What size motor and battery are needed to run a kiddie train ride weighing about 250 lbs?

I have a kiddie train ride that was designed to run by charging the track in order to run the motor.  I can't find the parts for it, I'm missing a transformer, and the tracks may be too corroded to conduct electricity.  I would like to convert this ride to run off of a marine battery and motor using an on off switch, or timer of some sort.  What size motor, and battery should i be looking for?  I have read that these rides use 5 amps to get started and 3 amps while running.

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can someone explain to me exactly what a motor controller does in an electric powered bike?

Ok so i wanna build my first electric powered bike but i would like to do it all from salvaged parts or parts i will make. i am not looking to go 100mph or ride it for days at a time I would just like to built this first one to help me understand how it works. As of right now my biggest hang-ups are what does the controller do and can i make one, and how do i figure out how much power it will need in other words if it weighes 10 pounds and i wanna go 10mph i need a 12v motor (hope that makes sense) Thanks for any help Danny

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I have a lawn mower engine and dont what to do with it thats fun

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i want a bike that can go fast cheap but enviorment frendly any instructables?

I need to get to the walgreens down the street fast but im 12 almost 13 so i cant drive and walking is dangerous because of child melesters

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Looking for a specific Instructable - Video effect with demo cycle ride to RadioShack.? Answered

Probably 18 months ago or thereabouts, someone posted a processing  technique to give an effect which I remember as similar to a blurred version of the David Hockney photo sequences, only on video.  He posted a demo video which I'm pretty sure was a bike ride to his local RadioShack.   I've spent a looong time trekking back and pushed the Instructables search engine to its limits, but no joy.   Can anyone put their finger on this Instructable for me? 

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How would one go about designing a dark ride cart and track?

Just curious how would you build your own darkride cart and track? with an emergency stop. maybe arduino?

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how to make a ride out of scarp wood?

Oh and ment by scarp wood by wood thats like left over and turn it to a thirl ride by the the use par say drills a few nuts and bolts a hammer and some nails the reason why i ask because i do like to play around wih a few and tend to make stuff like a rocket which got way out of my hands a blasted half way to orbit and crash landed the half way to orbit thing is just a saying.

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Choosing drive motors for kids riding toy

I'm building  "robot horse" for my daughter, and have the metal frame mostly complete.  The plan for locomotion is to mount reversible powered 6" wheels to the outside of each hoof, and steer tank-style. My biggest challenge is finding reasonably priced, reasonably powerful drive motors for each wheel.  My issues are  1)  I'm inexperienced at specing dc motors.       A) I'm not real sure how to translate published specs into real world motion.  I don't know exactly how much power it takes to get this reliably moving over rough ground to a top speed of around 1 mph.  I also don't have a good sense of much voltage you can pump into a DC motors.  (IOW, should I be able to push 2 x the rated voltage for a quarter second to get it moving? Will the motors naturally increase their amperage at a constant voltage (and thus power) as they are resisted by torque?)  How much power will starting from a stop take?  What about a slight uphill slope?     B)  I'm not sure what form-factor is best:  Gear motor?  Gear motor with final drive belt?  I would like to use worm-gear motors, as I think it would be safest if the wheels didn't move when unpowered. 2)  Hunting around supplier web-sites, I see lots of $20ish gear motors that use 5-20W of power.  Great price, but would 4 of them make enough power?  (See #1A above)  Also, I see lots of fractional HP motors for >$100 that would unquestionably be strong enough, but would cost more than the project justifies.  I found very little in between.  Are there motors and gear boxes that could power this at a reasonable price?   Relevant clarifications and details: 1)  The horse is about 40" high at it's withers (shoulder) 2)  Frame is made of 1/2" square tube steel. 3)  Normal rider + vehicle will be about 150 lbs.  However, unquestionably, larger kids (or multiple small kids) will at some point hop on it and try to ride it.  At 250 lbs. rider+vehicle weight it doesn't have to go fast, but shouldn't burn up the motors. 4)  It'll be powered by a lipo battery pack that shouldn't have any issues with 20A+ max currents and can be sized as needed for voltage. 5)  I'd like to keep the motors and gears <$200 total, if possible. 6)  "Rough ground" = flat grassy turf or reasonably smooth gravel. 7)  Motors need to be reversible. Can anyone lend some perspective on what type of motors to buy for this?  How much power/torque should I look for?  Any advantages/disadvantages of any particular gearing style for this application? I am assuming that motors on each wheel are the way to go, but if there are any other power transmission schemes that would work better, I'm all ears.

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How might one put a larger pipe where a small is?

