how to make a simple swich with objects that can be found aroung a home? Answered

Im juslt looking for a way to connect a battery to a moter with a simple offordable swich that i could build using things found around home

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how to swich my x50z laptop on off remotly?

My x50z laptop booting swich goes malfunction  very often  it never swich my laptop on .so i need to jump the start swich and use a remote control transmitter instead  maybe by any usp system

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How would i go about converting a on/of/volume dial (wheel) to an 'on/off' button and 'volume up, volume down' buttons?

I an trying to convert a dial which works as a volume control but also as a power switch to seperate buttons for power and volume.. any help would be appreciated. thanks :)

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Why does my computer fan keep swiching direction?

Im trying to power a computer fan with batteries for a project. The fan wasn't turning so i tried upping the voltage. Ive tried one two and tree 9 volt batteries in series to make it turn. It worked best with two but the bizarre thing is that ever second or so it stops and sometimes switches direction. the fan has 3 leads red white and black. im powering red and back is ground the whit i think is a fan speed information wire of some kind. im not really sure. Any one have any ideas?

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How to make a working colour light signal for model railways?

Hi everyone, I am looking for advice, as to how to make a working colour light for my model railway using LED bulbs? I want to connect it up so I can swich the signal from red to green and vice versa.

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help me to create a simple dc circuit

Anyone help me to create a simple dc voltage converter circuit..?(ONLY CIRCUIT DIAGRAM) input of circuit  :  4.8v (1.2v X 4 rechargeable cell )  or 6v (1.5v X 4 dry cell) output of circuit  :  5v 350mA. not use IC chip. can select input battery(voltage) selector swich. for my next instructable, you must help me.....

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looking for any software where you can use instead of laptop on\off switch?

My asus x50z laptop onoff swich would never start the machine although it is only 6 months old where i baught from germany {which reflects how bad tha asus is} anyway this switch change will cost me too much specially i am no more in germany and even in my country jordan we dont have any asus representitive office to repair .i dont wont to discribe how hart it is to sign uo with asus they asked for laptop serial no. and product no, which are all scrubbed off  tha laptop      ''''''''please help me how to get thoseNo.s   and how to opoerate my laptop without using the switch   thank alot

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i have an idea but im 14 and have no clue how

I have an altoids tin uk version and i want to make a cool device i had an idea a toglee swich and leds right i want to make it so that i can that when its turned off that one led (red go on and when turned on the other one (green) light up i need this to put into very easy instruction because im 14 and got no experience with building it when i know how i will ask my dad to help so how would i make this here an image of the tin Edit my mam chucked one out while cleaning i got it but it some how as a large hole in it can i still use it or is is scrap the hole is on the lid not on the bottem.

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Transfering files from Windows 98 laptop to Vista-64 bit desktop.....

My former wife has an old laptop that has windows 98 on it. She broke the screen on it and asked if I could save her files on a disk for her. I have a Dell Inspiron running Windows Vista Home Premium. Is there anyway to transfer her files to my computer or disk drive w/o buying a $45 dollar cable (preferably a usb cable which I already have)? Also I have a KVM swich because I am running two computers on 1 monitor. Could I connect her laptop to this so that I can just switch between her laptop and my computer since her laptop screen is broken? This would keep me from having to keep switching the monitor from one computer to the other.

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How can I multiply/double (or just increase) voltage in a DV 5v curcuit ???

ok i have the following parts to ue for this: (all leftovers from former project..)  :) 1x mosfet IRF510 power transistor 5,6A 100V 9x 2N3904 amplifier transistors 40V 0,2 A .0.625 W ~16x 1uF capacitors 50V ~99x recifier diodes 1A 50V ~35x 2k resistors  0.25 W the idea is to charge a battery pack consisting of 4x 1,2-1,25V = 4,8-5V 3000mah AA nimh batteries using my 5v usb wall charger that has 1A output! i tried connecting the battery pack directly to + and - and 'i think' its starting to charge but after 1-2 hours at full rate (5v 1a) it should be at least 50% charged (3 hours would be full charge -> 5W x 3 = 15W), but if i connect them they last for about 2 -3 minutes and then empty again!! so after this im concerned that i might need at lest 6V-10V to achieve the desired effect !!  -> charge 15W NIMH batterpack with wall charger (nokia ac-60e.. 1-1,5A) i nless than 3 hours (as like a phone would need !!) therefore i need a cuirciut (ONLY DC) to double my 5V OUTPUT to 10V (yiou shouldnt apply more than twice the curent of a batter pack) or ideally 6-7 V but i dont know if thats possible without a swiching IC or more different resistors.. so just doubling would be nice at the moment!!  

