red laser diode

Http:// anyone send me the link or what i have to do to buy this diode as this young man did David

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red ring of death?

How to fix the red ring of death on you're xbox 360

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xbox 360 red rings??

If someone finds a very good video on fixing the red rings can you leave a link k thanks

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infra red light switch?

Has anybody got any ideas on how to make a switch with an infra red light and a receiver, like when you interrupt the beams it switches on?

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Arduino infa-red jammer?

Does any one have the code for a arduino based IR jammer i can also just use a .hex file to go straight on the atmega 168 or 328p 

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Infra-red flashlight help

Hello, I'm having troubles with my modded Infra red flashlight. It worked when I first did it, for a couple minutes, then the next day only one LED(One out of six) worked. The one that works is from the same package as the others, but the only visible difference is that the LED itself is tinted a lighter blue(Not visible in picture). The source voltage is 1.5 Volts (C battery) and the forward voltage of the LED's is 1.3 volts to 1.7 volts. I'm pretty sure the circuit is parallel, and there is a 2 ohm resistor is the circuit, so they shouldn't be over or under powered. Some help on what could be wrong? P.S. I'm in the right section of the forum right? I believe I am, but the lack of questions like mine makes me think otherwise. P.P.S. This my own thing and I'm NOT asking help on another instructable.

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Does anybody know if a Cutler-Hammer 10250t/91000t switch can handle mains voltage? Answered

It also has A600 and P600 on it. I'm not sure if that means anything though.

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a thought.

I was wondering if you could change a red light laser pointer to a green light laser pointer.

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Ghosting in LED matrix 8x8 RED

Hello All I have problem that is Ghosting in LED matrix 8x8 RED, I try solve by software and change littel to best but not fully, where on lighting that ghosting is not show but in darkness room it is show perfect. I use PIC16F877A and 74HC595 for rows and CD4017 for columns. Best Regards hosam matar

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red 8x8 matrix with 26 pins?

I received this matrix in the mail and I'm having problems trying to get it wired, as you can see it's it has 26 pins, the schematic has 8 pins for the rows and 8 pins for the columns but the other 10 are sitting at the bottom with the words "no pin"? I tried to wire up the rows and columns but had no success. My main goal was to have it hooked up to a couple 74HC595 shift registers (via 16 pins?) on some protoboard. Any help on how to get this wired would be appreciated!

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DS Lite turns on, BUT, Both Screens Turn Red...Please, would someone HELP ME?

I think my daughter dropped her DL LIte and now when you turn it on, both screens turn red. The volume still works and it does turn on and stay on. I do hear something loose inside, but I do not have the right tool to look inside to see what it might be. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this and can help me out here?

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Can you make a home-made laser?

A laser that shows a dot of red or green light where it lands?

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two chargers with different colored wires?

I have 2 chargers. My dog ate the original so I bought another, which my husband dropped in a cup of mountain dew. The plug in end was wet and won't work now. I want to put the wire from the new one to the plug in part of the old one. But the wires are different colors. One is red and black the other is red and green. Can I put the red and green together safely??

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I want do ipad controller, but there have have somtehing wrong?

I want do ipad controller, but there have have somtehing wrong after i saw and i use ipod touch to test , there have have somtehing wrong . when i connect podbreakout my ipod touch, after took off it have sound normally. and i want to  ask   how to use podbreakout charging iPad? not charging all the time. I want use button to turn on/off charging iPad. who can help me? Here is my new  red circle is 500 ohm , blue A contro Play/Pause, blue B contro Next music , blue C contro volUp , blue d contro volDown

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Wildlife CCTV repair question

So, I accidentally agreed to fix a friend's IR wildlife camera,  which has had the cable mostly ripped off. I have three wires to solder back to a crowded circuit board, but I don't know which goes where, and I've never done SMT soldering like this. I've tried finding diagrams or manuals, but I haven't managed to yet. Does anybody have any ideas? (In the photos, the only wire soldered in place is the black one, and the jacks are the end of the cable away from the camera)

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Why are all my comments colored red?

I was looking at an instructable and I saw that all the comments that I made on it were now red. Why is this? I guess it's supposed to help you find comments that you made a while ago, but it doesn't seem helpful to me. It makes the whole comment look like one big link. If you put a real link in your comment, how is someone going to find it if it's all red?

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xbox 360 elite red ring of death?

Does the red ring of death fix require more attention on the elite than the regular 360?

