Can any one tell me how to build home projector ? what parts used to make low cost projector for home plz email me on list of parts used in project which lense used in project give me step by step full instruction with photographs  Thanks

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Overhead Projector

I have 2 overhead projectors that blow their bulbs. At $18-20 apiece I don't have the money to experiment with them anymore to figure out why. Has anyone got an idea how to convert one to use something like a standard Halogen or Xenon light? I would also need to keep the fan functional as well since any strong light is going to get very hot. I use them in my fiber art studio to project ideas onto paper for patterns.

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Clock Projector to Projector? Answered

Could I like put an input (???) for like an iPod in and watch non-time?

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3M Pocket Projector

3M ProjectorLooking forward to this mini projector.

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Projector length of tube? Answered

I was curious if it's possibly to extend a projected image, from a projector (like tv/computer) down about a foot of tube. Tube would be 1 - 2 inches wide. If this isn't possibly what would be the smallest width the tube would have to be for it able to go down a foot of length?

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Laser square projector

I work in a manufacturing facility and we've got a lot of forklifts that are buzzing around everywhere all the time. there's an initiative to make it safer for forklifts to interact with pedestrians. one of the ideas someone had came from another facility where they have these blue spot lights on top of the truck that project a blue dot in front of and behind the truck. you see the blue dot and you know a truck is coming. there's some concern that this might get missed by a pedestrian. a thought came to me, being a nerd, that we could use something maybe a little easier to see. I looked in to some disco type laser displays that you can display custom graphics with, but there's concern about how sturdy they are or how long you'd actually be able to use one (whatever it is would basically have to be on almost 24/7). we've got several Motorola barcode scanners, and the long range models (mc 9190) have a feature where it projects a red square to show the area where the scanning will take place. it's a solid red square, not just a perimeter, that scales up with distance (it's like 4"x4" if you're within 2' and goes up to a pretty large size the farther out you're pointing it). These scan guns are way more expensive than this project calls for of course. Does anyone know of a source for JUST the imagers for these things? or could anyone suggest a way to replicate the effect...a big red square on the floor, with other equipment. needs to be able to run for a long time, hopefully could be powered by a 24-36v DC source, possibly motion detection (though not really necessary)

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how to make a home made projector?

By using a  std convex lenses. 

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Can anyone give advice on how to make a cheap art projector - to enlarge small images/drawings/photos onto large canvases or walls? Using cheap but effective lighting would be best.  thanx to all

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Optoma Pro 160s projector problems?

I recently received a message after turning on my Optoma pro 160s projector that said "Fan locked" and shortly thereafter the system shut down.  Does anyone know or have a video to help me figure out what to do to get the fan moving again or whatever else I need to do??Help EL

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Ceiling Mounted Projector, How do I keep the HDMI lead and power cable tidy?

I Have an Optoma projector and the cables are connected on the right hand side of the projector so naturally the wires protrude quite obviously from that direction. What is the best solution for keeping the cabling tidy? I anticipate adding a mains socket onto the plasterboard ceiling and a HDMI faceplate to connect a short HDMI lead to the projector and behind the scenes I will add a 25 foot long HDMI cable that I have to connect to my amplifier. What have people in these situations done in terms of coming up with a solution?

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How would i make a lens for a projector so that when i shot i at a wall at an angle?

It is as wide up and down.  I dont know how ells to describe it.?

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Hi can I say using a nokia n95 phone utilise the lcd screen for a projector?

The idea is to open the phone up take off the baking from the lcd screen but still leave it linked to the phone. Link up a exterior light source  ie a bright led and use this to project light through the lcd screen then through a suitable lens? thanks Moray

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composite to VGA?

I want to make a projector similar to this: with a LCD panelbut it only has a VGA input. is there a way to connect things such as my playstation/xbox to the LCD panel?

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Anyone know of a 2x2 display with w/easy video input? Answered

I need a display of around 2x2 inches for a slide-video projector. Anyone know of such a thing?

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Are these stuck pixels.. dead pixels.. or something else?

Just gotton worse.. looks like stars but its peeing me off any help?

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Of all the LCD Projector Projects?

