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Can anyone help me give a simple project using logic gates...

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Project ideas?

I Have 2 ipod hard drives. 1 is a 20gb and the other is a 30gb. I also have a spare dvd player, a dvd drive(doesnt work but spare parts might come in handy) and an old razr phone that the screen doesnt work but the rest is fine...Any projects i can do? or anything i can make that would come in handy? I would appreciate it greatly for some tips or project ideas..thanks..

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Tech project??

I am very bored and I love doing projects with soldering and whatnot. I've taken apart my guitar hero stuff too many times and im looking for something new to do. Can anyone hep????

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upcoming project

I just got an ipod touch for christmas, and I'm going to be making an accessory for it that's like a laptop, and I'll call it an iTop or something like that. Anyways It's a tiny bit bigger than the ipod touch, the ipod touch will fold up and be the screen, here what the features of the bottom part will be (The ipod plugs in via the dock connector. High quality audio output Video output mini usb for easy syncing a speaker with an amp and a lion battery to power it a little lion charger a switch to wheather you want output audio or from the speaker I/O ports* *There will be a picmicro in it, and I'm going to make it so that if you output different frequencies (maybe some programmer could helpme) the pic will do different things. I posted on make a while ago how cool it would be to have an open source ipod, and this is the closest you can get. There might be anywhere from 4 to 20 I/O ports, and it'll be controlled by the ipod. Can any of you think of anything else to add before I buy stuff?

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CRT projects

Does anyone know of a good (and cheap) project I can do with a CRT (not a monitor, just the tube)?

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Does any one know how holograpy projection in space work like iron man?

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Suggest me some robotics projects in my college technical fest. a simple line follower will not WORK. regards.

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Project issue

Whenever I have Microsoft Project open to read mpp document, it brings the whole system operation to a crawl. Forget about using a browser whenever that program is open; it slows everything down. Any suggestions as to what causes this?

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USBeDuino Project

Hi, I just want to inform you about a new project, which bring a tiny microcontroller board for your home automatication, to you. It is called "USBeDuino". What is USBeDuino? basically it is a microcontroller board with 3 shields, which, when combined make a very great platform for home automatication. Features: Processor: Attiny85 2 x 3A PWM Output sink channel 3 x Analog input channel 1 onboard poti 2 onboard Buttons Input Voltage 5-24V Small size The idea behind the board: Sometimes you need only projects with very less pins, such as light controlling or pump controll (in the garden). Then you dont want to use a full arduino, with a power or a relay shield... then you can use the USbeDuino! Please tell me, what do you think about this project? Does it have potential?

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Project Idea

Im sick of checking for mail throughout the day so i was hoping to setup some sort of motion sensor in my mailbox that trasmits to my home with a beep or light. Any ideas to achieve this cheaply?

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Lens for a project

Hi! Im gonna try out this project, Telescope , as I know nothing about optic or lens function maybe someone could just let me know if I should go for a Tele-Auto 6.3/400 mm or a Sigma 70-300 mm F4-5,6 DL Macro Super. I asked the creator but as time runs out for me I hope this gives a faster response =) Thanks

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LED Projects

For LED projects, click my profile name... reg ketan ----------------- "May the good belong to all the people in the world. May the rulers go by the path of justice. May the best of men and their source always prove to be a blessing. May all the world rejoice in happiness. May rain come in time and plentifulness be on Earth. May this world be free from suffering and the noble ones be free from fears" ---- Vedic blessing

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Aquarium project

I hope I'm not stepping on anyones toes here. I just posted a new topic in Aquarium Projects. It involves using a microcontroller (starting with Parallax BS2 and eventually switching to AVR) to automate some of the tank maintains. Please delete this if it is some sort of violation to refer to a topic in another forum. Otherwise, it is at: would really appreciate any advice I can get.Thanks!

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Help for a project

Goodmorning everyone I am not very practical in this field, but I would like to know if it is possible to carry on this project and if someone can help me to develop itInstall IP cameras I want to create a card that powers a 47 v LAN port from the USB port of my PC so that the data cable can both power the camera and receive the video signalsI would need something like that in the picture even if it comes out bigger is not a problemthanks everyone in advance

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I AM A 14 YEAR OLD KID GOING TO SCHOOL AND I LOVE MAKING ROBOTS SO CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT CAN I MAKE AND WHERE DO I GET STUFF IN INDIA,DELHI I am thinking of making quadcopter but i don't have the right material so where can i buy it in India,delhi

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Router Project?

