set top box?

What is the use of smart card in set top box ,can set  top box works same without it  

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PC Settings for Instructables

Hi all, What are the correct settings in IE6.0 for Instructables? Sometimes all I get is the HTML code? Thanks, Ray

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Ubuntu set-up? ?

I have a dell computer that I wiped of the Windows OS and installed Xubuntu 8.10, I am trying to intsall Ubunto. I need help installing it. I can not access the internet at the moment on that computer. I did go through the whole process of downloading the system last night before the internet went out on it. I did not get it loaded. It is just downloaded to the desktop. I also have a copy of it on my laptop to put on a disc. I put it on a DVD disc. Once I put that into the computer I did not know where to go from there. IF you can help me figure out the steps I would greatly appreciate it. I do not have a manual or any instructions. I am very new to Linux and firefox. Thank you for your help Mrs. Skunkbait

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How to run stereo receiver through a mixing board.?

I have a stereo receiver that I need to run through my mixers (my only speakers plug into the mixer.) How would I do that?

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i need a detector for my crystal set, PLEASE HELP

I need a detector for my crystal set,but don't want to use a geranium diode or that  "cats whisker detector" that i cant get to work. PLEASE HELP ME, I NEED HELP!!! the cats whisker detector i used was a blued piece of steel / carbon (or pencil lead) from Youtube:   [search]    [make magazine foxhole radio]   if a mineral like geranium, galea, iron pyrite (fools gold) work well, i would like to  know how to obtain it without buying anything online? (i mainly don't want use a geranium diode because one i had burnt up. another reason why i don't want a 1N34A is because it isn't available at any "real physical" stores (like Radioshack ) i don't mind to use another type of diode. what about a schottky diode? do they sell any @ radioshack? and will it work?

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How can I mod a head-set type microphone into a omnidirectional microphone to pick up many voices in a room. Answered

The mic will be used to pick up audio from numerous people through out a living room, and transmitted streaming via an XBOX 360 controller.  I am also trying to use existing materials, in addition this will later be built into a true instructable.   Any pointers would be awesome, I even toyed with the idea of making it into a parabolic mike and pointing it at the ceiling to pick up sounds through out the room.  Currently the microphone has an area where the sound is obviously designed to be picked up only from the speakers mouth.  Good news is its easy to take the headset apart, its screwed rather then glued together.  The Bad news, all the wiring is ultra thin enamel coated, so very evil to solder, well for me anyhow.  I have included a picture of the actual headset.  The ear-phones will be redirected to amplified speakers and the 2.5mm jack has to remain to hook up to the controller.  This is not because it is some special jack, just trying to make it appear stock when I'm done.  Any help would be awesome, and credit will be given of course, thanks in advance. 

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What should I do with this old Air Force radio case? (Opportunity for collaboration)

I have this (steel? it's heavy) case for an army radio set that I found dumpster diving with my Dad more than 10 years ago. I haven't used it for anything, and am now noticing it has great potential for being a case for some kind of project. It's got a rim on the inside with screwholes that I could mount a plate on, and I beleive it's watertight. I always love doing cool stuff, but I don't really have the technical imagination to come up with something. I'll take any and all ideas, and once I clean out my garage and get my workbench built in there, I'll get to it :-) I think it would very cool to collaborate with some people closely and build something unique here... Thanks PS: Also, if anyone has any knowledge relating to what kind of radio gear this might have held at one point, please share it with me. I've transcribed the contents of the plate on the front, maybe have a look and see if anything pops out.

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Help setting promoted items

I've been trying to set my best instructables lately, but it seems to be broken. All I have is a forever saving screen and it doesn't set my promoted items! I've seen that others also have this problem too. Can someone help with this?Thank you

Question by zakbobdop 

Setting Up a DNS Server

I am interested in setting up a DNS server but have never setup any kind of server before. I am currently running Ubuntu 7.04 and windows xp. Is there anyway to do this for free? All shared knowledge is greatly appreciated!

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What if 24 was set in 1994?

