I need to know wat is the "x" in this schematic??????

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Attiny schematics

Recently I've been wondering if I could actually build a cpu, I knew about the attiny and thought that I might try to build it without any chips. (Ambitious I know) I'm pretty experienced at soldering and coding and have been doing both for 17 years so I reckon I can manage it. Does anyone happen to know the whereabouts of any schematics for the attiny 25/45/85? If you do please tell me, it would be a great help.

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Drawing schematics? Answered

This is Mousey the Junkbot's schematic...does he even have a third wheel? I would be very much obliged to anybody who can anybody draw this schematic out:

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CleanBOT Schematic?

I'm new to instructables and was very interested in the cleanBOT. I downloaded the instructions but there is no schematic on how to wire it up. How do I get the schematic?

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Equalizer Schematic

Is there a schematic or a compact way (some compact sound system without all of the cd players and radio and all of that other fancy stuff, my input is just a 3.5mm jack) of creating an equalizer like below? I just thought up a cool project, but no schematics on the internet...

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Schematic Symbol

In this schematic, At the top middle there is a symbol "ODD" that is enclosed in a circle. Can anyone tell me what that is? Im assuming it is the audio jack, but i may be wrong, Thanks

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Schematic symbols?

I found this schematic in a 1947 manual on vacuum systems and I cant translate the indicated DPDT switch into something I understand. Can anyone sketch a quick pinout for it, preferably indicating what goes where on the schematic. This goes along with my other pirani gauge question.

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Electronic schematics?

I need a free electronic shcematics Program that checks my circuits.

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Schematic of an EMP?

I am making an emp but I broke the Disposable camera's chip. So decided to make my own circuit, but it doesn't work. I am attaching my schematic. I know I am missing something, so please can anyone tell what it is? or just direct me to a simple schimatic? I have transistor... transformer and everything form the chip. I just don't know how to connect them.

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Amplifier Schematics? Answered

Can anybody get me a an amplifier schematic which can drive an 8" sub-woofer, two  8" Speakers and two tweeters? Actually my neighbor built an amplifier which is driving the same mentioned above . He resides in the nearby apartment still when he uses that amplifier i can feel the bass hear the treble and get the music to my ears sitting in my apartments. When i asked him the schematics he laughed at me and said that I am a noob of drove me out of his house, ARROGANT MAN. So please guys help me out in this regard. Thanks in Advance  

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Is this schematic CORRECT?

PLZ  anyone check this sch  it is the sch for mt8870 dtmf decoder  i wanted 16 outputs  is this sch correct  i dint place the crystal and other components

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Schematics to the Electromagnetic Floater?

Could anyone please send me the circuit schematics to the electromagnetic floater?(

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Metal detector schematic? Answered

 I'm looking for an amazingly simple metal detector schematic, anyone?

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I need a schematic...

I need a schematic for a circuit using a 555 timer. I want a switch to activate the timer, which will provide 3 volts to a buzzer for one second, no matter how quickly the target is hit.

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Schematic and PCB layout

I saw a schematic from this is the schematic design and i tried to make a PCB layout and this is what i came up with the design is the layout correct? the blue line will likely be a jumper wire.. thanks in advance for the guidance.. =]

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Tube amplifier schematic

Does anyone have a schematic for a stereo tube amplifier, I just acquired a large quantity of tubes, a tube tester and some other assorted electronics from my grandfather. Ive always wanted to make a nice tube amp, now all i need is direction. It will be another 2 weeks or so before I can actually pick them up and start testing them so I was just trying to find some schematics to get me in the right direction. I figure this may even make a nice first instructable as long as im not completely lost in the schematic. Thanks smoke

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Telephone amplifier schematic? Answered

Hi, I saw this cool thing on Make; an instrument that picks up remote signals and makes noise. This link shows the original product: I hear the product is a telephone amplifier with a coil as an input. I would like to know if there is a schematic for the amp that someone new to electronics could work on. Its really interesting stuff. Thanks

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Is this electronics schematic correct? Answered

Hello, I have drawn this simple schematic and I am wondering if someone could look at it and see if it will work. The thing I am not sure about really is if the transistors are connected in a way that will make them do what I want them to. This circuit is designed to be off, then come on and stay on with a single push of the momentary switch, then turn off and stay off if something blocks the light to the photo-transistor for an instant. ****** I have updated the schematic based on the comments I got. The decision was that the circuit would come on by itself without a push of the momentary switch. The new schematic is the first picture, the old schematics are the second and third pictures. I have a breadboard and some parts for the project this circuit will be used on coming in the mail, so I can start trying this out when it gets here. But for now I am still not sure if this is right, I don't have much experience with transistors. Any advice is appreciated.

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schematic for emergency lamp

Hi I have T4 Fluorescent Lights (8W 24v '1Feet length') and 6v 4Ah battery. I Would like to make an emergency lamp with these. Can anyone send me a curcuit diagram/schmatic.. Just manual switching on and off will also do. Thank  you  

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Would this Schematic work?

