what are the four techniques of mouse?

The four techniques of a mouse

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Could really use an instructable on how to solder copper and/or brass?

I have tried for a long to find a tutorial on how to do classic copper and brass soldering. I mean, is it anything like electronics soldering, at which i am fairly apt at? Do you use a a rod or a torch? ...How to mend a broken copperpipe? make the most classic pipejoints? How to mend a broken brass lamp that has lost a thingie? What kind of solder does one use for different materials? In all it's simplicity I am looking for an entrance level tutorial into the subject, explaining what basic tools one need and outlining how to do a few simple things.

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How to cut porcelain steel

Hey everyone! Here's a good one for anyone interested in new techniques! I have some porcelain steel I'm trying to cut and I was wondering if anyone has an idea, tool, or technique that i should try to cut the porcelain coated steel with that won't chip the edges of the ceramic. The porsaline steel is .017" thick the ceramic is .007" inches thick. If anyone could design something that I could use it would be greatly appreciated!

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Where did you learn about electronics?

Like diodes and servos and radio theory whatnot? Did you take classes? Read from books? I'd like to learn this sort of stuff, but can't find anyone to teach me. I also don't feel comfortable enough with this stuff to buy a bunch of parts and mess around with a book..

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proper pc board soldering technique

Should the resistors, caps, diodes etc. be slightly off the board, or flush to it. I'm building a nixie tube clock. I've asked 3 people and got 4 different answers.  All advice and reasoning , meathodology appreciated.

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Here're some primers for basic techniques in the machine workshop.

I've posted this link elsewhere on 'ibbles, I make no apology for that, just spreadin' the knowledge :-)Covers the basics of workshop practice courtesy of MIT robotics lab. It's quite dry, but I bet these guys really let go at the weekend.Robot delivery roomEnjoy!

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Step by Step saran wrap painting on metal techniques

I am trying to redo my motorcycle gas tank.  The pattern is called saran wrap painting.  I need instructions on how to do it please

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What sensor or technique can I use to detect human presence in a place which is on fire? Answered

  I want to build a system that detect people in a place on fire .... if this possible what can I use  and how can I protect the circuit elements from fire  thank you..

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What are good materials and/or techniques I can use to diffuse or "spread" a LED's Light? Answered

I wanted to do some cool things with LEDs but i want to diffuse the LED's light in order to light up the biggest amount of area while using the least possible amount of LEDs and electricity.

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Anyone think I should make an instructable for this?

I wanna know if you want to know how to use my own technique to creating tribal symbols/designs using the ellipse tool on paint. Examples of stuff I did using the technique:the last 2 requir Gimp. Download it for free athttp://www.gimp.orgEDIT: I finished the instructable. Go to my profile to find it

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Anyone have any high-quality machining techniques that can be used in a low-tech situation? Answered

I want to make a CNC machine but I don't have the tools or access to tools that I'd like to make one,  all I have is a simple drill press, a little stand-alone vice that I can use on it, calipers, and micrometers. What I want to know is how can I, limited tools only (I hope), precisely drill (and possibly tap, I do have a tap set) a bunch of holes in aluminium angle/channel, acrylic, and MDF?

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i wan to connect microcontroller with gsm cards which should extract information present in microcontroller

This extracted information should be transformed to a specified mobile no?specify the techniques pls

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I have to design controller for controlling speed of BLDC motor for E RICKSHAW ?


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Looking for a specific Instructable - Video effect with demo cycle ride to RadioShack.? Answered

Probably 18 months ago or thereabouts, someone posted a processing  technique to give an effect which I remember as similar to a blurred version of the David Hockney photo sequences, only on video.  He posted a demo video which I'm pretty sure was a bike ride to his local RadioShack.   I've spent a looong time trekking back and pushed the Instructables search engine to its limits, but no joy.   Can anyone put their finger on this Instructable for me? 

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Any page for DSP(texas instruments) tutorials?

If you can help me find a page or resources for information on dsp programming techniques or projects teaching how to use these DSPs.

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How to film 3D videos on youtube? Answered

So if you are unfamiliar here is just one example of a 3d video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBa-bCxsZDk. I know this is an animation, but it uses the same technique. Basically the way these movies are made is by filming with 2 cameras about 3 to 4 inches apart. The video from the right is put on the left, and the left on the right. This way if you are doing the cross eye technique it appears 3d. My question, is could you film with one camera, and cut off parts from the sides for each to make it appear 3D, even if you only use one camera?