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Arduino project

HiWonder if someone can help me with this code.Im using the arduino uno board with the sim808.Everything is working fine but can only work in stages. When i send "Track" it sends me back my location,when sending sms "ON" relay swiches on etc.When i start the module and want to find out the "STATE" its not working.Must first send "Track" then "ON" then "OFF" and the i can get the State reply.Why is it working in steps?My Code:#include #include #includeSoftwareSerial gps(0,1);DFRobot_SIM808 sim808(&Serial;);const int relay = 3;String lampState = "HIGH";#define samples 10#define minVal -50#define MaxVal 50String msg = String("");int i=0,k=0;int gps_status=0;float latitude=0; float logitude=0; String Speed="";String gpsString="";char *test="$GPRMC";void initModule(String cmd, char *res, int t){ while(1) { Serial.println(cmd); Serial.println(cmd); delay(100); while(Serial.available()>0) { if(Serial.find(res)) { Serial.println(res); delay(t); return; } else { Serial.println("Error"); } } delay(t); }}void setup() { pinMode(relay, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(relay, HIGH); //mySerial.begin(9600); Serial.begin(9600); gps.begin(9600); while(!sim808.init()) { Serial.print("Sim808 init error\r\n"); delay(1000); } delay(3000); Serial.println("Init Success, please call or send SMS message to me!"); //************* Turn on the GPS power************ if( sim808.attachGPS()) Serial.println("Open the GPS power success"); else Serial.println("Open the GPS power failure"); { Serial.println("Initializing...."); initModule("AT","OK",1000); initModule("ATE1","OK",1000); initModule("AT+CPIN?","READY",1000); initModule("AT+CMGF=1","OK",1000); initModule("AT+CNMI=2,2,0,0,0","OK",1000); Serial.println("Initialized Successfully"); for(int i=0;i delay(2000); get_gps(); show_coordinate(); delay(2000); Serial.println("System Ready.."); }}void sendSMS(String message){ Serial.println("AT"); delay(500); Serial.println("AT+CMGF=1"); delay(500); Serial.print("AT+CMGS="); Serial.print('"'); Serial.print("1111111111"); Serial.println('"'); delay(100); // Send the SMS Serial.println(message); delay(100); Serial.println((char)26); delay(100); Serial.println(); delay(5000); }void loop() {if(Serial.available() ){if(Serial.find("Track")) get_gps(); show_coordinate(); Serial.println("Sending SMS"); Send(); Serial.println("SMS Sent"); delay(2000);} if (Serial.find("ON")) { // Turn on relay and save current state digitalWrite(relay, LOW); lampState = "on"; Serial.println("Relay set to ON"); msg = ""; } if (Serial.find("OFF")) { // Turn off relay and save current state digitalWrite(relay, HIGH); lampState = "off"; Serial.println("Relay set to OFF"); msg = ""; } if (Serial.find("STATE")) { String message = "Lamp is " + lampState; sendSMS(message); Serial.println("Lamp state resquest"); msg = ""; }} void gpsEvent(){ gpsString=""; while(1) { while (gps.available()>0) //Serial incoming data from GPS { char inChar = (char); gpsString+= inChar; //store incoming data from GPS to temparary string str[] i++; // Serial.print(inChar); if (i < 7) { if(gpsString[i-1] != test[i-1]) //check for right string { i=0; gpsString=""; } } if(inChar=='\r') { if(i>60) { gps_status=1; break; } else { i=0; } } } if(gps_status) break; }}void get_gps(){ gps_status=0; int x=0; while(gps_status==0) { gpsEvent(); int str_lenth=i; coordinate2dec(); i=0;x=0; str_lenth=0; }}void show_coordinate(){ Serial.print("Latitude:"); Serial.println(latitude); Serial.print("Longitude:"); Serial.println(logitude); Serial.print("Speed(in kmph)="); Serial.println(Speed);}void coordinate2dec(){ String lat_degree=""; for(i=20;i<=21;i++) lat_degree+=gpsString[i]; String lat_minut=""; for(i=22;i<=28;i++) lat_minut+=gpsString[i]; String log_degree=""; for(i=32;i<=34;i++) log_degree+=gpsString[i]; String log_minut=""; for(i=35;i<=41;i++) log_minut+=gpsString[i]; Speed=""; for(i=45;i<48;i++) //extract longitude from string Speed+=gpsString[i]; float minut= lat_minut.toFloat(); minut=minut/60; float degree=lat_degree.toFloat(); latitude=degree+minut; minut= log_minut.toFloat(); minut=minut/60; degree=log_degree.toFloat(); logitude=degree+minut;}void Send(){ Serial.println("AT"); delay(500); Serial.println("AT+CMGF=1"); delay(500); Serial.print("AT+CMGS="); Serial.print('"'); Serial.print("0742296587"); //mobile no. for SMS alert Serial.println('"'); Serial.print("Latitude:"); Serial.println(latitude); delay(500); Serial.print(" longitude:"); Serial.println(logitude); delay(500); Serial.print(" Speed:"); Serial.print(Speed); Serial.println("kmph"); delay(500); Serial.print(";=15&mrt;=yp&t;=k&q;="); Serial.print(-latitude,6); Serial.print("+"); //28.612953, 77.231545 //28.612953,77.2293563 Serial.print(logitude,6); Serial.write(26); delay(2000);}void serialPrint(){ while(Serial.available()>0) { Serial.print(; }}ThanksHein

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