Repurpose parts

In the last 6 months, I had a 40" hd tv, a modem, a 27" monitor and a laptop  all quit on me for various reasons.  I'm wondering if I take them apart if there are any parts that are worth salvaging.  I have only a basic understanding of electronics but love to tinker and want to take up arduino projects.  What would you salvage if it were you? MK

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repurpose a powerbook 190?

I have this old macintosh powerbook 190, its nice to look at but as far as functionality and weight go its unreasonable nowadays. so im looking for a creative way to repurpose it, it still works fine, and the screen is all working, but i want to do more with it than waste 10 minutes at a time playing spin doctor. i was thinking of turning it into a tablet or something, but i dont know if i can do that in any way, either through the ADB port or SCSI, correct me if im wrong about that. i dont really use it, but i dont want to just get rid of such a interesting piece of technology. even if i cant reuse it how i want to, what can i reuse it for?

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Creative repurposing old earbuds?

Good day all, I have four pairs of old earphones that I could like to creatively repurpose.  All pairs are functional and all are Nokia branded.  I received these earphones over the ages along with cellphones.  Their connectors however have proprietary jacks, not even the same types, with one having a 3.5 mm jack, they also include mics for answering calls. Thoughts I had so far:  trying to create a dock/speaker box using it all simultaneously - concern, will probably be soft. Any advice? Thanks! Xaveos

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What's the best way to repurpose an old computer (from like 9 years ago)?

Hey, I've got a couple of old computers and I'm trying to think of a new, unique, fun way to repurpose them and give them new life. Please try to help with new ideas and not any that you've seen from this site, or others because I'm pretty sure I've already seen them. The screens are not LCD flats, they are the box-shaped-kind. Is there any way to turn an old, box-shaped computer monitor into a tv screen?

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Can I use a computer power supply for something other than a PC? Answered

So here's the thing. My wife got these really cool gaming chairs at the thrift store. The problem is no power supply. According to the owners manual I found online the original power transformer was rated at 12v 2.5A DC. A transformer at radio shack that would meet this for one chair is something like 30 or 40 dollars each I don't remember exactly. I don't want to build one, I want something ready made. Is there any reason I couldn't use a cheap computer power supply. For around 30 dollars I can get a 300 watt supply which is more than enough for both of my chairs. Their combined amperage draw in parallel is 5A, so 60 watts. Other than having to make up  connectors is there any reason I shouldn't use a PC power supply?

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My headphones are broken, any ideas on repurposing them? Answered

All thats broken about them is one of the speakers came off, but is still attached to the wire, but not to the headband part. Any ideas about repurposing them?

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is it possibile to repurpose an lcd screen from a broken laptop?

As i remember is an Acer, i dont remember the model.. what i need for this? i wish use it like an additional monitor, i dont care if will be using vga or else

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any ideas for an old palm pre?

Found one with the orig. packaging about to be tossed.  I figure there must be some good ideas out there; i wanted it originally to be turned into a pay as you go for my kids or as a back up as i crack a few screens.  Any ideas?  Please dont snark.

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I found a bunch of parts from two ipod' s!

I want to start a project using various parts scavenged from dumpster diving. A bag containing two ipod hard drives an ipod 2nd gen circuit board three brand new replacement screens, the outer shell of the 2nd gen video case. wheel clicker. I have basic soldering skills but unsure what to do with all these great parts... Any suggestions would be praised!!!!

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Sound tower not working - repurpose with Raspberry Pi?

My soundtower quit working. It powers on but no sound from an ipod or from component audio cables in the back.  Are the speakers themselves repurposable perhaps by removing the electronic boards and replacing with a Raspberry Pi?  If not, it's going to the dump.

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Can I repurpose a 3G Microcell from AT&T?

Several years ago I received a 3G Microcell from AT&T. I am now with a different cell service provider, actually an AT&T MVNO. Is it possible to repurpose the microcell to work with my current (or any) network operator? Thanks.

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Old Amplifier Challenge

Have a few old amplifiers around.  wondering what they can be combined to re-create. Best Re-purpose for 1 old amplifier... Thanks.

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Can I take my laptop screen off, turn it around and reassemble it? Looking to have the screen face backwards.?

