Al

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what are the most important electronic parts to have in your toolbox for any project?

Like its stated i need to know what are the basic, most important electronics parts to have in a toolbox for any project. i want to start learning about electronics and i need parts to do projects and i didnt know you ya'll keep basic parts that everyone else have like a common type of LED or something. know what i mean? if nobody knows or doesnt do this, what are some parts to look for that a beginner like me could use later for starting small projects that will help me learn electronics?

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Is it important to store electronic parts in a controlled dust-free and air conditioned atmosphere? If so, why? Answered

I have been notified that my parts and service area will be shrunk and no air conditioning will be installed in the new building we are moving to in a year and a half.  I need some information as to the condition of my parts when exposed to the heat, humidity, cold, etc.  Can you let me know because if there's a problem, I have several hundred thousand dollars in parts that are at risk! Thank-you!

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is there a guide,list or photo pool of parts one could salvage out of stuff your throwing away or see in the trash?

For instance as much of a pack rack as i am, i am getting ready to toss a couple of older cordless phones, an infrared foot massager, tossed an old all in one printer a couple weeks back. if there are good, all purpose usable parts i would salvage  and save the parts.  the foot massager must have  a motor or vibrater.   The cordless phones i saved the 9vdc bricks, i use i lot of stuff that runs off 9vdc.

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Does anybody know where to get cheap parts in lakeland florida?

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What the hell is this?

I have taken apart my projector and found the part that has been giving me problems but i have no idea what it is called or anything.. any help? it came out of a hannstar K MV-4  94v-0  underneath it it says E89382 091 6 see picture of blue piece  the third and forth picture is the part i want to identify and replace

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Building a PC

I am trying to build a computer with more knowledge than last time i was trying to do it, here are my parts listProcessorMotherboardHard DriveCD/DVD DriveMemoryCaseI have a Gateway computer company Vista OS from my old gateway computer, will this work with a non Gateway interface computer? If not, then i will probably download linux to my usb and upload it to the computer. P.S. i already have a monitor

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where can i get some free electronics without telling them what i need them for?

Where can i get some free electronics without telling the company what i need the samples for?

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Scrapping electronics, What should I look for???

       When I was like 10, I would take apart all of my electronics that were broken, or not broken. Then I would play around with the parts with great curiosity. I once rigged alarm to my bedroom door, by fixing a string from in front of the door. When Someone broke it, the string would loosen a weight that would connect a wire to a motor, which would set off an old fashion alarm clock. It was tough to make, and as you know i would have to re string everytime someone came in my room. Recently while in a forum, someone mentioned Robomaniac`s tutorial of the beatle-bot. And this tutorial resparked an old intrest lying deep within.. Well my question is: Whenever I am taking an electronic object apart. What should I keep?? And what should I ditch?? 

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salvaged parts: instructable ideas?

I found a nonfunctional UPS at a church yard sale and was able to salvage the following items: 1 class h transformer (about 5 cubic inches if that means anything) 1network transient protector plug-in 4 4 x 3 aluminum plate heat sinks 4 6v 11a gel-cell pb acid batteries and the circuit board may have some components that aren't fried too. anything practical would be great.

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I need a project to use up these parts.

This is the slideshow with all the parts i got:

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Can someone tell me the exact parts of this 'ible? Answered

I really want to make this instructable, but I dont know what parts to buy. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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I broke a phone charger,searched online see what these components are but nope. Anyone got an idea what the parts are?

BTL804A1WS TL431A 42850 COSMO 1010 B17 E41 C 58014 C23 LM 358 0505 59015 C 118 IRF 870I

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Help with a project brainstorm.

 I am building an automated parts storage thingy. I envision having a catalog of parts with numbers next to them. I enter a number on a keypad that corresponds to the part, and the drawer containing the part slides out* and the smaller compartment containing the part's lid flips open** and I enter the amount I took or put in and it logs it*** and notifies me when I am low on a part**** *How would I make it slide out? **How would I do this? Electromagnets, maybe? ***How would it remember? Compact flash or SD memory? ****How would it notify me? Network to the printer? I think i would press a button that said "STOCK" and it would tell me what to stock up on.

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online resource?

Is there a site that will take a schematic and pull your parts for you? maybe even make a pcb for  it? for hobbyist.

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Fellow community members, I am looking for some old outdated broken computers (laptop) preferred

Please send info on Pentinum Class 4 computers or even just parts

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From where I can buy the require tools of a project?