Jack Bauer and CTU doing their thing. I miss those geocities page :)

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in distilation , how is a condenser set up? Answered

after watching a video made by nurdrage and realising i could use a condenser to distill various chemicals like ammonia water, i was wondering, how is a condenser set up. now ive looked at a lot of images, and all i see is the top of the condenser where the gas enters, thenthe bottom where the gas exits as a liquid. now what i dont nderstand is the two middle middle nozzles, ive looked at many setups and theres usually nothing attached to them, or they have a hose attached to them that goes nowhere and you cant see where they end, so i must ask, what are they for, in the sense, what do they do? and what, if anything, are they attached to? whoever answers my question properly and makes sense will receive a best answer. also, i will just add, ive searched through google and wikipedia, and found zilch that made any sense to me.

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Fire Fox three is going to (officially) be released soon. Pledge to download it on DOWNLOAD DAY. Over 1 million people have already pledged to do so. I just thought most of us here on instructables LOVE Firefox so I though id post this ! **im not trying to seem like an advertiser here

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Basic lighting set-up

I apologise in advance to all you keen photographers for my Absolute Novice status. I need to take photo's for my Instructables which are usually small-ish desk top items. Currently I am having problems with a dark (black paper) drawing in a glass frame, how do I get the details in the image without it bleaching out or flaring on the glass? I have a spacious work desk under a window, two cantilever lights, a centre room light, etc. I can only use whatever's available in my house because I never take pictures for any other reason. Any tips for a very grateful novice would be very welcome.( I'm a blank slate)

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8 bit Instruction set ?

Hello experts I need some help I want to make 8 bit instruction using folloing component so I made one simple example 8 bit instruction set 4 bit opcode + 2 bit source register +2 bit destination register+ 4 bit data accumulator A memory register R1 memory register R2 memory register R3 opcode         source       destination       data 0010               00               00                 xx                  R1  01           A  01                xx                  R2  10               XX                xx                  R3  00               XX                xx load data directly into R1 mov R1#data opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R1 01          00                  data load data directly into R2 mov R2#data opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R2 10          00                  data load data directly into R3 mov R3#data opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R3 11          00                  data load data directly into A mov A#data opcode     source      destination       data 0010            00         A  01                  data mov the content of R1 into Accumulator mov A, R1 opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R1 01          01                  disable mov the content of R2 into Accumulator mov A, R2 opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R2 10          01                  disable mov the content of R3 into Accumulator mov A, R3 opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R3 11          01                 disable don't use any register disable opcode       source       destination       data 0010               00               00                 xx      don't use register

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Anyone know what this is?

I just got hooked up with digital tv today, and these are what they gave me for set top boxes. Little IPTV streaming boxes. I noticed there was a spare led labeled HD on the front, and upon further inspection, I found a ide connector and a power connector for a 3.5 inch hard disk. Normally my isp would want me to rent a different receiver for PVR functions, and additionally a lot more per reciever. This box can use a hard drive, but when I put one in, nothing happens when I plug it back in. Now apparently, from what I've read, my isp might have installed their own firmware onto the boxes, but I do not think that is the case, the menus look like the one's I've seen online. I expected for there to be an extra option pop up in the menu when I powered it on with a hard drive installed, but that was not the case... is it the format? I have a 40 gig in there (for a tester) formatted as fat32. What am I doing wrong here?? Oh yeah, and theres a screenshot I got off my tuner card, it only shows this "boot" screen when you unplug the power and plug it back in, otherwise when you switch it off, it seems to go into a "Soft-off" mode, and the hard disk I noticed also continues to spin after it's been turned off... I don't like that :S Anyways, I can't find anything online, so much as a quick reference manual on wegener's website, but it didn't provide anything useful, it vaguely mentioned the recording function, but nothing of installing a hard disk or setting it up. I assume there should be SOME kind of menu/setup I can get into to setup the hard drive/view more options other than the audio format and some other minor options I can currently see like menu appearance. I'm super fascinated to see if I can get a hard drive actually functioning on here, like the remote even has a record button on it, so obviously it was meant to be a pvr, just they expect you to pay them out the nose for them to put one in for you.

