Remote Control

Hello people! I was wondering if anyone knows how to hook up a computer to a remote control from a bluray, so I can do stuff with the commands from the remote.

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I'd attached two pictures here. can anyone help me with this? at least let me know what it is called so i can further search how to utilize it with my device. is it possible to use this with arduino & how i connect them? if possible i want to use it as my remote control for my device. it is wireless. however i don't want to use it as wireless. help me please because using push button does not work. thanks.

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Someone can advice me what switch is suitable to use in my remote control. I had tried push button however it does not compatible with the coding (I'm using chipkit UNO32). My intention is to make the user select AUTO mode or MANUAL Mode. After selecting, the user will be asked to select speed and duration. So this requires a lot of loop-inside-a-loop, if-inside-if etc. When I'm using push button, the microcontroller cannot read the command when the second button is push. I heard, if using push button I need electronic relay. 

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Remotely control my remote control-

Off the bat- I have a hauppage tuner that has the ir blaster but I've never used it and I don't care about running my tuner card .  I'm wondering if there is software that could learn codes and use it to control my receiver when away from home. Along the same line. I'm looking for a way to phisically press buttons (RF) I'm also open to a ir programible box I could just set somwhere . ps I'm unemployed so money is an issue. 

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Computer controlled remote control

Anyone here have ideas on creating a computer-automated cable box remote control, so that I could use my computer to schedule when to turn the cable box on/off as well as have the computer make the remote select the appropriate channel?

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Changing a remote control?

Hi I have a remote controlled bait boat tht I use for fishing but the remote control ain't great and was wondering if I could maybe change it for an old one off of a RC car (cheap child's one) as the one I have ony has 3 buttons, 1 for forward and 2 for left n right,  oh and 1 for activating the hopper to let the bait out, if this is possible and someone could give me some advise I would be very grateful, also obviuosly my boat hasn't got a reverse could tht be incorporated into it or is tht gonna be a whole new motor?? 

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remote control a webcam?

Trying to make my old Logitech wireless controller control my webcam. Like focus, up down, left right. Is this possible?

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remote control light

I'm working on a sort of a scavenger hunt thing. Night time on an outdoor trail. For one station I would like to have a set-up where a seeker would press a button (like a doorbell) which would light an LED, telling them where to look. I know that I could connect a battery, a button, and some sort of a light using actual wire, but it would be great if I could do this wirelessly. It would only have to work over a short distance (a few dozen feet at most) and only for one evening. I'm not especially electronics-savvy, but I work well with instructions. I'd appreciate any leads!!!

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remote controle car

Heej everyone i have a remote controlled car but the remote is broken ( idont knwo why it just doesn't work) so i want to control it via my laptop but if i search it up on these pages there are some answers but they are too complicated so i don't get what i need to do xs can you guys help me please

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remote control LEDs?

I need a circut to be able to remote control 2 LEDs and the reciving circut must be very light. Any ideas where I can get such a set of circut boards? Schematics? Plese help!

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how to make a wire less remote control?

I want to make a wire less remote control for my an aircraft and for hovercraft... 

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how to make remote for my tv?

How to make remote control for televisions... how it works?

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Bluetooth remote?

I really really really hate infrared remote controls. When I'm sitting comfortably, I always have trouble pointing it just right. Of course I realize this is probably an issue with my setup, but it wouldn't be an issue if the remote used Bluetooth. So I figured I'll write an Android remote control app that pairs with a little Bluetooth box that has an infrared led pointing right at the decoder. Thing is, the programming is no issue, but I haven't built anything more involved than an AV-switch box in the last decade. So I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance on using off-the-shelf components to pair/send/receive Bluetooth commands and decode them so I can flash the little infra-red LED. I'm perfectly happy to handle storage and all the other requirements on the phone.

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Need help with remote control

Hello guys/girls I got a Playstation controller (CECH-ZRC1E) its for PS3, AMP and TV but i want to sync my TV, but the problem is... I got a unknown TV (Terris LCD 2213, Medion, BEKE, TEVION) so i can't find the code for it plus The PS3 remote is IF (infrared) and the original is RF (Radio Frequency) So my question is, is it possible to sync it on one way? The chance of finding the codes isnt a problem but if i can use a IF remote on RF remove (That's what i'm thinking that its Infrared and Radio Frequency, when i block the top side of the original it wont work, and the PS3 will respond (tried it on the PS3 and it still react)

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How does a 2 channel radio and reciever set(remote control) work? How would I connect one to an electric motor?? Answered

I am trying to see if it is possible to use a 2 channel radio and reciever set( remote- control) to turn on an electric motor and off. And if it is possible, how would I be able to do it?

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can you add more channels to a radio control system?

I have a small , cheap (you know, the ones you find at a toy store) remote control car and want to add more control channels to it. can you even do that and if so , how?

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how do you use existing RC to control somthing else?

