transponder reader?

I need a small reader built to read the chips we use for cycling.

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Hello, can anyone help me design an RFID reader which can tell me when something is missing. I would like to build a reader for my file cabinet. I know this is hard but the reader will have to keep reading the files by maybe pinging and when a file is missing from the cabinet an LED will light up and maybe a small readout telling me what file is gone. Cabinet is small only 300mm so if anything is more than 300mm away from the reader it will light up. Can anyone help?

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Rejoice! Google Reader Updated

Google Reader is now the best online feed reader ever! With it's new update you can now search feeds, and it gives you a real number not just 100+. I'm not sure what else has been added or fixed I just know that Google Reader is now, without a doubt, the best.

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how to use a card reader writter?

How works ,what the tracks tell me, the codecs or number codes of meaning of track 2

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How do i build a simple brainwave reader?

I only want to spend about 20-30 dollars. And i want it to go together in about 1-9 hours.

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How To Build RFID walk Through Sensors (Stands)?

Hi All, I am planning to build an School Attendance System, RFID Walk Through Reader, So i need help from your end how can i built it (Step by Step Processs and Need of Material i need to use for it). My Planning: Need to built an RFID Walk Through Reader, means, suppose if a student ware an RFID Card in his neck and when he pass through from RFID Reader stand (it may be 3 meters distance between ID card and Reader) then automatically this RFID Stand will read the students information from his ID Card and send SMS to his Parents automatically. will you please send me Step by Step Process how to build it and what type of material i need and what type of Software i need to develop, my mail id:, i hope i can get my answer as soon as possible from your end. Thanks & Regards Bismillah khan

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I am looking for ideas for projects that will help people with disabilities live independent lives.

My #1 project right now is an inexpensive device to hold and turn pages in a book.

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smart card reader keyboard use ? Answered

Hello, does anyone know how to connect this stuf or what can i do with it ? is there a way to use the card reader via serial/usb adapter ? i don't have a PS2 connector thanks

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Long Range UHF RFID Integrated Reader

Hi, I am Planning to develop Long Range UHF RFID Integrated Reader which can Read Multiple Tags at a time (range between 8- 15 Meters range) and send information to my web application to store data, so will you plese let me know the components which i need to use along with assembling process. Thankq

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What multi-card reader should I get?

I just want a cheap multi card reader to put in one of my bays, here is my motherboard: My USB 3.0 port is already taken (There is only one on the mobo) and I have 2 more USB 2.0 ports left. I also have 4 more SATA ports left on my motherboard. Please keep the price under $25 I am only going to be doing this for things like plugging in SD cards and such but if I will have the option to get a 75-in-1 card reader for the same price, I am taking that one. Thanks!

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Where can i find software and drivers for an msr605?

I want how tos..drivers. utility program etc

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Swypout Card Reader Mods

Anyone know any mods for a swypeout card reader (it uses barcode cards)

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Beat an RFID reader/lock?

Wondering if anyone knows a way to bead an RFID lock reader, like the ones found on many security doors at schools and stores. I thought maybe there would be a way to make a RFID from a credit card, DVD case, etc. into one which could be used to unlock these security locks.

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How to fix card reader? Answered

I have this card reader and the computer recognize it but it doesn't recognize the card. I connected it to 3 different computers and the same story to all of them. The card works fine.

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How to reprogram this NFC reader?

So I've got this NFC mobile banking from work (we've shut down the system because of lack of users) and we were left with a few hundred of these "read-write" NFC things. As you can see from the photos they have 2 SIM-card holders (probably that is the way they were connecting to the network) 2 USB mini ports, a RGB screen, a small speaker, and the board which is made of 2 easily disconnected parts. If I try to connect it to my PC it gets stuck on "Time and date set" and after a minute it writes a "Failed" on the screen. What i want to do is to make it able to read/write NFC chips and to display text on the display. Please help me because I have no idea hot to do this. 

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offline 2d barcode reader for p990i?

Any  2d barcoder reader for Sony ericsson p990i which works offline? (without internet )

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what are smart media cards used for?

I was looking in a box of random things and found an olympus smart media card reader/writer and was wondering what i could use it for

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Compaq sd card reader not working?

