how to "ROOT" samsung intercept for sprint Answered

1)     how do i "ROOT" my samsung intercept from sprint? i found a few apps that are amazing     ("wifi tethering", "set CPU", "root explorer" "root manager"), but  i need superuser (root)     access. can anyone explain what "ROOT" is and how to get it?     (update) I'm starting to understand "ROOT" is.) 2)      and what is  "KERNAL" 3)      i want to install flash player 10.1 on my intercept from sprint, but after i installed, it was the      same. do i have to root my phone? 4)     i cant find any good info on HOW to root the SPRINT INTERCEPT phone. 5)     which is better, the samsung moment, or the samsung intercept? 6)     is this the ONLY phone the SUCKS in EVERY SENSE (bad screen re;  unable to root;  no     multi-touch; android 2.1;  no flash support;  non-sensitive capacitive buttons;       unresponsive;  slow) 7)     (update), my phone updated today and now is running 2.2, froyo. now the capacitive      buttons work the way there supposed too. but i still cant i update flash.  and is rooting      gonna be possible (or at lest possible)? (re update 2011 Jan. 11) my phone still has no multi-touch (except for the "pinch to zoom" like before.but only on the browser); no flash player; and the hardware still SUCKS (bad res LCD screen, "EV-rev O" radio, ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE built in memory) some reason this phone after the 2.2 update, is a LOT slower and more unresponsive then before. 8) does anyone know how to root this phone and flash it with some better-suited software for this model phone (m910)

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video game vids without being sued

For any body out their who can help, me and my freinds planing on making a video game video series (like RVB but not the same, game, storyline, characters ect., or bob and steve) and we have everything planned out, script, characters ect., but we are worried about the rights to the game. My question is how do i get it on the internet without geting my pants sued off? just throw it up, or should i contact the company or somthing? thx for any help, ps. oh yah i forgot nebody know what type of capture card i should use, should i run my XBOx through my computer and use a usb capture card, or should i just use one of those rca jack ones? from my understanding they should just hook into the output of my tv right? that would be great if someone coul help.

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What does SU means at the beginning of a transistor code? Answered

I have a SU165 transistor ,if you have any information about it please tell me.

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If certified in CPR are you required to help in an emergency situation? And if you don't can you be sued? Answered

I am considering CPR certification and I am aware of the "Good Samaritan Law" that protects you from lawsuits for trying to help a victim and failing to save their life.  My concern is, are you bound by the law to help in every emergency situation that arises?  If I choose not to intervene are there legal ramifications?

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on a flyback transformer, what pins are used to supply power to the transformer? Answered

Its a flyback transformer from an old tv. made by samsung, i know the red cord from the top is high volt out. but what are the pins to put power in? and where is the nagative out?

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does a short circuit occur when we give a power supply to a rechargeble battery when the battery is connected to a motor

Actually i'm connecting a dynamo/generator to a rechargeble battery and at the same time the battery is connected to a motor.Does any shortcircuit occur

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Where would I find wire that's strong enough to support a tablet?

I want to use recycled wire to build a wrap around stand/hanger for a 1 .5 pound android device, and I think I need about a meter of it.

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How do I create a curved cone shape in Google SketchUp? Answered

 Just as the question is. I need to create a cone in Google SU, which I can do. But then I want to make the cone bend slightly. Is there any easy way to do this? And, can I make the cone hollow?

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How to determine the target size for a specific sun simulator?

I am have to determine the I-V curves for a few solar cell samples. The sun simulator that I am going to use is PASAN 3b SunSim. My Questions are: What is the optimum solar cell sample size that I need to select? What parameters will be effects if the sample size is not optimized? The specifications of the external lamp are attached to this question.

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How does one convert an ATX mains powered power supply into one powered by 12V DC (DC-to-DC power conversion)?

How does one convert an ATX mains powered power supply into one powered by 12V DC? This should be a pure DC-to-DC power conversion and should remove and replace the AC transformers stage thus in no way introducing any form of mains equivalent AC.

