SLA Battery Charging? Answered

Quick question about charging SLA Batteries, I haven't really dealt with battery charging too much in the past.  I have two 12v 5Ah SLA batteries, in series, and I have built an under/over voltage protection circuit for each of them, but while charging I noticed that testing voltages across each battery, they are different, however, as soon as I remove the charger and test them as is, they have the exact same voltage (+/-0.05 volts, they are very close).  Is this just because the charger is hooked up, or should I be worried at all about that? I am charging them to 14.75 volts each, or would like to, they say they should be charged to 14.5 to 15v right on the front of them.  While charging they both climb, but one climbs faster and stops once the voltmeter reads 15.2v across it.  0.2v over the rated value really doesn't seem to be of major concern, I just find it odd the different voltmeter readings across the batteries are different while the charger is connected and identical when its not.  Does it have something to do with charging them in series?  I did read that you really can't measure batteries while charging, you have to disconnect the charger first, but any insight would be appreciated.

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Charging SLAs from DC

Hi Instructables community! I am building a K9 robot - one that is going to be covered in solar cells-in such a way that I get a voltage / current ratio of a pretty high number. I plan to charge my SLA partially via these cells so I can lengthen the space between charges. Unfortunately, my 6V 4.5Ah SLA battery is charged via a plugin adapter and I do not wish to pull it apart unless there is no other choice - so is there are a way I can charge my battery from a constant DC voltage? If so, do any of you know what voltage/currents I'd need to feed it? I can get most any current/voltage specs via transistors and voltage boosters - just I don't know the equation. Thanks for all your help! Jonathan Davis NitroJon Labs

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How come there is no SLA charger circuit on instructables? Answered

Are there any simple SLA solar or  stepper Wind mill charger controllers here, can someone draw one? I have auto relays and rectifiers and want to use a giant stepper and a 30-40w solar panel and poll the power and charge a 10amp SLA.. what is a simple circuit with cuts the charge with 14.5 and starts it with 11v ... I have one but it's old and I can't identify the components.. can someone make this more understandable?

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What does it mean that the battery I have is rated to discharge at a 20 amp/hour rate ? Answered

I have a 12 volt 5 amp/hour sla battery.  It says it is rated at a "20 hour discharge rate".. What does that mean.  I think that means it is the shortest amount of time the battery could be discharged before damaging the battery.  Is that right ?

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This Stepper produces how much miliamp/amp? Answered

6 wires so it's 3 phases after I rectify with 3 briges and a 10 x 8500 mf 65v caps and regulate with power zeners, how much current will I get, can I trickle charge an 10amp sla? Stepper is 2.5" x 3 cube SANYO DENKI TYPE  103H7123-0642 DC 2.5A 1.8 DEG 2.5v-6v each coil I get

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Overfilled SLA (lead acid) help!

What should i do its just leaking gas (I assume its hydrogen) should i keep chargeing till this stops or what? thanks for helping

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Simple question, about sla battery's.

Hello I'll jump right in I have 4 12v 15ah battery's in series (48v) going to a controller. i want to add another 12v 15ah battery to bring it to 60v 15ah but I want to be able to switch from 48v too 60v via a press switch. basically I am building a Boost button for my bike, increase voltage increase speed etc  could one of you kind people help me iv got an idea about how it would work but I was hoping someone here with the know how could clarify,  :)  Thanks.  

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How to connect Arduino and Raspberry Pi together with one SLA 6V 4A battery.

I am planing to use step up dc to dc voltage regulator for both of them. Can i simply connect the regulators polar to SLA battery's + and - ? At the same time, SLA battery is charged by solar power which controlled by arduino.

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why does the battery measure 19v when I use a laptop brick to charge via circuit instead of 17v? Answered

Reason for my question,   my jump starter circuit board  which i think it takes 17v but I am using a 19v laptop PSu to power it, with a 12v sla but when I check the battery voltage it is showing 19+ volts, why didn't the charger circuit lowered the voltage and regulate to 13.7 or 14v? reading 19+ probably not good for the test SLA ? can i use multiple diodes in series  to lover my input 19v to exactly 17v dc will this make this charger circuit work properly, I have tested two different brand same reading. what gives? thanks Al

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How do I use a relay in a charging circuit? Answered

I am trying to make a charging circuit where the power switches to a secondary load once 14.8 volts is reached.  This is to charge 5 amp hour SLA battery.  Someone told me to use relays but I am not sure how to do it.  Do I need a relay that switches at exactly 14.9 volts?