Hi, I have a Compaq Presario V2000, and I just formatted it.  After the format, my Dad downloaded the drivers for the SD card reader, the WIFI, and other stuff,  but the SD card reader it not working.  When I put an SD card into it, the light lights up, but under My Coputer, there is no card.  Any help would be great.  Thanks in advance.

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Parallax RFID reader Door Lock Answered

I bought a parallax RFID reader from Radio Shack and was wondering how I could turn it into a door lock?  I don't have an Arduino or an interface to connect it to the computer.  I have some code from their site but i don't know how to put it on.  Tell me what I need and what I need to do.

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Magnetic strip card reader/writer

Hey guys I am looking for a way to make a magnetic card reader/ writer. any one knows where i could find a how to for this. thanks a lot

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Use an USB fingerprint reader to log in Answered

Hi. I own an 1GB USB drive whose data can be protected using your fingerprint as authentication method. I wonder if I can use its fingerprint reader to log in a Mac or a PC instead of the password and how, possibly without having to tear it down. If this is not possible, I also own an Authentec internal fingerprint reader from an old laptop; I could use it but I really have no idea about how could I connect it to a PC. Thank you. More info about the device:

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Turn 17" LCD into a book reader

Hey all ! I was thinking to turn and 17 ich LCD into an E reader ...... it would be conected by cable to a laptop that how i would display images on the display i tough of making the power on battery but i have AC povered monitor with fried inverters il hook some led-s to fix the backlight ut i need to know how to make the power board to supply the LCD with battery power .... i kinda bable here so if annyone can help me or ask me to explain annything i wrote ^^

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how to make barcode reader/scanner?

i want to make a simple barcode scanner for my project . please help me..!!

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Need help making a USB reader

Hello! I need help to make a music player that plays songs from a pen drive. While stduying its nice to have light background music. For a while i considered makin a  FM receiver but you know  they sometimes those boring songs and other things. So, I thought I could play  music from a source like a pendrive. It will be great to make your own and hear it. Hope someone answers it! Thank You

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Interfacing the arduino with the parallax RFID reader? Answered

I want to interface the parallax RFID reader with the arduino.  I have done some research and found some programs, but I can't quite understand what is going on it the programs.  Here is one that I found on the arduino playground: I couldn't paste the code, because when I did it just went on one line, but the program I looked is the first one. The questions I have are: char code[10] ---- what does the 10 mean? Also how does the program read each byte individually, and then combine them into the whole byte string for the rfid tag. I am just learning about using serial with the arduino so not much in the program made sense to me and the programs didn't say how they worked. Thanks in advance!

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Is there an instructable for modding a Credit card reader into a Usb card reader? or is this impossible without adruno? Answered

I have a VeriFone Omni 396 Credit Card terminal, I want to Mod it so i can use it as a Usb card reader and if possible, use the keypad but the keypad is only an option. So can i turn the reader into a USB reader without adruno or do i have to have it?

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Need help connecting a servo and RFID reader to arduino

I need help connecting a servo and RFID reader to an arduino so that the servo turns when the reader is activated. Are there any instructions or tutorials that anyone can provide? 

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Can anyone help me turn a dell axim into an e-reader? Answered

I want to buy a dell axim x50 or x30 and turn it into an ereader as well as take notes on it at school.

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Creating a 433.92MHz receiver to read active RFID tags.

For my senior project I am using an active RFID tag and I need to be able to read it from a range of distances, ideally it can be read from 200ft away. I've been able to find active tags for a reasonable price, but I can't find active readers for less than $500. I am hoping there is a way to create my own reader. The frequency active tags use is 433.92MHz do you think I could use a RF receiver or transceiver to read the tags? I'm going to be using the Arduino Uno.

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Photosmart 8250 LCD screen and card reader uses? Answered

I've got an HP photosmart 8250. Is there any way to reuse the card reader or LCD screen? The thing is shot and those two seem like they could be put to use!?

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How Can I Read Data Off of an RFID reader?

I have an RFID reader and a mini - usb convertor for it. . I have the ID-12 reader and the usb board from SparkFun and need to know how I can read data off of the usb board on a PC. I have Hyper-Terminal, but when I plug in the reader to the usb port and open the program, it will not read any of my cards. The reader itself still beeps and blinks with a green led.

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Arduino magnetic card reader with tape head

How can i make a arduino magnetic card reader with only a bare tape head without external circuitry 

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Laptop's fingerprint reader, is it possible to reuse it on desktop?

