rewiring keyboard matrix?

I want to know if it is possible to rewire the traces that go to the numpad on a keyboard so that the numpad section can be cut out? I've seen some boards where this is done but no explanation was given of what's going on. The trace that is supposed to go to the numpad keys should be rerouted back somehow, I am guessing.

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Flexible PCB rewiring

Hi,     I'm working on a project where I want to strip a 'roll up piano' down and take the rubber keyboard innards which feed into the electronic sound unit and get rid of the floppy rubber roll up piano keyboard and replace it with a standard PC qwerty keyboad. I got used to using a qwerty keyboard for playing tunes already and want tomake one that is stand alone that I don't need to connect to the PC to play music with. That means I need to take all the connections that you can see in the photos I uploaded and re connected each one to a key on the keyboard.  First of all, I don't know if pressing the rubber key on the roll up keyboad 'completes a circuit' and therefore prompts the electronic unit at the end of it to play the sound or if it 'breaks the circuit'. These units have two flexible pcb sheets as you an see in the second photo so when the rubber key is pressed they touch (although they all seem to be pretty much touching anyway). In an old casio solid keyboard I have there is a hard pcb and the piano keys touch a small rubber disk (much like is what under qwerty keys) to the pcb.   would it be better for me to take a razor and painstakingly slice up the flexible plastic which the pcb is printed on then lead them to the innards of the qwerty keyboard I'm going to modify or would it be better for me to just chop the flexible pcb off and use some kind of very thin coppe wire to feed dirctly into the unit and to the underside of the qwerty keys?   Any guidence would be appreciated.    

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Combining (Rewiring) Earphones Together

Hello! I'm having trouble rewiring my Ipod earphones. Currently I have two sets of nonworking earphones. One is an Ipod 3rd generation earphones. Pretty standard, ones you can find anywhere. The earbuds are completely busted on this one, and thus it does not work. The second one is Iphone earphones, and thus has a little mic component along the right earphone cord. This one, the bottom jack is completely busted. What I want to do this cut and combine the bottom 1 inch (including the jack) of my ipod earphone with my Iphone earphones. I understand this will render the mic capability useless. The ipod earphones have 4 wires inside, yellow, red, green, and red/green. The iphone ones have 6 wires. green, blue, yellow, red, red/yellow, and another yellow. How do I match these up to work? Thank you so much in advance!

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Rewiring christmas lights that have 3 wires?

I basically want to do something like this: Where I can rewire just one strip on 15 or so to make a line that can be run by batteries. Thanks

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rewire/reprogram motion sensor

I have a motion sensor that turns on an outlet when motion is detected. the fastest it can turn of it after a minute, though. i want it to cut the power after about 5 to 10 seconds. anyone know how i can do this? its with an x10 motion sensor. thanks!

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Gieger Counter lamp - How would I make the needle move/fluctuate when the lamp is on? Answered

Gieger Counter lamp - How would I make the needle move/fluctuate when the lamp is on? I like the instructable Radbear made, but I want to go further and make the needle move when the lamp is on; it would be great if it fluctuates and moves. OR Or how could I make the needle move when someone touches the lamp? I have an old touch lamp that I could use parts for this. The casing for the lamp is metal so I assume their should be a way... Thanks to whom ever can help.

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Rewire car charger to UK mains electricity socket

Hello there, I have a 12V air compressor pump which I would like to use inside the house. It's designed for pumping up car tyres, so it has a car cigarette lighter plug, but I think it would be useful for cleaning out the dust from my computers. I've seen a few mains adapter converters on the internet, but none of them have the required amperage (16 amps). I've decided it would be more useful to convert it to a mains plug instead. My knowledge of electronics wiring is poor, but I'm a dab hand at tutorials, I just need to know where to start! :) Would anyone be able to give me some advice? The device is here if anyone wants some background: Thank you! James

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I need help rewiring an optical mouse

Hello, I started a project I don't have the tech know-how to finish. I'm trying to rewire a wireless mouse to an arcade style interface. Is there a way I can rewire an optical mouse so as to accept input from an arcade joystick?  Thanks!

