Slowing a motor

I have a 4 Watt mains powered motor that currently spins at 1.6-1.9RPM. I need to find some way of slowing it to maybe 1 revolution every 10 minutes. It's all sealed in a metal case and connected to the mains by a standard plug. I really need to find a way to do this without breaking it apart stuff as it may need a safety test later, I looked at dimmer switches as they essentially limit the voltage and are a max of 300w. Like this - I realise that they are made for lights but it's a similar principle and is only about £6. Would this work? Are there other options if I don't want to break into the motor housing or wiring? Thanks.

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Slowing down a computer fan for miniature terrain

Hey all, Kind of new to doing these things but i have a question. I want to slow down a 80mm fan so it spins really slowly. I will use this for a display board for wargaming miniatures (warhammer 40k). My question is i know how to connect a 9v battery to the fan and get it to run with a switch but how would i go about having it go really slow. If i put a resister in will that work and if so which one to use thanks Steve

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Is it possible my mother board or power supply is bad or dying?

I have a computer that was having a lot of problems so I tried to reinstall windows XP.  Due to several problems I pulled the HD and installed it in a external case and formatted the drive and reinstalled it.  tried to load windows again but it took over a day for the files to copy over.  I thought it was a bad HD so I put in a new HD and had the same problem. However once it was installed the video resolution could not be adjusted.  I thought this was a problem with my reinstall disk so I overwrote everything with Ubuntu and had the same slow loading.  Now Ubuntu starts to load but then it takes a very long time to boot and then everything moves slowly (for example I move the mouse and about 15 seconds later the screen registers the change).  any ideas as to what is happening?

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aurduino slow response why? Answered

I finally figured out my new seeed relay shield for my aurduino uno i went to make a simple program to turn a relay on and off corresponding with a button. when i pressed the button the relay would activate. when i released the button the relay would stay on for about 10 more seconds and start randomly turning on and off. i decided to take the shield off and run the serialRead digital example to see if it was just the shield that has issues... apparently not the serial read box would be something like this (button not pressed) 0000000000000000000000000100000000100000000000000101100000000000 (button pressed)1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 (button released)111111111111111111111111111011111111011111111111111111111111111111 (10-20 more seconds after button is released)0001111110000010111000011110111010100111111000000101010000000010100000

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firefox 3.6 running slow?

Since upgrading to firefox 3.6, my browser is running slow and freezes

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Slow down a DC motor?

Here is another basic electronics question for all of you: What is the easiest way to slow down the RPM of a small DC motor? Much appreciated!

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Slowing down an electric motor? Answered

I am on radio shacks website looking at a 1.5-3VCD hobby motor.   The specs say up to 8,300 RPM at no load.   If I added resistors to this, would it slow it down?  I want it very slow, like 1 rotation every 3 seconds. lol   Thanks

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Slowing a noisy handheld fan?

I am trying to slow a battery-powered (two AA batteries) handheld fan. It's obnoxiously loud for my project, but slowing it to about half speed will help cut the noise. I think running a resistor somewhere in the circuit will do it (planning to lengthen the wires anyway, so physically adding in isn't the issue,) but frankly there's a reason I'm in art instead of engineering. I've looked at the online calculators, but they want the amperage of the motor, which I don't know. What kind of resistor do I need?  Or is there another way to slow or quiet it down?

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Slow Release compound in Water?

We are trying to fabricate an artificial bait for crab fishing and we are searching for a compound that we can mix the attractants in and that will dissolve slowly in water - thus releasing the bait-smell over a long period of time. Preferably over a period of 48 hours at the minimum at not too cold water temperatures. Does anyone have any ideas what type of compound this could be?

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What's up with slow rpm motors? Answered

What's the deal with slow rpm motors? I need one for a project and can't seem to find any online. Why not? Am I looking in the wrong place?

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Why is my internet slow?