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Perfect battery?, deep cycle, SLA, help!?

Hello, I am one of a group of people that has designed a mobile ice cream cart. We are currently using 6 of those 7.2 sla batteries. They are set up as a 24v system. But its not good. They are hard to charge. And have begun to swell. We want two smallish deep cycle batteries, set on two battery chargers. Does anyone know a good place to purchase such batteries? Say, 25 or 30 A/hr. Are there batteries for trolling motors? How much should we expect to pay? There are also larger SLA batteries, but I just don't think they are meant to be drains so deeply. (we play this thing for 12 hrs at a time) Thanks in advance! Tor

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Home-made UPS? Answered

I recently acquired a very large 12V SLA battery and want to make a UPS for my computer. I think I have the basic idea, but I'm not entirely sure how I would go about this. I'm guessing I could use a relay to switch from the mains to battery, but then I would need a very large capacitor to run the equipment for a few milliseconds whilst it switches. I would need a separate transformer and regulator for the relay, and also an inverter for the battery, which I will probably buy as it looks like it would be too hard to make. Is this the right approach to it?

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Would it be ok to run 2 12v 4A SLAs in parallel to give 8A and connect in series with a 12v 8ASLA for 24v 8A?

I'm building an electric go-kart from a bustup mobility scooter and the problem is this. I don't have cash around to buy batteries but do have 2 x 12v SLA @ 4A and 1 12v SLA @ 8A. Would wireing them in the diagram below work OK. Part of me is saying I missing something. The reason I need 24v above 4A is to power the S-Drive controller & 24v Motor. I'm not sure of the the motor ratings as the label is damaged and can only make out 24v Brushed. I'm also using the S-Drive as I have 3 of them lying around, they're programable and can also handle upto 45A. Any advice would be greatly apreaciated as my son is excited about the project as at the moment its just a battery issue.

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Do you always need a buckpuck for high powered LEDs? Answered

I want to power a Cree MC-E LED with a 12 volt 5 amp/h SLA battery.  Most of the time you have to use a buckpuck (an LED Driver).  Do you always have to use a buckpuck?  If I have a 12 volt battery and a 12 volt LED like the CREE MC-E, then I don't need a driver, right? Thanks Jacob

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Solar Boombox Upgrade

Ok so im looking to upgrade my DIY portable boombox for the 2nd time and one of the things i want to add is a solar panel to supplement the battery power from my 12v 7ah sla battery, that by itself will currently run the thing for about 3hrs at full blast. The new version will have Directed CSX-650 component speakers: (bottom of this page) and the amp will be one of these:;=43 , so what id like to know is what tech spec should i be looking for in a solar panel that would be capable of charging the battery while the boombox is not in use and will supplement the battery power to extend the run time while it is in use? Also will i need some kind of circuit/component to prevent overcharge of the battery? Oh and is there some kind of simple light/gauge i can wire in to show the charge level of the battery?

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arduino Clones?

Are they really as good as arduino's?

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How to make a charger for a 4 volt 4.5 ah sla battery? Answered

I have a 4 volt 4.5 ah sealed lead acid battery out of a cordless phone battery backup thing and I have no way to charge it. Does anyone know how to make a charger for it or even at what voltage and amps to charge it at? Thanks.

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which generator circuit is better/costs less to charge an SLA?? Answered

Which generator circuit is better/costs less to charge an SLA?? please see the three circuits below and vote but if you think you can improve one of them please email me , I will post it and do the leg work.  I am about to retire and my purpose is to at least not pay for the reading lights.. cherrs Thanks for your input Al

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How to charge a series parallel array?

Hi, we are building an ice cream cart with a 36v sound system and a 12v led dance floor. We desire to do a series-parallel with six 7.2Ah SLA batteries, for the 36v amplifier. And run two 7.2Ah SLA batteries in parallel for the lights.  I would love to brainstorm on how I can charge all these sla batteries. Can people help? We already own a cheap car charger 2 and 6 amp setting.  I am leaning toward throwing a switch or a few switches to go between 36 and 12 for the amps batteries. HELP!!! Thanks, Tor

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What fuse to use or breaker for a 12 volt 5 amp/hour sla battery? Answered

What size fuse would I use for a 12 volt 5 amp/hour sla battery.  Better yet, are there breakers for same battery.  I am wiring an electrical system for a bike.  As the complexity increases I accidently short the battery more often.  