I have an old laptop and the keyboard is terrible. I would like to reverse the screen so when I close the laptop the monitor faces up. Then I can mount it and add a functioning keyboard.

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Any ideas for repurposing small appliances? parts? Answered

Any ideas on what these could be repurposed for? Is it worth taking parts or should I just donate them? Coffee maker (I replaced it because it was white and got discolored), but it still works fine and has a digital clock. Toaster Oven (got a larger one now). The oven is a small basic one wire rack style with knobs - nothing digital. BTW. If I can't find a use for either of these, and someone wants them, they can have them for free, provided they pay shipping. - canucksgirl

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Repurpose a TFT Display with 50 pin FPC

Hello,I have recovered a LCD TFT display from an old smart meter. And I would like to recycle it in a new project in my Arduino.The problem I am faced with is that I don't know very well how to connect it to my breadboard/Arduino.I have found a couple of relatively cheap options but I thought best to double check before spending money on something I might not need."Socket" are pictures of the display in question.This would require a bit fancy soldering which I think I should manage to do without melting the pcb.however If anyone can suggest a simpler way, (or if thi is completely wrong).thanks everyone.c

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Repurpose laptop to household touch screen calendar?

A few years ago I had come across instructions on how to repurpose an older laptop into a calendar for all in the household to use. The laptop would only run a calendar program (perhaps one or two more) where those in the house could post and update appointments or other commitments.  The original laptop screen was replaced by a touch screen while retaining a functioning keyboard.   I was certain that this had been an Instructable, but I have not found such a project on the site.  I have not found a hard copy in my file drawer or a soft copy on my backups.  Does such a project ring a bell to any of you?  If so, please let me know. 

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Repurpose Bluetooth Chip from Wireless Headphones?

I've got a pair of Bluetooth headphones that I'm pretty sure is about to kick the bucket; they don't hold a charge properly and they seems to be falling apart.  Kinda what I get for being cheap I guess. I don't feel like spending money on getting a new LiPo battery to attempt to fix anything (especially considering shipping, etc. repairs will probably cost more than the headphones themselves), and so I was wondering if I could take out the Bluetooth chip inside and repurpose it for some other project with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, probably for transmitting data from a sensor. A side note, if there are any ways I can refurbish the headphones themselves in a way that's worth the time, money, and effort, I'd like to hear about that, as well. Thank you!

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Need some help with repurposing Christmas lights

Greetings everybody! I've been lurking around instructables for maaaaany years, but have never been a dedicated maker. On to the point. I made a "bedside lamp" so to speak. It's an olive branch, around which I put a row of christmas lights. They're the simple kind, white with a clicky green controller and about 10 different settings. The setting is remembered until the lights are unplugged, after which they reset. I'd like to keep them on at all times with just an on-off switch, because a twinkling bedside lamp is not of much use. My stepfather told me he'd help (he's an electrician) but we have no clue how the thing actually works (so we can take it apart and just keep the simple on-off cords. The setup is as follows: =)--------------(regular 2 cord electric current cable)----------[    *    ]----(5 cables)-----Y---Y---Y---Y Plug------------------------------------------------------------Single Button Controller---------Lights I've followed the cables as well as I could (I've already taped them around the branch at several spots) and lamps connect to different cables. How could I remove the "program" altogether and just make them work with a simple switch?

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Alternate use for old cell phones and smartphones

I have a box full of unused cell phones and smartphones. Some were the higher end ones of their time such as Blackberry Storm and HTC Touch. I would like to find ways to repurpose these as they are still good and have wifi and bluetooth capabilities. I was thinking maybe security cameras or robots that can be accessed via the internet to monitor my home and pets while away. Any ideas or links would be greatly appreciated.

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Is it possible to repair or repurpose a power bank charger where the mini connector to charge it has become dislodged?

I have an EYON power bank. A year after I got it, the mini connector broke off inside so I could not recharge it. I would like to either repair it or find a way to repurpose it to recharge it and then power/charge things but I don't know enough about how to safely open it without destroying it.

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Desperatly seeking low temperature or power failure alarm for hot-tub. Any ideas on DIY or hacked comercial product?

