Design of site?

Hi people. Could you say ma something about site design?

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Help with the site

I posted this in the Help section but no one responded. I can see the smaller icon sized photos that indicate which images are to appear in the instructable but when I hit the next step, there are no images at all. I checked my browser and can't see any problem on my end. Any suggestions?

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Nice Changes to the Site!

I really like the new layout, with the different drop down menus, and the tabs. It looks really good. Anyway, just my 2 cents, nice job Instructables team.

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Instructables ripoff site?

Just ran across a strange site that appears to be ripping the content from Instructables. See, for example, Is this something Instructables is working on? If not, then our articles here may be penalized for being "duplicate content." Just wondering. Thanks

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Referral/GTP sites

Before anyone freaks out and starts screaming SPAM (lol) I am not posting links to my account on a referral site. To be honest I find it extremely annoying when people do. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with referral/GTP (get paid to) site.  Basically they pay you to complete surveys and basically buy your personal information, and you earn more money for getting other people to join under you. I started using one called FusionCash and got through a few offers by using bs information. Then I realized that they have a minimum payout of 25$ (they wont send you a check or paypal until you have 25$ in your account on their site), 15$ of which must be from completing "offers", on top of this your account on their website resets itself every 90 day (should have read the fine print, lol) I found this system kinda fishy and utterly ridiculous. Then I started looking into other sites. I found CashLagoon which has no minimum payout and works through paypal as well as check (win!). The other site I found was CashCrate which pays you by check in mail but has a minimum payout of 10$. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations about which sites to use and if there are any legitimate ones that are worth my time. (DON'T POST REFERRALS) ;-) Dan

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I think they should add a fb login thing on the popup login box as you have to scroll to the top again every time an it gets so annoying. who agrees?

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Is a good site?

I was just wondering if anyone here has ordered from before. I read many reviews and some said it was horrible while others said it was great. I already made a small order of almost $20, will it come or not because some people said their stuff didn't even come. Please just tell me what you think of it, thanks for your help!

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Why i see a ERROR ?

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how do I unsuscribe? Answered

I would like to unsubscribe

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Code for website

Which programming language is good for making websites like ?? Please suggest me.

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Putting my instructable on my site?

I want to be able to put my instructable on my website. It would be nice if I could have all the fancy image notes too. As my instructable really is missing a lot with out them. If have tried a whole bunch of ways. Anyone have any ideas?

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How do I change my password on this site? Answered

The "Normal" links do not work! I keep getting "Done" "Error on page" at the bottom of my browser! My PDA was stolen with all of my personal information on it and I need to change my password "Like Yesterday"! I can not fimd an Instructables site "Contact us" link like most sites have!

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How can I browse all the instructables faster? Answered

I am new to this site, (this is my first post on any forum, ever) I want to look at all the instructables but being on dial-up waiting for each page of thumb-nails to load then selecting pages at bottom. I can only go as far as three pages. Each session I have to work my way, three at a time, untill I get to the pages I have not seen. Any help? Thank you in advance. This is the best site I have ever seen. And YES I voted. (repeatably) I am selecting Tech as my category because I do not see a category for Administrative stuff.

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Keep getting an impolite page?

Every time I go to view an Instructable, a page displays saying "that was impolite" and I can only go to the home page. Why? 

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What's up with the favorites button?

How come the favorites button doesn't work?? There are a LOT of messages about the favorites button NOT working, but no one has come up with a solution. Is there one?

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How do you copy and paste? Answered

I have had people telling me that there is something wrong with my computer. That is not an answer! Every other site with text entry works fine!.... You might be using some kind of 3rd party.. 1737 lines of HTML for the ask a questions page. I don't know if this is a lot but seems like it. 2000 for an average instructible about 2000 for each editor page. I guess that's pretty good, but then again there is only a title bar, bottom bar, and a couple of text entry boxes. All the rest is just functions and stuff I am not going to read through, and it doesn't look like my computer wants to read through it all either.

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instructables facebook account integration?

Hi folks! I have this account long before the facebook integration. Problem is that at somepoint, I created a second one with my integrated with my facebook account. Is there anyway I can merge both or at least delet the other one and integrate this one with facebook?

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The Best Suggestion I can Make

The biggest thing that bugs me about the Instructables site occurs to me every. single. time. I visit.  I can't be the only one. This can't be the first time this has been mentioned --- can it? I know how to "fix" it, too, and I have done that on my end.  But still. It seems I ALWAYS have to hit that "View All Steps" button.  EVERY.  SINGLE. TIME. Yeah, I know I can login and change my settings. I did, and I do.  But the login cookie is set too short so it doesn't stick for long.  So I come, back from an email, and AGAIN- I have to go through the first step(s), HIT THAT G*#$&MN; "View All Steps" button, GO  BACK THROUGH THE FIRST STEPS ALL OVER AGAIN AND TRY AND PICK UP WHERE I LEFT OFF.   Arguh. There's this nifty thing called AJAX where you can have more steps loaded when you hit the bottom.  It's a bandwidth saver, but not a complete PITA for the user. All the good sites are doing it. And one is not.  This would be you. Fix this, please.  Your traffic and conversions will increase.  I've hated this issue for long before I became a web designer. Thank you, Instructables!