My question is deeper than what it says in the title. Ok, so to start, I have a gaming computer that I built myself. It has an AMD 8350 (Eight Cores @4Ghz) and a 1GB Radeon 7790. I have been using a cisco wireless usb stick. With that, I usually get around a 19ms ping from Western Mass to Boston. I usually get around a 16Mb/s download speed and 4.5Mb/s upload speed. I am fine with that. So I recently bought a Rosewill Wireless LAN PCI Card from newegg. It's model is RNX-N300X. It's CD came with a RALink software too. When I went to I only got 0.17Mbps download!!! My upload is a bit more with about 5.6Mbps. My ping is better too with about 15 or 16 ms ping. From a bit of slow research (Using this card) I found that one person was complaining with 50-75mbps because he usually gets 100-200. The responses suggested that it was because the card is for N type routers and not G type. The old usb stick I was using is also G type. But other responses claim that that doesn't matter and it simply is just the speed. So N should be faster, correct? My router is a Cisco E1200 which I believe is N type. I don't see the problem. Why is my download speed so terribly slow? Right now I will rely on my USB stick as I did before.

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Slowing down an electric motor?

I am working on getting all the supplies together for my first instructable.  The item I am building (not giving out many details) will have 5 different motors on it.  I think all motors will be the same model.  However I want one motor to run quite slower.  Can I do this without having to run it off a lower voltage power supply.  Now that I think of it I suppose there is plenty of room in my item for a 2nd power supply.  But this will still be good information for me to have in the future.  Oh and the main power supply for the item will be either 3 - 6 volts I believe.  AA batteries in case this matters at all.  Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

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My home pc runs really slow, & seems to have a lot of processes running. Would more RAM fix this (currently have 250mb)? Answered

It takes ages to load up even firefox when I first boot it up, and can't run more than one or two applications at the same time. I've tried just purging the system of all unnecessary programs, but other than that, I'm not too technical. Is it time I increased the RAM? It's a compaq presario running XP Home

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where can you find stepper motors?

Iam having a lot of c car motors and iam planning to make a robotic arm but there are no simple ways to slow it down, so where can i find stepper motors which can rotate slowly??

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How can I speed up my PowerMac G5?

I've got a 2003 (gosh, is it that old?) PowerMac G5 that is really starting to show its age.  Heck, my iPod and iPad play videos more smoothly than it can!  Everything from importing photos to movies to photoshop is slow.  And forget about games!  Unfortunately I'm not in a financial position at the moment to buy a new Mac (and forget about suggesting a PC, because I will refuse!), so the only thing I can do is try to squeeze a bit more speed out of the computer I have.  Got any ideas?  Here are the current specs: Dual 1.8GHz PowerPC G5 processors RAM maxed out at 4GB 1 TB and 500 GB hard drives installed DVD burner Mac OS X 10.5.8 (the last version that will run on PPC)

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How can I get Vista to run faster?

How can I get Vista to run faster without the added expense of buying more memory? I have 1.5 gigs of virtual memory (RAM).? I have used a registry cleaner, checked for malware, etc. I have had Vista for about 1.5 years and I'm now getting to where I really like it. But I don't the fact that it takes so much memory to run. I wasn't aware of this until after I'd ordered my computer or I wold have gotten more RAM. However, it keeps sloooooooooooowing down. Any help, please?

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Slow motion videos, Brit style.

I just came across the YouTube channel of  bunch of British lads with too much time on their hands and enough spare cash to buy slow motion video cameras. Educational videography with just the the tiniest pinch of Jackass-ness. SlowMo Guys' Channel. Looks fun...

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binary clock runs to slow, how do i speed it up? Answered

I made a binary clock from an instructable on this site: but it turns out it runs WAY to slow.i wanted to know how good it ran, so i made the time 23:29 (current time then) and went to sleep. at 09:45 (not extactly) the clock gave about 00:30how do i make sure it runs like it should? couse now its being used as a light decoration...

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Slowing down my helicopter remote? Answered

Ok so I have a helicopter. The remote is very cheap for it. I was wonder if I could put a resistor on the left/right control knob to slow it down. The knob goes in increments, but the increments are too fast. If I put a resistor there, would it slow the increments down?

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fake security LED blinking- slow

I can't find a fake, security sensor. I want a blinking LED to blink slow. Sorta like the light that blinks in your car when it is locked- you see a small blinking light to warn thieves that there is an alarm. Thanks.

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need help with capacitance and slow discharge!

I need to make a slow dishcharge capacitor bank capable of discharging 12 volts at about half an amp over about 5 seconds. What sort of capacitor and resistors should i use? It will be powering a short length of nichrome.  thanks :)

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need info on slow mo cams!?

