pic programming? Answered

I am not able to load the hex file to the pic that hex file i am trying to load had loaded sucsessfully before but now gives a verification error. why is this happening and how to fix this?????

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PIC Programming Software

I am just starting to get into PICs, problem is, I can't find a program. All these tutorials on PICs on Instructalbes talk about the hardware, but not very many talk about software. I am pretty fluent in VBasic/Basic so I would like a developer that works in that language or C/C++. I have PIC Prog, but that just downloads it. Anyway here's what I need help finding: -Free devolpment and compiler program -Preferably programs with Basic or C -Works with JDM2 programmers. Yes I have MCU experience, but it's been with an OOPic. I can't use it on everything so I am switching to PICs. Anyway if anyone can help me with software solutions, I'd really appreciate it.

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I am new to programing and was wondering if there is any way to read the code off a PIC chip without damaging it or if you plug it into a programmer will it destroy the data on the chip. Sorry if this is a stupid question any help would be most appreciated

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easy way to program PIC? Answered

What is the easyest way to program PIC chips? i have a ghetto programmer around for attiny's, and wondered if there was anything similar to that...

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what's this programming code language? Answered

i found a code for a pic16f28A it's simple: main:  lablel0:   switch off 3   switch on 0   pause 1000   switch on 1   switch off 0   pause 1000   switch on 2   switch off 1   pause 1000   switch on 3   switch off 2   goto label0

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PIC Microcontrollers

Hello. I'm just making my entrance into the world of microcontrollers. But as I self learning everything I have a few questions. I recently purchased 2 PICS (16F648A) and a programming board. The board works fine and I got it to connect to the computer and reconize the PIC. I guess my first question is, Is all hex code PIC specific? Meaning would I be able to use this code "http://www.voti.nl/blink/index_1.html#16F630" for my PIC? The models are very similar but not exact. If not, I would like to do the standard "Blink an LED" as my first project. How would I write my code for this PIC and what materials would I need? Thanks!

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how can i on off a led with one push button,?

 i'm having trouble with picaxe program editor to do it..... i didn't got code for this thing.... 

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How to start into PIC? Answered

Hey friends! Yesterday my uncle gave me an old pic16f72 microcontroller. I am a beginner to arduino and have written few programs myself but PIC is absolutely obsolete to me. I want to ask that is pic a standalone ic to program or it need other hardware. Also in which language are these programmed. Plz tell me all the basics. Thanks! :)

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Rapid Pulse LED Program

Hi there! I have successfully been making some LED hula-hoops but my ultimate challenge lies before me: I want to program colour-changing LEDs so that they pulse ultra-fast and appear 'white' when at standstill but leave rainbow trails when they move. I believe it to be an optical illusion caused by the pulsing... I assume this requires a PIC program but I have no idea where to start or even if I am on the right track - does anyone out there know how I might achieve this? thanking you in advance, Amelia

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Do pre-programmed PICs exist?

I'm trying to complete an instructable however I ran across a small problem: I need to program a PIC. Unfortunately, the devices used to program the PICs (Pickit2) are too expensive for something that I'll use maybe once or twice. Is there a way to buy pre-programmed PICs with custom code? Thanks. 

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how to test whether a pic is programmed? Answered

I wanted to know is there a way to check that the chip is programmed

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I want to load a ready made program into a PIC. how do I do it?. I don't need to write a program, just load it?.

I am OK with electronics construction but lousy with programming and at 80 can't really spare the time to learn Many thanks 

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USB pic Programmer?

Ok guys so heres the deal i need a good and cheap schematics for a USB pic Programmer ive had some experience with schematics but i must admit its been a while my ultimate goal is to build a cheap good set of lazer tag thanks ps PIC18F2525 is the chip im trying to program

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PIC programming - How can I learn to write my own programs? Answered

Hi all, Currently I'm assembling the parts I need for a JDM programmer (Simpe JDM from instructables), and I'd like to know how I can write my own software. I already have WinPic800 installed, and it's a list of 3FFF's. Can anyone tell me how to program my own files, or show me a website for it? Thanks in advance (p.s. its for a 16F628A)

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Beginner PIC user? Answered

I have some pic12f675 chips laying around, but I have never used pic before. I have heard that they are very easy to program, and very useful. I have experience using arduino. does it use the same language, and can you use the arduino ide with it? as I said I am a beginner with these, so please include as much info as you can, and please leave links to some tutorials if you can. thanks in advance!