I have a serious need for a sensor that either detects when my hot-tub temperature drops below a certain point, or when the electricity supplied to my hot tub is disconnected. A wireless remote alarm would be the best, but wired would also work. I found this need when the power to my hot tub failed and some of its plumbing froze. I am willing to use any microprocessor or even modify an existing device to fit my needs. The commercial versions are a little pricy for my budget. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Is this a great place or what?

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how to purpose a smartphone LCD?

 Okay, I'm new to this and I do not have any knowledge of programing or circuits, but I do want to learn, but sticking to the basic has never worked for me, so i want to star with a little more advance project or maybe is not that advance I'm new remember,  so I already set myself a goal, I hate to throw away stuff for some reason, from clothes to technology, so over the years I have been accumulating a lot of cell phones, consoles and an old laptop, anyways i want to know if there is any way to re-purpose some of the components, like LCD, cameras, speakers, everything. But as for right now i want to focus on LCD specially my phones, like making a mini TV or something like that, I know i can get a control- for the laptop LCD but I haven't been able to find any for the cellphones LCDs so if somebody has any tip on how to do any just let me know so i can focus on learning how to work it up thanks, and I apologize if there is any error I'm still learning English 

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Repurposing a cell phone Li-Ion battery for a project?

I have a quick question. I made myself an electronic cigarette that runs off of AAA batteries. It works quite well, it has a heavier hit than those commercial e-cigs like Blu. The only problem is, probably because I keep smoking it like a regular cigarette, the batteries don't last long. There may be another underlying reason, but I'll deal with that later. I have three 3.7v Li-Ion batteries laying around that I used to use with my HTC G2. My question is: could I repurpose these batteries as a power source for my e-cig? I've seen some articles on repurposing them, but they don't exactly explain the method. Does it only require making the positive and negative contact as noted on the battery? So...out of four contacts, I'd only be using the two?

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Need suggestions for repurposing touch screen POS system

I recently acquired a point of sale computer/touchscreen from the dumpster outside my work. it runs fine for it's age, albeit it runs windows 2000 NT.  My question to you: any brilliant ideas on what to use it for? it can run up to XP, or an equivalent version of linux. not much HDD space, and limited ram. so nothing intense. i just need an idea of what to do with it before the wife wants me to get rid of my "useless junk"

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I have an old Toshiba satellite laptop with a bad motherboard; is there anything I can do with it?

The original problem was that the laptop wasn't getting power. The shop I took it to said it was the motherboard and that it wasn't worth the price of a replacement. So, I'm not 100% positive that this is the actual problem, since i declined repair, but that's what they said. Everything else is in good working condition as far as I know (including the power supply and battery--we tested those). I'm now running snow leopard on a macbook--I was hoping that the screen might be turned into an external monitor without using the motherboard, but i've seen all the answers about needing a controller and all, so I don't expect that. Still, getting any use from this thing would be great. Any ideas?

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Can I repurpose an external hard disk drive (Lacie) to work as a NAS or media server?

Hey there, I have a lot of older lacie external drives of varying capacity - ok, two - but would like to be able to use them as something a little more full-featured, something more like a NAS, for media serving and maybe backups? Are there any hacks/boards/mods that can be done swiftly to make it happen?

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Can I repurpose some parts off of an old compaq laptop?

I had an old laptop (about to throw it away but i stripped it beforehand). It had a cd drive and some other junk i prolly won't use. I want to take the screen and keyboard out and see if I can do anything with em. Now heres the meat of the question. How, or more importantly can, I take the screen (LG Phillips LP150X08) and wire it to my current laptop with a serial port (serial right? the one i can plug an external screen onto) and use it as an extension of my screen. Part 2 Can I take the keyboard and wire it to my laptop (PS/2 or USB) it has some strange ribbon cable idk what to call it. I have the mobo and all circuitry from the laptop if that means anything. The pic is of the screen with cables coming off of it. The little i shaped connector thing was from the wifi signal ignore it. also the screen has a bunch of circuitry at the top. If you need any more details feel free to ask.