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how can i rewire a "Stowaway Portable Keyboard" to a usb from a kyocera smartphone?

I have a Kyocera Smartphone Portable Stowaway Keyboard, that I want to rewire for use as a usb keyboard. Anybody familiar with these? There are five wires coming off the adapters electronic board to the phone connector. Is there anyway to rewire these to a usb cable to work as a regular keyboard?

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HOW do you cut and then rewire the new led christmas lights?

I bought a 35 light strand hoping to make 7ea , 5 light strands for a project but couln't rewire without burning up the leds ! ? is there some sort of current limiting device built into the strands ?  also notice they are wired with 3 wires for shunting as a are the old mini lights. no matter how i try to rewire these lights they burn out every time!!

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Can I rewire my pioneer gps antena so I can use it on my new alpine head unit ?

Can I rewire my pioneer gps antena so I can use it on my new alpine head unit ?

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Is it possible to rewire ps2 keyboard to 5-pin DIN connector?

I have an old 386 computer which needs an AT or XT keyboard. Is it possible somehow to connect somewhat newer ps2 to it?

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I want to rewire a refrigerator light for a project. Can I turn this into a wall socket? ?

For a regular light I know this is possible. Maybe it's better to take it apart and wire it? What are the things I should know before attempting this?

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Rotary Phone made wireless without any rewire?

What cool thing would be if a Old Rotary Phone could be conected with your 2 wires into a Battery powered "thing" that would make this old phone wireless and fully working to the new line system? There´s plenty of instructables out there where you can rewire your phone to make it work nowadays... But if you could use your old rotary phone without making changes, just connecting the jack and the board make all the magic? By this way you not only would have a original phone but would also make it usable for our new technology.

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how to change keyboard key assignments by rewiring keyboard

Trying to create a keyboard (steampunk design, but not necessary for you to know) with reassigned keys.  i would like to place symbols/icons on the keys and when someone is presented with an encoded message, they choose the appropriate keys and the message comes out in our normal alphabet.  if i don't reassign the keys, then someone familiar with the keyboard qwerty style can figure out the message without using the keyboard. i'm not very techy so pls. be as clear as possible.  i have found freeware out there that reassigns the keyboard keys but it is global and i need this to be keyboard specific since i'm designing the keyboard to look futuristic. it's for a scavenger hunt party.   thanks for any help out there.

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How to rewire from a three phase motor to a 240 volt single phase motor.

I am replacing a  40 year old three phase motor with a 240 volt single phase motor. The three wires are all black and not coded in any way. How do I measure with a voltmeter? I assume one wire is neutral, but which one? Thanks.

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how do i rewire an old laptop screen and i mean just the laptop screen to work as a second monitor?

I am trying to make a movie projector form a OHP but the lcd screen i have doesn't have a way of attaching my laptop too it. i just have the lcd screen. period

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electrical question

How do I rewire the power cord to a Thermadyne 38 plasma cutter power switch, not having a cord to begin with?

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how can you rewire a personal mobility scooter to avoid the stock controls?

I have a pride scooter that was my fathers, the control box on the steering column has gone out for the second time. I want to hack the chair to make a cart for my kids , it seems to me that one could use a foot pedal off a power grinder to by pass the safety laden devise on the column, any ideas?

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If I power a display with one long row of "D" (x8)batteries, but want to make two rows instead, how should I rewire? Answered

Basically I want two stacks of ("D" x 4) instead of one long row, uncertain of where and how I should rewire the pos & neg wires.  This would help with a compact design, unfortunately I need to keep these type batteries to make this design work.

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how to rewire a rotary phone to be able to hook in to a modern phone jack?

 I have a what I believe you call a cradle style rotary phone of unknown year or make, model is "the cutie"and was made in Japan.Would like to modify it to hook into home phone jack. Either by replacing the existing phone cord or adding jack to existing cord. Cord has 3 wires one green, one yellow + one red. Green and yellow are connected on to same post @ cord end ( post used to hook into wall) red into the other post.Anything else needed to get this phone  ringing let me know.

