Voltage quality recorder? Answered

Hello, i am an electronics hobbyist, and want to develop an system which is an voltage quality recorder, i mean it measures the various voltage disturbances like transients, swells, sags, THD, etc, I was comfortable in analyzing the concept and with the software too. but for the hardware implementation i am confused of which kind of TI microcontroller or microprocessor is suitable for my project. i will work on the real time calculations and will use FFT in analyzing the voltage.I am planning on dsp processors of C2000 series of TI. But not able to wisely choose them. On what major parameters should i look upon while choosing them. I would be helped if anyone can suggest me which one would precisely be used for this cause. Any more suggestions on how to proceed with it are welcomed. Thank you.

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Instructables image quality

Am I just imagining it, or did Instructables' thumbnail and preview images used to be much higher quality than they are now? Personally, I'm a fan of PNGs for their lossless compression, but I'm fine with lossy formats like JPEG as long as the quality is high enough that there isn't blatant distortion all over. But when I look at thumbnails and preview pictures on instructables now, I can't help but notice how crappy they look with all the distortion. My question is whether the decision to use low quality thumbs/previews was made in order to conserve disk space, reduce bandwidth, or improve load times?

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what name router is the best to buy?

What name router is the safe long lasting fast well priced good value for money?

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How can I record my TV in good quality? Answered

I want to record my nfs mw game, but I have the ps2 version. Using my video camera would make the picture suck. How can I get a good quality video? thx!

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Where to source quality LEDs?

Does anybody have suggestions where I can get quality LEDs?  I'm planning to build something using 1-3W diodes, and I see a lot on Ebay, but not sure what I should be looking for when deciding.

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Quality and reliability of ASRock motherboard? Answered

I'm going to be building my own computer (relax, I know exactly what I'm doing), and I was wondering, how reliable and how good are ASRock motherboards (to be precise, this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157158)?

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How do you enhance the acoustics of over-the-ear headphones? Answered

I recently made headphones, but the acoustics sound all wrong. Any tips on how I can fix it? The headphones: https://www.instructables.com/id/LEGO-Headphones/ Thanks in advance!

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How would a stronger magnet impact the performance of a speaker, and what impacts the overall quality of a speaker? Answered

Okay, so I had decided to build a sub-woofer for a speech topic for school, and I was wondering what it was that made speakers, or sub-woofers so loud an efficient. Granted, I know mine is far from great, while being made from ply-wood, duct-tape, and everything, but why is it that professionally manufactured speakers are so loud by them-selves with minimal power? I am using the circuits from my Logitech X-240 system, and the sub-woofer is always way louder than that of my home-made speaekr, with a significantly smaller ceramic magnet, it seems. Is it the geometry of the speaker itself, or what? What do manufacturers do in construction which improves the sound, or quality of speakers, and would using a neodymium magnet be better than using ceramic magnets? Any help is appreciated, and thank you in advance.

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Is ABS/PLA filament from china okay to use in a makerbot. ? Answered

The price difference is what throws me off, should i be worried about the quality of this filament vs the $48 makerbot filament? Makerbot : http://store.makerbot.com/filament Cheap Alternitive: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Repraper-Reprap-3D-Printer-Filament-ABS-3-0mm-1-75mm-12-Colors-For-3D-Printer-US-/190847246981?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item2c6f61e285

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I want an rc helicopter that is reasonably priced, easy to manever (the type that you can go forward and backward, up and down, not too touchy, etc.) tough (i am a beginner, so i crash alot) has a long battery life (unless it's a gas) weather proof (will not get blown so easily by the wind) and if it's outdoors a reasonable size (i want to make a bombay door or something so i can drop stuff

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Draw high quality image on computer Answered

Thank you for reading/answering my question i have a cartoon charecter that i need to draw in a high quality i have gimp and paint but neither are working if you could recomend a free software i would be so grateful

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EVP quality, tele listening amp.

Hallo friends, Please show me a schematic diagram of a highly sensative amplifier, or hearing aid that I can use as a telescopic remote spy hearing instrument. Something as sensitive as the EVP paranormal audio recorder. I tried this circuit but doesnt work :( http://www.extremecircuits.net/2009/07/hearing-aid.html Please guide me to a circuit that actually worked for you. see you thanks

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Ingenuity Needed: Cutting records with quality.