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can I poll the energy from my 25w solar and 12v windgen with a circuit to charge a SLA??

Building a wingen will put out like 125ma and I have a PV panel puts out like 250ma can I combine the two and charge my 12v sla simultaneously? I know Ebay has dual PV  and Wind charge controller but any other circuit to do this ?

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Can I charge a 6v SLA battery with a small voltage-regulation circuit based on the LM350 and a 12v SLA?

I know that Lead Acids are pretty tough cookies in the battery world as far as over-voltage and charging goes, but since I lack an electronic engineering education, I would like to make sure I don't blow H2SO4 everywhere.  I would be monitoring the charging to see when the current drops to the low mA's, and would not have the battery on a constant trickle charge for very long.  I just need the cheapest way possible to charge the battery  >.<  any other recommendations would be appreciated! I had been borrowing a bench supply, but had to return it and now have nothing.  *forever alone*

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I am switching from SLA to NiCad on my e bike. I have a 48v controller, what options do I have? Thanks for having me!

Do I have to have exactly 48v of batts or can I use maybe 2 18v nicads? I was a music major, so when you guys and gals start using formulas to come up with amps, voltage. horsepower it blows me away.  Any information on where I could learn the basics would be appreciated.

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Problem constructing a solar powered waterfall, please help? Answered

Hello, I have constructed a waterfall in my garden. It consists of a small dc pump which consumes 0.35a at 12v and a bigger pump which consumes 0.87a at 12v and a 5050smd led strip encased in a tube to make it waterproof, which consumes 3.7a at 12v totally 4.9a at 12v. I have a solar panel with 12v 30w and a solar charge controller with 12v 6 a capacity and a sla battery 2v 7ah capacity. I calculated a runtime of 1.4 hours when all three devices are connected together. But they last for only 30 seconds and then the charge controlled shuts them down with low battery indicator. I don't know what went wrong, can someone please help?

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Charging multiple 12v batteries

I have eight 12v 18Ah SLA batteries that I need to wire to get 48v. I need to be able to charge them all at once, but can't find a 48v charger anywhere. Is there a way I can wire a 12v charger to parallel charge the batteries while they're wired in series?

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Does a 600w invertor draws more current even w/out using full capacity? Answered

IS it better to buy a lower Watt version if we are not going to use full capacity to conserve battery? SLA 7amp, 600w 110v inverter with a 9w light load = operation time? is it better to charge a netbook with a cigarette adapter say 9v VS an inverter and Netbooks Brick?

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Coleman car Jumpstarter charger wallmart voltage ? Answered

I have the circuit out of one of these , I see that it can charge a 12v 7.5 amp sla, what is the voltage of ne of these that wallmart connects to the charging circuit model PMJ8160 Coleman thanks, if no reply I will try a 12v 500 ma wallmart as this curcuit has a lm324n which boosts voltage to i think 13.5 etc. thanks all.

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What buckpuck should I use with a 12 volt 5 amp/hour SLA battery with a Cree MC-E LED? Answered

First:  The Cree MC-E LED is rated at 350 milliamps but has a max voltage of 700 milliamps.  Does that mean I should get a 350 or 700 milliamp driver.   Two:  On ledsupply there are wired buckpucks with external dimming and potentiometers.  What is the difference between external dimming and what a potentiometer would do (lower the voltage and so dim the light)? Three:  On Deal Extreme it says driving voltage/current is 3.2V~3.5V, 350mA~700mA.  On ledsupply it says "12.8Vf - Typ. Forward Voltage @ 350mA and 13.6Vf - Typ. Forward Voltage @ 700mA?  What is the difference between driving and forward voltage/current?  What voltage and current comes out of the buckpuck? I am trying to make a bike light.  Thanks for the input -jacob

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How do I charge two marine cycle batteries at 24v? Answered

Hello, I've built a mobile stereo ice cream cart that I have posted here on instructables. We've been having a hard time with our SLA batteries. We have two 12v banks of three 7.2 sla batteries, run in series to make 24v. (six batteries total) We then use a car charger on trickle to charge the two banks separately. This is a pain, and the cells have been swelling. We desire a bit more battery life. (currently at about 6 hours) and simpler charging. My thought is two small marine cycle batteries (maybe 40 Amp/hrs each) and some sort of 24 volt charger. Would this work? Is there a better way to go?  Extra Points for Light, Cheap and Simple. Thanks so much! Tor BTW totally open to a battery lecture, or to get pointed to a good read. I feel like I need to get schooled.