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need a 5 button wireless input device kit - any suggestions?

I am interested in making a wireless input device with 5 buttons, for the PC. With this in mind, I've been looking at kits by companies like Arduino and Velleman, but haven't found anything just right yet. Any suggestions for kits or alternate pretty good for novices (just getting started on this kinda thing), not too expensive and hand sized or smaller options would be most appreciated. Cheers, Heather

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How to control servos/motors remotely?

 Hi, I want to control some servos remotely. I'll be using a picaxe, either 08 or 18x, and I was wondering what hardware to use for RF transmission (remote) and receiving (please don't just tell me to take apart a toy car, I don't have one on hand and I want to do this myself). Also, some tips on how to code this would be great. Oh and parts wise I'd prefer to buy through Sparkfun, especially as they're going through the whole getting sued by SPARC thing. Thanks!

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Any help or suggestion? Answered

For some time I have problems accessing Youtube, either directly or from a instructable. Until yesterday, the problem was that the videos interrupted partially, and I thinking that Speedbit VideoAccelerator had something to do, I uninstalled it. Now I can not access at all, I get the following error message:      The connection has been reset           The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.      The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Please try again in a few moments.      If you are unable to load any pages, check the connection your computer network.      If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the web. I have no problem with Vimeo. -------------------------------------------- Desde hace un tiempo tengo problemas para acceder a Youtube, ni directamente ni desde un instructable. Hasta ayer, el problema consistía en que los videos se entrecortaban, y pensando que el Speedbit VideoAccelerator tendría algo que ver, LO DESINSTALÉ. Ahora directamente NO PUEDO ACCEDER, me sale el siguiente mensaje de error:      La conexión ha sido reiniciada      La conexión al servidor fue reiniciada mientras la página se cargaba.      El sitio podría estar no disponible temporalmente o demasiado ocupado.      Vuelva a intentarlo en unos momentos.      Si no puede cargar ninguna página, compruebe la conexión de red de su equipo.      Si su equipo o red están protegidos por un cortafuegos o proxy, asegúrese de que Firefox tiene permiso para acceder a la web. Con Vimeo no tengo problemas.

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How to set up Eclipse for Arduino Development Answered

Following numerous instructions for setting up Eclipse for Arduino development I come across the same problem; the project will not build, there are two reported errors, the first stating that "cannot find -lcore" and the second complaining that the .elf cannot be built, presumably because of the first error. The path is correct for the core.a binary but eclipse complains of being unable to find it. An example of the instructions that I have followed are here; I have successfully followed instructions to use the USBtinyISP so I do not think that it is an issue with general setup. I have also tried variations of path locations and executing as SU, all to no sucess. Any help would be appreciated, I am running Ubuntu with Eclipse Galileo, Thanks Drew

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What is this "Radio Engineering Laboratories Wavemeter Cat. 125"? Answered

I do not know the history of this device or where we got it from. The text on top has an "REL" logo (Radio Engineering Laboratories) and "WAVEMETER CAT. 125 SER. NO. 2041". There are three big coils on the compartment with different amounts of turns on them, and they mount to the screw things on the side. The awesomely cool knob goes from 0 to 100, but spins all the way may have come loose inside. The lightbulb-looking thing has a standard Edison base, but isn't connected, just poked into the hole, I think the socket fell out. It looks like a neon lamp of some sort. There was also a laminated card in the box, a scan is attached. What the heck is this thing? All Google came up with was a court case where someone sued REL in 1934.

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need a jig for cuttin styrofoam straight/smooth surfaces?

I'm trying to get into lost foam (aluminum) casting, so I just build a styrofoam cutter ("frame" with a hot-wire). It's pretty difficult to handle because it melts trough the styrofoam so quickly and it's hard to hold perfectly straight and every movement makes an impression in the styrofoam part. I need some ideas on how to make a jig that makes it easy(er) to make smooth surfaces in the styrofoam part, I was thinking something that adjusts the distance between the hot wire and the table/surface and then just slide the styrofoam across the table/surface through the hotwire for making plates (easy), but I need to be able to change the distancee between the surface and the hotwire for different thinknesses but also somehow be able to make angles and hopefully also somehow ROUND PIECES AND CYLINDERS :o hope you can give me some inputs :D and even better some pictures, drawings and links thianks!