It's lengthy, sorry, but it's worth it! Let me preference this with, I know this topic has surfaced before. Most of the forums and pages are filled with broken links to information, sold out products, and are all around rather worthless to return to. I'm posting this in hopes it stays a useful reference point. For  a few years now, I have been looking at cutting disks playable on a record player. I found an 'ible a while ago (the original one I bookmarked has been removed) that showed how to make an needle assembly. It demonstrated making a record engraver by putting a staple through the center of a speaker. This tool kind-of worked, but had some quality issues, as well as speed. When you push to engrave the audio, you slow the table. Less pressure, less quality, more quality, less speed. The other issue I ran in to was keeping the groove tight enough to hold more than 20 seconds. I'd like to construct a device that will cut CDs in to records with a good bit of accuracy, and give a second life to mis-burned disks (as well as some ancient unsupported linux disks...driver disks...early Windows builds...AOL disks...you get the idea) Putting the proper spindle on a properly geared motor should resolve the speed issue on cutting. Having the cutting arm on a servo should resolve the length issue, my only quandary is quality. ~~~~~ So, the point of this post, and the thing I'd like to have some input on is, How do I construct a cutting needle, that will offer some quality. I should refine that a little more - something that is going to transfer bass well. ~~~~~ I was not eager to puncture a speaker, so I modified the original plans. I placed the staple in a layer of plastic, and glued this to the speaker. The plastic gathered more of the vibration, and funneled it to the cutting head more accurately. This did work relatively well, but I feel with a few extra minds, this process can be made better. If this project ever sees the light of day, I'll make an 'ible, and cite any assistance. -Spence

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How can I get Audacity to record computer output more clearly? Answered

A while ago, on my older computer I used audacity to record music and other things from the audio output from my computer without losing quality.  I've recently decided to try doing this again on my new computer, however when I record, its very quiet in comparison to the output and it almost sounds like it is being recorded from an outside source, like holding up a microphone to a low-quality speaker. I've tested if it was just recording from the microphone on my headset, but it was not. Is there any way I could record the output at the same volume that it is played at and at the same quality?  I'm currently on the Beta version of audacity because the older version does not support Windows 7, I think that may be a factor in why this is happening.

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Are these power supplies good?

The cheap bare metal power supplies from ebay or other sides have been reviewed many times on youtube and people have found that they are actually decent. But I cannot find any reviews of the sealed plastic kind of power supplies. The "bare metal" ones I am talking about look like this, and the "sealed plastic" ones look like this and this. Edit: None of your replies answer my question. I am not asking which one I should choose, I am asking if the plastic ones are just as decent as the metal ones. There are a few reviews of the metal ones, and people have found that they are actually quite decent. Here are some: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwFrP7uK5lM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71NWT5vrbk8 But I cannot find any reviews of the plastic ones, so I don't know if they are just as good. I am asking if anyone has gotten any of these and made a review with some tests, or knows of a review of these.

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How can i record better quality music with Audacity? Answered

I recently recorded some music through Audacity, but i am not satisfied with the quality. I don't see why Audacity would have bad quality. I'm thinking it is because i am using a oldish computer. Is that most likely the problem? Also, i am having trouble attaching my guitar to my camera. I still can't get clear sound from it either. Is it the camera?

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what's a good quality camcorder that's cheap? Answered

I'm looking for something thats good for like weekly vids that handle outside...due to questions i want something under 100$ and something with big screen size,hd and small

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Laptop Volume Problems? Answered

When I play music, or anything for that matter on my laptop, it sounds low-quality, scratchy, and shifts around until it gets to a certain point, at which point the audio sounds normal. This happens with the built-in speakers as well as with headphones. What do I do?

