Resource for LEDs

Can someone please give me a resource to a place to buy LEDs? I really want some to learn how to work with them.

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online resource?

Is there a site that will take a schematic and pull your parts for you? maybe even make a pcb for  it? for hobbyist.

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Learning Electronics -- Resources?

Hello! I'm a 13 years old geek. I am good at programming and the software stuff, but doesn't know anything about electronics. When I see Arduino projects or other robotics/gadget projects here at Indstructables, I feel very sad because I don't know the nitty-gritty. So what are the resources on web available  where I can learn about electronics, robotics and the likes?  I know there are many books, but they're more of theory which takes a college-student to understand, and I'm not that. I want the books, websites which makes us understand these a little simpler way with practical stuffs too. Please list any website or tutorial you know. I am also eager to make those hexapods and robots.  Regards Jack

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Resources for a custom smartphone?

I am annoyed at touch screens and want to make a button/touchscreen hybrid. It should run Android OS. I have a design in place and the body is not an issue.(3D Printing) I want to use a touch button like used on the Blackberry Curve ) but the screen should also be touch. I need hardware(IC's, motherboards, etc.) and I need drivers and the OS (Stack, boot image etc.). Resources to get these are not in my knowledge. 

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Where can i find free old or broken computers?

Hi all,I'm looking for some old or broken laptops/computers for parts i need for a project I'm doing, does anyone have some or know where to find some? Thanks so much.

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What voltage can heat gauge 24 nichrome wire 30 cm long successfully? Am building a polythene sealing machine

Am building a polythene sealing machine using nichrome wire, I use 9v battery but is not heating. What voltage should I used and can I use ac or dc

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Ideas for making an RC vehicle

Hey, i have recently bought an rc module and controller, i need some ideas for what to make, any rc vehicle. pls give me some ideas. thx!

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Push button duration measurement inside FPGA

Hello, I need to measure the time between press and release a button in an FPGA (time between rising and faling edge) and dispaly the time result the seven segment dispaly of the FPGA , I do somethink but it doesn t work , can any one help please or give a program ,????

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How detect the speed changes of fan using a controller ic?

I have a ceiling fan manual regulator, the voltage output that i got when different speed is 80v,120v,180v,200v respectively in my project i want to detect the fan speed changes. that means if fan is running in 1st speed then user turn into second speed it should be detect(by using in Arduino) .how can detect this?I tried to use a current sensor(ACS712) at output of a regulator then detect the current for different speed..but the variation still small cannot be detectable.

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UPS system

Hello every one recently i found a 12v 9000mah battery in my stuff and decided to make sth with it and found out that a UPS system can be good. I want to make a system that can give me power for a short time while I am outdoors so the low amper wont be a problem but I want to make the system with lower cost and better quality so I found out that I had to choose an inverter(12 to 220) which I think a 100w one would work. But my problem is choosing the inverter these are my choices based on my research:An inverter starter kit---------the cheapestAn inverter module(ones without box and fan which are small too)Inverters that are used in cars(ones with a box and fan)----------the most expensive

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Power supply recommendation

I've been trying to collect info and guidance on how to build a portable and minimalistic power supply. I have in the past built other stomp boxes and small amplifiers (PCB kits) but never enough to learn how to read schematics or build from scratch, so I'm looking for something pretty detailed or simple enough. List of the technical and practical requirements: -Steady and safe current output for several hours straight; -Operating voltage: 3-4 to 15-17 volts; -Current: 2-3A; -1 voltage control potentiometer; -1 digital voltmeter; -1 output (1/4 jack); -1 pedal switch input (1/4 jack); -1 status LED; - Possibly external transformer (to keep it smaller and avoid overheating); -No vent holes; I have found similar builds (instuctables and YouTube), but never similar enough to be sure that putting that build in a smaller and sealed box would perform well and not overheat It seems weird to me that I wasn't able to find any kit or project for such a simple build. Below a link to an ideal result example

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Circuit Design Edumacation

Can anyone direct me to free internet resources that will help me with circuit design? I can usually figure out what type of parts are needed for a given circuit, but am often completely stymied by what specific parts to select - what resistor value, which transistor, what voltage and uF cap? What's available? Thanks!

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How to make a laser moquito killer

I would like to make a DIY laser mosquito killer. Can anyone help if experience. thanks

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Entering a contest with an instructable that I already published

Can I enter a contest with an instructable that I have already published? If so, how do I do this?Please help!