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Getting Started with PIC

Hello again, I'm looking for suggestion or first hand accounts on getting started with programmable IC's. I'd say I have enough basic electronics skill to get by, but I'm completely new to programmable chips. So I'm asking where is the best place to start? I'm mostly just looking for hobby stuff at this point. The PICAXE stuff seems simple enough for a starting point, anyone have first hand experience there? I should note I don't have any access to programming though parallel ports, and I'm running Windows Vista, so any set up would need to support usb and my os. Additionally any recommendations on some reading would be nice too. Thanks again Nic

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Problems programming PIC 16F648A with progPIC 2009

I recently bought a PIC programmer kit from www.velleman.be and tried to program a hex file to a PIC 16F648A and it keeps failing. I have a suitable power supply, an RS 232 cable connected directly to a computer (no usb to rs232 convertor) and it is in program mode, and it is inserted the right way round. I tried programming the included PIC with the included demo hex file and it works fine. However, when I import my hex file, it shows the last set of characters as random ones (not letters or numbers) so it looks like there is something wrong with my hex file. Do I have to compile it differently to work with PICs, and how would I convert this?

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How do i program my PICs?

I have a PIC programmer like the one in this: www.instructables.com/id/Simple-JDM-PIC-Programmer/ instructable and a pile of PIC16F84A's that i would like to program. however, the software linked in the instructable sucks. it verifies that the programming was successful even when the programmer isn't plugged in and it is unable to read from the chip. i need a program with actual code instead of a crappy HEX editor that will work on windows 7. any ideas?

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How to program pic16f887 with k150 pic programmer ?

Can anybody tell me how can I program pic16f887 with k150? I am new to pic programing. In k150 description they said it can program that chip.so I bought them. But i don't know how to program it using that.

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Pic microcontroller button press code activation?

I've just recently started with Pic microcontrollers. I actually have made some pretty cool projects with leds and a few other things that i will probably upload. Right now Im working with a pic 16F628A, I want a command to start only if a button is pressed. Ive tried a few different variations ive seen online but none of them have worked.  Could you please post the pins of the button and add the code to the code below. Written in C  void send_sync (void){ printf("\r\nSending Sync command: "); print_cmd(sync_cmd); send_data(sync_cmd); delay_ms(50); printf("\r\nSYNC command sent\r\n> ."); }

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PIC24 programming troubles?

Hi, I have been working on a board with a PIC24FJ32GA002. The board had the correct voltages on the PIC's power pins (3V). I was able to program the pic one time successfully with my PICkit3, but every subsequent attempt has resulted in the following error message: Connecting to MPLAB PICkit 3... Firmware Suite Version.....01.29.33 Firmware type..............dsPIC33F/24F/24H Target detected Device ID Revision = 3046 The following memory area(s) will be programmed: program memory: start address = 0x0, end address = 0x2bff Programming... EEData memory Address: 0 Expected Value: 0 Received Value: 0 Calibration memory Address: 0 Expected Value: 0 Received Value: 0 Failed to program device I don't think the chip is fried since it still reads the device ID, but I have no idea what's going on with the EEData error. If anyone knows anything about this, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

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How, what, why...PIC?

I've seen PIC microcontrollers on the internet and I'm not exactly sure what they do. Are they like Arduinos except you can remove the microchip you programmed and put it in a circuit you made? Is that how it works? Can someone tell me please?!?!?!?!

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What are capacitors for in oscillator circuit for pic?

I've been learning to program pic18f1320 with led blinker program and using 10Mhz oscillator. I don't have right capacitors but circuit works without them just fine... 

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can i program a pic microcontroller with my second monitor port? Answered

Im thinking of building a pic programer, will my laptops external display port work?, i would perfer usb, is there a small usb programer?

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pic 12f629 12vdc to 220vac inverter

Hi, i have a few pic 12f629 micros laying around. i want to use one of them to blink 2 led's seperatly. the other one i want to use to make a ups(dc/ac inverter) that automaticaly  turns on when the power goes out and indicate a wen a battery is low. I am very new to programming micros, at he moment i can program a single led flash using the WDT (watch dog timer). Any links to diagrams, photos or code will help. currently i only know how to make a program in asm and compile it to hex. Thanx for any help

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beginner looking for info on arduinos Answered

I'm fairly new to the world of DIY electronics, but I would like to start working on projects that incorporate microprocessors.  I've been looking at many of the projects that use arduinos, but I was looking for a little more info on them.  I'm sorry if these are stupid questions but with my little knowledge about this stuff I don't really know any better.   Could a single microprocessor be used in place of an arduino?  Could an arduino be used to program an IC chip and then the chip be removed and only use that for the project or does the whole arduino have to be used? and any other tips you have for me to help me learn more about stuff like this is greatly appreciated. thanks.