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Need help making a red phlatlight torch

Hey people! I need some help making a powerful red phlatlight torch like the one in the video below. I know next to nothing about whatever is required to make one of these so explain everything simply for someone that has absolutely no experience to understand. Here be the video. Thanks!

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Flashing/Pulsating 10mm Red LED voltage

I just finally got the throbbing/flashing/pulsating LED, but a 9v battery doesn't seem to be cutting it. I bought the 10mm LED from Radioshack here. I was just wondering how high I could go in terms of power. I was thinking about a 10v DC, and go to a 12v. But I don't want to blow the LED. I was also wondering how I can get the LED to flash slowly, like it was "breathing". I started off with a 1000µf 16v capacitor, then went down to 470µf 25v capacitor, with no significant change. I also have a 470ohm resistor that I got with my 100 pack of white LEDs. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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How do you fix the rsod (red screen of death) on a ps3? Answered

i turned on my ps3 one morning and a red screen came up right away. I searched it and it is called the red screen of death. anyone else that has asked a question like this has had replies that say buy a new one or that sucks. I want to know how to actually fix this problem. It says a serious error has occured in various languages. I have tried everything on the menu that pops up when you hold the power button down.  

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How to wire red led to my toy

Please show me how to wire a red 5mm led to this set up? I want the led to be controlled by on/off switch like the other leds. Please look at the diagram below as to how I have it set up n powered. Please note I was planning on using a 300 ohm resistor for the red led

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The color is all red on my samsung tv?

I tried using the controls to adjust the color but that is not working.  Its does even when watching tv or a dvd.  Any ideas how to fix this problem.  Thanks

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How much power can these LEDs handle?

I'm working on a project and I would like to connect two green LEDs two ultra bright Red LEDs and 2 blue LEDs. I got the green leds from radio shack so i know they need 2.1v dc, 25ma but the red ones and blue ones I got from some old toys so I don't know what they need. Any Ideas how much power I would need if I connected them in series? I have a bunch of old wall warts of varying sizes (9v 350ma, 9v 210ma, 5v 1a, 12v 750ma 12v 150ma) but only a few LEDs so I don't want to fry them and I don't need to push them to the limts. Here's some pics of my LEDs the small one is the blue one and the other clear one is Red.

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How can i make a status light for my website? Answered

I host my own website on a old crappy computer (pc running xp) and i want to make a light that will be green when the website is up and red when the website is down this way i will easily be able to tell when the website is down because this computer is making weird noises (i think its the hardrive) so i was thinking that maybe i could make a c++ program to go to the site and see if it can get something from the server and if it can it would turn a pin the the lpt or serial port high if it cant it would turn a diffrent pin high wich would be connected to a red led. does anyone know of a better easier idea. or does anyone know how i can even do this i am a begginer with c++. ps i know this project is semi pointless but i like to do stuff with computer and stuff

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Do DVD drives have an IR laser or only a red laser? Answered

I want to make a lasercutter from a printer and DVD laser.However,I don't want to accidentally blind myself with an IR laser.If there is an IR laser in DVD drives,how can I find the red laser without powering the lasers?I really need help

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Stoplight Status Indicator Project

I have never attempted a project before and I imagine it maybe be somewhat simple for some of you.  If I could get any advice on this I would really appreciate it. I would like to make a "stoplight" that consists of three lights/signals.  Yellow, Red and Green.  I'd like to be able to switch what color light is activated by pushing one (or three buttons if that's easier) but only one light should ever be on at one time.  If one button is used then the order the lights would cycle in each time the button is pressed is Yellow --> Red --> Green --> Yellow --> Red --> Green etc etc... Additionally, I'd like a timer to start whenever the Red light is lit.  After the timer reaches 2 minutes I would like the Red light to start flashing on and off.  Basically a warning that the red light has been on for 2 minutes.  Ideally the timer length would be changeable to anywhere from 1-4 minutes.  Also, as a bonus if some sort of LED timer could actually should the timer counting up from zero that could at least count up to 9 minutes 59 seconds that would be awesome. I could easily enough just make a 3 buttons that turn on/off a light, but here are the two main things I need help with: 1) How do I make it so that when the Red light comes up the timer starts and flashes the light at 2 minutes? 2) How do I make a single button cycle between turning on each of the three lights in order each time the button is pressed (e.g. Press once it turns on Yellow and Red & Green off, press again it turns off yellow and turns on Red, press again and it turn off Red and turns on Green, etc Thanks in advance!

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New battery for laser need to extend life.?

