amphibious tank??

We'll ive been building 2 tanks first is a normal rc tank then the second is a better rc tank. i plan to make a third one but i don't want it to be boring,so i decided to make it amphibious.Can anyone suggest me what method to dive and resurface?cause my plan might be to complicated cheers

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seperate tank electrolysis

If I were to have 2 seperate buckets, one with ground and the other with something like 9 volts nothing would happen because the 2 bodies of water arn't connected. If I were to join the two bodies of water using a wire would electrolysis take place?

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Air tank testing

I have recently acquired a 25 litre compressor on which the motor was seized so my plan is to replace the motor and pump with a couple of fridge compressors however the tank is more than 10 years old and although I cannot see any damage is their anyway to check it is safe to pressurize to 8 bar? it has 175PSI stamped on it so I assume its designed with that as the maximum working pressure but I want to know if I can get it checked as I don't want to blow myself and my garage apart if it bursts I'm in the UK

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A decent How to for a Robot Tank

I can find toy robot tanks but i want to build a robot tank that can withstand being outside and preferably made of all metal, but that part is not mandatory? Can anyone Help please?

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RC wired Tank to Radio? Answered

I have a Aoshima 1/48 scale RC Panther that I want to convert to Radio Control. Right now, it is wired(cable from controller to tank). Is there any way to convert it? And what do I need? Tank here: Detailed Intructions: Info: Circuit board seems to be in controller, not tank Battery also in controller, not tank.

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Tesla coil tank capacitor? Answered

Ignoring resonance what should the average capacitance of a Tesla coil tank capacitor be? In what  appliances can you find large high voltage capacitors, preferably above 10nF? And can you use microwave capacitors in series for a Tesla coil tank capacitor?

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Where can i find a decent "how to" for a robot tank?

I can find toy robot tank builds, but i want a how to for a robot tank that actually shows you how to build it and hopefully can withstand outdoors. Can anyone help?

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How can i make a rc tank platform??

So me and a school team want to build a vehicle that can perform tasks such as pick up and drop things off. i have experience with building rc airplanes from scratch but i might need a little help with this. any help will be very useful. Thanks!

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Someone can help to build a small system to mix three gas from three various tanks and compressing it in a fourth tank? Answered

I need a small system to mix three gas (carbon dioxide, helium and hydrogen) from three various tanks and compressing it in a fourth tank. I don't need high pressure, but I need extreme accuracy and purity in the ratio of the mix. I want to try different ratio in gas mixture, then I need to regulate any single gas amount

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How do i plug a leak on the bottom of my 5,000 gallon well water tank? Help!? Answered

I can patch the side leaks on me metal tank easy enough with marine epoxy. but there's no way i can crawl in the tank without destroying the bottom with my weight. i would like to find something i can pour in there that would sink and find the hole and cover it up. wouldn't take much with the water pressing against it. maybe some sort of saw dust? it would eventually sink and find the leak? but it can't rot over time or have bad chemicals in it...  or something made of much smaller particles? really needs to be a remedy tested by time, maybe something from our grandfather's day. or, i could make a remote controlled robot with manipulators and a camera! nahhhhhh..... thanks

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Circulating pump with thermostat

I have a 1550 gallon water holding tank and plumbing in an outshed in Fairbanks, Alaska. The pump and pressure tank are also in the outshed heated with an electric heater. To save energy I'm thinking to install a circulating pump inside the tank that circulates through the plumbing inside the outshed to keep it from freezing but not necessarily to the portion of water pipe going under ground to the crawlspace of the house. It should also have a thermostat to start heating when the temp of the water gets to 32 degrees or so. Is there any such thing and if so, how would it be installed? Thanks!

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What motor to choose for RC Tank, scale 1/6?

I´m building a battletank in or near scale 1/6. I´m just a few days old in the world of electronics but found some really good information about RC Electronics here on instructable! But it still leaves me with some questions. And the main question is what motor I should pick. There are loads and loads of different motors, and I don´t even know what I´m looking for. All I know is, I want a high-torque motor that can run both forwards and backwards! but then it´s so much configuration about Amps, volt, Kv... And I just don´t know what motors will be sufficient for a 40k-50kg tank, that will run for about 7-10 km/h.  How do I tell the outcome by the numbers listed in the specs? It´s a crazy world to be completly new in :)

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What kind of tanks would I need to store liquefied hydrogen, and oxygen or gas forms? But not h2o form.? Answered

What kind of tanks would I need to store liquefied hydrogen, and oxygen or gas forms? But not h2o form.

