how do i share pics in a private message?

I need to send some pics from my library via private message to another subscriber and cannot figure out how ! Please help !!

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if load sharing between two transformers is required to be done by putting the two in parallel.

Is it possible to put 2 transformers in parallel having same voltage rating but different current rating?

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How do I share 2 printers on a single ethernet jack that is hooked to an internal network?

Every office in my building has an ethernet jack. One room houses a HP laser printer that is currently utilizing the single jack. I'm putting a wide format color inkjet printer in the same room. I need to connect it to the internal network for others to share this printer as they do with the laser printer. There is a hub located in another part of the building that connects this intranet. To add my new printer is it a matter of plugging another hub into the existing jack and then plugging the two printers into the hub or is there another way? Thanks, Chas.

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Will two or more IIC devices share the same IIC pins on arduino? Answered

HI,All I got 4 IIC soil moiture sensors, could be named A,B,C,D.but my arduino nano only have one set of IIC pins.i want to set IIC soil moisture sensor's chips internal timer to go sleep mode each at diffirent arduino could take correct readings from one sensor at a time.i want to know if the sensor overlapping of same ardiuno IIC pins feasible?my second question is suppose it is can arduino to know which sensor is being taking readings.i mean arduino may think signal taken from the IIC pins several time in a day may mean only one IIC device is being could not distinguish which is A or B,etc..I wanted it to distinguish which is which.But i don't know how. gada888

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Anyone using this - t seems like a good way to share ideas.

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how to make sharing headphones? Answered

How can you mod headphones to be just like urbanears? and i mean the headphone jack socket on the earpiece to share your music.

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Photo sharing (site suggestion)

I did a quick forum search, but didn't find anything that really fit my idea, but I've seen a lot of really cool things on instructables, followed some step by step or took the idea and customized a few steps or two, but wouldn't it be nice to have a section to share your own photos of the projects you've started by way of inspiration of an instructable (like Think Geek's "customer action shots")? Show what people have done with an instructable, how they modified/improved upon/or spectacularly failed (but got a great photo!) following an instructable.So call this a site suggestion: a column on each instructable possibly parallel to the comments where people can post their results. Especially with the many great creative minds here.

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How to have shared interntet from windows 7 to xp?

I get internet from a UM175VW card that connects to my usb port.  It only provides internet for the computer it is connected too.  I was wondering if I can use an ethernet cable to share the internet on another computer.  I have one desktop pc that runs on windows 7.  My other computer is a 2004 compaq presario 2100 that runs on windows xp.  I got my ethernet cable from best buy to connect my xbox 360 to my computer to get onto xbox live.  I think it will work as it is basically the same thing.  If this is possible, please provide detailed instructions on how to do it.  I would like to keep the internet card on my desktop pc and share it with my laptop.

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How to stream music on your phone from laptop?

I want to know how to play music on my mobile phone from laptop via bluetooth or wifi? I have Nokia Lumia 520 Windows phone 8 and HP 2121TU Notebook PC. The phone specification says it has A2DP bluetooth profile.

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question about kodak easy share

When I am putting my photo's into the easy share picture frame, the writing down on that bottom of each picture is showing. Can I erase them?

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Can usb ports share a ground?

Im converting an old printer (25 pin) switchbox into a switchbox that will be used for my monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse and two computers. The problem is that the monitor has 15 pins, the speaker has 3 pins, and the two usb ports have 4 pins each meaning that I would need 26 pins rather that 25. I could just solder the left and right speaker pins together and make those two 1 pin, but i would rather not have to do that. My question is can two usb ports share a ground pin, meaning that it would only need 7 pins rather than 8.

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How to share a printer in Ubuntu 10.10? Answered

I have a printer hooked up to a computer running the latest Ubuntu version. This computer is wired to a Belkin Wireless router. If I connect a Windows Vista laptop directly to the Belkin router I could "see" it on the Ubuntu machine as part of the network but, I can not see the other computers on my home network that connect wirelessly. Any ideas? Thank you very much in advance!

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Can a Mac and a PC share the same network?

The network is two PCs and a Mac sharing the same broadband modem.