I broke my last camera so i have decided to step up my options with my next one... i want a camera with high speed options.... preferably something that can show the path of a dart. any help is good... what price range is cheapest, what frame speed do i need... how do i use the slow motion option...

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Is it possible to slow down an electric whisk?

I have an electric whisk that has 6 speeds, however the slowest is far too quick. Is there any way I could bring it down a notch? Thanks in advance for any help. Scott

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Shift register too slow for multiplexing?

Hi, I'm trying to figure out working with shift registers. I bought a couple of 74HCT4094's, hooked them up through my breadboard to a small matrix with some LEDs and my Arduino. Without multiplexing everything works fine, but no matter what circuit I build (changing wires, resistors, transistors, even the Arduino code), when I start to multiplex the LEDS clearly 'flicker' (is that the correct term?). Is it possible that some shift registers are 'too slow' for multiplexing with Arduino?

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feedback from potentiometer to aurduino to slow?

So this is the code i use but i would like it to be reading the value of the potentiometer after each number appears on the 7 digit display  i put in the serial read to tell if my poteniometer was working correctly and just because it is fun to watch the numbers fly by. const int l1=2; const int l2=3; const int l3=4; const int l4=5; const int l5=6; const int l6=7; const int l7=8; void setup () {   Serial.begin(9600);   pinMode(l1, OUTPUT);   pinMode(l2, OUTPUT);   pinMode(l3, OUTPUT);   pinMode(l4, OUTPUT);   pinMode(l5, OUTPUT);   pinMode(l6, OUTPUT);   pinMode(l7, OUTPUT);   }   void loop() {     int dt = analogRead(A0);     delay(1);     Serial.println(dt);      digitalWrite(l5, HIGH);      digitalWrite(l3, HIGH);      delay(dt);      digitalWrite(l5, LOW);      digitalWrite(l3, LOW);      delay(dt);      digitalWrite(l6,HIGH);       digitalWrite(l5,HIGH);       digitalWrite(l4,HIGH);       digitalWrite(l1,HIGH);       digitalWrite(l2,HIGH);      delay(dt);        digitalWrite(l6,LOW);       digitalWrite(l5,LOW);       digitalWrite(l4,LOW);       digitalWrite(l1,LOW);       digitalWrite(l2,LOW);        delay(dt);        digitalWrite(l6, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l5, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l4, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l3, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l2, HIGH);        delay(dt);        digitalWrite(l6, LOW);        digitalWrite(l5, LOW);        digitalWrite(l4, LOW);        digitalWrite(l3, LOW);        digitalWrite(l2, LOW);        delay(dt);        digitalWrite(l7, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l4, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l5, HIGH);         digitalWrite(l3, HIGH);         delay(dt);        digitalWrite(l7, LOW);        digitalWrite(l4, LOW);        digitalWrite(l5, LOW);         digitalWrite(l3, LOW);         delay(dt);        digitalWrite(l6, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l7, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l4, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l3, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l2, HIGH);        delay(dt);        digitalWrite(l6, LOW);        digitalWrite(l7, LOW);        digitalWrite(l4, LOW);        digitalWrite(l3, LOW);        digitalWrite(l2, LOW);        delay(dt);        digitalWrite(l6, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l7, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l4, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l1, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l2, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l3, HIGH);        delay(dt);        digitalWrite(l6, LOW);        digitalWrite(l7, LOW);        digitalWrite(l4, LOW);        digitalWrite(l1, LOW);        digitalWrite(l2, LOW);        digitalWrite(l3, LOW);        delay(dt);        digitalWrite(l6, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l5, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l3, HIGH);        delay(dt);        digitalWrite(l6, LOW);        digitalWrite(l5, LOW);        digitalWrite(l3, LOW);        delay(dt);        digitalWrite(l1, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l2, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l3, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l4, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l5, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l6, HIGH);        digitalWrite(l7, HIGH);        delay(dt);        digitalWrite(l1, LOW);        digitalWrite(l2, LOW);        digitalWrite(l3, LOW);        digitalWrite(l4, LOW);        digitalWrite(l5, LOW);        digitalWrite(l6, LOW);        digitalWrite(l7, LOW);        delay(dt);   }

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Why is my IBM thinkpad T42 so slow?

