star wars lego

One day i decided to take out my tonnes of lego i had in my attic and after seeing a star wars lego hailfire droid selling for £100! i decided to make my own models, i also noticed that the models that were being sold by lego didnt use many original parts, so i have made my models and shall i post them? your call!

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how do you do the vulcan nerve pinch?

Is it even real and how do you do it

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How are ratings (stars) calculated? Answered

How are the ratings calculated?  I used to assume that the number of stars an instructable had was an average of all of the ratings other readers had rated it.  But there have been two times that I was the first to rate and rated a terrible 'ible with a half star (one was just worthless and one deserved negative stars for being really bad advice) and it gets posted as "3.68 stars - your rating 0.5 stars".    When I rated a new 'ible as a 4, it came up as a 4.

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Difference between star and delta?

Hi readers, I know something about star delta oil immersed motor starters working and construction but my doubt is how it ll make a difference in motors working in star and delta positions? because both star and delta positions in the starters using same type of conductors that is fixed and moving contacts and blades so how it making difference?

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Looking for pictures of Star Trek computers

 I am looking for pictures of computers from the original Star Trek series. So far I haven't had much luck at finding any except for pictures of M5. I've hunted  using Google images  using every key word I can think of if you could help me out to be much appreciated.

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SMD IC Star LED Flasher Kit

Here's a kit that pays homage to someone we all know and love...

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How to solder Star LED PCB's in series circuit?

 I need to connect 3 star PCB's with 1 watt power led each in series. Please send a wiring diagram or picture.

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1)Meaning of 'Star' tag on the project? Answered

1) What is meaning of 'Star ' symbol on project, who gives this, what is the criteria, Is there Reward ? 2) What do you mean by 'Editors pick', 'Popular', 'Rating', 'Views', Zeitgeist',      Who selects it, what is the criteria 3) If some one copies idea and take patent on that idea, Does the Author gets something?      What is the cross check if some one manufactures and sell as a product in the market? 4) I am a Retired person, Is there any way to get Pro Membership freely ? 5) Is there any booklet or Guidelines of Instructables, and is there any flow chart how the system works once the Project is published by the Author

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Facebook app

I've been working on an app for facebook. I guess you could say it's in closed beta. Anywho, I need a few people for a test group. It is a TNG-Era game, that so far has the option of: The Borg, The UFP and the Romulan Star Empire. Also, I would gladly accept suggestions from those who don't use facebook. Send me a friend invite with a small message here: .I need a friend invite if you want to be an admin. If not go to: .Thanks,Tyman210

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Rotating Powered Display for GEEK swag

OK, Ill admit it, I'm a nerd.  I'm a Star Wars fan, and I got a new den that I want to geek out. I have a museum-quality X-wing fighter that I want to display on a counter top (&&&).  The piece has a display base, and a acrylic post that the model sits on - and through which three wires go up into the model and illuminates the outer engines, and numerous cockpit fiber-optic display bits.  It is uber-cool to look at in the dark. 8-) But I want to fab a custom display base that ROTATES so the model does a slow 360 revolution over, say, a minute or so.  But I also want to KEEP the lights. So, my puzzle is this.. How can I fab POWER RINGS, so that my model can display its lights as it revolves? -Or- Is there any way I can hack some kind of cheapo commercial wireless power conduction thing, so that I dont really NEED hard wires at all.  I can rig some rechargeable battery pack onto the rotating display base, and something that transmits the power on the table-top base (that doesnt rotate).  To be clear, the motor that does the rotation OF the base I can wire directly to the wall, But for the LEDs built into the model, I figure I need maybe 40mW of DC power that I want transferred to the batteries on the top to juice the model while turned on. I get this idea from my Wii wireless controller recharger.  I only have to put the controllers onto a special plate plugged in to the wall when not being used, and they recharge.  With this, SOMEHOW, power is getting to the batteries in the charger *without* being directly wired to the charging adapter. Anyway, since everyone on this site is a genius, I know the can give me an idea or two. HELP ME GET MY GEEK ON. -Dave &&& If you're interested, it's the eFX Collectibles RED FIVE X-Wing Studio Scale model,

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Google review stars on LED matrix display

Does anybody know if there is a project available to display the number of Google Review stars on a LED matrix display?I know there are projects that do this for Facebook and YouTube, but haven’t been able to find any for Google.Help really appreciated.

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Hi, Does anyone know how to make a star projector @ home?

Like this 1? am a novice so any small detail is appreciated :)Thanks!

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How to UV-modify the "USB fading star" instructable?