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Pic Problems, need Pic Pros!

I recently got a pic prgrammer (the really cheap one off of sparkfun, the PIC_PG2) and I have a problem: Background info: I'm trying to program a 12f675 I'm using IC-Prog when I program the programming led turns on and flickers a bit now and then. A pop-up screen comes up, "No Oscillator Callibration Value found. Do you want to use value from file (3fffh) instead? " I can now hit yes, no, or cancel. If I hit no it goes on, if i hit yes it goes on. after a couple more status bars, like reading, prgramming, little blue bars... then "verify failed at adress 0000h!" I need to fix this.

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can ATmega and pic microcontrollers communicate with the rx and tx pins?

Hi. i am starting a project that will involve about 4 small boxes that have simple switches and led's connected to them. they will then all be linked to an arduino but maybe later on i will replace the arduino with a pcb that has an ATmega chip on. same as my arduino, which has my custom program on. i would like as least wires as possible. so by using the receive(rx) and transmit(tx) pins i would only need 4 wires. power, ground, rx and tx. BUT. pic microcontroller chips are alot easier to program and are cheaper too. i would not be able to use a pic microcontroller to control them all at the central hub so i would need the arduino and pic chips to be able to communicate without problems. only sending basic commands like: 0001 0011 or LED 1 HIGH. i just thought i'd check it could be done before i buy my parts. if it can't be done is there any way to make it work or any cheap alternatives? thanks, Luke 

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Can anyone help me design and program an LED selector circuit?

Schematic http://tinypic.com/r/21lsfnn/7 I am currently trying to design a multi board circuit (as detailed in the attached diagram). I want one control board with a PIC program which governs the selection of LED's across the three different boards.  Q1 needs to flash six times  .25s on .25s off and then stay on for 10 seconds Q2 needs to turn on and stay on for 15 seconds Q3 has two functions either:                                                     red LED on for 15 seconds OR                                                     red LED on for 1 second then green LED on for 15 seconds Q4 needs to turn on and stay on for 15 seconds I only want one LED option to be on at anyone time across the three slave boards. If anyone can give me any pointers for starting this project I would be really appreciative as this is quite an urgent task. Many Thanks

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MPLAB and PIC16F628A, basic EEPROM functions wont work

