hard disk spindle motor voltage

I have detached the spindle motor from the hardisk. Ho can I run this motor. What are the voltages ned to be given ? Please help me Thanks Rijas PA rijas2010@gmail.com

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Looking for a small CNC Spindle Motor with chuck?

I am having a hard time finding a small dc or ac motor to use a spindle for a small CNC machine. It has a dremel on it now, but would like a single motor. Such as this which has an adjustable chuck, but are sold out. Only other one I found was This, but would like some more options. Is there another website to look at? wouldn't mind a used or surplus one as well. Thanks

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I want to design a simple circuit that drives a motor and spindle a particular distance, stops, then starts again. Answered

I want to push a button to start a platform to drive a certain distance, then hits a microswitch to stop, then I can push the same button to continue driving the same direction to the next point. The distance cannot be timed because the distance needs to be change by moving the microswitch. I would like all this to be done without a huge PCB, perferably only resistors and 555Timer. And I also want the spindle to stop even if the button is still pressed.

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would this work for a homemade generator?... like getting a dc motor and turning it in reverse ?

Instead of spinning the moro by connecting it to a battery spin it on the spindle that turns? would it work

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Converting Hardrive into mini version of hypno disc!

Hey,Just found an old hardrive and messed about stripping it down to its bare minimum, it's currently on my lap with just the curcuitboard that controls the spindle, the actual spindle and the two discs.If I plug a molex connector in then it will spin continuosly at its idle speed.My QuestionIf I want to somehow power this hardrive to make it continuosly spin wirelessly how could I do this?I was considering maybe a laptop battery of some sort, I could then control it on a channel on an RC circuit.I have experience in the remote control wiring part just not sure the best way to power this wirelessly?Any thoughts would be very greatful to help me on this little challenge! :)Thanks,New user Dan!

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how simply/ easy can a cnc project be?

How i was wondering if I could make a cheap CNC (possibly combined 3d printer) without making it a "big" project. if I buy stepper motors and driver, and dowlad some software, all i need is the mechanicle parts right? (like the frame and stuff, like a spindle/ melted-plastic-extruder)? please come with some inputs ;)

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Dremel just stopped

Hi I was using my Dremel with a saw attachment cutting wood half way in the Dremel just stopped. The spindle rotates cleanly I have checked the fuse etc which is fine   There were noises at all love my Dremel helps me a lot in my hobby repairing and repanting Model buses cash a little shirt so I can’t just go out and buy a new one 

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How do I remove the gear that's attached to this printer motor?

I've salvaged a stepper motor out of an old printer, but I'm having trouble taking the gear off of the spindle bit. I can't see any method of releasing it, so it's not screwed on or anything. I've got a blurrycam image (sorry!) so I hope you can see what it looks like... On a related note, anyone know of a decent place to get a coupler from in England? Thanks!

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Stator back iron and Slot dept determination? Answered

Hi All! I am working on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor design. I need assistance on how to determine analytically or by any means possible stator back iron and slot dept dimensions other than using machine design software or application. Also, the Rotor Core size or diameter so as to know the spindle diameter. In the course of my research, I had uncovered how to calculate slot width, tooth width, pole arc etc but am yet to solve above problem. Anyone with the solution please help! Thanks in anticipation.

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I'm looking for an affordable and complete 3d printer (or CNC) kit for under $550. Any suggestions?

I just want something small for my little projects, nothing fancy. I want a kit because it's cheaper, and I love putting things like that together. It just needs to come with every part necessary for it to run (electronics, mechanical, printer head, frame, etc)   I'd be fine with a two-axis CNC machine kit within that range too if it had its own spindle. I'm looking at this right now: http://printrbot.com/ Thanks.