I have built sooraj619's "USB fading star"  circuit (, but with UV LED's instead of red. I hadn't thought about the fact that red LED's have a quite low voltage need (about 1,8-2 volts) compared to UV LED's (3.2v – 3.8v). But it is a problem. The UV LED's (24 pcs) aren't even close to full light intensity. They do, on the other hand, pulse in the right slow way. Does anyone know in which way the circuit could be changed to make the LED's light up properly without the LED pulsing being all disturbed? The circuit input voltage should remain 9 volts though.

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Looking for inexpensive source of RGB (Star) Luxeon LEDs.

I have an upcoming project that requires lighting a 10' x 10' matrix of 12" square LED driven lightboxes. The only requirement is the capability to display a broad range of color - hence the need for RGB LEDs. I'd like to go with more of a high-output Luxeon star mounted LED (1 or 3 watt) versus using several standard RGB dome LEDs. I figure that I can get away with using 1 Luxeon instead of 6-8 standard LEDs. My question is... does anyone have a reliable source for purchasing these LEDs inexpensively? I've seen several projects where people are getting 1W white units for around $3, but the Tri-color are selling online for around $14-$16 each. Any ideas?

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can someone help me?

Can someone help me... i was wonderin while making stars.. i saw a video when ppl was making them an for red stars they used red gum and for blue stars they used red gum an parlon or pvc... now  their both used for a binder and fuel but parlon is also used for enhancing colors so couldn u jus give away wit the red gum an use parlon for both?

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Does anyone know how to download the star wars batch file off telnet? Answered

Today I found out about the star wars batch file on telnet.  For those of you who don't know, search it on instructables.  I want to download it for school, but I don't know how.  Does anyone know how to get it?  There was a youtube video but my mom installed a filter that blocks bad sites (I am glad for that) but it also blocks youtube, facebook, etc.  Help!!!!

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does anyone know any other games or movies for telnet besides Star Wars? Answered

Please respond ive watched that star wars one like a million times

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Wiring question?

Hi everyone. Long time visitor of Instructables, made a few items I've seen and my most recent project was adding a star power pedal to my guitar hero controller. I bought a audio extension cable with a male and female jack, 1/8th size. I cut the cable about six inches from the female end. I stripped about an inch, inside was a bundle of copper wire wrapped around a clear insulted wire. I twisted the exposed copper wire and tinned it, I stripped the clear housing and twisted it, tinning them as well. I tinned the exposed wire to the GND, and the clear to Select. Positioned the jack and everything went well. I took the male cable, connected it to momentary switch and connected the male cable to the female jack. Turned on the system and controller. Got star power and hit the switch with no response. I'm very confident in my soldering and know I did it correctly, so I was wondering: 1) Are these kind of cables capable of doing what I intend? 2) Maybe the GND or the Select button are shorted out on the board of the controller? Thanks for any help everyone!

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How do i calculate the size of a dish i need for a specif frequency, specifically around 95 mhz?

How do i do so? I plan on making a home made radio telescope, but i just want to block out non-space made noise.

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boke with small digital cameras?

I assume the answer is no, because I can't find any examples of it, but my question is - is it possible to get the boke effects such as stars and hearts using a small lensed digital camera? I've tried a scaled down version to the lens cap cut-outs used on SLRs but no luck; even with a big star or a very, very small star. I put the camera on a tripod and use the candle light setting and manual focus or macro to get the blur but no stars. I just want to know if it is physically possible before I waste any more time on it. The lens is the size of a penny. Thank you.

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Why do the voting stars not appear under Firefox or Chrome, but they do appear under IE? Answered

Some time ago, I got into the habit of using Firefox to use because the layout worked better there than in IE. I went away from the site for awhile, then came back, and I thought you had gotten rid of the 5-star voting system. Then I viewed the page in IE while logged in, and I discovered that the stars are there. The attached image shows screenshots of the same URL ( viewed in three different browsers.

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Help with video files on a Samsung Tocco Lite (Star)?

I have a Samsung Tocco Lite mobile phone. (also called the Samsung Star) I'm having problems getting videos from my PC onto my phone. When the file is transferred and I try to watch the Video it says Unsupported format or Bit-Rate Over, I have tried MP4, 3gp and AVI and always the same error message. Does anyone where I'm going wrong? Or does anyone know of a video converter that will make my videos compatible? Thank you, help very much appreiciated.

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12x Blu-ray laser built into a Star Trek (TOS) toy phaser, with sound effects!