Hello all Ive got a query about the simulator in MPLAB.  I'm using a PIC16F628A-IP and Ive written a couple of subs to run the EEPROM functions, but when I try and run the program in the simulator and observe the registers, I'm noticing that EECON1 is not accepting bit changes, and when reading from the EEPROM, i get as far as getting the correct value into W register (MOVFW EEDATA), then the next step, simply a RETURN command, for no reason wipes the W register back to 0 and hence the routine always returns a 0 Can somebody have a look and see whats going wrong, this is one of the easiest routines to write as there are so many examples on the web, Ive even used code straight from Microchip's Code Library and that didnt work either, its driving me MAD!!! All I am trying to do with the following code is simply read the EEPROM contents of address 05, display the returned contents to PORTB, wait a second, then increment the contents by 1 and resave into the EEPROM at address 05, so by rights on power up I should see FF then 00 then 01 then 02, etc, incrementing every second, on PORTB....I'm a bit of a stickler for custom keywords so sorry if its a bit confusing, makes perfect sense to me of course! ;  GENERIC PROGRAMMING HEADER  LIST P=16F628A   ; DETERMINE CORE TYPE  INCLUDE "P16F628A.INC" ; INCLUDE DEFAULT ASSEMBLY FILE FOR THIS CORE  ORG 00H     ; START PROGRAM AT LINE 0  RADIX HEX    ; ASSUME HEX UNLESS SPECIFIED  ERRORLEVEL -302  ; NO BANK WARNINGS DURING ASSEMBLY   ;  SET BURN CONIFGURATION FOR NO WDT AND INTERNAL OSC AT 4MHZ  __CONFIG _CP_OFF & _WDT_OFF & _PWRTE_ON & _BODEN_OFF &_INTRC_OSC_NOCLKOUT & _MCLRE_OFF & _LVP_OFF ;  CONSTANTS AND VARIABLES OPT  EQU 81H  ; OPTION REGISTER NN  EQU 02AH ; GENERAL N REGISTER FOR COUNTING DELAYS XX  EQU 02BH ; GENERAL X REGISTER FOR COUNTING DELAYS YY  EQU 02CH ; GENERAL Y REGISTER FOR COUNTING DELAYS TEMP EQU 02DH ; GENERAL TEMPORARY FOLDER 1 TMP  EQU 02EH ; GENERAL TEMPORARY FOLDER 2 FLAGS EQU 020H ; MISCELLANEOUS PROGRAM SPECIFIC FLAGS N  EQU 021H X  EQU 022H ; GENERAL TEMP STORES Y  EQU 023H ;  CUSTOM INSTRUCTIONS #DEFINE   BANK0     BCF       STATUS,RP0          ; Sel Bank 0 #DEFINE   BANK1     BSF       STATUS,RP0          ; Sel Bank 1 #DEFINE   READNVM CALL READ #DEFINE   WRITENVM CALL WRITE #DEFINE   W10MS  CALL DELAY #DEFINE   W1S  CALL DELAY1S ;----------------------------------------------------------------- ;  INITIALISE MICRO ;----------------------------------------------------------------- INIT   BANK1   CLRF  TRISB ; PORT B DEFINED ALL OUTPUTS   MOVLW 0FFH   MOVWF TRISA ; PORT A ALL INPUTS   BANK0 ;  SET TO MIMIC 16F84 BY TURNING OFF COMPARATOR   MOVLW 07H   MOVWF CMCON ;  PURGE GENERAL RAM FILES   CLRF NN   CLRF XX   CLRF YY   CLRF TEMP    CLRF TMP    CLRF FLAGS   CLRF N   CLRF X   CLRF Y   CLRF PORTA   CLRF PORTB   CLRF OPT   CLRF INTCON   ;------------------------------------------------------------------- ;  MAIN PROGRAM ;------------------------------------------------------------------- MAIN; ORIGIN   MOVLW 05   READNVM   MOVWF PORTB   W1S   MOVLW 05   MOVWF EEADR   MOVF PORTB,W   INCF W,1   MOVWF EEDATA   WRITENVM   GOTO  MAIN ;--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;  END OF MAIN PROGRAM BODY ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------   GOTO FINISH  ; PROGRAM LOOP FALLOUT ;--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;  SUBROUTINES ;--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; LIST OF AVAILABLE SUBS: ; DELAY  = 10mS DELAY ; DELAY1S  = 1 sec DELAY ; WRITE  = WRITE TO EEPROM, MUST BE LOADED WITH EEDATA AND EEADR B4 ENTRY ; READ  = READ FROM EEPROM ADDRESS HELD IN W BEFORE ENTRY, RETURN RESULT IN W ;  10mS DELAY DELAY       MOVLW 0AH   MOVWF XX OUTER   MOVLW 0C7H   MOVWF YY INNER   NOP         NOP         DECFSZ  YY,1         GOTO    INNER                 DECFSZ  XX,1         GOTO    OUTER   NOP   NOP   NOP   NOP   NOP   NOP   NOP         RETURN DELAY1S   ; 100x10mS DELAYS   MOVLW  064H   MOVWF NN D1L  W10MS   DECFSZ NN,1   GOTO D1L    RETURN   WRITE       BANK1         CLRF EECON1                        BSF EECON1,WREN            ; enable write   W10MS   W10MS   BCF INTCON,GIE         MOVLW H'55'                ; magic sequence         MOVWF EECON2                       MOVLW H'AA'                          MOVWF EECON2                       BSF EECON1,WR   W10MS   W10MS             eeloop BTFSC EECON1,WR            ; wait for WR to go low         GOTO eeloop                ; not yet         BCF EECON1,WREN                    BCF INTCON,GIE           ; clear the interrupt flag         BANK0   W10MS   W10MS         RETURN READ BCF EECON1,WREN   MOVWF EEADR                ; set up eeprom address from W         BANK1   BSF EECON1,RD              ; set the read bit         BANK0   MOVFW EEDATA              ; return value in W         RETURN   ;  PROGRAM ENDS FINISH   END Note, this will probably make more sense if its copied and pasted into an ASM in MPLAB, as the tab stops and comments become more apparent THanks for looking  

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USB powered LED with Program?