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Use a Co2 regulator for air?

Can I use a Co2 regulator to regulate high pressure air.  I am trying to build a high pressure system using a scuba tank or paintball/airsoft tank to operate air tools, pressurize pipes, fill tires, inflate balloons, dust work areas and computers, etcetera.  There are C02 regulators but not many 'air' regulators.  I just want to use air and not Co2.

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How to make Tank+Drone = Trone

Hi! Can someone please guide me to make a Tank + Drone. I tried youtube but it wasnt much help. The 2 in 1 trone should have the functioning of a tank as well as a drone . On a switch of a button from radio (eg.flyskyi6) a the tank should be able to fly. I have added 2 pics for help.

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Simple/ and or cheap variable thermostat?

Well I have a friend who is looking into the purchase of a snake, and meanwhile picking out the snake and the heating element isn't the hard part for him (he's looking at a 23 watt 120vac heating pad for it). He was also looking at a thermostat designed for snake tanks, however they want close to $150 for it, and it doesn't even have many features, it's basically a black box with an 3 digit lcd and a programable timer. I know it wouldn't be hard to put something similar together from a pic and a few different parts, however it's been a long few years since I've designed a full schematic of something, let alone look at one. So I was wondering if someone so kind might aid me in making of a schematic so my friend can go order the parts he needs and I can build it for him (don't have a problem assembying circuits from raw schematics, I find it fun). However, there is a couple things he wants out of it. Number one most importantly, he wants it to be able to adjust the output voltage so he doesn't fry his snake (most simple thermostats simply turn on until temperature is reached, then off), no he wants something more dynamic than that. Second, he needs to have an external temperature probe so that he can keep the thermostat outside of the tank whilst keeping a handy eye on the temp and also obviously so that the thermostat knows when to come on (is there a limit to the length of wire you can put on a thermocouple?). Third and last, we need a simple timer circuit that keeps track of the time (what's that involve? a 13mhz crystal and a few other parts?) so that at night the thermostat can change it's "heating schedual", I assume so that it tries to maintain a temperature say 3-4C above the programmed temp. (night mode anyone?) However the thermostat he was looking at buying wanted you to buy a second cord, which connected to an external appliance timer (yes you heard me, a $9 wall timer) so that it knows what time it was. My friend really needs this as he's looking into getting this snake within the month. I appreciate anything anyone has to offer. Thanks guys! -Punkguyta

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UV De-chlorination for a fish tank? Answered

I did some research and saw other instructables that showed how to possibly create a UV sterilization. I read that UV light in the 230 and 360 range can break down Chlorine and Chloramines. I was curious if someone could share how to create a UV de-chlorinating chamber (2-5 gallons) with the use of UV LEDs. For safety purposes I was thinking of a plastic 5 gal bin, where placing the top on the bin completes the circuit to expose the water to the UV light in a safe manner. how many would be needed? how long would water need to be exposed?

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About metal hydride?

When I fill metal hydride in tank or cylinder to storage Hydrogen gas Do I must refilling agin metal hydride to the tank or cylinder to storage Hydrogen?

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How can i refill a 20 # propane tank with methane. Where would I make the connection to the tank?

How can I refill a 20# propane tank with methane? I'm not trying to make it liquid just to hold a compressed volume of gas.

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can compressed gas leak through a metal tank? Answered

So the other day i was talking with my friend and  he told me that gas can leak out of a metal tank.  he said gas can leak out of scuba tank going through the metal just like it goes through a latex balloon.  so i wanna know is this true?  could gas leak out (given enough time) through a 12 gram CO2 tank used for airsoft for instance?

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Hey guys im building a some what large rc tank and have some issues with it?

Hey guys im building a some what large rc tank and have two power window motors for the driving force. I was wondering if these motors  would work with this motor controller. Thanks in advance for any help

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For a Simple AM Radio Circuit (crystal radio w/amplifier) Does the Earth connection only apply to the tank circuit? Answered

So in case the question in the title of this post wasn't clear. I would like to know if, for an am radio circuit, a very simple one consisting of a tank circuit and a amplifier circuit. Does the entire circuit need to be grounded to EARTH or just the "tank" part of it?

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whats the best motor and ESC to use for a high torque r/c tank?

I am currently building an r/c tank, but i am having trouble finding a suitable motor and ESC that will allow it to go realy fast ( high speed tank). all i can find are brushless motors that require 30A at 6-12v, the same goes for the esc's, and i have no idea were to get that sort of power as i only have access to a 9.6v 750ma battery but i can get sealed, lead-acid batteries, at around 12v and 3amps, but thats still nowhere near what i need. does anyone know where i can get a brushless motor that can have at least 30kg of torque @ at least 1500rpm, that can run off 1A 9V?