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Old analogue TV with set top box problems

Hello everyone. This is the first time I have asked a question on Instructables, so please bare with me. Ok, so I have an old tv (one with only a RF coaxial input port) and a set top box. At the moment, I have the cable from the antenna plugged into the back of the set top box, then I have the component cables from the set top box plugged into the back of an old VCR player which has an RF coaxial output which goes to the TV itself. Now, this is all fine and dandy, the picture quaulity is good and it all worked forst go, the problem I am having is the sound. The sound is really very quiet which doesn't matter too much as the TV is pretty close to where I sit, but there is a static fuzzy sound that sort of drowns out the sound I am hearing. So I am thinking that the VCR player is causing this interference and quiet sound, would I be right? Is there some sort of adapter I can get that converts a component input into a coaxial RF output so I can bypass the VCR player? Any other tips/Ideas? Thankyou very much.

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How to transmit video from Raspberry Pi to an analogue television set.

Hi, I am working on a project that transmits video from the Raspberry Pi to an analogue television set. I am wanting it to use no USB transmitters or any other USB dongles (just a single wire from a GPIO pin). I have looked around on the internet on how analogue tv sets work and what they receive, apparently the video is transmitted on the AM band, and the audio is transmitted on the FM band. If anyone has any information on how to do this or knows about an article on this subject(or even know if this is possible:) ) please let me know. Thanks

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key pad

Plz i need the help for u   i want the made key pad interface securty for my mage board  ,

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Pre set voltage regulator/supply

Hi I want to modify the DC to DC buck circuit that is sold anywhere, to have pre-set voltage by pressing only one button it will set at 3, 5,9 and 12 output

Question by nickp238 

My profile settings doesn't open Answered

I've been trying to open settings option under my instructables profile but i'm unable to do so. as soon as i click on settings, it riverts back to the activity page. same happens with drafts, favorites, discussions there a problem with the website?

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is there a way i can set a timer? Answered

Ok i need a timer for my computer on my computer i need 2 alarm settings and it to be easy to use

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what are the factroy setting for each pin?

What are the steetings to get your car to run smooth no konkouts

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Setting scroll wheel to keyboard buttons?

I would like to set my scroll-wheel to the arrow keys on my mouse. I have the 4 direction scroll wheel. I cannot, however, find the right software. Help please.

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setting a delay on an Arduino code for a servo? Answered

I want to set a delay on a servo to take a couple seconds to run 180 degrees. it is probably really easy but i can't seem to figure it out. Please write a code or any advise would be great!

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multiple speed setting for an electric vehicle?

Suppose an Ev had to run on different speeds say 30 miles/hr and 40 miles/h and vice versa. So how will the the current and voltage changes according to this situation. Say you have a 400w motor and torque is known already and is calculated according to the required acceleration. In short if you have an Ev and u want to set the ev run on different speeds what are the quantities that have to be checked or monitored (current,voltage) and .If you move from 30 to 40 miles/h what will happen to the variables?

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Arduino IR remote to set a value

Hello, I'm new here I'm using an Arduino UNO with a VS1838B IR receiver and a remote control, I can receive signals perfectly and decode them, but I want like if I press a button, it's value goes to a variable, example: if I press "button 5" then an "OK button" a variable A=0 become A=5.  Thanks

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Instant setting epoxy, resin, or plastic?

Does anyone know of something that is cheapish and suitable for 3D printing by being extruded from a thin tube, and cures immediately on contact with a dried bit of itself, or exposure to another chemical or something?  It must be practical to put though a tube at low pressure, and again, cure almost instantly once it comes out of the tube.  Traditional 3D extruders will NOT work, as the device needs to be able to distribute to hundreds of tiny tubes at once (I cant cut a plastic filament into 300 pieces lengthwise, if you can, good job!), plus that I would have only about 1/4"-1/8" x 1/4"-1/8" x 6" to fit the device into. 