I just got a new hard drive for my t42 and reinstalled ubuntu but it is just extremely slow. I am using it in wireless mode, and I have multiple computers connected to my modem in my house. It takes about 10 minutes just for me to get to my IGOOGLE page. My laptop also keeps cutting in and out of connectivity. Thanks

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How to slow down a Birch Portable Record Player from 1954?

I bought a record player recently but teh wheel goes WAY too fast making the records sound like chipmunks... There is no speed control on this player so is there any way i can slow this down?

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Can a shift register be too slow for multiplexing?

Hi, I'm trying to figure out working with shift registers. I bought a couple of 74HCT4094's, hooked them up through my breadboard to a small matrix with some LEDs and my Arduino. Without multiplexing everything works fine, but no matter what circuit I build (changing wires, resistors, transistors, even the Arduino code), when I start to multiplex the LEDS clearly 'flicker' (is that the correct term?). Is it possible that some shift registers are 'too slow' for multiplexing with Arduino?

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why is my blackpowder burning so slow?

I have been using kno3 willow charcoal and sulphur (all are fine powders) to the ratio 75:15:10 but my results are not impressive at all it burns like a wet fart lol but i want it quicker to make firecrackers what am i doing wrong i have tried the most common tecniques from theinternet but to my dismay none of them work starting to get really annoyed as i spent a fair bit on the ingrediants and i dont want it to be a waste any ideas any1?

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slowing down my robots 12v motors

 Hi everyone. I have a question I hope someone can help me with regarding my current robot build so I hope this is the right place to ask. I am in the middle of building my own version of a full size K-9 with a few differences that I will be doing an Instructable for when he is completed. I am currently waiting for some parts from EZ Robots to arrive which are due sometime this month (June, 14) and so far I have pretty much completed his body and rolling chassis. The question I want to pose has to do with the rolling chassis/drivetrain. The parts for the chassis have mainly come from a kiddies ride on car which has two 12v, 30w drive motors which produce two fixed forward and reverse speeds (slow 3MPH and fast 5MPH) and a single speed 12v steering motor, connected to a control/radio control receiver box, controlled by a R/C controller and powered by a 12v 7Ah rechargeable battery. The R/C controller will be located inside the body and 2 servos, via the EZ Robots EZ-B controller, will move the joysticks for the chassis movement (one servo for forward and reverse, and the other for left and right). I have this pretty much sorted, but hear is where I need the help . I want to slow all 3 motors down a bit. I would like to have the steering motor turn slower so there is more precise movement via the servo control, and would like to be able to adjust the speed of the drive motors so I can have a slower, almost a crawl, speed while K-9 is roaming the house, and then be able to readjust the speed so he can move quicker around larger area or open spaces. The current "slow" speed is about 3 MPH but it is just a bit to quick to navigate autonomously around my house so I'm looking for a hopefully simple solution. I had an idea of simply splicing through one of the motor wires on each motor and wiring in a 12v potentiometer which I could attach to his control panel and adjust it/them as needed (or even servo controlled, but first things first). Could it be as simple as that or would I need something more? I have also read online about maybe using a PWM but I wouldn't know how to wire it (or them as the case maybe) up. Would using a PWM do what I'm looking to do and would it even work on the set up I have? I am not really experienced in using or installing resistors or soldering circuit boards ect, so a simple "easy for me to do" solution would be great, so any help and advice or solutions anybody here can offer really would be appreciated, and thanks in advance . Steve

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any way to limit internet on a laptop? Answered

My sister has a laptop in her room i have my computer in my room and a family computer down stairs my coumpter and the family computer has VERY slow when my sister is useing the net my dad want me to find a limit to make it so she can use less net also we dont want her to notice or see it

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Can I make Final Cut run HD video faster (without installing more ram if possible)?

I have Final Cut Express running on my iMac version 10.4.11 with a 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 1 gb of SDRAM. I use and HD cannon video camera but when I edit in FC it goes really slowly and I get the spinning rainbow a lot. I was just wondering if there is any way to make it go faster. (would more ram even help?) Thank you.

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laptop running slow. 32 bit or 64 bit?

Hi all. i have 2 Acer aspire ones, 1 has win 7 64bit (mine) the other has win 7 32bit (mothers). the specs are almost identical. Mine has 2GB ram & AMD Dual Core C60 processor. Mothers has 1GB ram & Intel N570 will upgrading her windows to 64bit give any tangible speed increase.