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How do I rewire my mouse to make a pistol mouse? Answered

I found this tutorial and I would love to know how to rewire my mouse to make into a pistol mouse? I have a Gateway MOAKUO optical mouse. On the back of the circuit board my mouse has the left click switch in a vertical position and the right click switch on a horizontal position right next to the switch for the wheel. My problem is that I don't know in which of the terminals of the switch do I connect the cables that come from the controller, the switches have 3 little thingies where I can connect them.  In the instructable would be step # 3. I have some pics of my mouse. LC stands for left click switch, RC stands for right click stich and the red little squares represent where the little red push button on the switch would be placed on the other side of the picture. thank you very much for your time. Please help.

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where can i get a diagram to rewire a 24volt mobility scooter just to mobalise it , can i by pass the circuit board ?

I can't get schematics for my walkabout 330 scooter cause not only do they not make them anymore but they never had electical schematics for them so i woul like to rewire it and by pass a lot of crap as i don't need lights horns chargers etc etc etc as i use it on the golf course i just want the simpest diagram that will suit my 24 volt two motor walkabout mobility scooter as it is as solid as a rock and too good to waste,can i bypass the circuit board  somebody surely can show me how to do this i don't know how to do a continuity test on the circuit board maybe that would help PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  my email is   any help would prevent insanity

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How do I rewire a Yamaha CT3 magneto that was disassembled by the previous owner?

I was recently given a project bike, a 1973 Yamaha CT3.  The engine was partially disassembled and the magneto was taken apart.  I'm trying to reassemble it, but I'm not sure what wires to hook up where.  The schematic I have is a top level schematic of the entire bike.  Any advice would be appreciated. I'm trying to get it looking like the picture, but now it's only in pieces. I've uploaded some pics of what I have reassembled so far.  The capacator is still on the bike.  I added the coils back to the plate of the stator, but no wires are connected. 

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change old traffic signal to LED and house circuit?

The light is a single 3 light signal. Want to rewire to LED with a variety of light possibilities and be able to plug into house current.

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How do I make a rock tumbler? Perhaps not from scratch, but by adapting something else?

I'm not necessarily technically minded, so preferrably without having to rewire or solder things...

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How can I rewire the ZOOM on a camcorder to operate it from another location? AKA upgrading a video periscope

I am re-making a "periscope" that I made previously with a CCTV camera at the top and a pair of virtual video glasses (with a tiny lcd screen in front of each eye) at the bottom, and a live video feed in-between. This time I want a zoom control built in, where I can operate the zoom with a little rocker switch at the bottom of the periscope. I found a CCTV camera that will zoom, but I think it needs a whole controller console just to operate the zoom... I think an easier way is to use a camcorder instead of a CCTV camera, because the zoom function works in real time and it's already right there on board. The problem is that I think the zoom switch on camcorders is kind of complicated - rewiring it is likely more difficult than just running two wires from two solder points and sticking my own rocker switch at the end. Any ideas? There are "wired camcorder remotes" which seem like they might be easier to open up and modify, but the zoom switch is the same style as on the camcorder body, so I might run into the same problem.

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reuse an old laptop screen?

I have some old laptops that do not have the speed needed for today's internet but I would like to 'harvest' their screens which are in excellent shape. Is there a way to separate and rewire so that I could use the screens as second lcd's for my existing computers?

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old portable dvd player, using the screen

I have a few broken portable dvd players. Is it possible to re-use the screens? I want to take them and put them in a vehicle, but I don't have any clue as to how to rewire them.

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What can i do with an old laptop LCD screen?

I have 2 laptop LCD screens that work fine (i think), but i don't know what to do with them since the laptops are broke. Is it possible to rewire them to accept other inputs?

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Broken light box switch

My light box switch stopped working. I would like to rewire it so I bypass the switch and turn it on by just plugging it in. Inside I have 4 wires that have come loose from the switch plate. Can anyone help me fix it so that I can attach the wires inside the box properly/ bypass an on switch, so that I can simply plug and unplug it when I use it?

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What material should you use to re-insulate a chipped/burnt toroid ... when replacement is not an option? Answered

Here are pics of said toroid - - I'm planning to replace the wrapped wire, just need advice on what to use to cover up the broken insulation on the actual toroid?  I've tried nail polish, however it heated up and smoked against the bare wire (hadn't yet rewired it when tested). The toroid is on a Power Supply.  Replacing the entire PSU is not an option.

