Does PIC16F84A has TIMER0 interrupt? How to use with button?

I wanna connect my 8LEDs in the PORTB of the PIC then a button in any PORTA pins. I'll use the button to change the pattern of the blinking. How to do this in timer interrupt? Is it possible for the TMR0 to check the status of the button, if it was pressed then change the pattern? Say, I have four patterns. Cheers

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How do I choose an optocoupler/transistor? Answered

There are 2 circuits,one is a clap switch which provides output to ground voltage as 12 volts,and with a resistor,I managed to get an led to turn on each time I clap.I wanted to interface it with a clock which shows time when a button is pressed,but the problem is the button(marked as "show") isn't connected from microcontrollers  pin to vcc but from micro's pin to gnd (find attachment for reference).so I wanted to chose an optocoupler or transistor,but being a school student,I haven't  learnt about them,though I know how to connect them. also,please suggest some method (transistors or optocoupler & which one) to increase the number of output leds without overloading the micro Please help

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running light? Answered

I want to make a simple running/chasing light with a pic16f84a i need the code and the circuit

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How do i program my PICs?

I have a PIC programmer like the one in this: instructable and a pile of PIC16F84A's that i would like to program. however, the software linked in the instructable sucks. it verifies that the programming was successful even when the programmer isn't plugged in and it is unable to read from the chip. i need a program with actual code instead of a crappy HEX editor that will work on windows 7. any ideas?

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