On one of my recent bike rides I came across an old (I assume from size) network router. Now being a collector of anything electronic I stored it in my back pack for future use...However as I began to think, I realized I had no idea what to do with the thing.  Here is the most basic infromation on the router: - Made by SMC - Called: BARRICADE SMC7004VWBR - Wireless network router, with a standard four ports on the back - Made in Taiwan (just thought that might be important) So does anyone have any idea on what I can do with this router? I already have a wireless router at home so that use it already filled.  And yes, it is fully functional.

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LED project

Here is what I got going; I want to use a 9v battery to power a led for a project on one of my guitars. I'm not sure what kind of resistor I would need. On hand I have a 33ohm and 1m resistors. The led is a 5mm cylinder with an inward cone on top. The led ranges from red, blue, yellow, and green in different patterns. It came from a light up snow flake and the original power source are 3 LR44 button batteries. I'm not sure what rating the led is, since I didn't see anything on the packaging. The schematic is just the same as the original setup minus the 9v(LR44s) and the switch(little slider). Thanks in advance for the help!

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rc project

I decided to go for the rc car. I'm using the 1/5 scale  maxstone trying to combine it with the raspberry pi. I'm also using adafruit's pwm. I know this might be old to others but it is new to me. I am a beginner and I am very excited about it!    I am open to any suggestions, comments, feedback, links, anything would be great!

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Project Help

Hey everyone I was hoping someone could help me with a project that I'm working on. I'm relatively inexperienced with electronics so this might just be a simple solution, but here it goes. I have a 4.8V, .9A power source and I would like to connect the power source, a toggle switch, a LED, and a USB port in series. A pretty simple idea. I don't know too much about LEDs, but I do know that you have to use a resistor with it. And I've heard that the LED and resistor have to have a voltage drop equal to the voltage of the power source. My main question is this though: how can I use the LED along with the USB port? Will there be enough voltage left for the USB after the LED is lit? Thanks for any advice!

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Project impossible?

Using an Arduino UNO, an MP3 shield(and 2 speakers) and a breadboard, can I have 10 white LED's, a potentiometer to control brightness, a potentiometer to control flashing of the LED's, a stepper motor or a servo, 2 buttons for the motor(left right), and finally 3 buttons(play, stop, skip) for the mp3 plus a volume knob. Is this possible, or will I need more that one Arduino? Speakers: Input interface: 3.5mm Stereo Jack Input sensitivity: 650mV ± 50mV Degree of distortion: ≤ 5% Speaker impedance: 4ohm Frequency range: 85Hz ~ 20kHz SNR ≥ 80 dB Output power: 3W * 2 Rated voltage: DC 5V /1000mA