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how do i continue from ible to ible after i check out an ible? is there a 'next' button im not seeing? Answered

Is there a way to go to next ible in a category from the screen where i just viewed an ible? if i have to click 'next page' fifteen times, ima goan lose my mind up in here...

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How do you publish changes to already published instructable?

I noticed a few spelling errors that I wanted to correct.I brought up ible, clicked edit - made the appropriate changesclicked on save - then clicked full preview - everything looks great....I log back in, click on my profile pic, click on instructablesmy current instructables showI click on the one I just edited - and the edits don't show - I click on edit and they are there.Is there something else I'm supposed to do???

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Feature Requests: Instructables Editor

Insert TablesCan we have an easy way to insert tables in an Instructable? It's a really arduous task to use the HTML editor to display information in a tabular form.Some use cases for tables: Parts & Material List - includes Part specifications, type, quantity, link, etc Electronic Connections - E.g: If an Arduino is connected to a sensor. The Arduino pins are in one column while the sensor pins are in another column. Explaining Code Snippets (see attached image)Embed GitHub Repository Maintaining code is made easy with services like GitHub especially if you want to make updates or bug fixes. You may have come across an Instructable wherein the code no longer works since it was based on outdated libraries & dependencies. It also encourages users to collaborate thereby keeping the code updated. You can also store electronic schematics, 3D printing files, laser cutting files, etc. Code SnippetsI know its currently possible to highlight code within an Instructable. Example:digitalWrite(led,HIGH); In the above case, the entire line is a code snippet.But what if my intention was to explain the function 'digitalWrite()' and instead only want to highlight the word 'digitalWrite()'.This is how it will look in the current editor:If the pin is configured as an INPUT, digitalWrite() will enable (HIGH) or disable (LOW) the internal pullup on the input pin.Just my 2 Rupees.#Feedback

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good rick roll sites ?

Question by tailsfan09   |  last reply

what are the newest proxy sites?


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what has happened to the site?

The site is no longer easy to use for simple ques. Where do you enter your search?

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Are the "free" laptop sites legit? Answered

 I have a compaq 610 but it belongs to the online school I am attending and I hate my families Vista desktop and I love the Compaq 610 but I dont any cash at all to buy one from comp USA or best buy.

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Photo sharing (site suggestion)

I did a quick forum search, but didn't find anything that really fit my idea, but I've seen a lot of really cool things on instructables, followed some step by step or took the idea and customized a few steps or two, but wouldn't it be nice to have a section to share your own photos of the projects you've started by way of inspiration of an instructable (like Think Geek's "customer action shots")? Show what people have done with an instructable, how they modified/improved upon/or spectacularly failed (but got a great photo!) following an instructable.So call this a site suggestion: a column on each instructable possibly parallel to the comments where people can post their results. Especially with the many great creative minds here.

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Is there a way to get back to the page you were on before the instructable, without arrowing back through all the steps? Answered

Love, love, LOVE this site, but hate trying to navigate back to where I started after looking at an instructable.  The bacon contest, f'rinstance.  Do I REALLY have to back-arrow through all the steps I just looked at, or am I missing some better way?

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Sorting My Favorites

Hi, long time viewer of this site, first time poster in this forum, I was wondering if anybody knew whether there was a way so I could create different files/boards centered around different ideas, so stuff about building musical instruments can all be in one location, and so on and so forth, sparing me the trouble of having to scroll all the way through my favorites just to see what all is there. Someone want to help me out?

Question by jlynn31 

Recent Feed Page

We have heard your feedback loud and clear, and we will be bringing back an easy way to see all recently published instructables. This requires some dev time because we changed things under the hood and need to do a little work to re-create this page. We hope to have it back shortly.We appreciate your patience as we continue refining the site after this release.Update:The recent feed has been released and can be found at this link: can also find a link to it on your feed page.

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Instructables - New vs Update Existing Answered

I have a couple of projects I've posted that I've made substantial changes to that I'd like to share. What is your stance on posting these changes as a new instructable vs updating the existing one?

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Feature page

So after the website's layout has changed the feature page disappeared. I can't even access it from . Is it gone forever? It was the best way to follow all new instructables posted here and I've been accessing it for years.

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Home Page Images

The images for "Explore Projects" on the home page never seem to change. Repeat viewers could be excused for thinking that nothing has changed on Instructables between visits.How hard would it be to update the images on a daily basis ... using perhaps a random function?PS: This post is likely to be missed by viewers in other "Categories" and "Channels" as the posting options are too restrictive.