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If I wanted to wire a USB cable onto a thumb drive, replacing the original plug, how hard would that be? Answered

I'm going to be case modding whatever stick I get my hands on, and the place it is going is predicted to be limited. I'm going to strip the case off, and I was hoping to wire a cable in the place of the built in plug to cut down on the space needed inside the new case. If this is going to work, I plan to post it, so I'm hoping for a green light here.

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Attaching a cord to a portable phone handset ? How would I do this?

I have one of the original battery packs would it be possible to hardwire the leads taken from the battery pack to the wire from the charger . I would like to be able to use the base where I have a telephone jack and the handset in another room. I don't want the hassle of recharging the handset or the replacement of batteries. One of the reasons I am considering this is that I haven't found the batteries for this phone here in town. Thanks

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Single AC Adapter for multiple devices?

Just wondering if there's any downside to re-wiring an AC adapter to run multiple devices. I have 6 of these wall warts near my TV for the following - router - usb hub - phone charger - harmony one charger - clock - PS3 bluetooth/IR converter Most of these run on either 6,9 or 12V. I would be so much cleaner if I can rewire (or splice) a couple of AC adapters to have like two or more outputs. Is there any downside to this? Thanks

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Power supply for ZVS driver?

I just built a beefed up ZVS driver to handle a large continuous current, however, I now lack a power supply that will allow me to reach its full potential. The biggest thing aside from my variac that I have is two xbox power supplies in series (24V 29A). I would like something around 40-50V with at least 5A. I could rewire a mot which would take a very long time and weigh a lot so if anyone has any schematics or pointers on how to make one electronically it would be much appreciated! 

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How to set up a powered subwoofer pc speaker set, without the powered subwoofer?

I have a set of pc speakers, no mfgr markings, that were to include a subwoofer. Given to me without the subwoofer. Only reason I know about subwoofer is one side has a port that has printed next to it,"to subwoofer." I'd like to just make it into a set without the subwoofer. It has 3 stereo male plugs, in weird configurations, and I think it may need rewiring. Also has a volume "wheel" switch on one speaker. Oi, this is too much trouble, isn't it? Well, anyone have ideas, even if your suggestion is to go buy a new/cheap set. Thanks folks!?

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Reuse laptop screen

Hi I had the greates luck finding an old laptop screen in a dumpster at school (they're currently changing computers, dumping the old ones). When I got home I also found a Video to VGA converter, which made me think - can I somehow connect these two into a working screen for  let's say an old nintendo? Either that or I go back to find a compatible motherboard and videocard and rewire it somehow - but it most rather not. So, any ideas for how to make it work as a screen? :) Fact:  - IBM 12,1" TFT screen branded M360 - Konig Video to VGA converter Sorry for the bad images, Ipads camera kina sucks :)

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Anyone interested in a stator joule thief? Answered

A few days ago I made a few joule thief ornaments from motor stators and rotors (pictures on my blog). I was wondering if there is any interest in an instructable detailing how to find the right wires on a motor and generally how they can be wired/rewired for joule thievery. Since my recreational project focus is capricious at best (and my blog is very young) I've put the question here rather than there. Alternatively I could write an instructable on the process of making a specific joule theif with a stator, but I would have to not include sections on different types of motor for clarity's sake. So if you have a preference for one or the other, or an interest in the idea, I would appreciate any input. Thanks, Drew

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Hack Needed: Rechargeable Halogen Spotlight

Greetings all, I'm in need of a hack to replace the lead acid battery in a rechargeable halogen spotlight purchased at a local store. The spotlight came with a AC recharger but 15 charge time hours returns only approximately twenty minutes of usable light. I'd much like to replace the power source with something of a longer duration than the current one third of an hour. As much interested in simply rewiring the device to work from my car's AC outlet if possible. Mind I only have a few dollars invested in this device still I'd like to see if a replacement power source is worth the effort. Thanks to all who reply.

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I'm trying to make an alarm clock with a wireless toggle/snooze switch. Can anyone help me identify what to wire?