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help on designing a 12v UPS? Answered

We have a problem with kids coming into our garden, vandalising our plants, breaking into our shed etc. we have decided that installing a cctv system in our home is a good idea as even if it doesn't stop them coming in, it will be solid evidence to take to their parents. problem is, we have regular power cuts and i would like the cctv to be recording 24/7/365 (especially in the shed because that is where our bikes get stored) i have two 12v 7ah SLA batteries that i am donating to the project, iknow that they need 13.8v and around 500ma to charge. i need 16 camera outputs, and then a couple of spare outputs for aux devices (router to keep it connected to the internet, mics, infra red lamps etc) the dvr its self wants 12v 5 amps input so i think for that i will make another psu just for that with maybe 2 or 3 12v 7ah sla batteries. i have baisic electronics knowledge, have access to pcb printing facilities and can use eagle. any help at all would be amazing, the main things i need to know is: how to get 13.8v from 240v ac, how to power all the cameras from 240v ac and have a smooth switchover from mains to battery. thanks in advance - luke

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battery with easy charging method? Answered

I am looking for the best way to implement a battery supply for my project. It needs to be able to fit in an enclosure measuring 5 x 2.5 x 2 inches. It needs to have a voltage in the range of 7 to 12 volts and have a fair amount of capacity. (maybe around 1500 - 5000 mAh?) The battery(s) also should be easy to charge, such as through a regulated voltage supply, with no complex control circuitry. It can be multiple batteries. I am mainly looking for the best type of battery here. (NiMH, SLA, Lithium, etc.) Any suggestions?

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Can you run loads off the battery at the same time you are charging?

I have a small wind turbine which I use to charge a 5 amphour sla battery.  I plan to charge it using an anyvolt micro set to 13.5 volts.  I don't have a charge controller.  For the present I plan to cut charger power manually.   If I am pumping 13.5 volts into the battery, then what happens to electronics designed to run on 12 volts if I run them in the circuit.  How do I charge the battery at 13.5v and run 12v devices off it at the same time?

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How could I charge two Sealed Lead-Acid batteries at the same time and power 2 differnet devices? Answered

Could somebody please help me? I cant find a way too charge 2 SLA's at the same time and run 2 seperate devices and make it so I can power one device one one battery and another device powered by the other battery. There some some writing on the battery casing  But I don't really understand but it reads: ______Constant Voltage Charge_______ I        Voltage Regulation                                I I           Cycle Use           14.4 - 14.7V            I I        Standby use           13 .15 - 13.8V        I I    Max charging current                  1.2A       I _________________________________ Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Is there an easy small portable circuit i can make that lights an LED when a voltage of BELOW 12v is put across it?

A while back i made some portable speakers using a 12V Solid Lead Acid battery and a small car amp with some speaker coned placed in a home-made MDF box. After doing a little mor research, i've read it's bad to discharge SLA batteries, especially deeply, so i was wondering if there was a small circuit i could build that will light an LED when the battery drops below a certain voltage? not necessarily automatically, it could be a seperate device that needs to be connected across the batteries terminals. As the speakers are portable, it owuld need to be kept in the bag with the speakers, and so be reasonably small. Thanks guys, any more info i can provide just ask! 

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Best way to wire four 12V LED light strips to a 24V power source? Answered

It's been over 20 years since I took an electronics class, so I'd be grateful if I could get some help with this.  I'm trying to figure out if four ready-made 12V LED light strips can be wired to work with a 24V power source (two 12V 8Ah SLA batteries wired in series) without damaging anything. I want to add lights to a bike party sound system I made from an Instructable (diagram below).  Can I just wire the LED strips in parallel and wire then just wire that in parallel with the mixer?  Or is there a more efficient/safer way of doing it? Here's a pic of the ready-made 12V LED (12 LEDs / Red / 115mm strip length)

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How can I Make this cable stay safeley in place?(PIC INCLUDED)