Topic by lingib 

Cannot get recent instructables on all subjects

I used to like looking at what people had done, whatever the topic, but the last couple of weeks it has not been available, the bookmark that used to do it for me just delivers a 404 error. Can this be brought back? I don't want to just browse one subject area.

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Why don't old /community/* urls redirect to new /topics/* urls????

All of the older links to a topics on Instructables link to urls, but a while ago (I'm not sure exactly when) all the /community/* pages were moved to /topics/*. Clicking the old /community links returns a 404 error, which is annoying because then I have to manually replace the "community" with "topics" in the url. So my question is, why can't all the /community/*/ pages redirect to their respective /topics/*/ pages?

Topic by scitronboy 

"I made it" broken? (can't leave comment, either)

I tried using the "I made it" button on an instructable, and it keeps erroring out with "Oops, something went wrong!". Same keeps happening with trying to comment on the instructable as well. I tried with Chrome and Edge. I also tried commenting on a different instructable, with the same result....These are the instructables I tried: (I made it, and comment, with and without photo attached) (just tried to comment)

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Induction Heating large scale

I am working on a project and have a large tank full of product kind of a greasy substance trying to heat up to temp of 180 degrees. the tank currently has a 4 inch pipe running inside wall all around tank for heat transference.. At this location a boiler is not a option at this time . I was curious if anyone ha s ever attempted a large induction heater build one that would encase a 4 inch pipe and heat liquid inside so thermal transfer would heat our product. Sorry for not including all details at this time i just curious if large induction heat was possible or efficient ?Thanks,

Question by andy1917 

Website-BUG: Login-Cookie-Handling over multiple PCs with feed

I had this problem in the past sporadically but never saw a pattern till recently:I come to, i am already logged in and click on "feed" at the top. After a while an error pops up telling me a Rerouting-error happened. (Umleitungsfehler in German). I noticed, this always happens after the following action-pattern: - I visit and log in on computer A and i DONT log out there but only close the browse. - I visit on computer B. I am seemingly already signed in from the last visit here on Computer B at - If i now click feed (On Computer B), the error happens. - If i logout and log back in on Computer B, the error is gone on this computer B, even over Firefox-restarts As far as i undestand, as soon as i log in on computer A, a new login-cookie is created on Computer A and the cookie on Computer B will no longer be valid next time. Now, if i come to instructables with computer B, the cookie somehow still is interpreted valid and logs me in (I appear to be logged in with my avatar visible at the top right). However, if i want to go to my feed, it seems Instructables checks again the cookie and figures out that i have a no longer valid login-cookie on this Computer B due to my login on Computer A and refuses to redirect me to my feed. This gets sorted with Re-Log on Computer B, creating a NEW login-cookie on Computer B and all is well again on Computer B. Now i can play the same game on Computer A with re-log. :) I hope, this error-report helps you guys in pinpointing and fixing an issue with a Login-bug as it seems And Why to hell do i have to define in which channel this belongs and you dont have a channel "website of Instructables"?!? I hope this is not lost in "Circuits" - "Software" which was the closest i could find to a website-problem... Geez...

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Question Re: Membership status

Hi does anyone know where to find out how many months membership I have left?I looked in various parts of the Web site but I cant seem to find it.I tried to download an Instructable today but the download button did nothing .I wonder if my membership and run out (although I would expect it to tell me !).Thanks in advanceSamBTW , it could just be a bug with the Instructable web site. Another issue is that I cant post a general question without choosing a Category or Channel which don't have a 'General Instructables Web Site' topic

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new instructables layout

Is this what it's going to be? it has changes since i first saw it years ago.

Question by The nerdling   |  last reply

What happened to the HTML Editor?

I used to be able to create tables using the HTML editor, but I can't seem to find it anymore.

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I can't comment!!

Whenever I try to post a comment it says that "Oops, something went wrong!" Please reply how to fix it

Topic by Hassan Nasser   |  last reply

Pinterest image rotated, bug?

Anyone having issues with images rotating when they try to share in Pinterest? When I try to share, some of mine have their images rotated 90 degrees. Attached a screen shot. Anyone know a solution to this? I emailed support to see if they have some suggestions.

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anyone need/want a free website?

For my final in web design I have to make someone a website so if you need/want one post your ideas for one only requirements are: it can't be a blog, and i need to have 3-5 pages with a good amount of info. and thats about it.

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I am a pro member but I still can't see all instructions on one page. Can someone tell me why?

I have clicked on to see all steps on one page but it keeps telling me to become a pro member to view all steps on one page.

Question by ningas 

Is there a way to replace or remove the step number at the beginning of each step?

If i'm doing a compilation of sorts, and want the step number to not be displayed, how do i do it?For example, "Step 1: things you will need" doesn't sound right, so if i wanted to make it just"Things you will need" how do i do it?

Question by Chinmaya Shyamaraj