Trying to make a battle bot and am not to hot on the idea to spend big bucks on other equipment to remote control it. can anyone help

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dead TV remote control

On my new viore tv remote control my kid spilled milk over it ,what to do? It is plasma 32 inch tv, purchased in may 2009. Can anybody help me in getting it repaired. I am not in position to purchase another remote control for 25-40 bucks.

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can you convert an infared remote contol system to an actual radio one? Answered

I own a small , remote contol car that uses infared to transmit commands. i want to hack the car for a school project, but my dad says infared will cause problems outside. so , i would like to convert it to radio frequency. is this even possible , and if so , how would you do it?

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remote controlled light - revisited

Hello, Instructibles gang…. I originally posted a similar question over the weekend, and then got some feedback telling me that there wasn’t enough information to bring in worthwhile responses. My intention wasn’t to be secretive.  Rather, it’s a project that’s still in the planning stage and there aren’t yet many specifics. But I think I can still flesh it out a little bit, and hopefully gather some more specific suggestions. I’m planning a sort of a scavenger hunt thing coming up in October. Most of the stops/stations will be fairly straightforward “orienteering”-type scenarios: “20 paces at 250 degrees,” “north to the hollow stump,” that sort of thing. But I still want to mix it up a little bit. One of the ideas that’s swimming around in my noodle is that, at one stop, folks will be told to “push the button.” It will be dark, so they’ll have to hunt for the “button”… basically a doorbell… and maybe secured to a tree (in such a way as not to harm the tree). When they press the button, a light will be illuminated at a short distance, leading them to their next stop. I know that I could easily do a simple circuit with actual wire, but it would be far nicer to achieve the same result wirelessly… and even though I’m not very electronics-savvy, I imagine it would also reduce the problem of resistance in the circuit. This only needs to operate over a relatively short distance… almost certainly less than 100 feet… probably much less. And while it must be able to operate out of doors (a woodland trail in a rural/suburban park) it only needs to last for a few hours. An LED… or maybe a chirping sound effect… something that would draw seekers from one spot to another. Thanks for any suggestions. And please let me know if more information is needed.

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Giant Universal Remote Control

Hey Everyone...I Just Bought A Giant Universal Remote Control From Walgreens For 5 Bucks...It Just Looked Like Something That Should Be Modded Or Hacked.. My Question Is...What Should I Do With It... Please Any Advice Or Comments Are More Then Welcome... Thanks So Much To Everybody Here...What A Great Community...

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can you build a r/c transmitter and reciver and how hard would it be?

I am wondering if you can build a radio transmitter and reciver from a remote control car from scratch. i would like it if the person who answers would post an instructable detailing how to do it.

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i need a six channel rc system for a school project . does anybody know where i could get one extra cheap?

I would like websites (not ebay) where i could find this . also , it would be helpful to name the system somehow so i know what to look for.

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remote controled LED(s)

Okay, I need help with an idea i just had for a gift for my cousin. I need a cheap and simple way to remotely turn on a battery powered LED(s) light from about 15 to 20 feet away and I was wondering what remote set up would be best and not drain the battery(s). any suggestion would be highly appreciated! :D

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Remote Controlled LED Bank?

Can someone explain what I need or direct me toward an appropriate Instructable for this?I want to make an IR remote controlled RGB LED light strip bank. I want it to switch between two colors, when I press a respective button for each. Or would making this radio controlled be easier? I don't want to buy one of those strips that has a remote control, I want to make it myself, and only have it change between 2 colors. What components do I need to make this, and how difficult would it be? Some instruction or diagrams would be really helpful. Thanks!

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Arduino to control 3V remote

Hi,  I have a remote that I'm trying to drive with an arduino.  The remote usually uses a 3V CR2032 battery.  I tried just using the 5V digital pin set on high, but that didn't work.  Then I tried using a L293D motor driver -- with the lithium battery supplying the outside power.  That didn't work either. Any ideas?

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Remote control reciver help?

I need to replace a part from a remote control areoplane. The part number is 06N03LZ and I cant find anywhere where I can buy one. Does anyone know a online store with the part listed and can they give me a link? Thanks. (it looks like the same one in picture but I cant tell because it is in another language.)

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Remote control transmitter and reciver?

I saw a instructable on how to get free eletronics and need the number of a 4 channel variable speed transimtter and reciver (for example 555 is a timer) preferabley 27 MHZ. If you know the part number please post it in comments. Thanks David.

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Usb remote control for PC?

Well,I was thinking about the media keyboards with their control for sound,sleep,next-back and all that. And I was wondering can I make that with a bit more options thrown in like shutdown,maybe make it wireless with blue tooth and stuff like that. There are no devices like that in the markets where I live,and anyway I like to make my own stuff. Any and all help is appreciated.

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Arduino GSM remote control !

Hello everybody ! i would like to know how i am going to connect these original arduino parts;=16_20&products;_id=113#.UzvPyVfKq9p;=11&products;_id=195#.UzvQLlfKq9o;=37_5&products;_id=244#.UySKJYWaQT4 to make a gsm remote control ?  i have seen this project  but it isn't with the original arduino ! which connections i have to make and whch code i have to upload ?