Aperently,Some Clever Employee/Engineer/Boss Thought "Hey,Why dont we Make thease batteries with cables just sticking out of the front!,No Connector,So that its uterly Useless!".Now,I ended up with 2 of thease Batteries,Lead acid,that don't have connectors,Instead,They just have Cables sticking out of where you would expect the connector to be at.You know,A picture is worth a million words,Said someone.If you don't get what i mean,Just look at the pictures,What i need to do,Is somehow Secure the Cables with some Tab Or something,To make it like a regular SLA...~ReCreateEdit:Darn,I is telling me a ERROR 400: no files! Error when i Try to upload Them.I Uploaded them in ImageshackPIC1 - have more Pictures,I will upload then in a few minutes

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how can i turn a 3 volt current into a 12 volt continuous current to keep a relay switch open? Answered

I am building an r/c tank as some may already know from previous questions, anyway my batteries came in and now i have gone to my local jarcar shop only to find out that the relays i require to run a 12 volt 9 amp current need 12 volts at 150ma to stay open! but the reciever from a toy rc truck can only supply 6 volts for which the motors run off and another 3 volts for which the servo runs off . so how can i amplifie this current into 12 volts continuous to keep the relay open? i know whats needed, the voltage will be doubled but the amphours will be cut in halfe or quarters or whatever the opposit of what is needed to make a 12 volt current. i need to know what it is i need and how to assemble it , i am good with most instructions and im presuming that this should be quite simple and similar to that of a solar powerd sla battery charger.

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Two batteries on one charger...request for advice.

Need some advice... I busk using a Fender Amp Can and a head set mic. The Fender amp can is a complete unit with speaker, amp, battery and charger (15v 400mha). The headset mic I run off a separate 12v SLA battery. I currently open up the Amp Can disconnect the internal battery, attach the external battery and charge it, then put the whole unit back together. I want to make an external terminal to connect the external battery for charging and this should be simple enough says I...hmmm...So I am canvassing for second opinions regarding possible problems and whether I should set the batteries in parallel or series? The Amp Can is an awesome little unit and Fender have stopped producing them so I don't want to do it any harm. I know I could just buy a separate charger for the battery but that would be more crap for me to carry and I don't have the $25  to spare just would also be lame... Thanks for listening, Luke Some specs on the Amp Can: DESIGNATION TYPE PR 327 PART NUMBER 022-1270-000  (100 V) 022-1200-000  (120 V) 022-1230-000  (240 V) Aust 022-1240-000  (230 V) UK 022-1260-000  (230 V) Euro POWER OUTPUT 14.5 W into 4 â�¦ @ 5%THD with fresh battery  INPUT IMPEDANCE > 1 Mâ�¦ both channels INPUT SENSITIVITY 500 µV@ 1 kHz - gain switch in GUITAR 20 mV @ 1 kHz - gain switch out INPUT SENSITIVITY 5.7 mV, 1 kHz MICROPHONE SPEAKER 4 â�¦, 30 W Special Design 6” speaker w/16 oz. magnet and paper coil former (P/N 050543) DIMENSIONS Height: 8.75 in  22.3 cm Width: 7.75 in 19.7 cm Depth: 6.75 in 17.2 cm WEIGHT 13 lbs 5.9 kg Amp Can™ is a trademark of FMIC. Fender ®, Tone-Master ® and Twin Reverb® are registered trademarks of FMIC. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Radio controlling a Mobility Scooter: Need help finding out what kind of ESC I need, and where to get one. Answered

I have a 48-inch long fiberglass "F250" style truck body.  I want to turn it into a rideable car, but ALSO an RC car!  I am using the remains of a 24 volt Mobility Scooter (rear suspension, motor, drivetrain, and differential axle, and part of the chassis) with slightly larger wheels and tires.  Steering will be actuated with a 12-volt motor and drive out of a car seat that had electric adjustments. I want to be able to set the original seat from the mobility scooter back into it's original place through a hole int he bed and sit on it and hold a WIRED controller in my hand to operate both speed AND steering.  I want also to be able to remove the seat, unplug the wires controller, turn on an RC receiver and transmitter, and drive the vehicle by remote.  I am NOT building an autonomous robot or anything hugely techie like that, just a sort-of cross between an RC car and a gocart.  It doesn't need to be any faster or more powerful than the original mobility scooter either, so all I really need is batteries and a motor controller..  Controlling the steering actuator will be done with some limit switches and relays simply, that's not-at-all a problem at this point.  I need a battery set (two garden-tractor batteries?  I don't think I can afford SLAs or anything high-tech right now...) and an ESC and honestly have no idea what I need or where to find it.  I do not know exactly what the amperage of the motor is, but I have a car-battery stress-tester as well as a multi-meter device and with someone's help I am sure I can figure out how to get an accurate measurement of current from the motor.  I would love for someone to help me out with this project!!?  If you have a business and it would benefit you, I WILL put your name ON the truck like a sponsor!!  i want to be able to take it to certain garden-tractor shows and maybe even run it in a local parade or two.  I want it to be seen.

