Can`t delete a file! Answered

I can`t delete a file named That file is really getting on my nerves because it`s killing my flash player. It just grays out the Move To Trash button. I have Linux Ubuntu 8.10. Thanks!

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Can I use a T-Mobile sim card in an AT&T Go Phone? Answered

I really wanna get;_sku=sku4180223 or;_sku=sku4270479#tabModule, but i'm with t-mobile. can i use my sim card with the go phone?

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how to use t-shirt printer?

I mean the steps of using it t-shirt printing process how the ink or the paint load in the t-shirt printer and the design ofcourse

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Simulating a T-vo service signal

Is it possible to simulate a t-vo service signal. I want to use a T-vo that I bought at a thrift sotre, to record my outside surveylance cameras, but it wont let me record without the service. Can I bypass this, or simulate a signal somehow? can I make a service simulator for this? I dont want to use it to record tv, I have a dvd recorder for that, just for the cameras.

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Press 'print' for a light-emitting T-shirt

From New Scientist magazine:ELECTRONIC displays that can be printed onto virtually any surface, including paper and fabric, are now a step closer, thanks to the creation of a light-emitting ink.Read the full article for all the details. Oh, and try reading the article before asking questions which are answered in the article text. Just a thought...

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Why this led circuit doesn`t work? Answered

Hi everyone, you see build this infrared-led circuit for a school project (am 16 and not in america so sorry for missespells, like that, pretty sure that missespell is not the word) This are the parts: Breadboard 3v Led 3v Ir receiver (with 3pins) Switch Jumper wires Can please tell me why doesn`t work??? What i miss?? Above some pictures.

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Why my servo doesn´t work?

Hi, I have tried this project : , about controlling servo with headphone´s jack, I just bought 2 servos TowerPro SG90 and when I tried both, none worked. Firstly I tried it with a 3,7V battery, then with a USB (5V), later with a 5.2V battery and finally I put the same as the tutorial (9V) but it didn´t work. I tried with the audios provided in the tutorial and I did new ones with audacity, with 1000hz frec 1ms duration (clockwise) and 500hz 2ms duration(counterclockwise), coping and paste every 20ms until completing 2 sec, but it didnt do anything. I want to know if I am doing something wrong or the servos are just broken (newly purchased).I edit, I just realized that if I apply 5V on the signal wire, it moves, is that because it is broken?Thanks for the help!

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Are there any AT&T phones with a full keyboard, but no camera?

I preferably would like to have a full flip or sliding phone.  My parents will not let me get a phone with a camera on it, which is kind of hard to find these days.

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What technology is needed to "capture" a handprint on a t-shirt and evaporate to orginal blank t-shirt form?

I am looking for a technology (I was thinking LED lights) to capture a placed handprint on materials such as cotton t-shirts. Once the handprint is quickly captured, I want the handprint to evaporate through a quick reset procedure or within a few seconds naturally. Is there anything out there that will capture imprints on materials? FYI I have no technology background, so please be kind on choice of words in explaining your thoughts and ideas. Thank you

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how to find t pin and ground on headset of force trainer toy? Answered

I can not find t pin and ground on head set board of force trainer toy,can somebody help me?

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how do i make a small sound circuit to a t-shirt? Answered

I don't know hoe make a small sound circuit to my t-shirt. who can help me to do it. thx for any help

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how do you replace the lcd screen on a t-mobile dash smartphone?

I have a t-mobile dash smartphone with a cracked screen how do I replace it?

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Building a (Terminator) T-1000 Endoskeleton arm. Help?

I want to make a (terminator) T-1000 endoskeleton arm. I'd like it to be as realistic as possible, and I also want to articulate it using either servos or hydraulics. What would be the best way of going about this? I have a passion for animatronics and I'm desperate to do this, but information on the net seems very thin!

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How to use lasercut t-slots properly in a design?

I am in the process of designing a laser cut 3D Printer with some of my friends. I have never used a laser cutter before. We are trying to use t-slots that are similar to those used on the old makerbots. Does anyone have a suggestion of the lengths of the slots and the frequency (spacing between joints)? Thanks!

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Can I repurpose a 3G Microcell from AT&T?

Several years ago I received a 3G Microcell from AT&T. I am now with a different cell service provider, actually an AT&T MVNO. Is it possible to repurpose the microcell to work with my current (or any) network operator? Thanks.

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AT&T WiFi connection problem, help asap please!!

my computer and ipod touch seem to be fighting each other ip address wise, when one connects to the internet it steals the others internet connection and after a few minutes the device loses connection altogether. I've already set both devices to have private fixed ips .68 for one and .69 for the other. another thing is that when only one is connected on the mainpage the device says it is the other, so when my computer is connected but not my ipod it says my ipod is connected and vise versa. my main problem is they lose connectivity after a few minutes. i have also disabled the wifi protected setup(which att told me would help solve my problems). If any other info is needed please tell me, i really need this solved!!