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Instructables in the New York Times -- Romancing the Flat Pack: Ikea, Repurposed

Instructables, member mzed, and his Low-cost Spherical Speaker Array all were mentioned in Romancing the Flat Pack: Ikea, Repurposed by Penelope Green at the New York Times. ..."I think there is a movement around looking at all the products that are available -- this global stream of stuff -- and realizing you can tinker with them and rebuild them," said Michael F. Zbyszynski, 36, the assistant director of music composition and pedagogy at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies at the University of California, Berkeley, whose own hack is a speaker array made from red plastic Ikea salad bowls, and who has made other musical objects from PVC plastic and coffee cans that "live in the zone of the hack," he said."It's all about not accepting what's presented for sale as it is," Mr. Zbyszynski said, "about not just doing a 'paint by numbers' of your life."...ReadyMade is part of a universe of D.I.Y. media and forums where Ikea hacks appear and are then found by Ms. Yap, who links her blog to them. It's a universe that includes Make magazine (more science than design-geeky, for the handmade-robot set) and Web sites like, which was created by M.I.T. Media Lab alumni as a forum for its users to share knowledge about how to make or do practically anything, including, as a glance at the home page the other day revealed, a quick banana nut bread and "hacking a toilet for free water." Mr. Zbyszynski's speaker array, with its goofy "Lost in Space" aesthetic, first appeared there.See more news mentions of Instructables here.

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I have an old TMobile Sidekick (PV210) that I would like to repurpose. Any ideas or projects already out there?

I have an old TMobile Sidekick (PV210) that I would like to repurpose because it seems to me like a shame to throw out. I've googled to see if its rootable so I can at least flash the firmware to something useful but nah that was a dead end. I'm going to dismantle it as soon as my basement workbench is clean again to see if i'm inspired. I'm relatively new to this site but what I've seen is amazing some of you guys must have some good ideas. Thanks, Simpleton

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lcd pin out help

Hi, I have a quasar model:vml458 camcorder and I would like to repurpose the lcd screen w/sound. If anyone know the pin outs (power,video,etc) for it that would be a great help. thank you in advance, James

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Visual Studio Plug-in for Sony Clie

It's been many years, but when the Sony Clie was available I managed to get a Visual Studio plug-in for Clie development. Anyone have the plug-in? Link? Torrent? Anything? I'm trying to repurpose one.

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Airsoft Mortar

My homemade marble cannon the MC-200 has, and can be repurposed to fire hundreds of airsoft bb's at once. It is too dangerous (not to mention hefty... It's 6 feet long!) to fire directly at people, so it makes a good mortar. I only ended up paying $20 for it is the best part too.

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any electrical use for the protective skin barriers packets that come with the TENS or NMES device pads? ? Answered

I have been moving them around for a couple of years and really need to get organized and need space, even the container these are in,if there is no use for them i will toss,

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Will letting a pressure washer run without water will tear up the insides of the pump? Answered

Im repurposing it to maybe be a vacuum pump. The outside connections fell to peices and we were going to throw it out, so I might as well recycle it.

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Is there anyone out there who can teach me to circuit bend, create/re-purpose circuitry, use Arduino?

Recently, I've become fascinated with Instructables involving re-purposing gadgets, gizmos, and gears. I want to learn some basics before I start dismantling my old cell phone or cd player, but I don't know anyone I can ask. And even if I did know someone, I'm not sure I would know WHAT to ask. I'm at the beginning of a machine and motherboard addiction, I can feel it. Do you know any good dealers? _Science on the Side_

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Im repurposing my atx power supply to be a bench Psu. I need help with code please?

