Radio Shack Digital Multimeter beeping?

I bought this meter last week and when turned on it does not cease beeping. I know this is not normal. Is it bad or can the beeping be stopped. I looked in the instructions a and could not find anything on this. Thanks, MV

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Value of the resistor in Radio Shack Led holders?

I got this LED from radio shack and I want to recreate it with smaller LEDs. Does anyone know the specs of the resistor? I think it's 680 Ohms, but is it 1/4 or 1/2 watt? Thanks

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Radio Shack digital multimeter issue

Model is 46 range pc interface. Got it last week, second one after the original went bust, so rs interchanged it. But this one once turned on, does not cease to beep continuously. I know this is not supposed to happen. So, how do i stop this beeping? Thanks

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Circuit Boards and LEDs

Ok I need to know, does radioshack sell circuitboards? or at least those white ones as seen in If they don't then what store can I get them at? Also does anywhere else other that radioshack and the internet sell LEDs

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Connecting a soundbar to a tv?

Me and my family recently purchased an Auvio soundbar from radioshack. It came with an RCA cable to hook up to our TV. However, my TV uses an "S/PDIF" jack for audio. I don't know where to get one of these, but it's been really inconvenient having to switch the RCAs to whatever component I'm using at the time instead of just hooking it up to the TV. What should I do? 

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How to add a proximity sensor (LED) to the Radio Shack (276-1323) recording module

How do you add a proximity sensor (LED) to the Radio Shack (276-1323) recording module

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Does rselectronics means radioshack electornics ? Answered

Does "rselectronics" means "Radio Shack Electronics", i would be happiest in the world if it does....because in my country there is some building "rselectornics", webpage:

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What are some favorite suppliers for LEDs other than Radio Shack?

I am just curious to see where people like to purchase their LEDs from other than the usual places like Radio Shack and Frye's Electronics. 

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[SOLVED] How do I crimp RS Banana Plugs

I bought a set of Radio Shack Crimp-On Banana Plugs, but can't figure out how they crimp... they seem to be pretty thick brass... has anyone used these? if so, how do I crimp them?

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I have a laser that i bought from radio shack and i wanted to hack it? Answered

I saw a video on how to hack one by removing the button or front of the laser cap. I have not been able to remove the button or front cap of laser. If you know a better way to hack please tell.

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Can you unsolder electronics from tv's and things and reuse them? Answered

If so why go to radio shack and buy new parts? Just become good at unsoldering.

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What can you use hook up wire for? Answered

And I'm not talking about things with cars I'm talking about the stuff you get at radio shack

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Help! My Leds wont sync to the music! Answered

okay, so here is my problem: i have done this tutorial, and have had no luck.... i got all my parts from radio shack yesterday, ( Transistor, LED, switches, etc....) so they aren't old, and to make sure, I just tested the two transistors, and the still are working, same with use, battery. I do not know what i am wiring wrong, but please help!! here are the pictures of the wiring

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Can you recharge rechargeable batteries with a normal battery clip?? Answered

Can you recharge rechargeable batteries with a normal battery clip like you buy at radio shack? (batteries will be charged via solar charging circuit)

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Using potentiometer to dim Lights, controlling volume etc.?

I Live in a suburb of India I have found a radio shack here. I have managed to found only one kind of rotary potentiometer there ie, A10K(Brand: I-MAXX Made in Taiwan) with 3 pins on the side and 2 pins at the bottom... (something like the pic however instead of the blue bottom I have sea green). Well how to embed it in an led circuit or speaker circuit to dim the light or control the volume of a speaker respectively..... Thanks....

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Soldering a TRS to TRS cable?

I am trying to make a transfer cable for my TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Calculator. It came with a USB-mini to USB-mini cable, but it has two ports on top. One for a USB-mini cable, and one for an I/O cable, with 3/32 TRS jacks (2.5mm) from Radio Shack. I am wondering how to connect two TRS jacks together to make a transfer cable. I don't know what kind of wire to use, or how the wires should be connected.

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Got a schematic for a way to charge a couple AA rechargables using several solar panels linked?

From parts still available at Radio Shack? Not old listings for rectifiers you can't buy anymore or that sort of thing.

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Multimeter DIY Repair?

I have a Radio Shack digital multimeter, Model 22-174. Since the 10 Amp measurement circuit is not fused I blew this circuit and that part of the meter does not work now. I like this meter and would like to know if I can DIY repair it and what I need to do. I have looked around the Internet and have not found any information including the Radio Shack site. Was looking for the wiring diagram only found a parts list. I hope that I can fix it. If I can fix it I will fuse the test leads (black lead) or work out an internal fuse for this circuit so I don't repeat my mistake. Any help would be nice. Thank you.

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What's a good soldering iron?

Me and my dad have a really crappy soldering iron. It has a really messy tip, it heats slow, it has a short cord, and it is clumsy to hold. We were wondering what to look for if we were to go to Fry's or Radio Shack to buy a new one.