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High quality and safe nickel plating question? Answered

Hi. There is instruction on this address https://www.instructables.com/id/High-Quality-and-safe-Nickel-Plating/ how to make high quality and safe nickel plating,and i have some question about that. When he showed to add salt to the vinegar in order to make the vinegar  more conductive,isnt the salt become Na and Cl ions? Will the Na positive ion stick to the negative nickel plate?(while making the nickel solution-step 3)? Will the Na positive ions stick to the item that we are plating besides the nickel( in the plating process-step 5)? will it spoil the object that we are plating with nickel? I see in the supermarket vinegar which said"synthetic vinegar" 5% acetic acid,water.(for food).Is it ok? when he said(step 4)"You can further clean your object by reverse electroplating (ie "electrocleaning") it for a few seconds.  Hook your object up to a negative voltage, a WIRE to the positive voltage, and drop them both in a vinegar salt solution for 10-30 seconds.  This will remove any left over oxidation" What wire did he mean? and the last one:how pure is the nickel should be?because i notice that most of the nickel sheet are about 99%-99.7% purity.is it ok? can i use pure nickel strip(97% pure nickel)that is used for battery welding? Thanks in advance.

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how to make a 8 bit picture?

well i am in some need of 8 bit pictures and i dont know how to make them out of higher quality pictures any program that can do this and hopefully free

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Is there really a way to get quality TV on your PC?

I have seen ads for TV for PC software and SBU TV receivers.  Is there one that really works?  I want to avoid the high cost of cable/satelite subscriptions

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Do you think this battery is sutible and of good quality? Answered

I am trying to decide what battery to get for my 2 solar panels 45 watts in total i have gathered that  i need a deep cycle i need it to charge up 5 days and use it on the week end. any advice and help would be highly appropriated  http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/12V-85AH-QUALITY-LEISURE-BATTERY-NEW-4-YR-GTEE-/180687142468?_trksid=p5197.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D2%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D971368555902802126#ht_1304wt_1139

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Any really good image quality micro cam? Is it possible to use a cracked smartphone have the camera work independently?

I am looking for the best quality smallest camera possible for a helmet build. I have Galaxy S8 phone which is cracked, but it has great 4k recording. I have seen a bunch of small pinhole/spy cameras, but they shoot terrible image quality. Most smart phones will blow them away with image quality. So is it possible to dissect a smartphone and have the camera work with a 3rd party controller or similar? If not, does anyone know of any very small cameras/builds with good image quality?

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circuit board

 Hi guys, I am looking for a high quality circuit board manufacturing  that can deliver high quality  circuit board ASAP and with fairly reasonable cost .  any suggestion?

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What sort of mp3 output quality would a radio station be? (Please) Answered

My car stereo chews up the cd's - pretty much because the shock absorbers are rubbish. Way to go, Chevrolet... So I got a car fm transmitter that plays mp3s - and it's great stuff. Yay! (and cheaper than new shocks, too!) However, I want to cram as many mp3s on the player as I can (it's only 4gb) so I'm going to convert my mp3s to a lower quality. I guess as I'm happy with  records on the car radio then I reckon I don't really need cd-quality mp3s. (I can listen to hi-fi at home ;-) I did a quick Google, but found no answer to my question - what sort of mp3 output quality would a radio station be? I'm happy to reduce the frequency sampling as well as the bit-rate. Many thanks guys.

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what is the difference in quality between .mp3 and .ogg format and how much room could i save by changing to ogg? Answered

I'm trying to get my music collection to take up as little room as possible because I keep a backup of all my files on a flash drive (my music folder takes the most space) but I don't want to sacrifice quality my music folder is 236 MB all are .mp3

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youtube no option for 144p and 480p and 1080p when using tethering on phone [ANSWERED]

When I open youtube to watch any video, and I am connected to the WiFi in the house, I get all the quality options available to me: 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and occasionally original (usually reserved for 4K resolutions?) However, when I use my phone's 3G/4G and wirelessly tether that to linux, I do not get all 6-7 quality choices. 144p, 480p, and 1080p are missing. speedtest.net shows tethering 4G to my computer shows a 3-8 Mbps down with ~70ms latency. the WiFi in the house is CenturyLink DSL, and can get as fast as 1.5Mbps with latency ~50ms at best, it can sometimes get very slow and I am forced to switch to tethering my phone's 3G/4G. Also, it is worth noting that the 360p quality appears more compressed, The amount of "boxiness" (MPEG reduction) is annoyingly high. (poor quality) While the phone is in 3G, I can't even watch 720p quality, the lowest quality that allows one to make out a faces in the video. It does not appear to be Chrome, the browser I'm using or flash video, as it is also true with the HTML5 player. 

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Do printer ink refill kits give the same kind of print quality as the manufactures packaged ink? Answered

Do printer ink refill kits give the same kind of print quality as the manufactures packaged ink?