In this project. I want to use an arduino mega, 2 lcds, and 6 acs712 current sensing modules and 2 Lm2596 dc step up/down module The set up I have in mind is like so; arduino is powered by ATX stand by power (IF possible) there is a push button which turns on the programing to start the monitoring and also grounds the ATX and GReen wire to supply power to all the rails. This set up will calculate Voltage and current printting them on the lcd's. The constant voltages will be printed on on lcd and the variable voltages on the other lcd. Ive written most of the code. I just want it to make sense. I've added a picture, which my project is based on.. the difference are, im not using I2c bus for lcd, im measuring current, and im printing info on two different lcds. thanks for the help. here is the code #include #define PWROK_PIN 4 // change to w.e pin i end up using connected to green? investigate #define PWRBTN 2 // closing push buttom connection makes it high #define PWRTRANS 6 /*-----( Declare objects )-----*/ // Variables will change: int PWRSTATE = HIGH;         // the current state of the output pin int buttonState;             // the current reading from the input pin int lastButtonState = LOW;   // the previous reading from the input pin // the following variables are long's because the time, measured in miliseconds, // will quickly become a bigger number than can be stored in an int. long lastDebounceTime = 0;  // the last time the output pin was toggled long debounceDelay = 50;    // the debounce time; increase if the output flickers // initialize the libr with the number of the intface pins double sensePinVthree = A0; double sensePinVfive = A1; double sensePinVfivesb = A2; double sensePinVtw = A3; double sensePinVrone = A4; double sensePinvrtwo = A5; //The current double sensePinIthree   = A6; double sensePinIfive   = A7; double sensePinIfivesb = A8; double sensePinItw  = A9; double sensePinIVrone = A10; double sensePinIVrtwo = A11; //setting up default or naming variables. double Voltsthree; double Voltsfive; double Voltsfivesb; double Voltstw; double VoltsVrone; double VoltsVrtwo; double Currentthree; double Currentfive; double Currentfivesb; double Currenttw; double CurrentVrone; double CurrentVrtwo; LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2); LiquidCrystal lcd2(12, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2); //remove this if not working or glitchy void checkPowerOK(){   // when green is grounded   if (digitalRead(PWROK_PIN) == HIGH) {     lcd.setCursor(4, 1);     lcd.print("ON ");     lcd.setCursor(9, 3);     lcd.print("hello");   }   else if (digitalRead(PWROK_PIN) == LOW) {     lcd.setCursor(8,1);     lcd.print("OFF");   } } void togglePower(){ static unsigned long last_interrupt_time = 0; unsigned long interrupt_time = millis(); // If interrupts come faster than 200ms, assume it's a bounce and ignore if (interrupt_time - last_interrupt_time > 500) {    // set the power:   digitalWrite(PWRTRANS, PWRSTATE); //trans is pin 6 } PWRSTATE = !PWRSTATE; last_interrupt_time = interrupt_time;  } void setup() { analogReference (DEFAULT); pinMode(PWRBTN, INPUT); pinMode(PWRTRANS, OUTPUT); attachInterrupt(0, togglePower, RISING); digitalWrite(PWRTRANS, PWRSTATE);     lcd.begin(16, 4);   lcd2.begin(16, 2); // Print a message to the LCD. lcd.setCursor(0,0); //take this out if monitor buggy lcd.print("Bench PSU");// this code be fine lcd.setCursor(0,1); lcd.print("Monitor  V1.0"); lcd.setCursor(0,2); lcd.print("ICE"); lcd.setCursor(4,3); lcd.print("ROBOTICS"); lcd2.begin(16, 2); // replace with the date_time function lcd2.setCursor(0,0); lcd2.print("Hope 4 the best"); lcd2.setCursor(0, 1); lcd2.print("prep 4 the worst"); delay(3000); lcd.clear(); // wipes old message lcd.setCursor(5,0);  lcd.print("Building the Future"); lcd.setCursor(0,1); lcd.print("since   2014"); //Inset the