No one tells how to wire them up ! Like which wires go to what , like video input where to hook up an rca type connection or which wires to splice to, power and how much power to where!! Maybe I'm just not techie enough!

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video projector won't work Answered

Hello, I have been trying to get a Sanyo Multiverse to work with a 20w chip LED. I may have tricked it's motherboard it into thinking it is powering a bulb. The projector stays on instead of turning off when the bulb was missing. I put the led chip where the bulb was, and turned on the LED on. I saw a yellow light. If I tilt the chip inside the light housing, it will change the colors projected. I could not get a change in color as I pressed buttons like menu or input. Is the lcd not getting a signal? The LCD wires are plugged in all the way.

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Using a projector with a timer switch? Answered

I am trying to set up an art installation which will involve a projector projecting a video piece in the middle of the night when unattended. I was planning on connecting it up to a laptop and somehow using a timer switch. I realized though that the projector may go to sleep or may not work using this timer switch option. I would set the video projection up with blank space on the video to correspond with timer so that for example if I wanted the projector to come on in five hours time I would put five hours of empty space at the start of the video meaning that whenever the projector comes on it is timed with where the video is at that point and the video will play. I know there are holes all over this so any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks, Rachael

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ipod Video Laser Projector

Thought you guys might want to take a peek at my upcoming instructables. I've decieded that instead of making lots of private mistakes and depriving you of the failed projects I'll make a website to house all my projects before htey become instructables. Here's my latest:ipod laser video projectorYou can get all the info on how/why i think it'll work there along with some pics and video.Some pics and video for here: Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions on how to build a case that can hold mirrors and lasers very precisely in a small footprint. Thanks!-bg

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DIY Projector bulb problem ?

In reading some of the instructables on DIY projector lamp replacements I decided to give it a shot. So I purchased a Proxima Ultralight LX1 off of ebay, and when it arrived it contained no previous bulb, so I purchased a MR16 style 100 watt halogen bulb and installed it (with a seperate power supply). When I started it up and connected it to my laptop it worked fine for about a minute or so (give or take) but then the image went blank (not the bulb but the LCD screens showed blackness) for five seconds, then the image popped up as nothing had ever happened. I have tried everything to prevent this, other computers, killing the ballast (which is quite easy, only one wire to disconnect) different video sources and no dice. But I do know that it has nothing to do with the light bulb because it is on a completley different power supply and is not connected electronically to the projector in any way, there is something wrong with the controls of the unit Any Help would be appreciated, Thanks Bwpatton1

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Where can I buy a broken projector?

I need the case from a projector for a project. Where can I buy a really cheap broken projector?

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Change a projector lamp to LED ?

I have an Infocus model x1 projector the lamp is burned out how can i change the lamp to use a high power LED bulb the lamp is 100-120V - 3A 50/60 Hz input I've never done this level of electronics but lamps for this thing is almost 250 bucks .... Thanks

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Hacking a projector alarm clock?

I have small projection alarm clock that projects time and temparature on the wall powered by a small LED. The light emited by that LED is small and hence the image is also lightly visible. I wanted to hack this one and put a high powered LED to get a brighter image on the wall . What can be done?.?

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Multiply your projector image with a prism & mirrors

I am experimenting with the idea of having several "cloned screens" out of one projector. The principle of light being split by a prism may yield very good results if colors are correctly displayed when using the prism with two mirrors to split the light in two directions. I will try this with an overhead projector first but if anybody has any suggestions please feel free to comment. Having the same image duplicated has a lot of advantages for projected movies in the park and businesses. Superbolw! Hockey! times two!

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what can i do with a broken LED projector?

I have a broken LG PA70G projector, it has a blue-ish image even when in the menu of the projector, and i'm thinking to repurpose it/ use it for something else. It's out of warranty so i don't care about it. The problem with it is that it started to get hot until one of the RGB connections got burned to ash. The rest is working fine. Any ideas what i could do with it?

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DIY Small Image Projector PLEASE HELP!!