I am an amateur building a solar powered bilge pump and was wondering if the schematic I made would work. The idea of the schematic is that if switch 1 is open and switch 2 is closed, the 5w solar panel will charge the 12 volt battery. And if switch 1 is closed but switch 2 is open, the 12 volt battery will power the 2A bilge pump. My main question is which way will the current be flowing. I have drawn some arrows to show which way I think current will be flowing. Please correct me if I am wrong. Also tell me if any components need to be flipped around.  All answers are appreciated, Connor

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Philips boombox schematic

I am attempting to add an external jack to a Philips AZ 1564 boombox and need to know where on the amp c/b to tap into. This jack will be for my MP3 player, searching the internet has been fruitless. Does anyone know where I may be able to find this info?   Preferably for Thanks in Advance !

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Will this schematic work/ Is it right?

I know the wiring for the loops themselves are correct but I am wondering if I did the master bypass and LEDs correctly. This is a 5 channel/ loop switcher for guitar or audio effects loops, The master bypass is supposed to negate the other loops even if they are on. Thanks for the help! P.S. the squares with the 9 dots are all 3pdt switches 

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Would this schematic work?

Will this work? it's based on, what it should do, is when I aim the IR emitter (TV remote) at it, it'll go off for a few seconds. The goal is to hide it and piss off whoever is watching TV, and changing channels.

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I need help with an electrical schematic

I'm working on a project where you press a normally open button that lights an amber light (represents Master), this button then lights other buttons that are lit green (represents Slave). The accompanying schematic should be fairly clear and also repeats this question. What I want to have happen is when you press one Master, the corresponding Slaves light. Release it and the board goes dark. Then if you press one of the other buttons in the Slave category, it becomes the new Master and lights up other corresponding buttons. I'm sorry if it's confusing. The project is a flow chart of sub-subsystems that when completed link to a larger tab, then that tab links to another set of subsystems finally culminating to a final result.

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Can anyone draw me a schematic (done again due to no answers)?

Hey Guys, its been a while since a posted a question.... Anyway I was wondering if anyone could draw me a schematic from this video: Oh and remember to add a zener on the usb output hub of the charger because I think you need that to prevent the phone from sending energy back after the batteries are drained. Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

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Plz anybody check this Schematic correct or not?

It is the sch for mt8870 dtmf decoder i wanted 16 outputs is this sch correct i dint place the crystal and other components

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Need advice to find 12V dc/ac schematics

Hi, Im looking for schematics for a Chicago electric - 2000 Watt / 4000 Watt Peak Power inverter part number 95596 from harbor frieght. i did search there site with no luck, and i could use it asap. Or if you some advice about how I should go about repairing it, that would be great. It simply will not power on. TY in advance for your help :)

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Where to learn to start reading schematics and knowledge of electronics

Im just a noob here and everything, dont know all that much about electronics and stuff, but the idea of making all these little gadgets (like an altoids tin ipod you can use anywhere) seems really cool, interesting and most off all very useful. Do you guys have any ideas of how I can start to assemble a basic knowledge of like circuits and stuff and of electronics. Not adavced stuff to start off, just like if I wanted to make something like a porximity detector, or like a microphone bug (thatl send what it hears in one room to a reciever in a diff room), basic stuff like that.

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How to build a speakerphone? Answered

My current telephone lacks a speakerphone, so I want to build one.. Are there any schematics on this topic?

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Can someone convert this schematic to bradboard???

Hi everybody this is my first post. I am getting into electronics and I am no good at reading schematics. I was wondering if anyone could convert this schematic to an eagle eye breadboard view. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks :) LINK TO SCHEMATIC:

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i can't figure out this schematic... can you help?

Forrest mims "dual LED flasher". Can't get it right. put it together about 10 times now. no blinking. LEDs are just constantly on

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wut should i do to learn beginner electronics? Answered

I would like to learn electronics. but dont know where to start. i want to learn how to make circuits and read schematics

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Can anybody give an explanation to help me understand more basic concepts of electricity?

I know about Ohms law and some of the terminology on electricity and electronics (i.e. voltage, ohms, coulombs).  What I am in need of is a way to kind of put all of the knowledge together to help me better understand the way circuits work and how to follow and read schematics.  I understand that this question is quite broad, but any help would be very appreciated. I thank anyone and everyone that can contribute knowledge to help me better understand. I am a beginner and I have taken quite an interest in electronics.

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Solar USB charger schematic?

I need a solar usb charger schematic and a list of things I need.

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Embed circuitbee schematic in Instructable?

I was trying to add a schematic from circuitbee and It doesnt work in the new instructables editor. Sometimes it will show up but when I use full preview it disappears... Bug or unsupported? :) Thanks all -A907

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schematic for fm radio jammer?

Need to build low power small fm jammer any just a schematic would do i can get parts and put together.

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Best (for viewer) schematic editor?

Hi all, this question shouldn't be to hard to answer... What schematic editor do you guys use to make "instructables friendly" images? Meaning images that pretty much anybody can understand, with little to no circuit experience. Eagle is a bit hard for the beginner to comprehend...

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Translating a Schematic to a Circuit Board

I need help translating this schematic to a circuit board. As in which rows to place what due to emitters and bases. I'm new at this, please help.