I know Kipkay did it first, but this is still awesomely awesomeful :-)  I saw this on MAKE's blog; the original posting is from Jay at Hack'N'Mod.  Using a 12x Blu-ray laser (405nm) running at 465 mW, this has enough power to blind you without eye protection.  It's got a front focus with a properly styled ST:TOS nosecone, and two different selectable sound effects.  Jay's writeup is a complete tutorial for building your own.

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Help: I would like to build a switch activated by light from a star.

My good friends are getting married. they met 16 years ago. i would like to build a trigger that is activated by the light of a star 16 light years away. the trigger would turn on the lights set up for the party. I have a telescope and have found a good candidate star. what do i need to build it? is there a light sensor i can hook up to the telescope? how do i hook that up to a switch? Please any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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Too much voltage or will the current limit it?

According to the circuit I need about 6 volts input to run a luxeon star LED. As I understand it, the regulator takes about 3v leaving 3v for the LED and will will provide a fixed current of 320ma which is just fine. My question is, can I use a higher input voltage such as 12v without affecting the luxeon star? Although the current output is fixed, will the output voltage rise as the input voltage rises and burn out the LED?Image reference

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powering turbine generator using a fan

Using a fan; can you get more output to power a turbine generator; using a large cog (like a star on a bicycle wheel).To power a bike you have a large star in the front and a small one in the rear which generates more power. So can you do this to power a turbine generator using a fan?   

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Need Help writing a Star Trek themed Arduino code

Hey Folks. I really need help  writing an arduino code to control a star trek model i'm working on. I don't really understand programming but I'd really like if anyone can help out. The code is supposed to use 2 momentary switches. When the main switch is pushed it will activate some leds in sequence, the last 2 will fade on one after the other in the same manner, this will be called the 'startup mode'. Then when the second momentary switch is pushed (while the main is on) it will 'switch modes' and the 2 leds that faded on one after the other initially will now fade off or ramp down at the exact same time then 2 more leds will fade on or 'ramp up' in their place at the exact same time. Finally, when the button is pushed again it will simply switch back. A video demo shows what im talking about with some very small differences. Any help would be appreciated! This video below shows what Im trying to do. Please see from time frame 0:35 to 0:54 which shows the 'start up sequence' described above. And one more showing the actual model i'll be working on and the startup sequence with the movie timing.

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tri corder? Answered

Has any one attempted to build a functional; tri corder from star trek . or somewhat functional if just a show piece

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I'm trying to make a power meter for a Cobra Head Phaser (Star Trek, TNG)

I thought of making it a battery tester, where full charge is 16 LEDs and works down from there. What electronics would I need, and how would I put it together? (note: the phaser takes 2 AAA batteries) Or is there another method to make the power bar?

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Squid Labs Tour with Christy, Corwin, and Eric

Here's an old video I found starring Corwin, Christy and me talking about some of the stuff we did at Squid Labs. It was filmed in 2004 and early 2005 - we don't mention Instructables, because we hadn't started it yet! Hope you enjoy: When you're done here, check out this one starring Tim.

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Fried 3 leds - 5 x 3 watt LEDs and mean well lpc 35watt 700ma constant current driver Answered

Hi, I have 5 leds all of 3 watt each, i used the Mean Well LPC-35-700 constant current driver I hooked up all the leds to the driver in series, but as soon as i turned it on it fried 3 leds 1x 660nm, 1 x 450, and one 630nm led, but the last 2 leds are stil working. Could anybody let me know what did wrong, if you need more specs i can  give you

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Are these stuck pixels.. dead pixels.. or something else?

Just gotton worse.. looks like stars but its peeing me off any help?

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How can I play Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The sith lords on a netbook?

Hi all! I own a emachine em250 and was wondering if it was possible to run Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The sith lords (SWKOTOR 2) I have 3d analyser which can emulate HW T&L; (Hardware Transforming and lighting) and according to both the back of the box and System requirements lab, I should be able to run it ( due to the emulated HW T&L;) Oh, what happens is that I create my player, click play, it displays the loading screen and then about 3 cm away from finishing it flickers, and finishes loading, it then goes completly black and does not respond, eg. I have to shut down the pc/put it to sleep. So does anyone know the configuration for 3d analyser? or how I could just play it? I have 1.66 ghz of CPU, 1GB of RAM, 224 mb or video ram edit: I also tried downloading someone elses save file to see if it is just the load up that is failing... Its not. PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks in advance Nathan (Ghostmonkeys)

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How can I get the newsletter in pdf format?

I want to frame the last one.  To be mentioned in the same breath with the Star Wars door is too cool!

