120V MOT transformer on 220V for spot welding machine? Answered

Hello i'm making a Spot welding Machine using a microwave transformer i'm removing the secondery coil to replace with 2 rounds of very thick wire for the output . the only problem is the transformer rated for 120V input Will it matter if i connect the primary to 220v ? i'm replacing the secondery anyway ?

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degital PSU transformr details needed ?

Hi all i got my hands on an old degital power supply unit , the model is : koocu 1501t it is 0-15 volt , with variable voltage and amperage see picure http://i00.i.aliimg.com/img/pb/172/988/490/490988172_927.jpg but unfortunately , it was not working i opened it , it has a big transformer with one pair of wires as primary (220 v) and 3 pairs as secondery ( green - black and yellow) search for datashhet or any details about the transformer , and found nothing i need to know the value of the three outpots voltages so i can replace them . thank you in advance , ad sorry for the bad english :)

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