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How to program 22V10 with a schematic? Answered

I am trying to work with a 22V10 PLD, but all of the software I could find either don't take schematics, or cost money. Is there any software out there that will program my PLD with a schematic I drew, that is free and easy to use? And don't even think about suggesting VHDL or CUPL or anything similar, because it's not happening. Any other help though is much appreciated.

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Schematic capture / artworking software.

There are a dozen or so free electronic schematic capture and layout packages around (as node-limited versions of commercial packages). I've briefly tried a few (PCB Elegance, 123 and a couple more) but is there one which is head and shoulders above the rest? I'm looking for good library search and easy component placement and routing. Standard generic symbols as well as specifics, and autorouting and placement. Also ability to save as GIF or JPG. What would other users recommend? Incredible - When I was in electronic design for a living (a fair few years ago) my company spent hundreds of thousands of Pounds on a schematic capture and routing package and the SparcStations to run it on.

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RGB LED Mixer Schematic

Hi, for the past couple of months, I have been searching for a RGB LED mood light controller, but so far, all of them require a PIC(Programmable Integrated Circuit). The problem with this is that The PIC, the PIC Programmer, and the IDE for some reason wont work together(even though they are all from the same company). So recently, I thought that it would be easier to just make a color mixer, that controls each of the RGB channels individually with a potentiometer assigned to each. But, I can't find a simple one. So I made my own, but I would like to ask the Instructables community if they think it will work. Thanks ahead of time :) Here is the schematic:

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Led buck converter schematic Answered

I have been looking for a led buck converter schematic for quite some time now and i haven't been able to find one that suits my needs. i have a single 3 watt led that i believe needs 700ma to run. My whole purpose for the converter is to dim the led so it will have a longer battery life. i'll run it off of some rechargeable batteries that i can remove. Also i would like to be able to purchase most of the parts fairly easily. The requirements of the buck converter. -Compact -Battery powered -Dimmable -Capable of powering a 3w 700ma led This is a link to the data sheet of the led: Thanks in advance

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Schematic circuit for 25 leds Answered

I  want to use 10   3m Blue  3.3Vf  20If  and 15   3mm Green 2.2Vf  30If LEDS  spaced over about 24" or 600 mm  using a 12 V AC 500ma  power supply  They can be wired in 2 arrays ( blue set  and green set    Could you kind people put me on the right track to design a safe working circuit for this project  I would like a on/off switch and say 1/2 watt  fuse or what ever size fuse is required   thank you for your help Alex

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How to read a Forrest Mims schematic?

I love the forrest mims books. they are very informative, however, many of his schematics which i have attempted to assemble have failed. His schematics are the only ones i have trouble with. I have had many successful circuits with schematics from the internet or other books. For some reason though, i just cant put his together.  The circuit i am currently having trouble with is the "Dual LED Flasher" From his book "Getting Started in Electronics". There is a picture of the schematic below. Note how he explains one set of resistors and not the other. Also how do i connect R1 and C1 with Q1's collector? Same with Q2?  I have put this circuit together about 10 different ways and my results are always the same: two LEDS which stay on constantly. this is very frustrating. any advice would help. Please be very specific. it would be especially helpful if you could put it together successfully (on a breadboard, that is) and take a picture.  

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How do I read Schematics?

I really need help learning to read schematics. I can do circuits really easily but I can't read the diagrams and it prevents me from making a lot of stuff. Eg. I would like to make this project but I can't read it! I prefer when people go "put the red battery wire to the green __ wire" ect. I think it would help if some one wrote out that for this project and I would be able to line up that with the diagram. Any way anything you can do for me will help: it's more than I could do before :). Thanks in Advance, Blenderking

Question by blenderking 

Could somebody explain what the pins on a 555 timer do please?

Hey guys, I have the general knowledge when it comes to creating schematics and all but I do not undertand how a 555 timer is supposed to work. I simply want to be able to control some oscillation using a pot/rheostat. I already have resistors, capacitors, transistors, a power supply and a speaker but I do not know how I should connect them. Can somebody please explain how it would work?

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Understand this circuit for me?

Im trying to add composite video to my Atari 2600. All of the tutorials I have found have been for the rev a and b. Have only found one for the 6 switch rev c. Ive tried to find the same resistors but they are labeled differently. I found this little mod : But thats 25$ for that little thing. I was trying to see how it was made from the picture which wire goes to whichbut couldn't figure it out. Could somebody please write out or make a picture of the schematics? If it would help to know what wire is for what you can see in the tutorial.

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Can anyone design me a circuit? Answered

Hey Guys, I'm back asking questions (yay). I was wondering if anyone could design me a circuit for 6 Blue Leds in parrelel running from a 9v battery with a 555 ic to blink them. Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

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How to make a powerful strobe light using a camera flash unit for the purpose of slowing down motion in dance clubs?

Please provide a circuit design to build a stroboscope (from a camera flash unit) for dance parties. Also please tell what flash rate is suited for slowing down motion in such an environment. It would be great if you could publish an instructable or provide a diagram. Thanks in advance.

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