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Arduino project

HiWonder if someone can help me with this code.Im using the arduino uno board with the sim808.Everything is working fine but can only work in stages. When i send "Track" it sends me back my location,when sending sms "ON" relay swiches on etc.When i start the module and want to find out the "STATE" its not working.Must first send "Track" then "ON" then "OFF" and the i can get the State reply.Why is it working in steps?My Code:#include #include #includeSoftwareSerial gps(0,1);DFRobot_SIM808 sim808(&Serial;);const int relay = 3;String lampState = "HIGH";#define samples 10#define minVal -50#define MaxVal 50String msg = String("");int i=0,k=0;int gps_status=0;float latitude=0; float logitude=0; String Speed="";String gpsString="";char *test="$GPRMC";void initModule(String cmd, char *res, int t){ while(1) { Serial.println(cmd); Serial.println(cmd); delay(100); while(Serial.available()>0) { if(Serial.find(res)) { Serial.println(res); delay(t); return; } else { Serial.println("Error"); } } delay(t); }}void setup() { pinMode(relay, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(relay, HIGH); //mySerial.begin(9600); Serial.begin(9600); gps.begin(9600); while(!sim808.init()) { Serial.print("Sim808 init error\r\n"); delay(1000); } delay(3000); Serial.println("Init Success, please call or send SMS message to me!"); //************* Turn on the GPS power************ if( sim808.attachGPS()) Serial.println("Open the GPS power success"); else Serial.println("Open the GPS power failure"); { Serial.println("Initializing...."); initModule("AT","OK",1000); initModule("ATE1","OK",1000); initModule("AT+CPIN?","READY",1000); initModule("AT+CMGF=1","OK",1000); initModule("AT+CNMI=2,2,0,0,0","OK",1000); Serial.println("Initialized Successfully"); for(int i=0;i delay(2000); get_gps(); show_coordinate(); delay(2000); Serial.println("System Ready.."); }}void sendSMS(String message){ Serial.println("AT"); delay(500); Serial.println("AT+CMGF=1"); delay(500); Serial.print("AT+CMGS="); Serial.print('"'); Serial.print("1111111111"); Serial.println('"'); delay(100); // Send the SMS Serial.println(message); delay(100); Serial.println((char)26); delay(100); Serial.println(); delay(5000); }void loop() {if(Serial.available() ){if(Serial.find("Track")) get_gps(); show_coordinate(); Serial.println("Sending SMS"); Send(); Serial.println("SMS Sent"); delay(2000);} if (Serial.find("ON")) { // Turn on relay and save current state digitalWrite(relay, LOW); lampState = "on"; Serial.println("Relay set to ON"); msg = ""; } if (Serial.find("OFF")) { // Turn off relay and save current state digitalWrite(relay, HIGH); lampState = "off"; Serial.println("Relay set to OFF"); msg = ""; } if (Serial.find("STATE")) { String message = "Lamp is " + lampState; sendSMS(message); Serial.println("Lamp state resquest"); msg = ""; }} void gpsEvent(){ gpsString=""; while(1) { while (gps.available()>0) //Serial incoming data from GPS { char inChar = (char); gpsString+= inChar; //store incoming data from GPS to temparary string str[] i++; // Serial.print(inChar); if (i < 7) { if(gpsString[i-1] != test[i-1]) //check for right string { i=0; gpsString=""; } } if(inChar=='\r') { if(i>60) { gps_status=1; break; } else { i=0; } } } if(gps_status) break; }}void get_gps(){ gps_status=0; int x=0; while(gps_status==0) { gpsEvent(); int str_lenth=i; coordinate2dec(); i=0;x=0; str_lenth=0; }}void show_coordinate(){ Serial.print("Latitude:"); Serial.println(latitude); Serial.print("Longitude:"); Serial.println(logitude); Serial.print("Speed(in kmph)="); Serial.println(Speed);}void coordinate2dec(){ String lat_degree=""; for(i=20;i<=21;i++) lat_degree+=gpsString[i]; String lat_minut=""; for(i=22;i<=28;i++) lat_minut+=gpsString[i]; String log_degree=""; for(i=32;i<=34;i++) log_degree+=gpsString[i]; String log_minut=""; for(i=35;i<=41;i++) log_minut+=gpsString[i]; Speed=""; for(i=45;i<48;i++) //extract longitude from string Speed+=gpsString[i]; float minut= lat_minut.toFloat(); minut=minut/60; float degree=lat_degree.toFloat(); latitude=degree+minut; minut= log_minut.toFloat(); minut=minut/60; degree=log_degree.toFloat(); logitude=degree+minut;}void Send(){ Serial.println("AT"); delay(500); Serial.println("AT+CMGF=1"); delay(500); Serial.print("AT+CMGS="); Serial.print('"'); Serial.print("0742296587"); //mobile no. for SMS alert Serial.println('"'); Serial.print("Latitude:"); Serial.println(latitude); delay(500); Serial.print(" longitude:"); Serial.println(logitude); delay(500); Serial.print(" Speed:"); Serial.print(Speed); Serial.println("kmph"); delay(500); Serial.print(";=15&mrt;=yp&t;=k&q;="); Serial.print(-latitude,6); Serial.print("+"); //28.612953, 77.231545 //28.612953,77.2293563 Serial.print(logitude,6); Serial.write(26); delay(2000);}void serialPrint(){ while(Serial.available()>0) { Serial.print(; }}ThanksHein

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A proposed projects for physics...