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Very slow rotation (1rotation/hr) electric motor? Answered

I am  looking to build an electronically controlled time lapse pan device for my camera. I want to be able to rotate the camera for a specifically timed time lapse (e.g 90 degrees every 20 minutes of shooting). My problem is finding an electric motor that is slow enough RPM to create this slow of a motion... Right now I would need a motor capable of going down to about 1 rotation in 6 hours... at the very least 1 rotation/hr.  So, do those motors even exist? Right now I am thinking the best solution would be to have a stepper motor, connected to a gearbox (right now that would be the inside of a kitchen timer, somehow), that would allow a very slow rotation of 1 axis. However, as this is a mobile build, power constraints are really an issue. I would like to be able to shoot for 6 hours max continually, and I dont know if that could be done without a very low power motor.... If I did the stepper motor connected to a gearbox, do you think that would affect the linearity of the time lapses? E.g would the stepping motion of the motor create a choppy vid?  I have looked into the kitchen timer timelapse but have yet to find a timer that can hold up my relatively light Panasonic FZ-100 without locking up...

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I have a motor with an input voltage of 12vDC and  the final drive RPM is 172. i need to create a winch to lift a specific weight at a specific speed. ( 1kg in 70 seconds) from 1 meter off the ground. can someone tell me how to do this or explain gear ratio and drum diameter. i am completely lost and don't know what to do. your help will be very much appreciated and you will be rewarded

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What is a good program for making video slow motion video on XP? Answered

 I have a vid that I want to save in slow motion. What program is good for that?

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Is there any official theme that doesnt slow windows xp down? Answered

I got a netbook and if i install the royal noir theme it gets slow. So im looking for a theme wich looks better than the ugly normal xp theme but doesnt slow my computer down

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How can I speed up network transfers on windows 7?

My download speed from my linux server to my windows 7 computer is only about 8 MB/s (about 65% network usage). Before I switched from xp to windows 7  I was getting 11.5 MB/s download.  My upload speed is still 11.5 MB/s. Update:  My windows 7 machine has a Broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated NIC My linux server has a Realtek RTL-8169 10/100/1000 NIC  My router is a D-Link DIR-615 with firmware 3.01

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How do i slow down a toy car motor without using gears? i wanna know a simple way!!!

I'am having a to car motor and i'am planning to make a robotic arm, but i don't know how to slow it down? so how do i slow it down without using gears or any microprocessor

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need to know what to get for to upgrade my PC?

I currently have: Celeron CPU 1.70 GHz                             1.69 GHz, 480 MB of RAM                             windows XP is this considered good? should it run smooth? because it doesn't... videos, games, loading stuff... it's all extrememly slow. so what i would like to know is what i need to get and how much it will cost. my price range is preferably 100 dollars but 200 will do. please help. if i need any formating to do please tell me. the closest i have come to computer tech is writing programs on my graphing calculator. thanks, Andrew

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Why is the internet so slow the last 2 or 3 weeks? Answered

Some of you guys get off so us who have important things to do don't have to wait so long.

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I want to slow down a electric motor on a dishwasher timer.

Motor is 115v 3w ac . With low water pressure the timer shuts off before enough water enters to wash well. Their is an over fill safety so I don't need to worry about that. I realize that this will also increase all function times but that is ok. Thank you.

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Handheld LED Stop/Slow sign - How to make one?

I would like to make a combination Stop/Slow sign with the use of LED lights to use for traffic control at traffic accidents at night where visibility is limited. I'm a volunteer firefighter and getting tired of having "close calls" because the person said they couldn't see me even though i'm wearing tons of reflective material. Thanks! :-)

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How to eliminate PWM noise at slow speeds when using a PC fan? Answered

My power supply has a cooling fan inside. I wanted to slow it down to reduce the fan noise. When i use this circuit in the picture the PWM works great except for the low speed buzzing. Turns the fan into a speaker. Is there some way to eliminate the buzzing?

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Is there a way to slow down the speed of a moter while keeping the power the same, without resorting to a gear system?

I have a lawnmower moter, and need to slow it waaaaayy down to like 30rpm but maintain the power (or as much of it as possible). I really dont want to have to use belts, chains, gears or any of that hassle.

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