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Tesla coil configuration. Audio amplifier power supply?

If I am to use an audio amplifier as a power supply for a Tesla coil could I do without a spark gap and primary capacitor? I will be operating the coil within the audible spectrum (1Hz - 20KHz) so an amplifier fits the bill. It's a 2 channel magnetic field power amplifier rated for 750W per channel. That's 750RMS not 750IFL. (If lightning strikes) The current would flow as follows: Power Amp> 4ohm Load> NST 5000v 60ma> RF Choke> Primary Coil> Secondary Coil 1. Do I need a capacitor bank between the RFC and the primary? 2. Can a few feet of 28AWG galvanized steel wire act as a reliable resistor for the 300W current? What about 750W? If not, what can I substitute? 3. Can the amp hold together? I need it in one piece. Please point out the flaws. Thank you

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Help...Fedora 9 Question.

Okay. So.I dunno, guys. I keep hearing "Linux this, Linux that", but I really don't know. It's not working for me so far. And I've been at it since March.Recently, I made a LiveUSB of Fedora 9 (I'm not allowed to install Linux to HDD until I buy my own PC). I experienced problems with the LiveUSB; mainly, the "persistent overlay" was not being recognized. After more than several attempts, I got it to work.Now I'm trying to install AWN. I opened up Terminal, typed in su, and then typed in this:yum install avant-window-navigatorand it installed. It didn't say anything about errors or anything. So I went to Applications > Accessories and sure enough, there it was. I clicked it. I saw a window flash at the top left of my screen, and then nothing. Three more tries. Same reaction each time. Now the way I understand it, I need Compiz in order for AWN to work. I though Fedora 9 had Compiz. Do I need to enable a setting or something?Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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How to find the correct transformer for a power supply project?

I can find the correct part online from the schematic I am reading for every one but the transformer. The symbol for it states that it is a metal core transformer that one side (2 leads) connects to an outlet plug (117VAC) but the other side has has 3 leads labeled 0V, 24V, and 30V. There is a switch that goes between the 30V and 24V leads to allow you to switch between 15-30V or 0-15V, then connects to a diode bridge in which the unregulated DC heads to the regulator. I can see that it's a tapped transformer, but how do I find such a part at, say, Jameco or DigiKey? What are the search parameters? I find nothing if I search for "117VAC (or 120VAC) to 30V transformer". If I want to find a certain diode, capacitor, or transistor, it's a snap, but I have to back away from projects that require transformers because I'm not sure how to find exactly what I need even if I have a schematic. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if it helps, I got the schematic from page 472 of volume 2 of the Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits (Rudolph F. Graf).

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Arduino Spanish miniCommunity!

Hola a tod@s! Hace mucho que rondo por aqui y ando terminando el que sera mi primer Instructable. Practicamente la totalidad de lo que hay aqui esta en ingles, y con mas o menos dificultad todos andamos por aqui. Mi intencion es conocer a algunos de vosotros con los que comparta idioma y aficiones. Seria como un pequeño rincon donde preguntarnos y ayudarnos con nuestros experimentos jeje. Ppr mi parte, no soy especialmente habil con las manos, pero me defiendo. Mis conocimientos de electronica son lo que aprendi en BUP y COU en su dia, lo basico...muy basico. Donde me defiendo un poco mas es con la programacion. Hace años que practico, aunque no soy demasiado constante y ademas autodidacta. Ademas, me defiendo perfectamente con el ingles, por lo que no supone un problema para mi y podria ser de ayuda para alguno si se diera el caso. Bueno, pues lo dicho, chico busca chic@s a los que preguntar cositas y a los que sera un placer ayudar con lo que se pueda. Un saludo!

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