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Will burning steel wool to produce Fe(II)O aka iron powder effect the quality of thermite?

Will burning steel wool to produce FeO aka iron powder effect the quality of thermite compared to useing Fe2O3?

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What is the best mic/setup for Youtube voice overs at $50-$80 US? Answered

Hello all, Does anyone out there do voice over work or have videos you apply voice overs to? I have recently started a show on Youtube and I don't like the audio quality I am getting. I am currently using my closet as a recording booth and a Rode Video Pro Mic direct into my laptop's mic input. It's okay but i want better. I have a budget of $50-$80 to spend. I have been looking at the Audio Technica AT2100 USB/XLR mic, as it has some awesome reviews but i want to hear from the Instructables community as well.

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What should I set the dimensions to in Sykz for hi-quality YouTube videos?

I think this might be for pixels. But I'm not sure.

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On a Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901, what does "automatic print quality" mean? Answered

 My old printer died:(. So, my dad and I went to office depot, and found this printer with a guy helping us, another person, and playing with his iPod. It's awesome, and, it'll do anything you want it to do(realistically). I read through the guide, though, and I'm wondering what it means by, when it says under print quality, both on the printer's touch screen(!) and my computer, "Automatic." Could any of you help?                             Thanks, Builder968 P.S. if you want a picture from me, just ask me, and I'll email it to you via my printer. Yeah. It's just that awesome. Well, except for when you print something wirelessly, the network runs slow.

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Are there any instructables on making speakers?

I mean the actual speaker, not the enclosure because I've seen plenty of those. I mean the part that produces the actual sound. I've seen one that shows how to make a low quality one out of a paper cup and stuff, but not one how to make a good quality one.

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i need a soldering iron?

High quality, decently priced

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Where are the best/cheap servos? Answered

I'm looking for the most highest quality servos there is to buy. Or the cheapest.

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Has anyone hacked a printer cartage to print with ligh insted of ink?

I'm wondering if there's any way to put lights in the printer head to expose an image on photo paper insted of shooting ink on regular...  That way a simple printer can be made to make photo quality prints (that can be processed in a darkroom) without the photo quality inks.

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How can i get photos with a microscope?

I wish to take quality images from microscope slides

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tell me a website that shows the latest movies for free?

Good quality please and not watch-movies.net because that closed down yesterday.

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Anyone have any high-quality machining techniques that can be used in a low-tech situation? Answered

I want to make a CNC machine but I don't have the tools or access to tools that I'd like to make one,  all I have is a simple drill press, a little stand-alone vice that I can use on it, calipers, and micrometers. What I want to know is how can I, limited tools only (I hope), precisely drill (and possibly tap, I do have a tap set) a bunch of holes in aluminium angle/channel, acrylic, and MDF?

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Anyone know where to find or how to build a high quality Darth Vader Voice changer?

I am always looking into ways to improve or upgrade my "Movie Quality" Darth Vader costume.  The only thing that I am really lacking is a voice changer.  I do not want one that makes me sound like a robot I want one that will make me sound as much as Darth Vader as possible.  I know it was James Earl Jones' voice but to make my voice sound deeper and metalic would top off my costume very well.  If anyone can help I would be grateful!!

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Anyone know of a quality wireless switch for a light approx 70 feet away on a shed in backyard?

I would like to have an outdoor light on my backyard shed/ shop, which I would like to be able to turn on and off from inside my home, which is about 70 feet away. I know that wireless switches are made, but I can't seem to find a good quality, reliable, reputable brand. The only ones I have been able to find on the internet are not getting the best reviews, such as Heath Zenith sold at Home Depot, etc.. Does anyone know of a brand they could recommend? Price isn't really an issue, to keep from having to run wire out there if I can avoid it. Thank you. P.S.- I did think briefly about just using a motion detector, but that would only come on if there is motion, and that doesn't fit my needs. What I need is to be able to turn it on if, for example, I hear something out there and I need to look out of my back window and turn it on to be able to see what might be going on out there, if anyone is trying to break in, etc..

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The pictures I download to Instructables seem to lose quality. Am I doing something wrong? Answered

I'm using the original uploader.  The pictures look grainier than they do before I download them.  My orignal coppies look fine.  Am I just nuts, or is there something I can be doing? Thanks :)

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