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Need help on battery set up

Hi All I am looking for a bit of help. I can't seem to find anyone to answer my question. We are working on an iot low power project that we plan to leave out in the field for up to 3 months at a time. We are using a Particle electron 3g module. It use 500ma per day when connected. It has two available power sources. 1 jst 3.7v port and 2 mini usb 5v - 12 v port. I am looking to make up a battery using lipo 18650 3.7v 2600amh components. Question 1. If I use the batteries in a 3s 13p set up I will have a 11.1v 38800mah battery, how long will battery last. ( I am getting the answer of 67 days from people but my question where dose the balance of the amp hours go as it is supplying power 11.1v and it only needs 5v to operate. How long will this take to charge and what is the quickest way to do this with out damaging the batteries. Question 2 Am I better using the 3.7v supply and stepping up the power on our mother board. If I do this I will build 39 of 3.7v 2600mah 18650 Lipos in parallel. How many days will this last for assuming that the step up module will work at 80% efficiency. How long will this take to charge and what is the quickest way to do this with out damaging the batteries. Sorry for such a long question but I can't get an answer. Peter

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How to set up a powered subwoofer pc speaker set, without the powered subwoofer?

I have a set of pc speakers, no mfgr markings, that were to include a subwoofer. Given to me without the subwoofer. Only reason I know about subwoofer is one side has a port that has printed next to it,"to subwoofer." I'd like to just make it into a set without the subwoofer. It has 3 stereo male plugs, in weird configurations, and I think it may need rewiring. Also has a volume "wheel" switch on one speaker. Oi, this is too much trouble, isn't it? Well, anyone have ideas, even if your suggestion is to go buy a new/cheap set. Thanks folks!?

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Is it possible to calculate what is the voltage need for and LED that is in a christmas light set?

It says that its 120 volt and 0,5 A but there are 2 resitors on each end of the set of light and there are a couple more solder to some LED(like 2-3..), but these resistors are not all the same...So is it possible to calculate to power require to light an LED in my set without burning it ? Thank you!?

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Why can a function satisfying same boundary conditions as functions Un(x) of a complete set be expanded as ΣCnUn(x)?

This is a question I encountered while reading Introduction to Quantum Theory by Hendrik F. Hameka (Please don't worry, I'm not trying to cheat on my homework, I am just asking out of curiosity). The book states the following:      "It can be shown that a function f(x) that satisfies the same boundary conditions as the functions Un(x) of a complete set can be expanded as f(x) = Σ CnUn(x) ... If we multiply by U*m(x) and integrate, we obtain < Um | f > = Cm " This second part is fairly straightforward because ∫ U*m f(x) dx = ∫ U*m Σ CnUn(x) dx and it follows that < Um | f > = Cn Σ < Um | Un > = Cn Σ δn,m = Cn However, the first part confuses me because I can only justify it when Un(x) = (2π)^(-1/2) e^(inx) (The example of a complete set given in the book, actually) In that case, it can easily be seen that the expression Σ < Un | f > Un(x) is just the Fourier Series expansion of f(x) and thus the result is valid for the particular complete set. However this does not explain why this is valid for all complete sets: "how can you prove that this conclusion is valid not only for this particular complete set, but for all complete sets?" is my question. Thank you in advance for answering! Please feel free to post any questions of your own if you need clarification. Also, please be advised that you should not post responses on the order of "you didn't specify an interval of integration, so your question is impossible!" - if you know enough to answer the question, then you will understand why said interval is not specified, etc. Once again, thanks!

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is there a way to hack my motorola walkie talkie to play music when no one is talking over the headset?

Hello, i'm trying to hack my motorola walkie talkie using a microcontroller to play music continuously from my iPod, and switch to the headset of my walkie talkie when someone speaks to me over the headset.  Has anyone done this before or have any suggestions or helpful links? My walkie talkie of course has a headset that has two prongs, one for audio out, and another in from the handheld mic that clips to my shirt.  I'm wanting to, like i said, use a microcontroller to sense when the audio is coming from the walkie talkie and mute the iPod, then continue playing again once my coworker has stopped talking to me on the communication device.  Any help?  I have the necessary equipment to program the microcontroller, but won't know the code or which microcontroller to purchase.  Please help? I've attached a picture of the type of walkie talkies i'm talking about, it's not the exact one, but you can get a better idea of what i'm talking about

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Walkie-Talkie set at 80 Mhz,50m

Sir,i want to make a walkie-talkie set to work at 80 Mhz,over about 50 metres range.Can anyone provide the circuit diagram and oyher help?