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How would I build an electric generator with variable torque? It's my understanding that P=T*rpm, but that T is const.

I am interested in retrofitting a spiinner bike to produce electricity. The spinner currently uses brake pads to adjust the resistance. There is plenty of energy being 'lost' in the form of heat due to the brakes. I would like to be able to adjust the resistance of the bike without losing energy in the form of heat. I understand that gears are a possibility, but I would prefer to be able to adjust the resistance in a continuous manner. Any ideas? I've considered a CVT (continuous variable transmission) design, but this would be quite difficult. I've aslo wondered if the relative motion of a disk with permanent magnets to a disk of stationary coils would vary the resistance. I'm not sure what the range of variation would be however. Any suggestions or insights you might be able to offer would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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What are some detailed plans for making a t-shirt cannon?

I am the spirit director for my school and need some plans to make a t-shirt cannon! If you know a site where they sell reasonably priced ones, please let me know. We're on a really tight budget but i think it'll be awesome if we get one.

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Help, I can;t find my new group.

I can;t seem to find my new group. I was also wondering how to add previously made instructables to the group.

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Could you help us to build luminescent t-shirts ?

Hello all, First of all, sorry for the english, I am a french student :) We would need to make about 20 t-shirts which would shine in the dark, each one with a letter at the back and some lines of light on each arm. It will be hard to do, and we have a small budget, that is why we are requiring your help. Those shirts will be worn for a choregraphy, which make this project even more complicated :) After many hesitations, we thought we could use :   - for the light sources, or (red) Led strips, about 1 meter for the letter at the back, 1m on each arm, and we need 20 t-shirts (they are sold 25$ for 5 meters), or EL wire, or EL ribbon.  - for the batteries, they should be good enough to supply the led strips, it would be for example 12V 2Ah batteries, but they should be wearable, cheap enough... As you can see, we don't really know what is the best, which method would be the cheapest and the more realizable, if it could be worn, ... That's why we are requiring your help :) we would like to know if this project can be done. Thank you for you advices :)

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Please help me with my LM317-T LED driver.

A while ago I bought a 10W 12V LED on line to see if I could build a small projector. Then somewhere, I hear you need to build a driver for it, otherwise you WILL blow the thing. So I start googling and tinkering and find a few basic formulas, P=IV, ==> P/V=I ==> 10w/12V=0.833A So I need to get a current of 833mA at 12v to run this light, next step. According to most sites, the cheapest way of doing this is with a simple LM317-T Regulator. The ADJ voltage on this is 1.25v, so, V=IR ==> V/I=R ==> 1.25v/0.833A= 1.5 Ohm. So I pick up a few regulators and a fist full of resistors at my local electronics shop, dust off an old soldering iron and thow it all together. Then I plugged it on to a 12v 1.0A Power Adapter. I'd heard the 317 had a Vdrop of about 3 volts, so I took some readings to make sure everything was ok. Got 620mA between the Power/LED, the LED/LM317, and LM317 to the Power, all is good. Voltage was 12.13v across the Power, 9.20v across the LED, and 2.91 across the LM317v (0.95 over the resistor). All the numbers looked fine. Here's where it got tricky. Knowing the LED was rated for 12v, and the drop over the LM317 was ~3v, I dug up a 15.2v 1.2A Power adapter, and plugged that in instead. When I took the readings however, my current was up to 810mA, but the voltage was still down at 9.56v. The Power adapter was at 15.20v, and the 317 was dropping 5.67v. This is the bit I don't understand. How can I get my volts back? I know the LM317-T regulates its current via the resistor, but I'd assumed the voltage was dependent on whatever you plugged in, minus a constant 3v drawn by the regulator. This assumption is obviously wrong. Is there a way I can get the voltage back?

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I have been trying to jailbreak my ipod touch. I have followed the instructions the same way they are telling me too but it is not working. I turn off my ipod and plug it in, and follow the instructions. My ipod turns on and when I am finished following the instructions it tells me try again. The loader app is not on my ipod. It seems so simple but it's not working. Can you help???? I have tried again and again and it still does the same thing and won't jailbrek.

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how to make a burning laser but i don t have knowledge ?

i make an own homemade burnig laser to i laser the cocroach to avoid a laser and to produce a fire and discover the laser gun

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Anyone using this - t seems like a good way to share ideas.

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I want to build a Transmission Line/ T-Line Subwoofer Enclosure

 I have been wanting to build a Transmission Line subwoofer enclosure to house 2 10 inch subwoofers. I'm not exactly sure what subwoofers I will be using yet, or the specifications on them yet either. The only thing that I am worried about while constructing this box, is the calculations. I am good in math, and geometry and all of that stuff, but I don't know where to start. If someone could take a moment and explain to me what the calculations and the steps that would be needed to construct such an enclosure, it would be much appreciated. Thank you. 