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How can I find Indian electronics authors ?

Hello all wonderful people.I am just curious to know if there is an easy way to sort Indian authors who have posted their intractable related to electronics?I am trying to form a group of people from India who are good in electronics as well as have the ability to teach it through writing for a nobel causes

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Ultra sonic flow meters

We have 4 independent ultra sonic flow meters and they give us ghost readings at random times. We are sure it’s not emi from an outside source. It’s a frequency signal that our flow computer picks up without product ever running through the pipe system. It only happened at random times like 3 or 4 weeks apart. And are happening more often. Does anyone know best way to troubleshoot.

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Help for a wheelchair + resources for the winter project ...

Hello everyone, I am a wheelchair user and lover of winter sports, especially skiing. During my time as a walker, I used to go to the ski slopes as soon as it snowed because it was between snow and snowy landscapes but now it is difficult for me because my wheelchair sinks into the snow and prevents me from moving. I am aware that there are resources for my case, be they the or also an option for hiking such as freewheel or other options like that. The point is that they are really expensive and difficult to get in Spain. For what I plan to do it myself but I'm not very handy. Could you give me some clue, instruction how to start step by step? Thank you for your time and help in advance.Sorry 4 my poor english !!!

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39% and climbing - renewable resources in Portugal.

In the UK, less than 5% of our electricity comes from "green", renewable resources.In Portugal, they generate 39% of their power with renewables, and that is set to climb.These red "snakes" - the Pelamis wave-power system - are built in the UK (but guess which government hasn't invested in them?), and Portugal is also investing heavily in wind, solar and hydro-electricity.Link to photo storyIf one of the poorest countries in Europe can manage this, why can't the rest of us?

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DVD Audio Amplification Software Resources?

Hi All, I'm working on my kids' Holiday Play that I recorded on a mini-dvd camcorder (it's Februaray already !!??!?). The sound is pretty weak. I have edited the dvd to cut out the crap and have vob files, etc. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial on how to pull the audio so I can amp it up a little in audacity? I would need to know how to separate it from the vob files and then combine it again hopefully without having to re-master the dvd. Windows or Linux software is fine - I run both. Thanks!

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Noobie Computer Building Resources/Info?

I was shoppin around for a computer when it hit me (following is a transcript of my brain activity pertaining to thought that hit me ) "Hly crp dees comps pricy me broke : ,( ... WTF wats i need buy4? il just build me an awesome comp,butw8, how u build 1? me no remebr!! me knows! Ibles!!!! yes ask ibles, ibles knows ask ibles mm growlie hungry need food yum food oh look girl no no look girl they slapy ouchie food must hav food computr mm good ..." (yes thats really how my brain works) Assuming you probably didn't understand that, I decided I'll just build a computer instead of buying one. Anyone know of good books/resources for a noobie computer builder?

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Detroit-area resources, stores, etc

Hello, fellow Michiganders! *points to palm*I recently learned about Silicon Alley Recyclers, a Warren (10 and Ryan) outfit that takes cast-off computers and stuff (mostly from corporate environments), refurbs the machines, and sells them (cheap). I've taken the opportunity to unload some of my old boat-anchors, and I've picked up some neat hardware too. Are there other similar outfits in the area?A fun place for supplies is Arts and Scraps in Ann Arbor, which carries all sorts of industrial offcuts, recycled whatsits, and nifty thingamabobs. I don't know how else to describe it. I had a few bushels of cellphone parts to get rid of, and A&S; took the keypads and cases off my hands eagerly. (They wouldn't take the PCBs, which I still need to dispose of.)Cranbrook's art school has a directory of metal suppliers in the area, and I've personally been getting stuff from Metal Mart at 13 and Dequindre in Warren, right around the corner. They're cool with small orders, and very laid-back about shopping. After saying hi, they'll generally just ask you to go back and browse until you find what you want. There's a nice rack of scraps and pieces up near the front, which usually has all I need.For electronics parts, ever since K40 on Van Dyke and Michigan Radio (the store, not the broadcasting service) closed I've been going to Abel Electronics in St Clair Shores, and once in a while I'll hit up RS Electronics in Livonia. I need to stop in at Galco Industrial Electronics one of these days, since they're also right around the corner. There's a new Grainger in Madison Heights on Whitcomb (13 1/2 mile) but I've never been in there.Okay, that's my braindump for now. If you know more suppliers, please reply to this post, otherwise start a new thread so this one stays on-topic and info-dense.