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Enter the Snap, Style & Share Photo Competition

Hey there. I'm the community manager for Pixlr. Wanted to tell you about a contest that might interest you.  We recently launched a contest that celebrates not just taking photos — but editing them, too. It’s a contest that’s perfect for students, but just about anyone between the ages of 13 and 24 can enter. We’ll be giving away some great prizes like an iPad, an iPad mini, and an Olloclip iPhone lens (among many others). The contest is called Snap, Style & Share, and that’s about all you have to do to enter: Snap a photo with your smartphone or camera. Style it in Pixlr Express to improve and enhance it. Share the before and after photos on the contest site — and anywhere and everywhere else that you think will give you a leg up on the competition. Everyone will vote for their favorite photos, with a panel of judges choosing the ultimate winners from a big batch of popular finalists. We’ll be tracking (and showing off) some of the top photos here on the Pixlr blog in the coming weeks, as well as some of the more interesting ones that catch our eye. Whether you’re a serious student of design, someone who loves exercising their creativity, or just someone with some great photos sitting on their phone from summer vacation, this is a fun and easy contest to enter. So, enter now!

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2 computer sharing a single USB barcodce scanner?

Hi all,     Has anyone know how to share the USB barcode scanner with 2 computer?

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Can Internet be shared over a Usb ethernet adapter? Answered

Can Internet be shared over a Usb ethernet adapter? I got 'Enter E-100 U' Usb ethernet adaper which I bought wen my network card of my pc had some problems, but now it is repaired n nw I dnt need it. I hv another laptop, which dsnt hv internet connectn, but my PC does. Is ther any way by which Internt connectn from my pc cn be shared over usb-ethernet adaptr to my laptop. Specific Details: My PC has Internt connectn thru a ethernt port only.

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how to share internet from ur laptop to a samsung tv?

Ok i just bought a samsung LN52B750 52" 1080p LCD HDTV like 4 month ago and i am wondering if i can some how share internet from my wireless vista laptop to my tv just wondering if this is even posible and the only way this tv is able to u internet is with an Ethernet cable by the way my tv is way far from my router so i cant just plug my tv to the router.

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Video hosting

There is a new website for video sharing. It has a DIY / How-to catagory and has contests for videos uploaded.It is at It is just starting and it looks like it might be easy to win the contests, since the traffic is kind of low right now.just a suggestion,abram

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Im leaving.  dysprosium will be finished, but not shared. oh well. bye.

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can you share me how to make a robot using small and electronic objects which are useless?

Can you tell me how to make an automatic machine or a robot using 'useless electronis objects',,like TV,Radio,watches etc..

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rar remotely located folder using command line

Hi all i  am trying to rar file located on location \\Hqstffvs1\Common\Company Share\WWE Shop-eCommerce_Data Files_Archive\TJG\Archive   into \\Hqstffvs1\Common\Company Share\WWE Shop-eCommerce_Data Files_Archive\TJG\Archive\c.rar but when i try runining winrar \\Hqstffvs1\Common\Company Share\WWE Shop-eCommerce_Data Files_Archive\TJG\Archive\c.rar \\Hqstffvs1\Common\Company Share\WWE Shop-eCommerce_Data Files_Archive\TJG\Archive than it give error some unc name erro PLease guide me where i am doing wrong ? as much i know i think it is not able to access the remotly located folder Please help .. thanks Chhaya

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Is there such thing as tethering my Mac's internet connection so I can share it with a PC?

I have a MacBook that I purchased in 2007 and I also had a PC lying around. The PC does not have a network card and can not (for some reason) recognize the router when I plug in an ethernet cord. I was wondering if the connection that my Macbook has can be shared with a PC. Any suggestions?

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Pinterest image rotated, bug?

Anyone having issues with images rotating when they try to share in Pinterest? When I try to share, some of mine have their images rotated 90 degrees. Attached a screen shot. Anyone know a solution to this? I emailed support to see if they have some suggestions.

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Solar Energy

If you have any idea about solar cooker than share with ME... 

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New Science Forum

For anyone interested, I'm trying to start up a homebrew science site. It could use some more members :Phttp://homebrewscience.comEventually, you'll be able to participate in member projects, write articles (and have them peer-reviewed), and share photos and video.

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Mountain & Outdoor Photography

Photography is a passion of ours! We enjoy sharing our moments we capture in the field with people who enjoy photography.   Below are a few links of our work, as well as the settings used to capture this photo. We hope you enjoy, share and comment.   500px Facebook

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Post your cool desktop wallpapers

Place your desktop wallpapers here to share and use.

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Can someone share with me a schematic to multiply a dc source? That produces, obviously a higher, output. Answered

I have a bug zapping raquet and i would like to increase the voltage to create bigger spark gaps. Portability is key. Output in AC or DC doesnt matter to me, but I guess AC would get better arcs.

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What do you think about sharing craft tutorials online compared to learning in a classroom?