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Hey guys, what motor I should get in terms of Voltage and current to drive a tank without any electrical problems. ?

I have an Ardumotor shield and the Arduino UNO. I want to use a motor that wont be too high or too low for the Ardumoto. I also plan on getting a gearbox to increase torque on my tank(like this:

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Mad Bomber! In case you missed it...

I'm not sure that many people have seen rollingstock's video Thomas Tank Mad Bomber? It's a great piece of animation, if you'd like to see that familiar train getting blown-up there you go. Associated video instructables are on rollingstock's page.

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Looking for a good robotic platform and motor controller?

Hi, I am looking to buy a robotic platform and a motor controller to go with it. I would also like it in a kit with a matching motor controller but it doesnt matter if it doesn't have one. I want somthing that will have good speed (about walking speed). I would also like it to be a bit bigger than a A4 sheet of paper. I have a budget of $50(US). Any sugestions on what I should get? (I want tank style steering).

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Electrolytic Capacitor types/ uses? Answered

About electrolytic (aluminium) capacitors..... what do the low ESR ones do that normal ones don't? And how come they have these capacitors in bipolar types, but not all are bipolar? Is it because of the size/cost? And lastly, can you make an LC circuit with any electrolytic capacitor?                                                                                                             Many thanks P.S: In which frequency range are LC resonant ciruits best used? Cos I heard that lower/higher than a specific point, they become impractical or something....

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How to create underwater fish tank LEDs? Answered

Ever seen those glass pebbles that are somewhat opaque? I would like to place these at the bottom of a 15 gallon fish tank and have it lit up from underneath, probably through the use of LEDs. I am looking for any ideas of creating such a thing that would be safe to place under water, that won't fry the goldfish. Food for thought, could you also use Black light LEDs or would that possibly kill the good bacteria in the tank. There could be a possibility to place it under the fish tank (outside the water), though I would have to remove a structural panel. Would creating an LED mat for underneath the fishtank be easier? Specifications: -Powered from a wall socket -light up and through 1.5" - 2" of the glass pebbles for 1' x 2' aquarium bottom.

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how to solar power a small fish tank filter motor?

Will be using outside to provide recirculating water for chickens

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I want to improve my "Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank"

Hello everyone, I thank you for taking the time to read this. I just bought a "Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank" from Brookstone. I like the tank, but there are a few things that I would like to improve one it. For a spy tank the motors that drive the tank make way too much noise.  Does anyone have any tips on how reduce the amount of noise the motors are making? I would like to lower the height of the WiFi antenna, and boost the range the the antenna. Does anyone have any tip on the best way to do this?   Here is one of the many reviews on Rover on the web. LINK Thank you again for your time, and any help you might have for me.

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homemade water sensor

Instructable the site gave me a lot of information about homemade water sensor but as it is the first time i am making a sensor  to describe it very properly i am giving  the information of what i am trying to make there are two tanks supplyng water to homes the taps of the tanks are connected to a device which is used to switch on and of the taps at the same time, i want to make senor to measure the level of water in tanks as the tanks get filled in different time but are switched on in same time so i want to put the sensor in both the tanks and make a device which can close both of it at the different time, it can help in saving water  

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Where can i buy a used/new airhawk or firehawk MSA SCBA?

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anybody know how to keep a lit gas from lighting the gas in a fuel tank? I'm building a hydrogen stove or burner.

I need to keep the lit hydrogen from lighting the compressed tank of hydrogen. The only things between the burner and the tank is a hose and a valve.

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metalized polyester film tank capacitor for a vacuum tube tesla coil? Answered

Can you use a mpf cap in a vttc for the tank circuit?

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Question about using a L298N motor driver with arduino ? Answered

I was looking at making a small rc tank with the lawnbots code. i have tryed small home built motorcontrollers and had seccus but thought It may be tine to build somthing better. I was looking at the L298N motor driver b ut dont have any idea what the EN_1 and EN_2 connections are for. Can someone please tell me? (Datasheet) Thanks, David.

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what is the connector for a servo called?

The three wire plug that you hook a servo into, what is it called? i am making an rc car and my reciver has the exact same 3-pin port like on a servo, except male, and i need to get a battery pack for it.                                                                                                                                                                          ,thanks in advance

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Tamiya vs rover 5?