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Free Electronics Magazine

I want to share a free electronics magazine that is available as a downloadable PDF file or online. The name is Electronicsmaker. I hope is helpful!

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Raspberry Pi: Launch Python Script on Startup

Hello sir, Running Python script at boot works fine with crontab, only thing is that I am stuck to it. How to come out of it ?How to stop it. Cntr+C does not work

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Measure RPM and MPH on motorcylce with Arduino

Hi all, I have an idea for an Arduino based instrument cluster for my cafe racer (1980 xs400). My question is what kind of rotary encoder I should use to measure the rotation from the cables coming from the engine block and front wheel that went to the original cluster (shown in pictures). I want something that won't break at higher RPMs and is more or less water proof. I have an idea of how to code this on the software level as well, but I'm not to experienced with C/C++ so any help there would also be appreciated. The end goal for this part of the cluster is to output the RPM and MPH to respective WS2812B 5050 LED strips, and possibly a small oLED later down the line. If something could be made more clear on this post let me know and I'll try to elaborate. Thanks again

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Help me design the Circuit,

Hello everyone;I want to make power backup for my internet router which runs on, 9v and 0.6Ah or 600mAh, I bought the 9v battery but it could not provide enough current to the router to work properly, so now i have two 6v batteries which provides 4Ah current each and i want to use them for power backup, now i,m stuck at the point that how i'm going to make this voltage lower i.e 12V to 9V, however, I figured out how I can limit the current to 0.6Ah or 600mAh, i,m using 12v charger to charge these batteries while connected in series and will use it with router as well, can any one help me out the how can i decrease the voltage to 9V and use it power my router.i'll be grateful

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How can I learn the program for a cd drive stepper based arduino plotter?

How can I learn the program for a cd drive stepper based arduino plotter?Help needed.


Fire fighting Robot controlled wirelessly via hc-12 using a Joystick

Hi all!I would like share videos of my project "fire fighting Robot". Here are the links ! Enjoy!!!

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Transforming a speaker from AC to battery Answered

Hello,I'm trying to turn an AC powered speaker into some sort of boombox aka run on battery and add bluetooth.The problem i'm facing is that I'm unsure of where to hack the battery in since the circuit rectifies on-board. My best guess would be to just start probing the terminals until I find a stable power. I also think I have to bypass the 2 transformators (see bottom). But before starting I wanted to see if there is anything I should watch out for, since I don't have too much experience with Li-ion batteries.Any thoughts, advice, prayers are welcome!

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Hallo guys I have ESP8266 programmed to operate at MODBUS TCP / IP and PLC (LSIS) connected to router by Ethernet MODBUS. I made connection between them successfully (using P2P service found in PLC) through router, but the connection produce error. P2P service found to make connection between LSIS devices and other devices. This service requires inter the read and write memory address for ESP8266 with condition that the address must has 5 digit. Knowing that I use simple diode connection on GPIO pin-14. The problem is when I search for ESP8266 memory map addresses, I find it (0x60000360) 8 digit and this return error from PLC side. Please can any one help me?

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Hello makers! I am representing the Whittier Middle school makerspace and we are looking for anyone who has old electronics or parts to give away. if you have anything from computers to toasters to even cell phones, please don't throw them away! we would gladly take donations of any old electronics. please comment on this post or contact me at my account and i can tell you how to send them to us. we are located in norman oklahoma but can take parts shipped from anywhere. we are trying to start a program where we take apart old things to teach kids about how things work. So if anyone has anything to donate please contact me!

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How to extent the temperature sensor leads on my NZXT pc fan speed controller

I'm building a solar pop can hot air collector.I want to be able to control the speed of the fan.With the temperature sensor.I have a NZXT # SEN2-001 pc speed controller laying around.It can control up to 5 case fans.There are sensors included on it for each fan.Also it requires 12v to operate. My only problem is the leads for the sensors are only 24 inches long.Unless I could power the controller with a solar electric PV system.I'd need to have a way to extent the lengths of the leads.My question is,which way if possible.Would be the best way to go?I'm using the solar hot air collector to heat my basement.I only use it right now for storage.But all my water pipes are down there.So when it's really cold out.The temp gets near freezing.Case in point being.A number of years back the outside temp got down to 32 degrees below zero.My basement got to 35 degrees.My home is total electric so conserving electricity is a priority. I figure by using solar PV to power everything connected to the collector.It would only have to run when there is enough sun to heat it up.Can any one help me?