I have a mazda protege and my buddy has a old pipe that was kicking around put its quite a bit larger how might I go about hooking that bad boy up?

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How to get ride of an Acer laptop popup window? Answered

I have an Acer 5534 laptop. An Acer popup window comes on for about 20 sec after log on or after coming out of a sleep mode. "Your Acer Product is Registered" also "click here for more information" bottom right of screen. If I click for more info it takes me to an Acer site like a bookmark. I have gone into msconfig, start up tab unchecked any thing that said Acer, no luck. Gone into another location to change the Acer settings to hide both desk top Icons and notifications for the task bar, no luck. Any ideas how to get this nuisance turned off. Acer iformed me to make the msconfig, startup change which did not work.

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How to recondition 12v lead acid cell battery for a Riding Lawn mower

Battery has never held a full charge very long since it was new, Needs to be recharged a couple of times during the season, only 3 years old. Can this battery be recondition to hold a proper charge or should I replace it. This is on a john deer riding mower.

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Why has nobody found a way to power a vehicle using magnetic energy? Answered

It seems like such a simple solution, yet nobody has attempted it yet. Why? The force put off by magnets is basically free energy, right?

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what happens if I put compressed air instead of N2O in my car? Answered

I was thinking, if I put compressed air in the intake coletor, the improve of power ins't the same? as the nitrox sends nitrogen to make the comb. chamber cooler, and oxigen to burn the fuel, wich is the same elements that had air, the effect doens't had to be the same? thanks for aswering. have a nice day!

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I want to learn how to make a life-sized carousel ride. What books/training could teach me how to make such machines?

I want to accomplish my dream goal in life.  I want to try to do the "Impossible" (Building an actual life-sized horse Merry-Go-Round with up-down horses.) Are there any engineering books out there that could help me understand what parts I would need to make this ride?  Thanks in advance.  Merry Christmas!

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..what kind of battery should i get to run for a 16 mile bike ride??

I have installed a motorcycle headlight to my beach cruiser..and was thinking of getting blinkers for it too..im just stuck on battery..

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Where can I find power supplies for EL wire...

...that are powered by a bicycle, as mentioned at the end of this article? http://hubpages.com/hub/Dress-Up-Your-Bike-For-a-Safe-Ride?

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I am an instructor at the CCST in North east , MD. and would like to use one of your projects.

I would like to receive the plans for the kids ride on crane project for use in my classroom.

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Where can I find power supplies for EL wire...

...that are powered by a bicycle, as mentioned at the end of this article? http://hubpages.com/hub/Dress-Up-Your-Bike-For-a-Safe-Ride

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Home made &quot;emergency lights

I'm a member of a Shriners riding unit that makes mini firetrucks and ambulances out of go-karts to ride in parades. Strictly for fun. Many of the guys have spent hundreds of dollars to purchase "official" police vehicle lights but I'm thinking I'd rather tinker and make my own. I can probably do more with them this way then be limited to what I could buy commercially. I'd figure that I can get most of what I need in the way of LEDs and such through Radio Scrap or a local equivalent but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a site with some DIY plans on how to do this?

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How can I make speakers on a bicycle

How can I make speakers on a bicycle with 12v but when I ride the bike battery that is recharged from 12v dynamo to do this does anyone have an idea plz help me!!!

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Adult Trike Kits? Answered

I am looking at Adult Trike Kits where I could convert a bicycle to 3 wheels. And help will be appreciated. I rode regular bike for years until the cancer thing go me. I whooped it, clean for 10 years now, but have some balance issues riding a regular bike.  

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bike light design help

Im trying to design a new light for night riding im using a 7 led array in the neighborhood of 1500lm with a 30deg wide beam of light but ive hit a bump in the road and would like some guidance in it so far my pictures are only a rough draft per say 

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Wacky bike?

You know at carnivals they have those "wacky bikes" Ride it like 6 feet or so and you win a little pocket motorcycle. I would like to make one. Not sure where to begin or if this is easy enough for me (I have no metal working tools other then a dremel and a grinder). Basically, the wacky bike is a bike that when you turn the handlebars left, the wheel goes right.

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power wheels too much power?

So here da ting. i got a little 6v power wheels quad at a yard sale for dirt cheap. i figured hey why not ill work on it a little and make it nice. long story short, i ended up with two 18v harbor freight batteries hanging on each back fender like military ammo cans and it looks awesome but now its a little too scary to let my son ride it. i would like to put a voltage regulator on it to turn it up or down depending on how well he can ride it and how safe i feel he can be. most of the ones i have found can barely handle 2 amps. where can i get a regulator to handle the load continuously. p.s. this is the last part i have to figure out before i can make a full instructable.