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Can I be privileged by getting the answer on how to charge a leyden jar capacitor ?

I want it really fast as my exhibition stars 2 hrs from now.......................HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What resistors are needed on a DIY LED panel if the power source is changed from 9v DC battery to 12v DC transformer?

I have a "star mural" which consists of 6 white LED lights (to power the fiber optic "stars") and 4 red LED lights of the "lazer cannons" of a space ship. (Yes, I'm a Star Wars fan, OK?) Anyway, the mural is currently powered by a total of three 9 volt DC transistor batteries. Two of the batteries, each power 3 LED lights for the stars and one battery powers the 4 red LED lights. The white LEDs are wired in parallel, so they should be considered as follows: (One 9v DC battery powers three LEDs) x2. And as mentioned before, one 9v battery powers 4 red LEDs in parallel (with each set of 2 Red LEDs wired in series).  I've included photos of the resistors showing them up-close and from a distance, to see them in thier current wirring configuration. (see below) The best I can ssume the color code to be for the star LEDs is: Brown, Black, Orange, Gold -OR- Brown, Black Brown, Gold. For the Red LEDs it looks like: Brown, Green, Brown, Gold. So, If I change from a 9 DC volt battery, to a 12 DC volt (transformed from 110v AC) do I need to change the resistors currently in place? Sorry, if I am leaving out important information or not describing my situation clearly enough. I just don't want to fry my LEDs because I've over-powered them. Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Friend's new website

My friend just made a new website. It is for Lego lovers. Check it out . it has tons of neat pics. Here's the link

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flicker LED solar candle

does anybody know what brand of LED candle uses a circuit board instead of a flicker LED or a simple flicker circuit so I can build the twinkling star jar?

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Can I add RAM and Video Card memory using a USB drive? Answered

Hi, Well, StarCraft 2 came out, and my old-as-your-grandma's-grandma computer can't run it according to specs. Could I use a USB Drive for VidCard and RAM memory? Also, I'd like to know how, ifyou could tell me, and how difficult. I can't take it apart, to clarify. Also, would you happen to know if there was a chance SC2 would run on a- 64MB NVidea series 4 256MB RAM Your help would be greatly, greatly appreciated

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What is the best way to go about building a controlled bank of LEDs? Answered

I want to have about 15-20 LEDs with the ability to tell each when & how long to be lit. Similar to a 'Shooting Star' module for a Fiber Optic Star ceiling, with out the $250 pricetag. I have little to no programming experience, no electronics experience, but I used to do electrical, so I have a clue anyway. Is Arduino the way to go, or is there another simple way to do this? What about PIC microcontrollers? Im sure there will be more questions as I get answers, so thank you in advance for all yous help...

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LCD Monitor went blank

The Gateway logo and energy star emblem still come on the screen then after few seconds goes blank. When I unhooked from PC and hooked up to the HDMI input from satellite I saw nice picture for about three seconds then went blank and haven't been able to do it again. none of the inputs (HDMI, RCA, VGA, DVI )produce picture now except the Gateway logo and energy star emblem at start up. and the power button lite turns green from orange and menu buttons lite up then all go out as though no signal coming in.Model = gateway hd2200

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Adding pink 5mm LED to Fritzing diagram?

Trying to make a diagram of my circuit I made for a Star wars model using Fritzing, but I can't figure out how to add a pink LED. Thanks.

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My featured instructable is not showing up?

Hi! I just puplished my instructable yesterday night, and i recieved an email that it had been featured. but when i look at the featured tech section its not there? Also the featured star above the ible is not there?

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"Growing Earth" theory ...

Hi.I was wasting some time on Google Video, and I found this one.This man believe Earth (and others planets) are expanding ...According to Wikipedia, this theory is not new, and is serious. After all, if the Sun (and stars) grows, why not the "core" of planets too ?

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How does one rate an instructable? Answered

I'm new here ...... I've seen some instructables that have 5 stars next to them. I can't find anywhere on my page HOW to rate another's instructable. How does one do that?

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Laser Pointer Custom Lens Image

Was wondering if anyone has info on making a custom 'lens' for a laser pointer. Not sure what it's called, I just say lens [the piece responsible for making the laser beam into a star, crosshair,  or whatever]

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What can I use telnet to do? Answered

Hey guys, what can I use telnet to do? I've messed around with a few things and I've seen the star wars animation (, but what else can I use it for? Thanks!

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How do I build a reflecting telescope? URGENT!!!?

I need to build a reflecting telescope for a project. Please explain ang give any ideas Also i need to know where i can find a mirror for it

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