Hi there, This site seems quite informative but still couldn't find what I am looking for, I really hope you can help me. I am actually trying to achieve the exact opposite of what most people try to do with their DIY projector builds. I am trying to make a "small image" projector. I have tried using all kinds of combinations of focal calculations but cant seem to get the result that I am looking for. I will be honest with you, I am very new to this and still acquainting myself with it. I want to build a projector that can project an image as small as 10mm across to as large as about 50mm - 70mm across without loss of image clarity. I also want to be able to project the image from a short distance, up to maybe 300mm away. I will use a 7" LCD (1280x800) and want to be able to build this projector no larger than an A4 size sheet of paper. is this achievable? if so, how would I go about building it? would you be able to give me any advice, ideas?   Any ideas are welcome as my head is about to explode :-(   Cheers Jon

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DIY Small Image projector PLEASE HELP!!

Hi there, This site seems quite informative but still couldn't find what I am looking for, I really hope you guys can help me. I am actually trying to achieve the exact opposite of what most people try to do with their DIY projector builds. I am trying to make a "small image" projector. I have tried using all kinds of combinations of focal calculations but cant seem to get the result that I am looking for. I will be honest with you, I am very new to this and still acquainting myself with it. I want to build a projector that can project an image as small as 10mm across to as large as about 50mm - 70mm across without loss of image clarity. I also want to be able to project the image from a short distance, up to maybe 300mm away. I will use a 7" LCD (1280x800) and want to be able to build this projector no larger than an A4 size sheet of paper. is this achievable? if so, how would I go about building it? would you be able to give me any advice, ideas? Any ideas are welcome as my head is about to explode :-( Cheers Jon

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Short throw projector w/ auto pwr on/off

OK- looking to upgrade an exhibit that is currently using two old kodak slide projectors on an image blender to a screen that is only about 5' from the lenses. This is a rear projection scenario and I need the following criteria met: Projector must be capable of throwing up a 62" diagonal image from only about 5', maybe a few inches less. The projector must be able to be programmed to turn on (main and lamp power) and off at certain times. Whether this is done via the firmware (menu settings) in the projector itself or via RS232 commands is up to you but I don't know much about RS232 software and its capabilities as far as interfacing with a projector. I think there might be some projectors out there that automatically power on when a source is detected as well, perhaps this is part of a solution?? The application is as an exhibit in a museum. We can't afford to task someone with physically turning this on and off every day so if the process can be automated, great. This exhibit will ideally rear project an image to a screen that our visitors stand in front of. The image can be supplied by either a looping DVD or from a PC app such as Powerpoint as they are static images. One concern at power off is that power is initially only removed from the lamp of the projector and then from the fan after it has cooled the lamp sufficiently. If all power is removed from the projector at once, the fan will not run and the lamp will fail prematurely. If there are solutions outside of the box like other display technologies that I've not thought of, please share. Large plasma and / or LCD screens of that size however are cost prohibitive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. z

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Can anyone think of anything cool to do with an old 8mm projector? Answered

I have an old Elmo 8mm/Super8 projector and I was trying to think of a way to use it in a project. Any ideas?

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Projector Light Bulbs are too expensive, Lets make an LED based one!

The idea is very simple PRojector Bulbs last average 2000 hours and cost $500 plus dlls. Lets make an LED based projector that will last at least 15 times that and cost under a hundred.With these: this instructable:, light issues due to wavelength variations are expected as well as fan issues but all is needed is an old projector and +/- 10 high power LEDs and lots of instructa- bility.I am currently hunting for a damaged projector to experiment with...Please feel free to commentCheers!

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1 bit x-y scanning laser projector?

A lot of the laser projectors I have seen have problems with seek times and stability. This guy seems to have done pretty well. Would it be possible to create a scanning laser projector with a single bit input? Replace the x and y galvo(or any other type) scanners with motor powered wheels rotating at a constant speed. This would create a filled in square of laser light. Then all you would need to do is send an off-on signal to the laser to create an image. It is the same principle as a black and white CRT TV. What do you think? Edit: I think one motor should be stepper and the other permanent magnet. If both were pm's it would only create a diagonal line. The pm motor would scan from side to side while the stepper would tick along at the refresh rate. I guess you are kind of running into the same problems as you would with traditional galvo scanners. Edit (again): With a high speed motor from a dremel (max 35,000 rpm) you could only get about 130x100 pixels with 24fps... hardly the best projector. Not to mention the extreme vibration you would have to deal with if you didn't balance it correctly. I guess I kinda answered my own question.