How would i make it so theres a program to turn a led on and off via usb, i already stripped the usb cable to get red, black, white, and green wires, i know vb6, so i can write it in there. Help very much appreciated, been using google, and cant find it. EDIT: i dont have pic micro controller.

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home automation

I finished a project to control lights and window with pic18f2553  i programmed it on c++ every thing is going ok but the problem is when i connect the window (with up and down) the first command start but when i stop that command the program freeze

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Is there any easy circuit to program PIC and/or PICaxe without an RS232 port, which I do not have? Answered

I have a USB-TTL cable which I use to program AVRs, and if there's a PIC porgrammer that uses a TTL input, it's perfect. I know you can get USB-RS232 converters, but I'd really prefer doing without RS232 all-together. Thanks in advance!

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Test a PIC16F819-I/P to see if it works? Answered

Hey everybody. I am normally an Arduino user but I have a nice pile of PIC16F819-I/P chips and would like to test them to see if they work. I don't want to get the ChipKit programmer quite yet and would like to upload a "blink" program to the PICs from an Arduino. Does anybody have a good 'ible that would work with this particular chip?

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Help with programming a PIC16f877A with Pickit2

I am having a really hard time programming a PIC16f877A with a Pickit2 programmer or a homemade serial programmer. I have tried several ICSP interface circuits but neither programmer can read the microcontroller.  I have been able to program other PICs with each programmer without any problems. I am beginning to think that I just have a bad chip. Does anyone have experience using Pickit2? A step by step breakdown would be extremely helpful.  Can anyone suggest a good interface for the PIC16f877A? I have tried connecting the pins directly to the programmer. I have also tried using pullup resistors on MCLR, and used a schematic for ICSP that I found on the Microchip website.  One thing I have yet to try is powering the chip with an external power supply, Would this method work? 

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can anyone give me a PIC program for a VERY SIMPLE mapping robot? Answered

I want to use a pic and try to make a robot that can proform mapping.

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Getting started with PICAXE? Answered

I want to get started using PICAXE microcontrollers after using both PICs and AVRs before, and I have already learned the BASIC language, it's pretty easy, as the name would suggest. My main interests with them are that they can be easily programmed with two resistors and a 3-pin serial cable, they are easy to program and have ADC inputs, and also audio functionality. What would be a good place to get started, I was looking at the 08M, but it looks like it was recently discontinued and replaced by the M2. The reason I don't really want to move on is because I have just learned the pinouts and functions for the 08M, and also a lot of projects here on instructables utilize it. I was looking at building the tic tac tunes.I also noticed that it has the markings "12F683", so does this mean I could just buy a pic 12F683 chip and use it as a picaxe? Are they identical or is there a subtle difference in them. I also noticed that the audio functionality seems to be very limited in that the smaller chips only do polyphonic notes, and the mid sized chips only do mp3 from eeprom, and only the very large 40 pin chips do audio. What is the smallest chip that supports a full range sound file. Memory shouldn't be too much of a problem as the clip is only about a second long, so one with 256k should be fine, as long as it features internal audio. My last question is what should I buy, as in chips (universal and common experimentation chips), and any other accessories I may need. By the looks of things, all I need is the chip, a headphone socket, resistors, and a download cable.

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professional arrow keypads functions using mikroC compiler and PIC microcontroller?

Hello, I want to design a professional arrow 5-keypad functions using mikroC compiler and PIC microcontroller  to navigate on a LCD page or screen so that; a cursor can move UP , DOWN , RIGHT , LEFT  and ENTER (enter and select functions) on the a 20X4 LCD or a T6963C GLCD to select an item on it and to do a function or output for each of those mentioned  5 keypads using mikroC compiler and a PIC microcontroller. Would you please place the above circuit request;its hardware codes(programs/software) here as a project?                                                                                                                     Thanks,

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Do I need PIC microcontroller? Answered

My question is simple - imagine device with a single button (touch, whatever), it is either on (sending signal) or off (nothing is happening). This device is connected through usb to a computer. Do I need, in this device, a PIC (or any) microcontroller? Wouldn't just be sufficient to create a driver in my computer that would just recognized the device and received information if it is on or off (sending e.g. el. signal, letting the current through or not...)? I am a complete beginner in this, and this answer would help me understand more how it works. I have a little background in electronics. Thank you. P.S. if you still have a problem to understand what i am talking about, imagine a simple circuit - battery, switch, LED (+resistor), you switch on, LED lights, you switch off, LED doesn't light - now change LED for USB and let some custom program in a computer open a window with "hello world" whenever you switch on now.