time function somewhere in here lcd.clear(); lcd2.clear(); //lcd.createChar(0, blockChar);     Voltsthree=0; //setting my variables to Zero   Voltsfive=0;   Voltsfivesb=0;   Voltstw=0;   Currentthree=0; //Setting current to Zero on this Lcd   Currentfive=0;   Currentfivesb=0;   Currenttw=0;       VoltsVrone=0; // doing the same but for second lcd   VoltsVrtwo=0;     CurrentVrone=0;// same for current   CurrentVrtwo=0; } void loop () {checkPowerOK(); // check to see if power ok   Voltsthree = ((analogRead(sensePinVthree)) /218.0) *5; // or 7 aalso the 218.0 value will chaange to mine specific   if(Voltsthree <0){     Voltsthree=0;   }   Currentthree =(((analogRead(sensePinIthree)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(Currentthree <0) {     Currentthree=0;   }   Voltsfive = ((analogRead(sensePinVfive)) /218.0) *5;   if(Voltsfive <0){     Voltsfive=0);   }   Currentfive =(((analogRead(sensePinIfive)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(Currentfive <0) {     Currentfive=0;   }   Voltsfivesb =((analogRead(sensePinVfivesb)) /218.0) *5;   if(Voltsfivesb <0){     Voltsfivesb=0;   }   Currentfivesb =(((analogRead(sensePinIfivesb)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(Currentfivesb <0) {     Currentfivesb=0;   }   Voltstw =((analogRead(sensePinVtw)) /218.0) *5;   if(Voltstw <0){     Voltstw= 0;   }   Currenttw =((analogRead(sensePinItw)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(Currenttw <0){     Currenttw=0;   }     VoltsVrone =((analogRead(sensePinVrone)) /218.0) *5;   if(VoltsVrone <0){     VoltsVrone=0;   }   CurrentVrone =(((analogRead(sensePinIVrone)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(CurrentVrone <0) {     CurrentVrone=0;   }     VoltsVrtwo =((analogRead(sensePinVrtwo)) /218.0) *5;   if(VoltsVrtwo <0){     VoltsVrtwo = 0;   }   CurrentVrtwo =(((analogRead(sensePinIVrtwo)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(CurrentVrtwo <0) {     CurrentVrtwo=0;   }   //1st line   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print("                "); //clear the line 1st line   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print(Voltsthree);   lcd.setCursor(5,0):   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,0);   lcd.print(Currentthree);   lcd.setCursor(14,0);   lcd.print("A");     //2nd line   lcd.setCursor(0,1);                  // clear and print second line   lcd.print("                ");   lcd.setCursor(0,1);   lcd.print(Voltsfive);     lcd.setCursor(5,1);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,1);   lcd.print(Currentfive);   lcd.setCursor(14,1);   lcd.print("A");     //3rd line   lcd.setCursor(0,2);           // clear line 3   lcd.print("                ");   lcd.setCursor(0,2);   lcd.print(Voltsfivesb);     lcd.setCursor(5,2);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,2);   lcd.print(Currentfivesb);   lcd.setCursor(14,2);   lcd.print("A");     //4th line   lcd.setCursor(0,3);           // clear line 4   lcd.print("                ");   lcd.setCursor(0,3);   lcd.print(Voltstw);     lcd.setCursor(5,3);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,3);   lcd.print(Currenttw);   lcd.setCursor(14,3);   lcd.print("A");     //1st line   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print("                "); //clear the line 1st line   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print(VoltsVrone.);   lcd.setCursor(5,0);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,0);   lcd.print(CurrentVrone);   lcd.setCursor(14,0);   lcd.print("A");     //2nd line   lcd2.setCursor(0,1);                   // clear and print second line   lcd.print("                ");   lcd.setCursor(0,1);   lcd.print(VoltsVrtwo);     lcd.setCursor(5,1);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,1);   lcd.print(CurrentVrtwo);   lcd.setCursor(14,1);   lcd.print("A");   }