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Remote Control UAV help?

I want to build a small UAV system with a limited budget, ~$350. I like it o transmit live video feed to a ground station with ~2 mile range if possible, and to record the video as it is being taken. A plane recommendation would be nice, but I figured i would buy a rather cheap one and upgrade the transmitter / receiver. This might be possible, or it might just be out of this world, any info will help, thanks.

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Switches controlled by a PC

Hi everybody, I'm building a carputer and I have some LED's that will eventually pulse with music. My plan is to have a three way switch, however as I found a tutorial on how to make LED's pulse with music using an Arduino, is it possible I can make the arduino become a three way switch aswell? so I can have the led's on - Pulse with music - or off. Thanks in advance Guys Kyle

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Remote Valve?

I have an idea for a project, and I am trying to figure out a simple mechanism or valve that will be able to release fog produced by water and dry ice into a relatively small diameter tube. I would like it to be activated via remote, but other ideas are appreciated. My plan is to have a sealed container with water and dry ice on my back. Tubing would lead from the container to a mask I'm constructing. I am just trying to figure out a way in which I can control the release of the fog.

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remote control cars turned into remote control boats/ amphibious vehicle

I was thinking since i had 3 rc cars lying around a 2002 nissan silvia an orange hummer and a white escalade pretty big and i dnt think i have the remotes for any of them i was wondering if i could turn them into boats or amphibious vehicles  like would i remove  the shell of the car just leaving like the wheels and all the mechanical/ electrical components  intact then moving them into different  shells so they looked like boats and replacing the wheels with something else rotors or propelers or paddles idk if i can move the parts around like move the wheels to be located at different parts or how would i go about doing that and also is it possible to buy a new controllers and program it to the cars. i will try to get pictures up asap all help is greatly appreciated

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I have a triple switch which connects fan and 2 lights. I want to install a remote control switch (picture attached) and make the process remote as well as switch. How can i do this? 

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How do I make an RF remote control?

How do I use these? ( I need a complete step by step guide on how to make an rf remote control... I'm used to AVRs. But remote control is new to me.? Sorry if this has already been asked, i couldn't find anything to-the-point

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how do I remote control light a candle?

I was hoping to light a candle using some kind of remote control. It can be wired. It's to a candle suspended in mid air using chains. I wanted to light it remotely for special effect. :) Would appreciate any thoughts on this! Thanks very much!

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How to build a remote controlled humane trap?

I work with a humane society and we have a need to build a remote controlled humane trap so we can trip the trap when the right cat walks in.  It would need to run on batteries and work at a 30 yard distance.  There are a lot of creative types out there and wondered if anyone had an ideas on how to add this device to a trap so it can retract a pin and drop the door.  Any ideas would be appreciated..... Thanks,  Jim

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How to repair a remote controlled car toy? I

I don't want to toss it but if it can't be repaired how could I use the parts that come with it.  I put new batteries in it and cleaned the connections but it doesn't make a sound.  The motor probably doesn't work but how can I test for that?

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Has anyone converted a 27mhz remote controller to 49mhz or vice versa?

You know how everyone keeps losing remotes for the great toys they sell at garage sales and such? It would be neat to be able to control different frequency toys from one controller?

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R/C car remote question?

What is the difference in the Mhz ratings? Mine is a 27 Mhz, but is 49 any different?

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Is it possible to switch on a computer CPU using a TV remote control?Is there any schematic for the circuit concerned?

I am new to Electronics so it would be great if there is a simple way .

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DIY RC toys? Answered

Just a bit of background, as a bit of fun and a learning (LOTS of learning) exercise, I'd like to make myself an RC tank, ie: I've aimed pretty high with this one though, as I've no experience with Remote Control applications, though I'm fairly comfortable with electronics. I was hoping for an overview of what I will require (transmitter, receiver, servos, etc) and good places to look for these components, so I can move on to actually planning. Thanks in advance.

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How to make an Rc car without adruino

Please help it possible to make an rc car with use of transmitter & receiver,esc,motor and a battery...

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What part would that be? Answered

Well I would love to know what this number is. Faso that question because I want to mount an equal for progeto, and knowing the name I search on Google. In hindsight not sopressiso name only the circuit and components

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How do I make (not buy) an IR reciever and Transmitter that can turn a machine on/off and 3 other options. Answered

How do I make (not buy) an IR reciever and Transmitter that can turn a machine on/off and 3 other options. The simpler and smaller the better.?  It must be IR. I want to turn a machine on/off, move a motor up, down, and rotate.

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a universal remote... controlled remotely via max/msp?

So, i am creating a sensor art project that involves a room controlled by sensors, triggering audio, playing video, etc. i would like the tv to be triggered based on sensor info. i have all the sensors going into a computer running max/msp. i need some sort of way to have the dvd player play and return to menu via max/msp. what are some things i can do? i was thinking that i could wire a remote, and have max send out control voltages to activate buttons, but i have no idea how to do that... any help?

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