The dead laptop is a HP Pavillion dv3 4010sl, the sensor is a Validity VFS301 (cdk1071_r04_hf) as written on the sensor itself. if i remember correctly it was shown as a USB peripheral. maybe is simple and it need just some resoldering to a USB cable, the problem is that the flat cable connecting it to the motherboard has 6 pins/lines and my knowledge in electronics is quite limited... I've found online what seems like a motherboard schematics (pg.48) and the vendor's sensor's manual. Does Anyone knows if is possible, If yes how?

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how to use a lm2907 to make an IR frequency reader?

I want to use a lm2907 to make an IR frequency reader so that a multimeter reads the frequency from the output of lm2907

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Can we make an Arduino based ebook reader?

E-reader is convenient. Pay for an E - reader is consider paying for thousands books. But not any body can afford a kindle or kobo, and geeks won't satisfy with them. So, I want to make an Arduino based ebook reader myself. The parts must be the cheapest (such as Arduino Nano...) or the recycled. Can anyone help me. (My English is well, so forgive me if you find any mistake)

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Holder for e-reader for people with arthritis and crampy hands?

Can anyone come up with a way of making it easier to hold an e-reader? After a while the hand I'm using starts to get cramps and I have to stop reading. Older people or those with arthritis will know what I mean.  My reader is a 7-inch Kogan (Australian brand).

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Nook simple reader not displaying .epub files from itunes

Hello, I got a nook Simple reader and I am putting .epub files from itunes into my nook's "books" folder in the files. When opening the files, it will go to the first page, then when trying to go to the next, it just hangs at the first page. pretty much the book is unreadable.

Question by 9mvp9 

can I make my Verizon LG phone into a PDF reader?

 Anybody ever use their cell phone as a PDF reader? I wonder if it's possible to do. I have a lot of books on file that I would like to read on the go, but don't want to buy a Kindle since the tech is so new that it is too expensive and still in its infancy. 

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i have card reader with 10 pin connector and i need to find the pin out diagram?

I am trying to connect card reader to my PC can it be done? here is all the info for the pcb pcb-1762*04 010924 copyright amstrad plc 2001 Gamma Smartcard pcb issue 3 there is also another number printed on the pcb 03338 powernet

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cassette/tape deck sensors/readers; what can I do with them?

So, I was at my girlfriend's apartment when I came across a busted tape/cd deck underneath the porch and immediately though "FREE parts!" like any self respecting modder would. The circuit board, in pieces, has been subject to the elements for quite some time, the device made in 2002, I've no idea though how long it has actually been under there.  ("new" place) So two questions. 1) Are any of the components (capacitors, diodes, resistors) safe to use, assuming they were not short circuited by rain/humidity and rust hasn't set in?  (On some parts it has, the motor turning the tape deck being the main and most unfortunate one.) 2) WHAT could I possibly use the sensors/readers that read the tape of the tape deck besides reading the magnetic tape inside cassettes?!  I came to the conclusion that reconstructing a tapedeck with these sensors would be impractical, if not stupid.  Can they sense any magnetic field?  Would it be hard to write an arduino library? I tried looking up a datasheet and get nothing that resembles these, much less something that might belong inside a tape deck. 15RSA0 J2 K1520 Is how it appears on the side of the part, the 0s might be Os.  But the rest is pretty clear (I love a nice font).

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How to use a magnetic card reader/writer MSR605?

Im trying to figure out how to use my New reader/writer MSR605,o know how to transfer the information from card to card but i can't figure out how to put the right symbols were they belong plus i need to know if my machines is set up correctly, can someone please help me out,would greatly appreciate it,thank you.

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Can't find a library or manual for my rfid reader?

So I recently got one of these  and it mentions I should download the manual for insturction on the commands, but I can't find the manual or any libraries for the life of me! So i was wondering if the good people of instructables might be able to help me out on locating this manual/library so that i can pop it into my arduino projects :P

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Can a can 13.56 mhz rfid reader read a 125khz tag ?

It's probably a stupid question but I'm hoping to find out

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Can I connect an rfid reader to my arduino mini pro vcc pin?

I have a 3.3v arduino mini pro, but I'll be supplying 5v to the raw pin to power it. Can I connect my 3.3v rfid reader to the vcc pin of the arduino to use the arduinos regulator or is this not possible?

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