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I think this is a resistor. Can anyone confirm? Answered

I have a car power splitter and USB adapter that isn't working.  One of the parts was cold soldered, and has come loose from the PCB.  It's large (almost an inch long), made of ceramic, and has printing on it that's hard to read, but I think I see the Ohm symbol on it. Can anyone help me I.D. it?  I'm hoping to repurpose this as part of a radio build.

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what can i do with a broken LED projector?

I have a broken LG PA70G projector, it has a blue-ish image even when in the menu of the projector, and i'm thinking to repurpose it/ use it for something else. It's out of warranty so i don't care about it. The problem with it is that it started to get hot until one of the RGB connections got burned to ash. The rest is working fine. Any ideas what i could do with it?

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What to do with an old 3G dongle?

Hi guys - This is my first post.   Basically I have a ton of IT gear lying around from disassembled laptops etc but I stumbled across an old 3G dongle from the 3 Wireless Network (UK). I think I can unlock it with but I wondered what else I migh be able to repurpose it into? Could I stream media to it via a USB enabled TV? Any suggestions for projects welcome. Steve 

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How can I record over an existing sound chip?

I get several birthday cards or little toys that have sound chips inside with a prerecorded message.  The board looks simple but I can't figure out out to re-record my own sound onto it.  Most of them have a big black plastic dot over (something).  Does this make it impossible to get to the actual chip/program? (Yes, I know I could BUY one -- I want to repurpose the several I have).

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Cheap Chinese Audio Amp: How can I reduce the noise? Answered

I have a $2.50 audio amp from China.  It's what you'd expect: some rusted components, some scratches on the PCB, and yet it still works.  I use it with a 9v battery, my phone, and a big, repurposed car speaker.  It get's loud enough I think it can easily destroy the speaker with that 9v.   My question: At any volume worth using that amplifier for, there's noticeable noise.  What can I do to remove this?  Some research shows that a capacitor may help, but where would it go?  Thanks

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Music player from old portable stero? Answered

I recently obtained an old stero with the capability of using batteries or an electrical cord on the back to play music,listen to the radio,and the likes. The case is busted up and stuff. Is there a way to repurpose this device? Id like to take out the speakers and the headphone jack. Forget the cd player and radio and all. Id like to take out just the speakers and jack and make portable speakers with a jack for an mp3 player. Im not much of an expert on this. Do i need to keep the battieres/electrical cord? or can i do away with it. How long would it last running off a regular mp3 player?

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Ideas for a creation?

Hi all, I've got an opportunity to lay hands on this sweet wifi webcam: Thing is, I've already got one monitoring my 3D printer, and I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to spy on my roommates when I'm away.  I've got a couple ideas about what to do with it, but I thought I'd throw it open to the community:  got any cool ideas for interesting ways to use/alter/hack/repurpose something like this? Currently I'm considering tearing into it and using the remotely controllable pan and tilt motors to turn it into a mars rover for my house, possibly fitted with a laser to annoy my cats.  What do you think? Ian

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Really small analog gauge controlled by simple circuit

I'm looking to make a steampunk version of dr who's sonic screwdriver with some LEDs, a tiny recording module for the sound, and I also wanted a little analog gauge with a needle that would activate when the button was pushed. It doesn't have to actually measure anything, I just want the needle to move in some way. i found a little voltmeter on sparkfun that I could probably repurpose, but it's 2x2 inches which is a little bigger than I wanted.  I'm looking for something about half that size. Does anyone know of anything that would fit the description, or a way I could fake it?

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Possible to hack a retro clock into a split-flap display?

I've been wanting to make a split-flap display board for a while and hook it up to display various messages/times for my office, however building one from scratch seems to be very expensive due to the motors and parts involved. Is it possible to take a retro-style flap clock and repurpose it to be one of these displays? I haven't been able to find anyone attempting this before, despite it seeming (to me) like a pretty good way to get around the issue of the expensive step motors and gears involved, considering the relatively cheap cost of retro clocks online. Any ideas or opinions? Sort of new to this whole endeavour but willing to do the legwork in executing on the idea if it is possible.

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GoPro Hero (2014 Model) - How to convert into a CCTV device or similar (like Casey Neistat's peephole)?

I have an old GoPro Hero 2014 that has broken mounting clips and lid hinge and would like to repurpose it as a security camera. Now, I would like it to be similar to Casey Neistat's peephole setup (constantly on, hooked up to either an old small monitor/TV). I will be setting it up as a lookout for people in my driveway pad going to my garage while I am in the garage (blind sides). This way I can tell whos approaching. I have no experience in setting this up and I have searched the google and the youtubes for steps but none lead to broken down steps. This here is the disassembly of the GoPro. Hopefully either someone can describe the steps for me or actually create an Instructable.

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Hard drive enclosure to turn internal into external?