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Novice here. Send a "gate open" signal from indoors? A gate closes access to the driveway leading to my little guest house.

I’m completely new to making electronically operated devices. I can't interpret and translate the existing rf signaling instructables to my situation. I’m also completely new to your impressive Happy to be here. The situation: On a shared property stands a main house and a little guest house. Both are served by a single driveway. Access to the driveway is restricted by a gate. The main residence (not mine) utilizes 1. a remote control and 2. a drive-up keypad to send the "gate open" signal. (Aside: the drive-up keypad is paired with an intercom. The intercom serves the main house only. My guests, or delivery drivers, must telephone me to alert me of their presence at the gate. To open the gate for them, I must exit my little guest house residence, walk the length of the property, aim my remote control, line-of-sight, at the gate and depress the button on the remote control. The gate opens. I make the return walk to the entrance of my residence. This poses two problems: 1. guests and delivery drivers must wait while I make the journey out of the house, to the end of the property and 2. I must make this journey through inclement weather and nighttime darkness. My first goal is to achieve an indoor located, or a just-outside-the-front-door located, "gate open" signal sending trigger. I've read that wired signal sending performs more reliably than wireless, due to the abundance of potentially interfering wireless device traffic. I dunno. My second goal is to give my guests and delivery drivers a two-way voice communication "intercom" specifically with persons in the guest house. This communication device must be unobtrusive in appearance to be appropriate-enough to stick onto the drive-up keypad & intercom to the main house. A device operating as communication to the guest house belongs alongside the intercom button to the main house. That's so my delivery drivers don't buzz the main house, unnecessarily bothering the owners. That has happened. Makes me cringe. There must be many methods by which to solve the two challenges: 1. a guest house located, “gate open” signal sender. The signal reliably reaching the end of the property and aiming at the gate, and 2. a guest house located, two-way voice communication something. I’ve seldom even peered into interiors of electronic devices, and am confessing my entire ignorance of electronic signaling. Since I embody the least informed and least experienced person possible to achieve these to goals, it seems to me the simplest to assemble and test is the best, and that I begin with challenge one. I appreciate you for your time in considering how best to recommend I proceed. I'm in the dark. If you are very swift of mind and short of time, perhaps take a pass on this one. I need a most elementary, every little step described, no steps missing or out of order, type of response. I’m a neurodivergent individual. I’m good with it. And I will convey, from within my areas of creative visual fluidity, instructables in gratitude for yours, and for fun. And when other participants request guidance that I can offer, I’ll do so.

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Connection via mobile

Hi guys How to connect orange pi 1with android mobile via vnc app

Question by Mr Qatanani 

How many instructables can a member enter into one contest?

Hello,I just wanted to know if a member could enter more than one instructable into a single contest.

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Help setting promoted items

I've been trying to set my best instructables lately, but it seems to be broken. All I have is a forever saving screen and it doesn't set my promoted items! I've seen that others also have this problem too. Can someone help with this?Thank you

Question by zakbobdop 

Independent Spy camera

I have an old Laptop's camera and want to create a spy camera that records a video and save into the sd card. I search on google and youtube but only found that to make a USB Camera that needs a Laptop to record. Which was not as I wanted as portable, small and efficient to make a spy gadget. Can anyone help me? I kindly appreciate your help in advance....

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What Code Should I use To Make a Single Pulse Trigger.

Hello World,I am currently making a circuit that will produce a single pulse using Arduino. I want that my circuit and code should produce a single pulse, after that the pin o which I am taking output becomes low until I switch off the button. the pulse should again be generated when the button is pressed.I have been using a series of codes. But, whenever I upload the sketch to the Arduino it works for once. after that when I switch the button off and turn it on again it doesn't work. If the switch is kept on after some time it again starts to generate a pulse.Please if anyone can help me out would be a great thing.Thankyou.