Hello there techies, the project USB charger was proposed by me to our professor in physics II. unfortunately he didn't accept such project HOWEVER he was happy. He just said that our project is not yet satisfying. He wants us to do a power inverter. We will buy a 2 6-volts battery and series it and it will output a 200+volts with a 30watts and then we will insert any charger such as a nokia cell phone charger and then voila, it should be charging. Do you think it is possible to do? And another project I proposed is that we will make a REAL TIME CLOCK using a 7 segment. I already had a schematic from youtube. and it uses a decade counter ICs but unfortunately I think such ICs are not available in our country, can you help us sir? T____T 

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Help for a highschool project!

Hello everybody, well im a student, and I need your help please as soon as possible!! I have to do a project to finish my last year, I was thinking on making something for deaf, like a game or something to teach them how to read, because I've read that most deaf child don't know how to read and it is all because they're parents.. This last year a group win the science fair making a wheelchair that is commanded by the voice, now they are in LA showing that... Or anything else to do!! anything helps! thanks a lot... by the way, im from Uruguay. Thanks!

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Arduino as a programming project?

I decided to make something with Arduino as a school programming project, because it would be nice to learn something more complex than playing with LED arrays. The question is WHAT? It has to be a PROGRAMMING project, not an electronics one and therefore must be interesting and hard to do. Everything I can think of is a lot of electronics with some 50 lines of code at the end... Any ideas? 

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Need help for a project?

So I've to make a multi-functional garbage container, which would be solar powered, and it must have an arduino . The idea is that the container will have 2 LCD displays showing a moving eye, a sensor for when something is thrown inside (the sensor must activate an audio device, which should say "thank you" at the moment) another sensor fr when the container is full (it'll have to make an LED blink) . So my knowledge about arduino is fair (about coding) and I wold need help for that and also for what components to use (mainly what sensor as I described) All those things are gonna be made for a project and our budget is about 150$ Thanks in advance!

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Questions regarding a project?

Hey Guys, Recently I found an instructable that I doubted would work so I thought that I could ask a few questions about it here. (Schematic: 1st thing: Will this work? 2nd thing:This circuit is designed for 120v AC, what would I have to do to make it compatible with 240v AC? 3rd thing: Explanation to how this works. 4th thing: Which button of the TV remote will this work with? Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

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Science fair project?

I'm a 15 year old, and for the science fair, I'm planning to do something based around a floating lightbulb and wireless power transfer. However, the project has to be based around an investigation, (with a hypothesis, and a written up report including variables, etc.) I'm stuck on an aim/hypothesis, and I wonder if anyone has any ideas?

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new electronic project

Have just started a new electronics project that i have been thinking about for ages. this is the basic idea, i am going to give someone a christmas "present" at a party which will , when i press a remote button, deliver a small 450 volt shock( very low ampage, i've made shockers before). i am disassembling a remote control car and will fit either a relay connected to the shocker circuit or perhaps the shock circuit itself to where the motor was. assuming all works correctly it should be very funny, i will be working on an instructable of how it was done. thanks for reading, tell me what you think.

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Make image and project it? Answered

Hello everyone, I wanted for a while to make an image so that I can project but don't really know how to do it until recently I got this small like flashlight that actually projects an image.  Does anyone knows how to do it and the parts needed to build it. thanks

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flow code projects?

How can i find flowcode projects like 8channel programmable timer by eric

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Innovative Project Ideas?

I want some innovative electronic project ideas which I can make and are useful and not just hobby projects.It may use a microcontroller or it may not use one.

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Electronic Engineering Project?

I am Student of Bachelor in Electronic Engineering in Final year starting, I want to select my Final Year Project and I have my passion in Robotics, can anyone please suggest me a great project.

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Electronic Engineering Project

I am Student of Bachelor in Electronic Engineering in Final year starting, I want to select my Final Year Project and I have my passion in Robotics, can anyone please suggest me a great project.

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540 Motor Projects

I salvaged what I believe to be a 540 size motor from an ice shaver, as it runs 24v. I have seen the Van de Graaff generator on here, but are there any other projects that utilize a 540 size motor? Thanks!

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laser project problem?

 Hello,$20/ I've tried to do this project but i can't complete it .. I can hear the bangs only .. why ??

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about mini project

am doing one mini project about light following robot....iam in need  of source coding for that.could u lend me that me for .....awaiting for ur rply..........

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Video projection on glass?