I just bought a nice red 200mw laser. I had it for 2 days and its already lost its burning power :( it has 2 CR2 3V 1000mAh batteries and they run out fast! Can i attach one of those lantern batteries that add up to 6 volts and jerry rig it to run on that. Will that increase life without burning out my laser?

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I followed the guide to fixing the RROD on the Xbox 360. (created by Dr.Proffessor_Jake_Biggs). NEED HELP ASAP!!

Once I reached the end and done the heat test, I proceeded to the following steps and the heat sinks got very hot quickly.   I plugged the fans in and began to tension the screws correctly to erase the red ring of death.  Upon powering up again, the heat sinks will no longer heat up at all.  Where do I go from here?? Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.  The crazy thing is, I just repaired my friends xbox last night and it worked 10 percent BETTER than perfect.  But now I can't figure out what the deal is with mine!! Please don't tell me that I'm probably just screwed! lol?

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I am trying to find out why I need a 2 Watt resistor with a 3 Volt 700 milliamp Current LED? Answered

Hello: My name is Charles and I am 51 years old,all of this Computer Technology is all NEW to me as I am OLD SCHOOL if you know what I mean.I have had a Nervous Breakdown due to Stress,and have lost a lot of my Technical Memory.I am trying to pick back up on the Electronics for a pass-time,but things don't seem to make sense like they did before.I wanted to know how I can ask questions I have about the Electronics I am wanting to work on.As of right now,I need to see if someone can explain when using OHM's Law (Power is equal to Voltage of your Input times the Current needed in your Circuit).I have a 3 Watt Red L.E.D. which should run at 2.5-3.0 Volts with a 700 Milliamp Current.If using a 3 Volt supply times .700 would equal a 2.18 Watt Power for the Resistor.That does not sound right to use a 4 Ohm - 2 Watt Resistor for a 3 Volt Input.Is this really right or have I gotten confused somewhere?Thank you very much if you can help me out,Sincerely Charles.

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i was melting some salt and some of it turned flurescent red? Answered

I was melting some salt using a pencil butane torch to test how hotsalt needs to be to melt in practical, and i noticed something odd as i was melting it, and that thing was that there were some flurenscent red dots appearing on the molten salt, what were these? was it metal sodium? or sodium oxide?

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What is the "closed" circuit for red then green led, on/off?

Hi for a project i am doing, i wanted to make a 3d led cube but it was to simple. BUT i can do it if i can make it with different led turning on and/or a pattern. So my question is.. what is the schematic for a multi led 3d cube? So that when i turn it on it goes red then when i turn it off it turns off but when i turn it on again it goes to green or a different colour? Also, if you have any other ideas of making a more "advance" version of a 3d led cube plz post here as well :D

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Bar by peoples name? Answered

Everyone has this bar where their profile picture is Its in 3 different colours (Green,red and orange) What does it mean?

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Where can I buy just one neon underglow tube?

I was given a red neon underglow kit for a car but it was missing one of the shorter neon tubes.  I wanted to know where I could buy just a single tube of the red neon underglow.

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About repairing the RROD on xbox 360's

Okay, I am thinking about getting me an xbox 360, but it is a bit over my budget so I am going to get a faulty one from ebay. But then when I look up some RROD (red ring of death) repair guides, I got suspicious about how you repair the xbox's, all  you just need to take it apart, replace the thermal paste between the heatsinks and the chips and put it all together. That just doesn't seem right... Does anyone have personal experience using this technique to repair their xbox 360?

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Connecting/combining left and right audio channels together? Answered

Hi, I have something that can only take one channel but I am wondering if I can just connect the red and blue wires together in a audio cable so it will combine these both left and right channels into a single mono source (from the amplifiers point of view). Will this cause any problems with the audio source (phone) having both channels connected together like this? Will it damage the phone or anything like that? The main reason for doing this is the source (the phone) is stereo and some songs will have parts that are only present on one channel, which means that if it is not on the channel that is connected to my homemade lm386 based amplifier you wont here that part. Thanks.