So my concept is to rewire the alarm off switch for the clock so that I can use a wireless doorbell chime as a wireless snooze switch which I can place far away (that way I can't just turn it off and go back to sleep). I already cracked both of them open and took a look at the wiring. I'd just like some help to know which parts of the chime I can use as a trigger for the alarm clock. The clock i'm using has a push button for the snooze and a 4-way switch for the alarm on/off and settings. I figure it'll be a lot easier if I just tap into the snooze.

Question by Moshmast 

i have a broken craig jukebox and want to salvage speakers and case to make a working one

I have a broken craig jukebox Bluetooth speaker system, it wont turn on at all bought for 8$ and i am trying to figure out if i can salvage the speaker and possible the lights. i thought i could use something like a breadboard to rewire the speakers and lights to make it work at least of a aux cord and if possible Bluetooth. this is a link to the speaker   its got (4 x 5w rms output) speakers. i'm looking for a cheap alternative to get it working, again i don't know why its not working i put the cord in and it doesn't do anything from a quick look i saw nothing in the circuits that's broken or burnt out.

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How can I adapt my Quickshot (QS-177, Sega Genesis) to my computer's USB port using a USB-to-DB9 converter? Answered

So I found an old Quickshot (QS-177) and an old Edgeport/1 USB-to-DB9 serial converter, and was wondering if I could either set up the controller as a serial device, get custom drivers for the Edgeport, or could rewire the converter somehow to make it work like a game controller. I also happen to have a PS1-style, cheap little USB controller that I was thinking of gutting and connecting to (the disassembled remains of) the Edgeport, resulting in a USB joystick that thinks it's a gamepad.

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I need help creating a telephone network!

Hey! I was wondering if there's any clever people out there who can help me with my ambitious project. I'm doing some creative direction for an event and aim to create a telephone network within the venue. I want to put phones on tables and use the table numbers as the phone numbers... I also would like a way of recording everything thats said over the course of the night through the telephones? I have a very basic understanding of how these things work, I've made circuits before- but i am an artist, not an electrician so please be kind and explain to me like you would a child! I've got my hands on a load of old phones, so I just need to rewire them I guess?  Thanks!

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Led color control w rotary switch?

I am working on a project to rewire an old industry hair dryer into a funky floor lamp. It has a cool panel on the back that would fit some kind of a rotary switch.  I would like to use an existing product or products to emit blue light and yellow light from the bell of the dryer. The rotary switch would allow me to ramp it from the blue leds to the yellow leds with some cross over in the middle. my challenge is that, while I understand basic electrical circuits, I know very little when it gets into the more technical circuits and arduino stuff. I want to learn but this isn't the project for it. does anyone know of an easy way to set this up?  My  thought was a set of blue strips, a set of yellow strips and a rotary controller. But, I don't know what to search for online. thanks!

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How do I create a phone network?

Hey! I was wondering if there's any clever people out there who can help me with my ambitious project. I'm doing some creative direction for an event and aim to create a telephone network within the venue. I want to put phones on tables and use the table numbers as the phone numbers... I also would like a way of recording everything thats said over the course of the night through the telephones? I have a very basic understanding of how these things work, I've made circuits before- but i am an artist, not an electrician so please be kind and explain to me like you would a child! I've got my hands on a load of old phones, so I just need to rewire them I guess? Thanks!

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Power a trailer with a generator connected to the axle? Answered

I just rewired the family's "camping trailer" and the next project that I have to tackle is power. Don't ask why we need a bunch of power when camping, it makes stuff more fun. Anyhow two of the ideas my dad and I have are theoretically easy. The first one is something that is really simple, just some solar cells. However my initial  thought is that it may not be enough to power the car/marine batteries on the trailer in a manageable amount of time (with a small budget). The second idea is to connect a generator head(s) to the axle of the trailer, so whenever we are driving the trailer (often for about an hour on the highway) the batteries are charging My questions are, what type of generator heads (if that is what I want) should I use? What type of gearing would I need? Could this be worked on a humble budget? Would this be practical for charging car/marine batteries? Thanks, Jake J

Question by JacobJ13   |  last reply