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How to detect objects and location i.e. coordinates from an image in matlab?

I need to detect an object and its location from an image. I have used different techniques to get it but i am able to identify the object only but not its location.  

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Lost the "How to Build a Robot/Anything in a Week" write-up in Instructionable - ?

I'll lost the location of the excellant write up on physical robot chassis construction techniques. It included examples of making truss type chassis construction and the bolting (with slots) of flat planel of aluminum together to assemble a robot chassis.

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Alternative Photography Project

I am currently in the Advanced Photography class at my high school. One of the assigned projects is simply titled "Alternative Photographic Technique." Basically, we have to create an image without using 35mm film (not digital, either). The specific techniques that he recommends are:Photogram-arranging objects directly on the photo paper, without using a camera at allHolga- The teacher has a few Holga cameras with 120 film for class use to take artistically lousy imagesPinhole Camera- If you don't know what this is, you probably can't answer my question anyway.Cyanotype- a special emulsion is painted on watercolor paper, then exposed in sunlight under a large transparency. Search "cyanotype" to see what it is.Polaroid image transfer- an image taken with a Polaroid Two-Step camera is transferred from the film to watercolor paper-looks cool, but expensiveCan anyone suggest other interesting ideas? I'd like to keep it simple and inexpensive, and I have to have 8"x10" total printed image.Weissensteinburg? Are you there?Edit 5-12-08: I have printed some 5x7s with my cool new technique. I matted them today, and I turn them in on Thursday.

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How to fuse leather to plastics like Poly urethane or to silicon? Answered

I am making a plastic enclosure which encloses the electronics .So here I want to fuse leather to plastic or silicon.Can anybody answer me whether any unique technique is available behind this?

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how to maintain the intensity of IR at long distance and make it directional

We are trying to make an infrared shooting game which includes a transmitting gun and a receiving jacket.as everyone knows IR is not directional so at long distance it will diverge but in shooting game we need a pointed IR beam. is there any technique implement this?? we need help..! :(

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How can I make skin mounted electrodes to use in electrooculograpy?

Electrooculography is a technique where skin mounted electrodes are placed near the eyes to track eye movement. You can look here - http://community.curuxa.org/en/Electrooculograph - for a general idea. Is it possible to make electrodes for this purpose at home?

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how to drain a AA battery? Answered

Hi, im doing a science project for school and i need to find what type of AA batteries last the longest (Duracell, Energizer, ect..) but i need to monitor it while it is draining so that i can tell which one goes out first, so a fairly quick technique would be ideal... thanx :)

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What does it take to film a successful video tutorial ?

What does it take to film a successful video tutorial ? ... With relation to filming techniques, choreography, tutor presence, language, etc. ? ... What methodology do you appreciate or employ yourselves, to best communicate with the audience ? ... All opinions welcome, Thank you !

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What are the specs for 'standard' 3.5mm mono pluged infrared (IR) emitters?

An example of what I'm talking about can be found on Amazon.  I am looking for which conductor is anode and which cathode as well as the forward voltage and current requirements.  My inability to see IR is really hurting my normal LED testing techniques.

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Hallowe'en Avatar Challenge

There's a three-month Pro membership up for grabs for the best hack of my usual avatar to be used over the Hallowe'en period. Do it by hand, create a physical version and upload a photo, stick to digital jiggery-pokery, be subtle, be extravagant, whatever you like. If the techniques you use could be used by others, then you could make an Instructable of it as well.

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How can we know about the position of DC motor!stepper motor is avoided in this case!?

I need to know the exact position of the motor! what kind of feedback techniques can be used in this case? and any limit switch possibility is there? like the motor crossed certain position and then the switch on that position is turned on/off! just wild guess

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How to photograph small crystals "chatons" without having any kind of reflections ? Answered

I'm trying to inspect the deformation of small crystal chatons by image inspection, and I'm trying hard to minimize the reflections of light done by the geometrical shape of the crystal. I tried so many different ways and techniques, and i was wondering does the IR imaging do any help for this problem..?!