Since we don't have any place to sell even recycled parts any site I can order? especially for robots projects here in

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I have disassembled an old TV. Can anyone lead me in the right direction to find what some of these things are? Answered

I have disassembled an old TV parts info.  I've been able to catalog most of the components, but, I have transformers, transistors, chokes/loops, and others that I can not get info on.  I've tried Googling the part numbers, but, I'm getting no where.  Can someone please help in leading me in the right direction?  Thanks.

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Online supplies?

Hey guys, question for you guys. Im looking for a good online sotre for electronics parts. Ive looked at a few but it seems i can't find a store that has everything. LED's, resistors, tools, capacitors, etc. Plus the cheaper the better. Anyone have some ideas? EDIT: Can someone also suggest a good size of LED's for general building and work. Thanks

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How do I make a touchscreen that requires a stylus?

I want to either make a touchscreen or install one (though I don't know where I would source the parts for that).  Basically I don't want the touchscreen to pick up on my hand.  I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet which requires a stylus and that's essentially what I want here.  That would most likely be an inductive touchscreen, so I'd be interested in making something like that.  Preferably mostly see-through if possible. Basically: How would I make that (or where would I buy a raw element for something like that), and how difficult would it be to interface with that (i.e. via microcontroller). Thanks.

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What can I do with a magnetron, while still being reasonably safe?

I have recently disassembled a microwave to discover that practically all the internal electronic components are still functional (all except the chassis and bezel - even the lightbulbs were still intact).  That includes the magnetron, transformer, HV capacitor, and high-power diode needed to turn 120VAC into a microwave beam.  So, what sort of interesting, things can one even do with a magnetron, anyway, while being at least reasonably safe. I'm no wimp, but getting widespread internal 2nd degree burns is no picnic either. Any ideas for things I can do with those parts?

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SMB Connectors

Does Anyone know where I can get a single right angle SMB Connector. This is the type of connector that the satellite radios use for antenna connectors. Digikey and others have bags of them but I only need one. Thanks, Jason

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advice on what these are

I have 6 of the silver ones and 1 of the gold but i cant work out what they are anyone have any advice as google is not helping gold  -  Ancom 741 silver -  rc 743 d ray 7231 also i have found little black ones with 4 legs on each side with 7244  sn72741p thanks for any advice you can offer 

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I have dismantled a CRT monitor and I was wondering what I should with a UC3842B (HIGH PERFORMANCE CURRENT MODE PWM CONTROLLER) that was on the mains power side of the PCB.Here's a link to the datasheet for it.Any suggestions on what I should use it for and how to wire it up?

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Sourcing Components in Canada

First post, while everything's feeling all shiny and new. I was wondering if anyone knows the best place for sourcing electronic components (basic stuff like resistors, capacitors, relays, basic counting chips, motors all that good stuff to instructable with) in Canada (Ontario preferably). I used to use Rapid Electronics in England ( and have never found anything to match (in price or quality). All / Any suggestions welcome. Look out for a couple of instructables coming later in the month!

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What parts to salvage from detectors?

Hey all - at the place I manage I have 15 defective Kidde smoke detectors coming back - now obviously there's something wrong with them but it won't be every part that's garbage. It IS however a good opportunity to get some multiples of same parts.  SO - if this was you and they are in the garbage otherwise..which parts would you salvage?  I'm willing to invest  maybe 2 hours of desolder time.  Other than the resistors and the LEDs, i'm not as familiar with the components used on these boards. suggestions appreciated, This looks like the closest model:,8062,pageId%3D28537%26siteId%3D463,00.html

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What are these parts and what are they used for? Answered

I just got a couple of old computers, and while i was taking them apart, i found these pieces. Can someone tell me what they are and what they are used for?

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how to scrap a ps2 for parts?

 i have opened my ps2 and got down to the most of the raw parts. how much of the circuit board do i need for the switch and what do i need for the fan, do i just need the wire? i want these parts for a homemade projector. also i will use other parts for other projects.

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Where to get parts for my laptop?

I have a Compaq Presario 2200 laptop that was given to me. It has a dead hard drive and a dead CD/DVD drive. I would like to replace both of the drives for under 40 dollars. I am happy to replace them with used (but still working) hardware. The hard drive doesn't need to be over 20GB and the CD/DVD drive doesn't have to be super high speed. Unfortunately Compaq did what is called a tattoo on the hard drive. This means that the hard drive must be replaced with a compaq hard drive not just any old laptop hard drive. Because of this I was hoping to get an old compaq pressario 2200 laptop that has a dead screen or dead motherboard that still has a good hard drive and CD drive so that I can salvage. I looked on EBAY but haven't had any luck so far. Are there any other online places where I could get another old compaq pressario 2200 laptop to salvage parts from? Does anyone on instructables have one? Thanks for the help. Anyone who helps me get the parts I need gets best answer.

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