Hello all, I have what may be a dumb question - so hopefully it will be an easy one to answer! I have a couple old hard drives from old computers that I want to put into a case/enclosure to repurpose into an extra external hard drive. When I take exact measurements of the hard drives they are: 4" x 5 3/4' x 1 (W x L x D). I've been looking around for enclosure kits but I don't see any that are 4" in width. I see a lot of 3.5" and not many others besides smaller 2.5" casings. So my possibly stupid question is: Do I want the 3.5" enclosure for my hard drive? I know that sometimes the sizings can be off when it comes to stuff like this. Thanks for the help, RW

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Please help me understand this 12VDC - USB circuit. Answered

This ties into my earlier question about the large resistor (Thank you, Quercus austrina et al). I'm an electronics newbie working on hacking a boombox into an under-cabinet kitchen radio.  One of the things I want to do is provide USB power to charge my BlackBerry while I listen.  I want to repurpose this car power adapter to do that.  It has a cigarette lighter plug, two cig lighter jacks, and one USB port. I have attempted to draw a schematic of the circuit as I understand it.  This is my first schematic, so be gentle.  Sorry about the small size.  You may need to click on it and choose "Original Size" to see it more clearly. Here are my questions: 1) There's a surface-mount resistor (R2) between the big scary "sandstone" one and the LED.  The numbers on that resistor could be read as "102" or "201".  If I understand correctly, it's either 1000ohms or 200ohms.  That's a significant difference. Which is it likely to be? 2) Likewise, the ceramic disc capacitor (C2) appears to be labeled 104, but is very hard to read, since it's hidden behind the other two.  There may be a dot after 104.  Would it be .1µF, then? 3) Did I correctly decode the numbers on the group of four resistors that provide current to the USB data pins? 4) Here's the Big Question:  If I remove the 7805 and everything to the left of it, and hook in 5VDC from a computer power supply, will it function? Thank you for your consideration.

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I am looking for a robust and reliable digital telemetry link between a solar car (which may be up to a mile away, on track) and not necessarily line-of-sight. Requirements listed below: * >1000 baud preferred (100 baud minimum) * Simple to implement (we don't have lots of development time left for the project) * 1 mile distance with obstructions * Legal (I don't want to piss off the FCC :P) * efficient (let's impose a... oh, IDK... 5W transmit power for the car? Ok? Ok.) What I have considered / am considering: * Other teams have used the popular 900MHz Xbee pro UART radio modules for this purpose, but the distance seems to be quite short / limited. The advantages include eese of use, as it acts as a nearly-transparent UART bridge, but it appears they may not be good enough for this application. * 433MHz? I know lower frequencies tend to propagate further for a given power, would 433MHz be preferable over 900MHz? I can't seem to find many devices beyond small keyfobs and stuff using this band. * 72MHz? I know this band was used for old-school RC transmitters, can I repurpose it for telemetry? Have not looked into it too much. Doesn't appear to do any sort of frequency hopping or other fancy stuff either. * amatuer HAM / CB / radio frequencies? I think this is the most robust solution but probably requires the most effort too. I and the rest of the team would need to get licenced (although honestly I want get licenced to mess around with this stuff anyway) and we would probably need to design a system around some form of digital encoding. There appear to be a lot of different methods, but are there any that meet the throughput requirements?

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LCD cable (LVDS?) Question

Hey guys, so I am in the process of *attempting* to repurpose my old laptop lcd into a video monitor.  More specifically, I am trying to replace an old home built video monitor lcd that was broken with my working laptop LCD.  When it comes to this sort of thing I would barely call myself a hobbyist. Left over from my original home built monitor I have is the LCD controller, and I am planning (hoping) to use that in order to drive the laptop LCD.  I have gotten power working (it was a snap), but here is the problem I have run into and don't really know how to solve. The laptop cable for video (in searching around I guess it's an LVDS cable) is differently shaped/designed as to what the controller requires (and the cable for the old broken LCD won't work on my working LCD.  So here is where I require help.  I have posted 2 pictures, the first one is the lvds cable that plugs into the display, and the second is of the controller connection.  They are both 30 pin connectors (although only 12 pins are in use my laptop lcd) so I really don't see why given the correct cable/adapter I shouldn't be able to get this to work. If anyone knows where I can get such a cable, or at least what the respective cable plugs are called (so I can search on my own) I would appreciate it very much.  Also, if I am a fool for attempting to do this, and I am missing some important piece of information that makes what I want to do impossible, I will appreciate that type of info as well! 

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