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Pinhole camera lens for compact digital camera? Answered

Hello, Is it possible to make a pinhole lens for a compact digital camera? I mean an add-on; nothing that requires dismantling the camera. I've looked around on the internet and realise that it is easy to make a pinhole lens with a DSLR; I tried the same technique with my compact but the result is as shown. I don't mind experimenting further but I just thought that I would check if it is possible and worth pursuing ; and if not, why not? Thank you.

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Tricky batch stuff...?

This isn't exactly a conventional question, but it's a question nonetheless.  The thing is, I'm thinking of starting a forum for all the tricky techniques and methods with batch (it wouldn't be a great instructable as it would require a lot of previous knowledge). So, I'd basically just have an index with all these different segments of how to do tricky stuff (such as advanced techniques for piping and other random stuff). The only problem is that I don't know what to make it on, so I'm trying to target people who've read all the instructables and are still missing that extra bit of information. Now, you could say something like "do whatever you think is hard", but the thing is I work better when it's at the request of someone else (basically I like to help people, and I'm abusing that natural urge). So, if you're experienced in batch but are curious about anything (perhaps how to ignore every rule in the book and put 50 nested for loops within your script), please post it below. Thank you. --EDIT-- I've started rewriting my batch tutorial, so most of the stuff you comment will go into that... somewhere.

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How can I use a digital camera to obtain DSLR looking footage?

I recently bought a new video camera, the Panasonic HC-V750. Don't get me wrong, its an amazing camera and I love it, but I made the mistake of spending 500 bucks on this instead of a DSLR. I am trying to make a short film and want it to look professional. However, I know that this is almost always achieved using a DSLR and nifty editing/lighting techniques. I have the editing and lighting techniques down, but is there any way to adjust my video camera so that I can get DSLR-like quality? Like adjusting shutter or something? I know that the advantages of a DSLR are their large sensors and supreme ability to capture light using these sensors. Can I achieve this, at least a little, with my video camera? I can adjust the white balance, shutter, iris, and focus, on my camera. Any links and/or help is greatly appreciated!

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Help wanted for new filmmaking show!

We're making a show about filmmaking without a budget, but we need your help! Email us at zerobudget@mulliganmedia.net with your ideas for the show and, (if htey're good enough) we will answer them! All we need is a suggestion, a tip or trick - a technique you would like covered or a special effect you would like to see created.  View the latest episodes at http://mulliganmedia.net/zerobudget  Thanks heaps for your help! 

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how would I create styrofoam? Answered

I am investigating th' lost foam casting technique and one of th' problems is th' surface texture of carved foam ! I know that large scale mfg's of cast alloy parts make foam patterns by injecting foam into a permanant (female) mold and then use th' foam pattern to cast th' part !  This gives th' cast part a very fine finished surface with no need of  machineing (except for fitting to another component ) I'd like to know how they create and manage th' foam !

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Laser Cutting Digitally Printed Images?

Is it possible to laser cut full color, digitally printed images from fabric? For example, a full color image of a butterfly? Say, if I printed a series of butterflies onto white fabric and then want to have each butterfly laser cut individually from the fabric, is that possible? Can the laser be set up to cut on the outline of the butterfly and leave the colors in tact? Or is my only option to do digital printing after laser cutting the basic shape? Finally, is there anyone willing to help with a prototype that would use the described technique?

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Image Processing Tutorial : What you do for your images?