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how to kill the loud annoying boom boom from cars?

i am wondering is there a way of over riding speakers to play my own music or just stop the boom boom coming out the car in front at traffic lights? i remember a broad band am frequency was mentioned once at one place of work but need your knowledge.?

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Can I backfeed energy produced by a bike generator into my house through a 110 outlet?

My friend rides her bike for hours on end. it is like a mouse on it's wheel. Can we generate electricity and feed it into the wiring to lower her electricity bill? I guess we would need a power inverter and someway to safely feed the power into the grid.

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Bicycle-generated Power

I want to make an attachment for my bike that generates and stores power when I ride it. I'm thinking of using and old car's alternator, but I don't know much about electricity, so I'm asking for help. Also, how can I store the power? In a battery? I'm planning on hooking up a plug outlet, which might be removable to save space. Thanks!

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if my sway bar link bushing n bolt broke off would the left suspension (control arms) be lowered?

Im missing the bolt n bushing on the sway bar link the upper n lower control arms are now lowered and the nut on the lower ball joint is riding on the inside of the rim. well sitting on it, im not drivin it would this be the cause? 2001 Mercury mountaineer

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I have a 33cc gas scooter and it starts but when I pull the throttle it cuts off. what could be causing this to happen?

I've already got a new carb,fresh gas with correct oil mixture, i replaced the piston and rings, yet i still find small amounts of oil on the spark plug, is this normal?  it starts and runs but cuts off when i try to ride it.       ????

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How do I stablize a small laptop so I can write while traveling on a cummuter bus?

I have a one-hour commute on the city bus to work. I would like to work on my laptop, but cannot stablize it in my lap during the bumpy ride. How can I build a small portable tray that can hook to the seat in front of me, with vibration suppression (rubber shock absorbers)?

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what is a good motor/alternator/generator to use for a bike generator that's cheap (under $50, preferably under $20)? Answered

I'm on a budget and the bike is going to be mobile so I need a cheap motor but I also need it to be light. The bike would be used to power a USB hub where any USB powered device would be charged or used. So all i need is 5 V. I don't think an alternator would work becuase they look very heavy and I would be riding about 10-20 mi. round trip. It must be light and as far as attaching it goes I intend to use an instructable on bike generators or just plumbers ties to attach it. The only instructable that met all the requirements I've named that I've seen was https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Charge-Any-USB-Device-by-Riding-Your-Bike/ . That motor was too expensive "We decided to stick with our Maxon 90, which was a beautiful motor, even though its cost was $275." . Thus the need for a cheap light motor to charge a USB driven device. By the way, thanks for everyone that has posted so far!

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I have tried everything I know to imbed a video in my instructable and came up short. mickydee? Answered

I keep getting the answer that the file is too big (10 meg ). I am using Firefox 4.0 I know it can be done because I have watched other videos. I must admit that my computer skills are lacking. I want to include videos in my ible RC RIDING LAWNMOWER I hope someone can help me. mickydee

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Model airplane problem

I need help.  My neighbor is dive bombing people on horseback with his model airplane.  He is going to get someone killed.  I've tried to reason with him and have spoken to the police.  I'd like to see if there is a way to ground his plane when it comes on my property while I work on a nuisance/trespass case.  Yesterday he was flying it 6 acres in my property right over people's heads while they tried to ride.  I don't mind him flying it but doing flips etc on my land is unacceptable.  Please help!!!

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Using AC to operate a automotive 12 VDC relay

My question is:  can a typical 12 vdc automotive relay be operated (voltage across terminals 85-86)? I am building a car from a riding lawn mower for our grandson.  I want to operate lights from the 12 VDC circuit but I need a signal voltage to actuate the relay across relay terminals 85-86.  I would like to use the existing AC powered light(s) voltage for this purpose?  Possible?

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How do i make a tricycle move on a track with battery power?

I do not know anything about engineering, but I want to make a tricycle move, by battery driven motor, on a track. We are thinking that something along the lines of a childs battery operated ride on train would be the route to go and it includes a decent size track, but are unsure if there is a better, cheaper, or easier way that we should do this. No, this is not for a child, it is for a halloween decoration. Any relatively simple answers or a point in the right direction would be helpful.

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'73 Harley- Electrical Emergency! Answered

Ok, biker boys (and girls), I need help. After sitting all winter, I fired up my '73 Shovelhead. I had a battery charger attached (charging 12v @ 6 amps). The bike fired up on the fourth or fifth kick (YAY!!!), but then promptly fried the headlight, the taillight, and caught the charger on fire (in the carport). What do you think is wrong? Defective regulator? Poor regulator ground? I want to ride this weekend, so help me ASAP!!!!?