Question by knlkohli 

How to set up a heatsink...not inside a computer? Answered

Im thinking of buying a heatsink with a fan on it. If I dont put it in a computer will it work as long as it has electricity? Will it blow cool air on me if I set it up on a stand?

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mms setting for a i68 sciphone for vodafone uk?

Looking for some setup instructions on mms for vodafone uk? on the i68+ sciphone

Question by forresjack   |  last reply

Custom C Compiler for homemade instruction set? Answered

I'm designing a relay based computer.  It will be an 8-bit cpu made entirely out of relays, except for the RAM and program memory. I need an instruction set, but I am not crazy enough to try and make it run the x86 instruction set or anything like that, so I am making my own.  It is a fairly basic set, only 60 instructions, with a quarter of them being data movement. I tried compiling some basic computation programs, like a 16-bit add and an 8-bit multiply program. It is a pain trying to compile it so I was wondering if there is a way to plug my instruction set into a compiler, such as gnu's gcc.  I don't even need it to create a machine code file, I just need the assembly. Is something like this possible??? and how hard would it be to implement???

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Set up RepRap Pursa i3 Printer?

I have completed the build of my RepRap Pursa i3 printer. Where do I go from here? How do I set up the printer to make it ready to plug into my computer and start printing?

Question by HenryAT   |  last reply

set up a small-range radio station ?

I want to set up something like a radio station in my college for my department so that we can deliver the messages through that and my fellow mates can listen to it in a FM receiver (in their mobile). How can i do it in the cheapest way possible?

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Rex C100 temperature controller - changing settings

I recently ordered a REX C100 for my electric melting furnace project. As it came already with a SSR and temp sensor I only added a sensor capable of reading more than 400° of the supplied one. These controller are dirt cheap and have lots of support in the modding community - although you now can get them new in all variations so no more modding required. Internally they run on 12V DC, so even mobile use is possible (but this time after modding). My problem with this controller started with the not included manual. As it is no China clone but an original from RKC Japan, I downloaded their manual and tried to adjust the max temp settings as well as changing to the thermocouple. To my surprise the menus for that simply did not exist on my model. Reading a few more manuals showed that to get to the "initial or factory setup" you need to change the lock code. Here things get confusing: Once in the lock menu setting most manuals state to enter "0000" to activate the hidden menus. (Mine was alreay on 0000) Others state to set the code to "0100". In any case you have to hold the setup key for a few seconds to store the changes and after that hold the settings and shift key for about 5 seconds to enter these factory menus. After being close to send the unit back I tried different code combinations and finally found that "1000" actually activates the hidden menu on my model! But again there was no joy as several vital settings still did not show up. To finally get all settings another step is required: The first item in the hidden menu is "CODE" and it shows as "0000". After changing this to "0001" the setup key can be used to get to the settings to change the max and min temps. Once all this done the controller actually shows the selected sensor and if Celsius or Fahrenheit is used at the start and from now on simply by clicking through the hidden menu with the setup key you can get to the min and max temp settings again. I hope this info will help someone running into the same brick walls as I did...

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What graphics settings for Crysis 1? (PC)

Yeah, more computer stuff :D my specs are: GFX: AMD radeon mobility hd 5470 CPU: AMD 1.8 triple core 3 threads. RAM: 8gb windows 7 home premium 64-bit thanks in advance, if you do not know, tell me what you run it on and what settings. thanks! -the puppet

Question by Fred the evil puppet   |  last reply

Best home theatre software/set-up? Answered

I am thinking about setting up my own home theatre pc system and was wondering what the best set-up was. what is the best software (preferably cheap, ideally free) something that can play most popular video formats (avi, mp4, mov, etc.) and that can be controlled remotely (iPod, phone). I was also wondering what the best hardware was, computer, cables, TV  speakers and such. Help will be much appreciated thank you. 