Image Processing Tutorial : What you do for your images? Are you in possession of images you want to convert in to digital form? Or simply you would like to perform some operations to enhance their outlook?  Similarly if you just want to extract some useful information from them, all you need is a photo house that carries out image processing. This is where you can have a photo you want manipulated made  the input as you give  specified characteristics you want included. To do image processing, you may have to apply a set of signals that can give you   the desired results. There are three distinct steps to follow in any image processing. They include: Importing images using a scanner or a photography Analyzing and manipulating images using enhancement and compression methods Altering the results we obtain at the output level There are plenty of reasons for carrying out image processing; the reasons and purposes are as follows: So that you can easily observe the parts that are not visible Restoration and sharpening the images for the purpose of making them look better Image retrieval – if you are interested in any particular image, you can have it retrieved. Identify the number of elements making up a pattern Distinguish the object and its image. There are   two methods that can be used in processing any images. Digital Analog If you are analyzing hard copies and printouts, this is what is referred to as visual techniques.  It involves use of various fundamentals and image processing techniques. You need to make use of technicians who are vast in image processing. They may use visual techniques and apply a combination of individual knowledge and experience in image processing. If your pictures are in a digital form, you may employ digital processing techniques to manipulate those using computers. Images collected from sensors and satellites can be manipulated to get the real images or data.  To do this, you need experts who can take the images collected into a number of phases before coming up with the required images.  They must have the latest skills to help them get over flaws and get original information. The data or images collected may be taken through the following phases; Pre-processing, Information extraction, Enhancement and display. Other than image processing service, you may need team   to deal with computer graphics. This is where any desired image is manually made using physical models. It could include lighting, environment and natural scenes. This graphics can be used in animated movies, computer vision and plays. It can be used to create moving images to depict a story. Generally, imaging is key in image processing. The designers should consider a number of factors including; Human visual – where the designers consider the psychophysical process that takes place in human beings as they make sense out of information they see and receive. Lastly in all these, ensure that you get a clipping path company that is vast in imaging and which can work hand in hand with you to ensure that you get the required results.

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How many people still use a darkroom?

I've been posting a lot of instructables on how to do certain photography techniques and tips, but they're all related to digital photography.  Is there anyone who's interested in analogue photography and darkroom proccesses?  I'm trying to get back into developing my own film and such, and I figure why not do a few instructables as I go.  I'm just curious to see if anyone would actually be interested in that.  Here's one I've already published, so let me know. https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Darkroom-Liquid-Light-Emulsion/

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Transmit & receive 4ch audio

I am looking for a cheap solution to transmit and receive 4 channels of audio.Transmitter may be bulky, but the receiver must be small. (it is for an interactive installation)Audio The 4 channels will be converted to 2 channels stereo, so in total 2 stereo signals of audio need to be transmitted and received (within ~10 meters). Note that achieving the best audio quality is not of top priority.Technique Should I be looking at FM / AM of Bluetooth methods? I've looked at: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1958, but it would be nice if there is also a paired receiver board.It would be nice if the proposed solution is scalable to 6 channels (3 channels stereo).

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Does anyone know how to program a repetative motion robot (see description)?

This is mostly out of a theory and curiosity, but if I were to make a robotic arm and I wanted to make it do repetativve motions, how would I make It recognize/remember the movments and how would I make it perform them. It would be a direct teaching unit (meaning I would move the robot and it would remember the movments) so how would I make it run or hook it up to a computer and how would I program it with the direct teaching. If this impossible or extremeny difficult, please recommend a different technique. Please give me good, detailed instructions.

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Large format cameras

I am thinking about getting into large format photography & I was hoping that I could get some questions answered by other photgraphers on here.  1: How many of us out here use large format cameras? 2: What is the type of technique that causes the pictures to appear w/ a yellow or brown appearance to it that is used in vintage photo sessions? 3: Can I get some tips on developing w/ an enlarger it has been about 10 years since I've used one so I don't remember anything about that. Any help w/ this would be greatly appreciated, thank you ahead of time.

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About repairing the RROD on xbox 360's

Okay, I am thinking about getting me an xbox 360, but it is a bit over my budget so I am going to get a faulty one from ebay. But then when I look up some RROD (red ring of death) repair guides, I got suspicious about how you repair the xbox's, all  you just need to take it apart, replace the thermal paste between the heatsinks and the chips and put it all together. That just doesn't seem right... Does anyone have personal experience using this technique to repair their xbox 360?

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"Shaun of the Dead" / "Dead Snow" Film Shot - Characters equipping themselves, What is it called? Answered

In Movies such as "Shaun of the Dead" or (lesser known) "Dead Snow", there is a particular technique which they use when filming the scenes where the characters equip themselves to fight the zombies. It combines close up shots of each weapon, usually with someone grabbing/lifting it, in quick succession, with a specific noise accompanying each shot. It's rather difficult to explain, but I hope you understand. My question is, What is this type of shot called? I'm hoping to take Film Studies next year at Uni, and I'm trying to expand my knowledge now. Any help would be appreciated.