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I have a broken overhead projector with no bulb, is there anything i can do with it?

I was wondering if there was anything i could do with the glass and mirrors, or if i should try and get it fixed (I'm not quite sure how it's broken, maybe it just need a new bulb). Thanks in advance.

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I'm getting seriously frustrated with this DIY iPod projector.

I am trying to make a video projector for my iPod touch using a cardboard box, mirror and a magnifying glass lens. When I put my iPod over the mirror, it projects onto the wall but I can JUST vaguely see the picture. It's not clear at all. What do you guys suggest? Smaller mirror? Moving something closer or farther to the lens? Smaller lens? It's really starting to p*ss me off. I want to know what some of you might recommend. Below are the blueprints I roughly sketched up on MSPaint.

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Can I use the LCD display of a mobile phone to build a projector.? Answered

I am planning of building a projector. After viewing some projects on Instructables, I understand that I'll need a LCD display. I have 3 cell phones at home which are of no use to me. So can I use the LCD from those cell phones to build my project. What kind of hardware will I need for AV. Please suggest.

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Is it possible to combine the DIY projectors AND the DIY touchscreen (which needs a projector) ? Answered

Is it possible that this project : use this projector ? (or similar ones)

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Is it possible to display a video game system/dvd player through a cheap projector?

I want to find a way to project my video game systems and dvd player onto my ceiling, so that I can play/watch while I'm laying in bed. I do not have the money nor the inclination to mess with an actual projection tv, and in any case, I doubt one could be configured to do that. The best idea I've come up with is to somehow run my systems through my computer and use a computer projector; this would also have the benefit of allowing me to surf the net from my bed too. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this, or better alternatives? All my systems have standard red-yellow-white component cable outputs, and I have a regular tv I can run the audio through if need be.

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using 12v 200 mA max trigger coming out of my projector. How many watts can I safely hook up to it?

So I have a Panasonic Projector that has a 12v 200mA "max"  trigger on it that I would like to hook up some LED's to it.  The LED people state that each module uses .72 watts (less than a watt) per module and I would like to hook up no more than 10 modules.  Or does anyone else have a way to do this?  I was also looking into a 12v sensor trigger. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Pete

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Transparent LCD's

Do all digital picture frames (eg have transparent LCD's? Like if you take it apart, could the LCD still work but it is transparent? So you could turn it into a projector with a very powerful light?Thanks!

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Can you make letters, pictures or movie at a distance with a laser?

I have seen comercial units for sale that are thousands of dollars and require a license to operate.  I would like to make a DIY laser projector to display a word, symbol or video covertly at a distance.

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When hooking LCD monitor back up after it is placed on the overhead, how do you hook it back up?

Do we stil need the backlight and if so where does it get placed and where/what other cables need to be used and where do they go?

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I do dvd presentations in rural Kenya, and most venues are off-road. What battery do I need to power my set-up? Answered

Since most of my venues are off the road, I need a battery that is not too heavy so I can cart it on foot. My presentations are usually only one hour long. My equipment is as follows: A Sony 2000 lumen lcd projector. On the back plate it says:100 - 240 volts/ 2.4 - 1.0 amps, 50/60Hz. An Armco DVD-DX600 dvd player. On the back it says: AC 240 volts -50Hz -25W An AMPEX AX575MS amplifier. On the back it says: 18W+10W*2(RMS) P.M.P.0.1000w, Impedence 4(OHM) Frequency response: subwoofer amplifier: 20hz-20hz; satellite amplifier 100hz-20Khz; subwoofer speaker:20hz-300hz; satellite speaker 100hz-20khz; separation: >45dB; S/n ratio >75dB My presentations are usually only one hour long. What’s the total current load of my system? What size battery do I need to run this rig for one hour?  Do I need a marine battery?  A deep cycle battery? Any specific battery you would recommend? Thanks, MamaJoy

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Overhead projector bulbs, AC or DC?

I have some quartz projector bulbs, do they run on AC or DC power?

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