Question by Jo-dan   |  last reply

how can i set speeds with a potentiometer? Answered

Hi there, Im busy building a metronome to fit a machine im altering, (the board was totally fried and rusted through)  which also has a 6volt motor that spins in the front. I managed to find a potentiometer to control the speed of the motor and the metronome, but need to have set speeds on both of them. Is there anything that i can adapt to the potentiometers like a ratchet type system ? something maybe similar to a rotary switch that u click up and down? Im pretty new to all this, any help would be greatly appreciated. MGF

Question by MrGreenFingers   |  last reply

Set up gmail on Nokia C6-01?

A new Nokia C6-01 phone, I have already succeeded stetting up yahoo and hotmail on it. But each time I put the configuration of gmail, it gives me the error message - can't communicate with the mail server. Anyone has any ideas how to debug this? Thanks!

Question by hectintin   |  last reply

Setting up Indoor Soldering Iron Station

I'm interested in having a place to work on electronics projects inside, and was thinking about building a workstation in my room. I would be soldering, and doing all other electronic-related activities at this workstation. I was wondering what I would need to do to make this happen in a safe, productive manner. Any suggestions?

Topic by Gjdj3   |  last reply

Analog to Digital not correct for set trigger value Answered

I am trying to remedy false hits. I have a remote operated light that uses a 38MHz 3 leg IR sensor and a  TV remote for on/off, but it can have false hits, IE light may come on when ever.  I decided it needed a  long button press or in this case a long IR input. Because the IR sensor doesn't go from 0 to 5 volts i have set a threshold of 600. IR voltage values are, low is 1.8v and high is 3.6v. So i decided 2.75V could be a reasonable threshold value. that ROUGHLY translated to 600 if going from 0 to 1023. This sketch works good for a button but trying to use the IR sensor does not. I have tried to map the sensor and put a trigger value but something is a miss with my work. Any suggestions?  /* *  Press & Hold Switch LED program */ // Parameters int HOLD_DELAY = 500;    // Sets the hold delay of switch for LED state change int ledPin     = 9;      // LED is connected to pin x int switchPin  = A0;      // Switch is connected to pin x int val = 0; int statePin = LOW; int THRESHOLD = 600; // In-Program Variables unsigned long start_hold; boolean allow = false; int sw_state; int sw_laststate = LOW; int led_state = LOW; // Setup void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);      // Set the LED pin as output   pinMode(switchPin, INPUT);    // Set the switch pin as input } // Loop void loop(){   int val = analogRead(switchPin);    val = map(val, 0, 1023, 0, 255);    if (val >= THRESHOLD) {     statePin = !statePin;         digitalWrite(ledPin, statePin);     Serial.print(val);     Serial.println("Triggered!");     delay(80);   sw_state = digitalRead(switchPin);             // read input value     if (sw_state == HIGH && sw_laststate == LOW){  // for button pressing     start_hold = millis();                       // mark the time     allow = true;                                // allow LED state changes   }        if (allow == true && sw_state == HIGH && sw_laststate == HIGH){  // if button remains pressed       if ((millis() - start_hold) >= HOLD_DELAY){                   // for longer than x/1000 sec(s)          led_state = !led_state;                                   // change state of LED          allow = false;                                            // prevent multiple state changes       }   }   sw_laststate = sw_state;     digitalWrite(ledPin, led_state);    } }  