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Brushed DC motor HP requirements for Longboard? Answered

So I have 2 brand new tilt/trim pump motors and thought about making a set of matching electric longboards since products like Boosted Boards seem to have become fairly popular.  I am not too sure whether the tilt/trim motor would be strong enough though, they are a decent size motor though.  But it got me thinking what size is required for an electric longboard? The main problem with the tilt/trim pump motors is that I can't find specs on them anywhere, just specs for tilt/trim pump assemblies they are off of, but nothing about the motor itself other then SAE J1171 Marine rating.  Because of this I thought of buying another DC motor to do the job.  (Picture of tilt/trim motor) The constraints for me is that I have a couple 12 - 24v 100A motor controllers already, for brushed motors only.  As well, I want to just pick up a couple cheap $40 12v, 24AH Sealed led-acid (SLA) batteries from the local Ace Hardware and run either a 12v or 24v motor.   Options on eBay for affordability purposes range from 12v, 24v, 90v and 180v dc, obviously 90v and 180v are out of the question.  Looking through the 12vdc and 24vdc motors, there are many fractional HP motors available.  I was looking at something like this;;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Running 1/4 HP at 24v, would 1/4HP be enough though?  I know electric motors HP ratings are lower then petrol engines, a 6.5HP petrol go kart runs about the same as an identical kart with a 1HP electric motor. If that isn't enough I am thinking a 2/3HP motor from Holley might be better?;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Wondering if someone has an idea for sizing.  I know lots of eBikes and Chinese electric mini bikes and things have 500W motors, so roughly 2/3HP, so I can't imagine I need more then that.  As well I don't want it to go too fast (fear of speed wobbles) but if anyone would have an idea of sizing that would be super helpful!

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Electrical wiring and charging system help? Answered

Im working on a electrical upgrade for a power wheel.  Im hoping someone can take a look at it and tell me if it looks ok, or if they see a problem with it. The mod keeps the 12V 12Ah system, but adds an additional 6V 1200Ah SLA Battery wired through a realy to allow a 18V boost when the Switch is triggered momentarily.  Ive also attempted to add the following features: -6V Battery meter for (NOS) Battery -12V Battery Meter -2 Remote fired Nerf Guns -2 Small front speakers with a 3.5mm jack and a usb portfor an MP3 Player -2 working switch activated headlights -2 working switch activated fog lights -2 working brake lights -18V nos Button for a momentary boost I have it drawn to use a 12V charger and a 6V charger, because the batteries will obviousely drain at different rates.  I only have a basic knowledge of how relays work.  My biggest concern is the chargers.  Will they charge the Vehicle the way they are, or do I need to add another relay so that when a charge is detected i t disconnects the "ignition".  Also if I have all of the voltages correct.  the regulator breakdowns are on the right along with the relay info.  Thank you for any help you can provide. EDIT: Added another drawing for some updated ideas. 3/11/13: I know that the DPDT coils are only getting 6V.  ignore the DPDT part number and specs.  i was able to find 6V DPDT relays. -Also added three supporting photos, charging, run mode, accessory mode.  (Black lines have no connection in supporting pics, except main ground, which is also black) - Had to redraw, the DPDT's I found could only handle 15A per contact, and im pretty sure the motors alone draw around 18A.  So back to lots of SPDT's 3/12/12: Heres a schematic for the main system stopping at the terminal board.  im not worried about the lights and accessories, those i know how to wire,  Please let me know if this will work.  I apologize in advance, im not very good at drawing schematics, thats why i stick to drawing the physical layout.

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