Hi can you please complete this questionnaire for my dissertation? It would be a massive help, the subject is about online how to's in terms of craft and the social community and whether or not people prefer this to learning in a classroom. If you could fill out the questionnaire or leave a comment below with your thoughts, that would be amazing. The questionnaire is anonomous! Also I am designing a dressing table so ladies, if you could complete this short one too that would be amazing! Thankyou for your time =)

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I can't use my iPad to move and resize the remarks on a picture when I share an instructable!. Help! Answered

I usually use a PC to share, but it doesn't have a camera, so I must use a camera and import, so it is busy. I want to use my iPad but I can't use it for resizing and moving the remarks on each of the picture! Help!

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How to share my Cable Broadband internet connection with my Phones through USB-wifi-router?

I use internet in my PC which is a Cable Broadband Connection, and I have a USB wifi router of TP Link. I have created my PC a wifi Hotspot by installing that wifi router, and Phones are getting connected with it. But, phones are unable to use internet that I am using in this PC. Is it because, I am having 2 different connection or, network system? if it is, how can I share my cable broadband internet with my phones? FYI, I am operating an iPhone and a Android. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.

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Flourescent Tube Driver?

So, I'm working on a coilgun, and I don't want to use camera flash circuits to charge the capacitors. Anyway, I've recently come across this, and was wondering if anyone knew what voltage it put out, and current, and stuff like that. Also, if anyone knows an alternate way of charging capacitors to a voltage of 100v - 400v, please share (after all, sharing is caring). Ciao.

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Lets discuss our project interest here

Hello everyone, share your thoughts & ideas here..

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induction heater?

I am looking for plans or instruction on building an induction heater for experiments I can share with my kids.

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NE555+LED Contest (inofficial)

Hey Electronic Nerds! I added a small contest to my contribution for the Instructables Advent Calendar 2011. Go for it and make your own NE555+LED-Circuit OR an LED-circuit with other components. Share your circuit in the comments of the I'ble to win a 1-year Pro-Membership. Only restriction: It has to fit on a mini breadboard, so it fits into the altoids tin. Have fun and share your ideas! Mischka

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Remote controlled concrete trowel machine

Hello I do not know how to build this type of machine. I was hoping someone in this forum would be able to build one and share it with this community. I do not know if the machine is under a patent or not. If it is under a ptent perhaps certain aspects of it are not.The company that was building these was called Tibroc in USA. But they are no longer around. Anyway if someone can help me out and build one and share it so that I can build one that would be great.

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Raspberry Pi

Hey everybody!  Do you like pi?  More specifically, Raspberry Pi? Well I made this to you can get help, share ideas, and chat about it! 

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You know when you are signed up on a site and getting friends to visit it gets you points to download stuff?

I'm registered on, an official site promoting the upcoming fighting game for PS3 and 360, Tekken 6. Every week the site pits two characters against each other and in order to vote for one, you need to share a video trailer link with your friends. Whether it be through IM or myspace, anything will work as long as they click it. Every different friend who clicks your link counts as a point towards your account. Get enough "shares" and you'll be able to download exclusive wallpaper, character PDFs, etc. So i was wondering how these sites work, if there are ways to boost or speed up the process of getting "clicks". Any help would be great.

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Can Anyone help me to buy a system on chip solution for tablets? what is the best performing and affordable solution?

How much those system on chip solutions cost? how can we get it and test it? any help topics or references can be shared please. I am looking forward to develop a low cost embedded system for my own application developments. Please share me some details

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Where are the lesson projects In the Electronics class?

In the Electronics class, it says there is a project at the end of each lesson. Where are they? All i see is a box to share pictures of my finished project?

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i'm searching some high sensitive metal like mercury if you know some other please share ?

I'm searching some material in which a very heat can flow with out destroy  the metal

Question by maheshs3   |  last reply Cool new site to showcase your computer!

I found this cool new site. It is sorta social networking site where people share their computers and share and discuss ideas. I normally don't like social networking sites but this one seems pretty good. They just got up on their feet so I thought I would help them out by spreading the word on them. So give a try. Here is my profile page;=YT95HtuskvE%3d

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Can I put my hard disk directly onto my network without sharing it trough a pc? Answered

Is there a way to put an external hard disk directly on my network? My HD only has a usb port so... can I cut off a piece of usb and ethernet cable, and fix the ethernet cable to the usb and just plug it into my router? I know there are special routers and stuff for it but I just don't want to spend money on a new one :p the one I have right now costed me 200 euros those days and I'm not yet ready to dump that one :) Thank you :)

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My new Symet (BEAMbot)

Hi everybody.Just wanted to share a video of my second Symet BEAMbot.Here it is: Hope you like it.**********UPDATE************Watch his new talent: _lowercase

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Get Some Linux in your life

Windows Vista Is Terrible! But Linux can as cool/cooler than XP if you know how to use it! Share the knowledge!

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