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Slowing down an electric motor? Answered

I am on radio shacks website looking at a 1.5-3VCD hobby motor.   The specs say up to 8,300 RPM at no load.   If I added resistors to this, would it slow it down?  I want it very slow, like 1 rotation every 3 seconds. lol   Thanks

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How to measure capacitance?

What is the most inexpensive way that I can measure capacitance? I have some photoflash capacitors that aren't marked with their capacitance. I went to radio shack, and the cheapest multimeter that measured it was around 60 dollars. Is there a cheap way that I can find out the rating of my capacitors?

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strange 3 input DC motor help on its operation Answered

I have a servo from a mattrax hummer rc from radio shack (its PCB has broken)  so i opened the steering servo its has a small DC brushed motor, but what puzzles me is that it has 3 leads that control it, my question is how does that third lead work, it i attached to two capacitors and each lead to one of the other ends of the connection, a basic schematic and picture will be attached (if i figure out this uploading feature) also the servo was a proportional control servo with a sensor that indicated when the wheel has turned to maximum. any one have any idea how it worked and maybe even how to wire it to an Arduino with proportional control, also i don't think i works for noise suppression but any ideas 

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I got a new PC board from radio shack and I am going to be making a little flashlight.  I don't think the board is interconnected in any way, so is it ok for me just to use melted solder as a lead from one spot to another, like connecting the pos and neg of two led's.  If this isn't right, what is the proper way to use those PC boards.

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Software for Make: It robotics starter kit? (Radioshack)

I Just recently made the Arduino-based  walking robot sold in a robotics starter kit by radio shack. The software link that came in the instructions is no longer a valid domain. Can anyone help with this? Cant find the arduino software anywhere. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you


How to wire rotary switches?

I have two rotary switches with 6 (six) positions each. To control ( 8 different model railroad tracks)...(12 volts on each track) The switches (from radio shack) have all seperate positions with (I assume) the power supply from the two terminals in the middle of the switch. Is there a way to identify the polarity of the leads or am I even connecting them properly??? HELLLPPP!!!!

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I have a 6v solar panel. What resistor should I use to get it to 5v? Answered

I purchased a 6 volt output solar panel from radio shack and I need to get it to 5 volt. I have a large assorted pack of resistors but I am fairly new to what is what.

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Where can I find photoelectric switches?

switch, sensor, or cell. whatever you want to call it. I'm using it as a switch. I'm talking about the kind that's right next to the photovoltaic cell on one of those garden lights. I need about eight of them and radio shack doesn't seem to carry them.

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Are these Capacitors Fried??

I think i blew out a cheap voice chance I have... can anyone verify that the capacitors I have circled are indeed blown... I've never looked before, and am not 100% sure the black isn't just a manufacturers marking. also, the caps are 20pF and 56pF and I need to replace them STAT... would Radio Shack's 100 pack capacitor grab bag have these numbers?

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Option GlobeSurfer 3?

Ok so I have a wireless cellular modem/router here is the link to it I would really like to power it from battery and im pretty sure i could just get a battery pack from radio shack or something and the correct dc adapter tip but i want to be sure is there anyone who could assist me in this

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el wire toggle switch?

I am going to ordering some el wire that comes with an adapter and i want to just use the power source but a toggle switch instead for a on/off switch. i want to use a radio shack toggle switch how would i do this? should i use a different power source and the switch? any help would be great

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Solar Panel Charging Station

Hello everyone, I am doing a project for my class and it is a solar lamp project. I was wondering if anybody knew how to make a simple solar charging station. I want to use  3 of 1.5 W/4.5 V solar panel from radio shack as a charging station. I was just wondering how I would connect this together and charge the rechargeable batteries from the solar panel charging station.

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Can a make an adapter for my headset to work with my Laptop?

Hey i have a computer that has a headphone and a "line in port". My headset has a headphone and a "microphone" plug. apparently those dont mesh. is there any way i could make something with parts from say radio shack that could either make the mic plug a line in or just make them both to usb? thanks guys

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How do I protect my circuit board inside a stuffed animal from static? Answered

I'm making a stuffed animal toy that sings a custom song. I'm using a radio shack audio recorder module (, but it's just a naked board and I'm worried about it getting fried from static when inside the fluff of a stuffed animal toy

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Parallax RFID reader Door Lock Answered

I bought a parallax RFID reader from Radio Shack and was wondering how I could turn it into a door lock?  I don't have an Arduino or an interface to connect it to the computer.  I have some code from their site but i don't know how to put it on.  Tell me what I need and what I need to do.

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could anyone spare some help on Tom stepper board I have followed the directions and cannot get it to work help

I used a 12vdc power supply form radio shack and all the parts called out on the list and even went throgh the schematic and picture of the board to try to duplicate, I have since found i have blown the Zener Diode and have repalced it but I just cant get any action. please help

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Anyone know how to build a device that says a pre-recorded message whenever there is power going through it?