Question by WWC   |  last reply

How to set up a desired threshold voltage? Answered

Hi, What I need-A circuit which allows voltage which is greater than or equal to 3 volts "ONLY" to pass through and power a buzzer i.e,shouldn't allow theuzzer to be powered with a voltage lower than 3 volts. The details-I just finished a project which makes a buzzer sound at its final phase.But,yet another obstacle-A darlington pair first completes a circuit with a relay in it when the base of it receives positive current via a resistor.The relay is activated which in turn powers the buzzer with - ve 12 volts and this makes the buzzer sound as +ve 12 volts is already connected to the buzzer.But somehow the buzzer is making a feeble,rather irritating sound even before the relay is activated..and it is somehow getting powered with a stray 3 volt power due to a leakage,somewhere.I tried to trace the flaw but couldn't find it.What I have in mind is a circuit which will allow voltage greater than 3 volts only to pass through and power the buzzer,somewhat like the function of a zener diode.I kindly request your guidance in designing a circuit which has a threshold voltage of 3 volts and higher.(I'm thinking BC 547s,555 timers etc.).

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Real-Life X-Wing Set to Fly

No, really.Andy Woerner and his crazy rocketeer friends have built a 21-foot long X-Wing model that can actually fly. Yes, this is a real X-Wing powered by four solid-fuel rocket engines complete with radio-controlled moving wings. It blasts off in California next week, and we talked with Andy about the project, and how they expect it will do. The X-Wing model is huge. At 21 feet long and with a wingspan of over 19 feet it is, in fact, big enough to fly a kid in. However, knowing that it will be powered by solid-fuel rockets, they wouldn't put a kid, dog, monkey or Gizmodo editor inside, even if it uses three full parachutes to land.After drawing the plans using CAD software, Andy's team and his friends at Polecat Aerospace (with the help of RMS Laser and Aerotech Consumer Aerospace) used laser cutting to make the pieces out of Baltic Birch wood. They also used solid aluminum for some parts, like the rods which are the pivot point for the wings. full story with more pics

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Zener Set Voltage Signal Circuit (help)

Hey Everyone- I have been researching on ways to send out an electric signal to trip a relay to shut off my battery charger. I did find some simple circuits and I did the math for what I would need and could not find big enough zener diodes and resistors. Battery+(Resistor)(Zener Diode)(Relay Input)(Battery-) I need this circuit to send a 8.2 or 10Volt 15mA signal to my Relay when the batteries reach 235 volts. Following are the SPECS for the Input signal on my Relay::: Control Voltage Range 3-32 Vdc 90-280 Vrms (60Hz) 18-36 Vrms/Vdc Max. Reverse Voltage -32 Vdc - - - - - - Max. Turn-On Voltage 3.0 Vdc 90 Vrms 18 Vrms/Vdc Min. Turn-Off Voltage 1.0 Vdc 10 Vrms 4.0 Vrms/Vdc Nominal Input Impedance 1500 Ohms 60K Ohms 9.0K Ohms Typical Input Current 3.4mA @ 5 Vdc, 20mA @ 28Vdc 2mA @ 120 Vrms, 4mA @ 240 Vrms 3mA @ 24 V Any help on this would be great Thanks!

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Setting up some kind of email system.

I recently got to a new computer. After transferring some of my email I kind of got fed up. So I want to create an email system for myself. ( No I do not want to write one. ) But I don't know much about email. Here is what I want. I don't want to store my email "inside" my client/MUA. I want it all in some folder on my computer that I will just "my pile of email" for now. That way I can try all sorts of clients and it's easier to switch if I find something better. Plus I get email from lots of different accounts. Old accounts I keep ( gmail, hotmail ), and yahoo gives me ten. I want "my pile of email" to be saved on a partition readable by both UNIX and Windows (XP), because I dual boot. i also want either to retrieve and send my email. I also want to process my email. Meaning that things with attachments have the attachments extracted. Various email groups, I want to be put into separate subfolders. I have a lot of other processing I want done. I figure the basic setup to consider is fetchmail to get the mail, sendmail to send the mail and procmail to process the mail. Where do I go from there though? ( If you have other suggestions, I am willing to listen. ) I can't decide which format to keep my pile of email in. To a degree it doesn't matter for now, but I want to make sure that I can convert to some other format when I become more knowledgeable. I can't decide whether on XP to use cygwin versions of programs, or just run linux in a VM for email stuff. lot's of other questions, but let's get to those when we flesh out my system.

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