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Hi, i want to know how to program an esp 01s which is different to an esp 01 upgraded (black). I have looked online but there is nothing telling me how. I know that one difference is that the esp 01s does not have a 'CH_PD' pin, insted it has an 'EN' pin. The first pic is an Esp-01S.The second pic is an Esp-01 (original blue).The third pic is an Esp-01 (upgraded black).If you look carefully there are many re-arrangements.pls reply ASAPthanks---------haadi5584 (the creator).

Question by haadi5584 

Micro controller help

Hi everyone, I'm looking to get into the world of micro controllers but I have no clue how to decide on which one to start with. I have experience programming in VB on almost a daily basis and a class or two a few years ago in Java and C++. I don't anticipate programming being a hurdle. My main goal is to work with using my Android phone to automate certain parts of my life, such as automatically turning off the lights in the house and killing power to devices in "stand by" mode. I see a few books about the ease of combining arduino with android, but the reviews all state that the books assume proficiency in one or the other, meaning it's either targeted to an android programmer who wants to dabble with the arduino or someone who has micro controller knowledge who wants to incorporate the android. I have neither and need something basic for both. Something that starts from the very beginning. How the two connect. How they talk. Are their standard libraries and objects that they use? things like that. This is less a question/answer and more something I'd like to have some discussion on. Feel free to ask any questions if I missed anything. Thanks in advance.

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How do I build a twinkling LED display with a PIC?

I'm looking to make something somewhat like this DIY LED Heart Display. All the leds are on, dimmed a little, and then a few brighten randomly and then they dim back down again. I'm using 12 LED's, an ATMega168 and little knowledge to go on (but I'm trying anyways). If anyone could help me with the source code, mostly configuring the pings, I'd be really grateful (or if someone could at least refer me to a tutorial on how to program IC's).

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TOYS with LED's

Hi, I recently bought one sword with LEDS and I want to know how they control the LEDS (it have different patterns of lighting). They use a PIC or IC ? I open the sword and have a very small PCB board with the IC cover with a black solid coating my questions are: The toys use and IC or PIC? What is the difference between IC or PIC's? They control also the voltage of the LED (different color of LED have different voltage)? The PIC/IC is programmed in which language? Where can I found more resources about this topic ? thank you for any help Chris SWORD http://www.rinovelty.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/products.thumbs/cat/114/page/2/filter/pricerange%7Cany%7Cany/Light_Ups_Light_Up_Swords

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how 2 program usbtiny firmware.i use dapa pogrammer and winavr 2009 how to write on cmd for programming usbtiny firmware

How to program usbtinyisp firmware.i use dapa port lpt1 pogrammer and winavr 2009 how to write on cmd for programming usbtinyisp firmware. please write the command (batch file) for programming the firmware. :) im beginer on avr

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Stepper Motor and an L298 Module? Answered

Hello, I bought those items: L298 Module Kit, PIC16F877A + KIT, a stepper motor my friend found in an old printer (with four wires (2 coils)), and the pic programmer. I am lost trying to find out how to wire this thing. Can someone tell me how to connect the L298 Module with the Pic kit and the basics of how to program it (not code just the concept). I already connected the stepper motor to the coil pins of the module. Thanks

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What do i need to buy in order to program an 8-pin PIC microcontroller?

I am trying to build/sell mod kits for 360 controllers (to make them rapidfire of course) and i need to know what i need to buy. I have 2 serial ports on my computer, so it doesn't need to be usb. I just want to find the cheapest way to take codes off of and write codes to microchips. I saw this but i was told that i would need to get other items to add to that to be able to program a chip. Also, is this chip similar enough to the ones that they use in the kits/ mods they sell on ebay? Would this chip work? Any answers would help very much.

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Does anybody know of a schematic to program an 8 pin picmicro controller such as: 12F675 12F508 Just those specifically because they're 8 pin and I have them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but one of those 2 has 8 I/O ports, which leads to a lot of possiblities for a small area. Also this will be my first real pic project.

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