Just going to use a simple wall timer so I can make it go off when I want, Im guessing it would just be a recording message device from radio shack and it says the message when you put power into it, does anyone know how to do that. Much appreciated if someone could draw up some schematics for me, Thanks.

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My coding in Arduino has an error? Answered

I got a robot kit form Radio shack and I had the choice to build the line following robot or the walking robot. So i built the walking one. I download the program(Arduino) and everything. So when i click the verify button and error thing comes up. It tells me that"MakeItRobotics does not have a name."  Here's the code that has the error. Please help. It's my first time using this program. thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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Gas soldering iron instead of hot air rework station?

I dont want to pay for an entire rework station... so would it be possible to use the hot air tip of a gas(butane) powered soldering iron instead? The portasol from Weller sounds nice, but i also found a ~ $20 from radio shack i might want... anyway it doesnt matter which one, just like will it replace a rework station ...SAFELY?

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I need to scavenge some solid state relays. 5v 120vac. What types of things have these in them?

I am trying to power some Christmas lights with my computer speakers and need some solid state relays to switch them. I tried the reed type from radio shack but they keep sticking. I have lots of random electronics laying around to scavenge from, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Can replacement jacks be purchased for rock band cymbals?

One of our young kids pulled the wires out of the angle jacks for the cymbals. I bought some jacks at radio shack. The problem is that when I look at the original plugs they seem to have soldered 3 wires to the plug. However there are only 2 wires. Which wires get attached where? I would prefer to buy pre- assembled replacement jacks. Does anyone know of a source to buy replacement jacks?

Question by Daddy-O 54 

Help with an led circuit diagram for a lighting system

Hey Guys                   Im a technology  A-level student and i require help with the circuit side of my project as i am completely at a loss with respect to designing the diagrams and how they should function i am making a simple lighting system with three sets of 10 led boards could someone help me please Ps - in the uk its difficult to get some small components as i believe there is no uk  radio shack equivalent Thanks Oclane

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I am looking for a 1 ohm resistor but can't seem to find them that low. Answered

Radio Shack does not have them. Typing "1 ohm resistor" in Ebay gives my a ton of what I'm not looking for.  Can anyone tell me how to get a hold of one (or several)? I'm trying to put together the drive circuit test load shown in: Thanks very much.

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cnc milling or routing setup from old dot matrix printer?

Many years ago  I purchased a radio shack 9 pin dot matrix printer.  The thing is huge and built like a tank.  Packrat that I am, I haven't disposed of it although it has pretty much outlived its usefulness as a printer.  I was wondering if there might be a quick and/or dirty way of attatching a battery operated tool like a dremel to where the printing head is currently?

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How do I make a front and back led light for my bike?

I want to make the lights for 2 reasons; I want the satisfaction of making my own and to learn how. I have very little knowledge on LEDS or circuits all that I know is that I can get a soldering iron and that I will probably get the stuff from radio shack. I want the lights to be as bright as possible and the back light should probably be red and the front a white-ish color.

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Where can I order assorted capacitors, resistors, LEDs, switches online? Answered

I have decided to rekindle my passion for circuitry, and I don't want to fuss with finding the right parts at Radio Shack (*cringe*). Where can I order assorted parts online? I'd like to just buy a huge bag/box of assorted parts, rather than individually buy each part as I find need for it, and have to wait for it to arrive.

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How to hook up a solar panel to a 9v battery powered recording module?

I'm planning to make an outdoor thing that plays a sound so I want it to run off of a solar panel. I'm going to use a 9 volt radio shack recording module. I was just wondering what kind of solar panel I need, and how to hook it up. Plus if you know of a recording module that runs on a solar panel that would be great. Thanks a lot! :)

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capacitors amd leds

Ok, so i have 20 leds of different colors from radio shack(i know, got 50% off tho) a an experimentor breadboard, 4 mometary switches, and 4 330v 80uf capacitors. just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what i could do with this stuff ive had sitting around for 3+ months. oh and i forgot i have a 555 timer chip too, dont know that ill be using it though. oh, and how do you charge a capacitor, like what is + and what is -, then any voltage applied is stored, right?

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Should all grounds go to the same negative bus on a breadboard? Answered

Whenever I see circuit diagrams they just show a ground off some components. When I'm designing on a breadboard should all of these go to the same negative bus on my breadboard in order to function properly? I've got one positive and one negative on each side (standard 6" Radio Shack model). Also, I would assume that a series circuit would be for those instances when you have no negative bus at all and need to ground back into the power supply as well? Thanks!

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add motherboard stand-offs to an RS enclosure?

I need to connect the board from a PC ATX power supply to a Plastic Radio Shack project enclosure. as a part of my ventilation / grounding scheme I've got the power supply on standard brass motherboard stand-offs. I don't want to connect any hardware through the case, for insulation purposes. I need a good way to hold the stand-offs (and by extension the power supply) sturdily in place... preferably with bits I can get locally (hardware store or RS)... Any Ideas?

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