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Help me wire CNC (stepper motor controller+driver)? Answered

Hello I just bought some stuff to begin building my 3axis(at first) CNC milling machine. I can'r figure out thw wiring/ connecting between the stepper driver and controller? It's connected to the computer with a DB25 connector ("plug") and the terminals are named: P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,....P15. Is there a way to know what is what? (please take a look at pictures) BTW. it's for running/controlling 3pcs. Nema23 stepper motors and I got a bigger driver to run a Nema34 stepper (supposed to be the spindle) hope you can help me, I'm in no rush, but it could be nice to see the motors running and such so I can make that work while I'm designing/redesigning/build the actual machine...

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need help newbi

Ok guy's i need a little help, or to be pointed in the right direction, backround: i want to buildd a retrofit kit for a existing automatic sandblast curtain.. reason: basically every monument company in the country own's an older automatic blast curtain, that is controlled by limit switches only, and the new ones are cnc and cost 50,000 ish, and the existing machines are screeming for a retrofit kit... i own the "hirons model j" automatic curtain, it an x,y easy as pie thing, my problem is that i can get the parts machined and the rig built, however the g-code is my problem, and i think it will be very easy for someone whom can do it, to do it.. all i need is the machine to make strait passes left to right and back while slowly progressing top to bottom and back, the nozzle will also have a "spindle" motor, that will make it make a circular pattern constantly for the duration of the job, could anyone help with the g-code, ????    i can do all testing as i own the machine,

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need a diy CNC that MILLS STEEL, what do I need?

Hey I'm preparing myself for building a DIY CNC MILLING MACHINE. right now I'm at the "shopping" part of the project- buying parts (motors, drivers, misc. electronics) can you help me buy give me a hint of what I need (preferably EBAY links/ prices)? requirements for the machine: - MUST be able to mill/cut (stainless) STEEL (time is not a concern so it's ok if it runs slowly as long as it's able to make a (small)stainless steel part) - would be nice if I could run it manually aswell (no computer, no cnc, just hanles or remote controller) WHAT DO I NEED?: - would this http://www.ebay.com/itm/321060801150?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2648 be sufficient? - what do you recommend for the spindle? (is there anyway I can connect a professional servo motor? as I might have one of those) - was thinking square steel profiles for the frame, what do you recommend? - for starters I cant afford ballscrews so I'll use trapezoidal treaded rods, other sugestions? - any thing else i need to know? - thanks!

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Needle valve on the cheap?

I need a needle valve or similar to adjust some pressure with more or less precision. Problems I am facing with commercial solutions at the moment: Needs to withstand about 300psi max pressure, must survive contionous exposure to concentrated ammonia vapour. I already wasted too much money on stainless steel valves claiming to be chemical proof and capable of 6000psi only to find out they use seals that turn to goo in the ammonia vapour and fail. And since the stuff is not really healthy, not easy to get, I would prefer something safer. Real problem is also that the thing should be able to allow for good flow rates when opened fully. Modes of operation: During the active cycle ammonia vapour needs to pass through an opening as big as possible while after that the flow must be shut off. The reverse cycle needs to be adjustable from closed to fully open with great detail to control the flow rate. Current ways to compensate: With a ball valves and extra piping I could seperate the two cycles so I won't have to bother with tiny openings but I would prefer to use only a single connection. With a bypass around the needle valve this could be accomplished better but still looks ugly. Materials out of the question: Copper, brass, normal seals based on rubber, nitrile or similar. Questions: I know fully sealed in.line valves exist for LPG system and similar. Are any of these magnetic valves available for the use with ammonia? And if so: Can they be operated with a neodymium magnet instead of the coil? Even stainless steel valves rated for chemical use and high pressure fail quickly on the seals. Is there anything available that does not use soft seals but for example aluminium instead? Thinking spray pump here... One way ball valve systems like used in simple spray pumps are a great thing. With some aluminium tubing I was able to make a simple valve that with some more attention to detail might even work. But of course there no other way of moving the ball then to use a magnet and with sufficient back pressure even neodymium ones fail to get the ball in the open position and keep it there. Now getting this combine with a needle... If, instead of the ball, a magnet in a teflon shell is used on a spindle I could spin a magnet around the outside to turn the valve with great precision. Has anyone already designed such a thing or would I have to start from scratch here?

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