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Hackerboxes - Worlds of Wifi

I keep getting these errors while trying to program the wifi scanner in the #42 Worlds of Wifi Hackerbox set. The instructables say "as shown here" but there's no link nor any additional information. Ive downloaded everything that it said to download yet can't seem to get the program to upload. here are the errors:Leaving...Hard resetting via RTS pin... Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\examples: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\examples Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NDEF: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NDEF Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NdefMemoryTest: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NdefMemoryTest Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NdefMessageTest: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NdefMessageTest Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NdefUnitTest: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NdefUnitTest Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NfcTagTest: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NfcTagTest Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\PN532-master: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\PN532-master Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\tests: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\tests Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\examples: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\examples Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NDEF: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NDEF Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NdefMemoryTest: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NdefMemoryTest Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NdefMessageTest: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NdefMessageTest Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NdefUnitTest: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NdefUnitTest Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NfcTagTest: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NfcTagTest Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\PN532-master: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\PN532-master Invalid library found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\tests: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\mike\Documents\Arduino\libraries\tests

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Digital blood pressure monitor

Do you guys think a digital blood pressure monitor would be capable of pulling a strong enough vacuum for a vacuum chamber if it was modified?

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What can be the problem with this circuit?

I built this Opto Sensitive Dimmer's dimmer part first just one led the Orange is light. but can be the problem? I built this on a test board so sorry for the soldering.

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Pandora' key 5s

Hello, I have a pandora's key 5s and I would like to have the clone of> the SD card or other that does not work anymore, where I can download it,> please?

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Converting a Radio Flyer Classic Trike to an e-Trike

Hi. I've been looking at the Radio Flyer Classic trike for kids and realise it would be the ideal project to convert into an e-trike . Would welcome recommendations and best practice to do this . Component -wise , most important to consider ( slimline battery shape , throttle ( reverse feature) , fixed drive shaft ), front fixed foot holder. This would be my first project on Instructables and would love to document and share based on best feedback options adopted . Thanks!

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does anyone have a good resource for introduction to microcontrollers? Answered

I'm talking absolute idiot here. like, imbecile. dumb.  I'm going to need to start from scratch. I just want to know the easiest and quickest route to this, be it a website, a book, or a class.

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Why are my entries not in? Answered

I entered the summer camp contest with two projects on sunday yesterday, and other entries are being accepted while I don't know if mine are rejected or accepted. Can someone help me with this?

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Bio Incubator Arduino Code - Problem

Hey guys hope your making wonderful things and providing more value to this incredible world.Inspired by the project of building the Bio incubator from PiyumF I started making my own DIY incubator with slightly more detailed features. however when I started working on the brains of the system I ran into problem I couldn't solve myself. I know that there are, in this community some of the brightest people I could know, more experienced with arduino and coding than I am.So the main problems are:When I started compiling the sketch of the provided finished program I ran in some errors I couldn't fix and cant really describe it in detail, because of my lack of knowledge. Another problem is that I cant properly connect the LCD keypad shield with the I2C backpack and arduino and dont know how should I modify the code to work properly with all of it. So that it creates menu in which you can choose a target temp and set it up.Can you guys anyhow help me solve this situation, because I'm running out of options. Many thanks in ahead

Question by JohnSmith-Workshop 

Which contest should I enter?

I'm planning on publishing an instructable (A pikachu pillow) But I'm not sure if I should put it in the 1-hour challenge or the rainbow contest! Can someone give me some advice? Thanks :DZakbobdop

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Why has nobody found a way to power a vehicle using magnetic energy? Answered

It seems like such a simple solution, yet nobody has attempted it yet. Why? The force put off by magnets is basically free energy, right?

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Resourses to learn about what's going on in the tech projects?

Hi, I'm new here to instructables. I will like to firstly start off and say that I think of myself as pretty tech savvy. I do seem to know the most about technology in general (especially computers) at my school. To be honest though I do attend a small school. I know I'm FAR from understanding everything about technology, but technology in general intrigs me, and I'm always curious to learn more about it. I recently discovered this site and saw all these cool inventions people were making (especially in the technology category in my opinion). I understood the basic concepts of them such as using leds and stitching them in clothing's and stuff like that, but after realizing people are using things called "arduino's" and other chips and such to do all this, I had no idea whats going on. I am little informed on electrical and computer engineering. So call me stupid if you'd like, but does anybody know of any resources that could help me learn and understand things and such of what's happening? 

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If I am replacing a capacitor is it better when the microfarad rating is 1600 to use a 2200 at the same voltage?

I'm currently trying to fix my Xbox One power supply. I'm curious about the microfarad rating for my Xbox power supply I have discovered a bad capacitor and now I'm looking to replace the blown capacitor with a new one from my Xbox 360 power supply but it is 2200 microfarads instead of 1600 microfarads I was wondering is it acceptable to replace them with the 2200 rating instead of a 1600 rating. I also have a 1200 rated on all of these are 16V.

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