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would this Infrared extender diagram work? Answered

I am wondering if this diagram would work or not. i am needing it to run off of 3(ish)volts and it needs to be small so i can put it on my palm zire 31 as a ir extender running off of sd card slot power. would this work? or would the other IR detector work? please help, anyone! thanks in advance, z247 ps: i didn't boher with + and -, but i do know how to hook it up

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Seeking advice on how to make a rotary dial phone have a busy signal when answered

Hi all, I'm working on a Just For Laughs-type hidden camera prank show and I need to build a prop rotary dial phone that, when answered, has a busy signal. I would prefer, if possible, to hide any additional parts inside the body of the phone. Also, just a note, the phone doesn't have to ring. If you have any advice I would love to hear!!! Many thanks, DAZU

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New laptop, new features, how to use one? Answered

So a couple days ago I got an Acer Aspire 5670 (aka 5672wlmi) on the front it has a infrared port, and i have the drivers for it installed. I am running windows XP home edition. I have a remote from a car Dvd player, and i was wondering, is there any way i can use it to interact with my laptop? (eg change the volume, skip a song, pause videos in media player) oes anyone know or have a laptop like this that have done this?

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Will my Cold Cathode Computer Light work?

I just bought a Coolermaster ULTRA AURORA (DUAL) from a local store. On arriving home, i went to place it in my new HAF 932 case from Coolermaster. I have open slots and power supply for it but my video cards are to big to place it from the inside into the rear panel port. It has a on and off switch and a dimmer on it. Since i cant fit it in, i looked at bypassing the switch. the cord that plugs into the psu can fit in the switch or the inverter. I wanted to know if i can SAFELY bypass the switch. Go directly from the psu to the inverter to the bulbs is my plan. Would that be bad for anything? Coolermaster was of no help. Apparently, the model is 5 years discontinued no longer has manuals on file. They were less then helpful.

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how do you make a laser beam combiner?

Im trying to combine a red and green to make yellow

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I need help with a LED array Plan. help out?

I want to make a 512 LED array, controlled by a arduino.  Basicly, Im going for a 32 bank audio spectrum analyzer.  The bottom up, will be blue. The first thirty rows. Then the top two rows will be red.  I have NO idea how to make that work. Or what I'd need besides led's.  I was hoping to make the input just come from a ipod. so I could plug in a two way splitter into the ipod and plug the array in, and the other into a speaker. so you can hear the music of course.  I got the inspiration from this youtube video. thats what I wanna make, But with a arduino telling it what to do.;=related Thats where Im at so far. So any help would be greatly appreciated :D

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Could a phototransistor be used to trigger a somewhat high voltage capacitor discharge? Answered

Or would it require a secondary switching mechanism?  I am trying to build a light trigger circuit that is as simple as possible.  I have an idea to use an ir led across from an ir phototransistor  and have it trigger when the light is blocked.  I need it to run 450v through.  is there a phototransistor that can do this and if not what might be a better idea? Edit:  This is to trigger a secondary acceleration coil in a coilgun.  I am leery of using a relay for it because i don't know if that will cause too much of a delay.

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Can I get help making a simple circuit for two LEDs?

I can't find a circuit online or get any of my experimental circuits to work. I have been trying circuits with transistors - specifically the 2n3904. All I want to do is make a circuit that has two LEDs and any kind of switch. I want one LED to always be on. Then, once the button is pressed, the first one goes off and the second one comes on. I do not want to use an arduino or anything like that. I don't really care what components are needed I just want it to work. Any help or guidance is appreciated. Thanks

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how to detect and monitor smoke using infra red and ATMEGA16?

I am working on a project "fire monitoring system". Using a controller I need to monitor fire. infra red must be used for smoke detection . The controller will process the data received from the sensors and will do wireless transmission to the server room. can anyone instruct me how to do so. Which sensor can be used and how to let the detector communicate with the controller?

Question by aroob 

how to build a sensor/receiver that revives green and red light?

Hi guys i hope you can help me out. i am competing in a roborace (  we need a sensor that picks up a green light so that the car can start moving forward, then we also need a sensor that picks up red light in order to stop the car. i know you can use a normal LED and connect it the wrong why around apparently  it can pick up the same  color as what the LED is emitting  example: Green Led will pick up green light. can someone please help me out Kind regards 

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How can i focus two or more (infra red) led's into one tight beam? Thanks

This would be for a laser tag gun, more than one infra red LED could greatly improve distance (so it is theorized) but if you think it wouldn't, give us a yell. How it normally works in the gun, is a high powered infrared LED with an already tight beam of about 20 degrees is projected onto a double convex lense about 2 to 5 cm in diameter. The beam is focused by moving the LED back and forwards with snipers having tight beams for the longest range and others having very wide beams to limit range and but improve accuracy at close range. Any help is much APPRECIATED. OH and someone recommended a cube beam splitter but i have no idea what they are so you may want to look them up... THANKS COMMUNITY

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