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What motor can I use for my grim reaper on horseback?

I have a wonderful idea for putting a grim reaper on a horse, and have him bob up and down like he's riding it. The only thing I'm confused on is what motor do I need to use to make him bob. He weighs about 65 lbs (steel armature). I don't understand torque etc. and I'm not programming anything, just plugging him into a basic power supply. Any ideas would be wonderful.

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i want to make a digital speedometer... What would i need to make it myself ?

I want to make my own digital speedometer for my Suzuki Gs150. I could search the market and buy one but want to make this myself since i think dere's not too much required plus i should know how to. Just for the sake of doing something to upgrade my ride. Would like to add, Any help would be great, As i am eager to learn since i have alot of projects forthcoming, doing my industrial design.

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Could a 1500-2000 mA draw from a car battery (in a car) for 14 hours be a problem? Answered

I want to be able to play my portable PS2 on the ride to Colorado in February. It's a fourteen hour drive. I would probably play much of the way up. It will draw 1.5-2 amps. Will this be a problem? Will it cause problems for the battery? Can it handle that for 10 or so hours, with stops in between? Oh yeah, duh! It will draw the full twelve volts. I think the PS2 uses 8.5, but 12v comes out, so... Help?

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How can I make a biodegradable adhesive in a paintball-like form-factor that's durable but would break if thrown.

Scenario: you're riding your bike. A car cuts you off. You have a little hopper full of these balls and have the presence of mind to get one out and throw it at the car. It sticks to the car. When the driver gets home, he sees it. Inside of the clear adhesive is a laminated piece of paper or something durable with a link written on it. The driver goes to the website and reads instructions about how to be a better bike-friendly driver. They wash the adhesive off with no damage done to the car. They become more conscientious drivers.

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Router Project?

On one of my recent bike rides I came across an old (I assume from size) network router. Now being a collector of anything electronic I stored it in my back pack for future use...However as I began to think, I realized I had no idea what to do with the thing.  Here is the most basic infromation on the router: - Made by SMC - Called: BARRICADE SMC7004VWBR - Wireless network router, with a standard four ports on the back - Made in Taiwan (just thought that might be important) So does anyone have any idea on what I can do with this router? I already have a wireless router at home so that use it already filled.  And yes, it is fully functional.

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mobile smartphone holder

I have been looking for a way to carry my HTC smartphone on my wrist so that I could see the screen.  As I ride a bike and go camping a lot I use my HTC built-in GPS. So today after some searching, I found page phubby.com This is exactly what I want. Unfortunately it is not sold in our country and I dont want to spend money on transportation. So I thought that maybe this wrist holder can be selfmade out of socks, stockings, etc. Do you have any good ideas to make this and in what material? youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwzX4k7TA6o

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Kite photographing the BP oil spill

GrassrootsMapping.org is a group of people who are documenting BP's oil spill with cameras held aloft by kites and balloons. Sometimes they even get a ride on a plane. All of the images produced with this method will be going into the public domain. It's cool stuff and the images are far better than anything else out there. To keep the project going and cover the costs, they've set up a page on kickstarter to ask for donations. They've already passed their initial goal of $5,000, but it's a good cause and I hope they get plenty more than that. I pledged some money and wish them all the best.

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Looking for ideas?

I am looking for ideas here from all you "experts" (where an expert is described as - Ex (a has been) spurt 9 a drip under pressure)) Nothing like insulting the unpaid help! before they start :-)  happy New year everyone. OK A friend has a model of a fair ground ride, this is a steam yacht, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp76RTbqqLk he wants to animate this and would like the motion to be realistic at the scale size. He had tried a number of mechanical solutions, cranks etc but they all give a jerky motion and the real thing is very smooth. Any suggestions. I am inclined to think this is a micro processor solution with either a suitable servo motor or similar driven to mimic the inertia of the real thing. ideas folks?

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How do you change iTunes music into music you can put on a MP3? Answered

I got an MP3 for Christmas and I know how to change format by burning  a CD{wrest of problem in next sentence}. Also when I try to burn a CD most of the songs won't burn. Please can someone help me I want to have it done before school starts again{ long bus ride is at least 45-60 minutes long}. I don't know if it matters but I have windows and,and my MP3 is a Sandisk sansa clip+. I have included a picture of what it says and a picture of the MP3. The first one to respond and have the correct response to work I will subscribe to. 

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