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Has anyone found a way to sync a Samsung Pixon with a Mac - iSync doesn't work.?

I've swapped my old Samsung D900 for a Pixon, mainly for the 8mp camera. I've managed to get my contacts onto the Pixon via repeated Sim card copying but I used to be able to sync both contacts and calendars using iSync over bluetooth but it doesn't work with the Pixon. Ideally it needs to be a non web-based technique because I have very little phone signal in the remote rural location where I live and the Pixon does not connect via wi-fi.

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How to build a space capsule for instructing children

Hi, I teach space science and I want to show students a model space capsule that looks similar to the apollo capsule (image attached.)I want a shell made of some material, in which they can place styrofoam blocks that represent the various components (drawing attached). I'm planning three tiers inside the capsule for the students to place the components as well as a window and a hatch. At first, I was thinking of buying a tapered container (bucket) and working on it. However, I cannot find any containers with the required shape. Can you suggest any other material/technique?

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How can I prevent aluminum jewelry from oxidizing?

In my instructable about making an aluminum ring, I made two aluminum rings, one for my girlfriend and one for myself. Mine is still fine; however, hers keeps turning black (oxidizing). I understand this is because she is a girl and her skin pH is different than mine (more basic); but I am curious if there are any techniques on how to prevent this from happening. The ring needs to be polished using aluminum cleaner every other week, but if there was a way to keep its mirror finish, that would be fantastic. Thank you!

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How does this rotation control mechanism work? Answered

I've been trying to figure out a good technique to control the motor rotation in a split-flap display. I've found two methods that I want to compare. One is with a NEMA8 stepper motor (I want to try to keep things small and easy to replicate), the other technique is with a method I've only seen in one place, and I'm not exactly sure what's going on. You can see the video here. From what I gather, they have a DC Motor, that controls two discs. The right hand disc acts as your zero reference, and the left references each flap in the split-flap display.  I can faintly see a red light flashing that I think is on the left hand connector, that flashes every time a groove in the wheel spins past. The right hand wheel only has one groove in it, and when it's facing straight down, you'll see the LED turn on. I imagine the LED is turning on to let the programmer know that that sensor is picking up the groove, but I don't think it's the sensor. I also think those grooves are super important to the sensing, but I don't know how. I know how ball mice work, but those require a IR emitter/receiver on each side of the wheel. I can't see that here (though it could be hidden). So my question is, how does this work? Or, if it's a better question, what is the simplest/cheapest way to get precision accuracy (and the ability to zero if things shift out of place) out of a DC motor without programming the stopping points? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Multiplexing more than 100 7segment LED displays with a microcontroller

What are the multiplexing techniques to interface about 100 7segment displays to a 8-bit microcontroller (say 8051). If I hook up a row of decoders to the control pins of the display array on a common bus, I guess I might acheive it. But I doubt if there would be any flicker while doing so. Say for example, If I have 64 pairs of 7seg digits to be controlled, I may do a round-robin multiplex to the tune that each pair is ON for about 1ms in every 64 ms. Will that be possible, given that the duty cycle and frequency are of that order? Thanks for your invaluable response. Regards, Ather

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Does anyone know of a "Paint" filter for Photoshop?

I am trying to do a bit of stylistic work on photos, and I am trying to get a cartoonish look to them. however, I need it to be smooth and bright with few heavy, black outlines. I know of a "paint" function on a video mixer I once used, but being that I have not the 10 grand to drop for such a piece of equipment, that option is out the window. a good example of what I am looking for is DVShades' LiveToon plugin for Final Cut Pro, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a 3rd party filter or a  technique that would replicate this in either GIMP or PhotoShop. for pictures on what the effect looks like, visit http://www.dvshade.com/LTExamples.html

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Harvesting voltage difference between xylem and soil of plants with LTC3588 nanopower energy harvester? Please help :)

Http://cds.linear.com/docs/en/datasheet/35881fc.pdf - here is a link for more information about the LTC3588-1 that I was planning on using. What would I use this with? An Arduino board or something similar?  It's for a research project trying to get energy from plants and trees and things. Basically I want a circuit that can store energy from voltage difference in a plant.  Any tips or advice for how to go about it? What materials, knowledge and techniques will I need to use? Thank you so much for your input and thoughts. 

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