Hi, I want to buy a platform for my arduino and i was just wondering what was the nicer one? Tamiya or rover 5 regarding Speed. Torque. Size. Ease to use. Off road. What do you prefer to use?

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Looking for someone to write the code required for my Arduino project?

I do some volunteer work at a remote hospital in Zimbabwe and travel there every couple of years from Canada with a group to do some project work. A couple of years ago we did a lot of work on replacing their water supply infrastructure. Basically they have two pumps from a water source that feeds 5 large holding tanks which are elevated. The various houses and buildings on the site are then gravity fed from these tanks. Right now, they manually control when the pumps run and what tanks they fill with manual gate valves. When they see a tank over flowing, they either shut down the pumps and/or redirect flow to other tanks. Tanks often empty completly before pumps are turned on again, and water is often wasted while over flowing a particular tank. I have a system designed using electrical actuated valves and float switches where the pumps will start automatically when the level drops below 1/2 full in a particular tank and will automatically redirect the pumps to the next tank once full and will shut down the pumps when all tanks are filled. My expertise is in "old school" relay logic, so I would like to use an Arduino Mega 2560 as the brains of the system to control the supply of water and display tank levels, pump status and valve status at a single location. I have no problem designing the system, controlling pumps and valves, my problem is my lack of experience with Aruino programming. I'm looking for a "volunteer" to develop the sketch....... I can provide all the schematics and sequences for the design including all wiring back to the Arduino, again, it's the sketch I need! It's a tall order, but maybe someone would enjoy the challenge!

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Are there multi-shot designs for pneumatic cannons operating at 60psi?

I am trying to design a t-shirt cannon that can shoot at least twice with one pump of the tank. I have a two tank design with ball valves for each tank, but the system is too complicated to explain to school officials. Is there a better design?

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Tips needed on the best way to improve my "Rover Spy Tank"

Hello everyone, I thank you for taking the time to read this. I am sorry for the report, but after posting in the tech area. I realized that I posted  it was in the wrong area.  I just bought a "Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank" from Brookstone. I like the tank, but there are a few things that I would like to improve one it. For a spy tank the motors that drive the tank make way too much noise.  Does anyone have any tips on how reduce the amount of noise the motors are making? I would like to lower the height of the WiFi antenna, and boost the range the the antenna. Does anyone have any tip on the best way to do this?   Here is one of the many reviews on Rover on the web. LINK Thank you again for your time, and any help you might have for me.

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is there any way to compress some liquid into a bottle or a tank??

I have an ethanol and i wanna compress it somehow in a bottle or something like that

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is it possible to connect an xBee to 4 servos and a tank chassis and control it on a computer? Answered

Im building an RC tank whit an 4 dof robot arm on it, can I control the whole thing on my computer using an xbee on my tank and one on my computer? and if so what do I have to download on my computer to control it?

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How do I fix my Nitro car rc tank?

My RC tank has a 1 inch crack were the fuel line attaches.  It leaks faster than the engine can demand it.  I can't seem to fix it i've tried 3 things like: taking a soldering iron and running it over the crack didn't work, Hot glue over crack-didn't work, teflon tape around it the kind with the adhesive on it.  All of those things the Nitro fuel de-solved it in about 10 hours. I am running 20% nitro.  I have already ordered a new tank on eBay. it's just I need it fixed by friday for a race.  The new gas tank hasn't been shipped yet it is coming from Pennsylvania I live in Utah also shipped USPS parcel post please help!! if there is a product out there or any thing that will work. Thanks

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arduino wifi tank robot need help with making code

I am making a wifi tank robot and need a way to control it it uses and arduino and a wifi router so i need a website or program to send commands through the network to my arduino so i can drive it. i am using a relay board to drive the motors i would like to be able to control it using the arrow keys

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Break circuit when connection made? Answered

Hi,I want a circuit which deactivates(breaks)when a connection is made in the circuit.I'll tell u in details-I am going to make an automated water pump(to a tank)system,which can recognise when the tank is full and stop the motor from pumping water.For your information this is just a model version for school exhibition and what I have in mind is,When the water in the tank reaches a particular height,the water completes a circuit between two open wires(I may add some salt to the water to make it conducting).As soon as this happens the pump which is pumping water to this tank should stop working.How can I accomplish it? 

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How stream video to computer or mobile? Answered

Hey so I want to build a tank but I need to be able to have wireless live video streaming from the tank to like a computer, laptop, mobile devices. What's the cheepest option? Thanks!

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