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I'm looking for a project but don''t know how to ask or search for it...?

I work for a campus security office and wanted to make a map of the campus with led's that interact with out call box system so if a student used a call body the location would light up on the map. I just don't know how to ask for it....

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how to stay connected?

My t-mobile acct. has been disconnected.But with my husband in Icu I kinda need my phone.If  I buy a prepaid sim card can I still use my T-mobile phone?Desperate in Fl.

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Trouble with LM317?

Im having trouble in finding a heatsink for an LM317M chip and was looking for suggestions on where to find one that would be good for it. this is the datasheet for the should be the DCY Package (top view)

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Step by step settings is needed for Sciphone i68 to use T-Mobile network. Nokia site no longer giving settings.

 I just received an I68 but I can't seem to get instructions for it.  I can call out and that is about it.  My web/T-Zone does not connect, unable to send or receive mms, and no menu or settings buttons to update or add events to my calendar.  I'm able to take a picture but unable to find or send out once taken.  I tried the fool proof instructions only to find that Nokia removed the settings and now instructs you to contact your operator.  Does anyone one have step by step instructions for me?Please help!!!? 

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nerf bullet

How can you make a missile for the nerf rocket launcher?

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LG vu replacement?

Today I went into the At&t store to see if I could get my broken lg vu replaced.  They said that the Lg vu was discuntinued, and I would get a samsung phone.  Does anyone know what phone this might be?

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How to make a push button make double clicks and a single click like on a mouse?

I am making a mouse using push buttons. I want to record double clicks and single clicks separately but am not bein able to. Either it shows a single click or a double click. Could someone help me with an example code or a tutorial somewhere? Greatly appreciated. This is my code so far.. int ck = 13; int t; int i; void setup() {   // put your setup code here, to run once:   digitalWrite(ck, HIGH);   t = 0;   i = 0; } void loop() {   // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:   digitalWrite(ck, HIGH);   if (digitalRead(ck) == LOW) {     digitalWrite(ck, HIGH);     delay(150); while(i < 300) {       digitalWrite(ck, HIGH);       i++;       if (digitalRead(ck) == LOW) {         t = 1;         break;       }       delay(3);     }     if (t == 0) {;       delay(1500);     }     else if (t == 1) {;;       delay(1500);     }   } }

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cmd prompt timer command? Answered

The -t function (timer/countdown in seconds) for my cmd prompt is not working properly, is it just me, or is there something wrong? here is the command I was trying to use: shutdown -l -t 15 but when I hit enter, it logs off immediately.  Any suggestions?

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Copper and magnet electricity generator

For a project in school we are designing a simple electric generator using copper wire and a magnet. The output i'm aiming for is 15V .The fixed criteria for Faraday's law as followsE =( NBA ) / T T= 3 seconds N = adjustable A = adjustable B = Neodymium 1.32 T so how do i chose my copper wire? what diameter? what kind? how do i keep the design not so BIG . How do i increase my voltage output by using a double coil system?

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What t is the difference between the -12v and +12v, -5v and a computer power supply? Answered

 I am building an AC to DC power supply based on several Ibles and I am not sure I understand what the 2 different voltages are (-12v, +12v; -5v, +5v ....) Thank You!

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A fake terminal for your school, friends for family.. Who don't know what they are doing.

#!/bin/bash COMMANDS=" Commands Are: \n\t  ping: Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts.\n\t  nc: Arbitrary TCP and UDP connections and listens. (use to send text or a file to your friends)\n\t  request: To request a program or a real shell.\n\t  help or h: Echo this Help.\n\t  clear: Clear the display.\n\t  exit: Close this fake terminal.\n " echo -e $COMMANDS while true do  echo -ne "\033[1;33m`whoami`\033[1;37m@\033[1;32m`hostname`\033[1;37m:\033[1;31m (press h for help) \033[1;36m$ \033[0m"  read COMMAND  case "$COMMAND" in   ping )    read -p "What do you want to ping? " SERVER    ping -qc1 $SERVER    if [ $? -eq 1 ] ; then     echo "$SERVER is not avalible.. "    else     echo "$SERVER is avalible.. "    fi   ;;   request )    read -p "What do you want to request? [program|shell] " REQUEST    case "$REQUEST" in     program )     ;;     shell )      /bin/bash     ;;     * )      echo "Can't request for $REQUEST.."    esac   ;;   clear )    /usr/bin/clear   ;;   exit )    exit   ;;   help|h )    echo -e $COMMANDS   ;;   * )    echo "$COMMAND: command not found "  esac done Give it a name:     mv whateveritwas [] Make it work easer via:     chmod +x [] Now you can use via:     [ ./ ]

Topic by james.mcglashan 

I have an Itronix T 3500 hand held computer that has never been used. anyone know how to make it work??

It boots up and gives me an error message. is there anyone out there that knows how to make these work? Itronix has bee sold several times since these came out

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