Hi I was doing some resources on how to achieve a rear projection on transparent surfaces like glass, but without of much success (there are projects on this site, but all are using a black projection material). I would like to do it on a shop window using a projector. I have found out that I need some special foil to get this working, but most of them are black and not transparen and there are a lots of brands. I am wondering if there would be a DIY solution, maybe a frosted white sticker cut to the size would work, to still keep a level of transparency on of the window. Suggestions are welcomed! Thanks!

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Easy wiring projects

I have seen beginner electronics projects but most of the things that they make arent really functional theyre just kinda display things like led throwers or custom made circuit board. I want to learn electronics but not by reading a guide but by doing the diy projects that create electronics items that are functional....does anyone know of any?

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Projecting outside: colours?

Is there a way to get colours to be more contrasted so that they can be seen more clearly? I want to take this: and turn it into this: Also, is there a way to increase the lumens of a projector by changing the bulb or something? I have a feeling my projector isn't bright enough to project outside. I was thinking of using this: Would that be bright enough for outdoors projecting or is there another cheap alternative?

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ATtiny 2313 projects

I recently got a ATtiny 2313. Any idea what should I try after my preliminary programming practices.

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new innovation project...

Hello.. i'm electrical engineering student.. i have been asked by my lecturer to create an innovative creations related to electrical engineering fo my final project.. The invention is not necessarily new. it can be produced from existing product but has been modified to be something innovative.. Can anyone give me some ideas for this innovation product or something related to the electrical engineering???

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1st Arduino Project

Hey you all,  this is my first project with an Arduino and was hoping to make a simple lamp with a few LED's - I noticed that many of them aren't bright enough to really use for that purpose.  What is the best RGB LED that you know of that satisfies: 1) Standard control (works like any other LED) 2) Very bright 3) Long Lifetime Thanks for any help!

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Old laptop Project

I have an old laptop I've recently taken apart and i was wondering... How can i convert the HDD to a portable storage device? and How can i convert the LCD screen to a monitor or a normal TV?

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Ideas for a Teleoperated Project

I want to make my first Instructable, and I would very much like to do a project that is teleoperated via the internet. I have strong web application and embedded software skills, so I am doing this to combine the two with a web control panel and whatever the project will be. However, my mechanical and electronic skills are lacking (yet not absent). Does anyone have an idea of what the physical end of the project should be (what should be controlled)? At first I was thinking about doing a remote controlled car, but that is not original enough. I am looking for ideas of things anyone that goes to the site can control, so something that would be OK to give control of to the public. Thanks for your help, I will give credit to whoever comes up with the idea.

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Need help with a project

Hi, I am making a project with arduino that has to run two nema 17 stepper motors that will turn separate pinion gears for a rack and pinion and a single servo to move and arm up and down. I want to be able to control everything with a wired control pad. If anyone knows an instructable that would help with this could you let me know please. I have not had any luck finding anything. Thank you.

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Requesting project ideas!

Hi, I have a Sanguino (basically a more powerful Arduino), an old laptop, an old cordless phone, an old remote control, a couple of old mobile phones and a couple of radio controlled toys. All of these can be scavenged for parts. Can anyone give me good electronics / robotics project ideas that I can try out. I am a computer science guy by training and profession and though need a refresher on electronics, I can basically get to a pretty complex project once I dirty my hands on a couple of basic ones to refresh myself. Thanks, Sushrut.

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Adding sound to a project

Hey there fellow modders/hackers/builders. I am in need of your help. First off, my keyboard is broken so I may miss some mistakes. Now to my problem, I have an idea for a project but have run into a problem... How do you add a single sound to a project? I just need one sound to play when a button is pushed. After some Google searching, I didnt find anything that could help me. So if any of you know of a way to fix my problem please please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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Electical simple Project

Hi dear ,                      My name is Javaid . and I am Male  of 24 Single, and I am from Pak . Dear I want to Make a Best Friend in this Comuninty that He or She. so Please i want to Discouse my Personal Infomation He/She about my Project of Electrical... this is my E-mail ( so Please send me Email who help me and make me a good Friend .. thanks a lot. your's. Javaid

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Arduino Project Help

Im in the process of writing some software to control our workshop saw. by control i mean control the position of the saw, all the safety sensors and speed controls are already in place. the current control unit im replacing is dead, and there no longer in manufacture and we cant find a replacement. some of the code is from another developer who was training me, he wrote the encoder part for me.. would someone be willing to help me finish the project or even point me in the right direction of the projcet ? Regards

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