Tiny turbos?

Hey I was wondering if anyone had any idea if there are tiny turbos out there, One's that could be used in a jet engine.You see my [https://www.instructables.com/id/The-accidental-pocket-jet-engine.../ jet engine] doesn't generate thrust in any real quantity but I had a great idea for a design that would be tiny and possibly capable of being used in some more interesting projects, only I need a turbo of some sort...

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Extra tiny soldering

Ok, I have a weller 40w iron and I want to do some seriously tiny work, I cannot afford to buy anything. how would I go about making a tip for the iron?

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Tiny timer with display

Hi I want to make a timer - a very small one - for using in school, for cookling and so on... It needs to have a display with at least four digits, five buttons(reset, on/off, start/stop, minutes and hours). I'm planning on powering it by a CR2032, or another button-sized battery. Does anyone have schematics or circuits I could have a look at? In advance, thank you:)

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Can anyone point me to a good source for specialty LEDs?

I am  looking for someplace that sells miniature LEDs. My wife has a clothing project she is working on, and I am trying to add some light accents to it for her, but what I need for the project are tiny LEDs, preferably < 3mm in size. I have never soldered electronic projects before, so complete devices with coin or smaller batteries would be great, but I could learn to solder some simple circuits if I had to. Thanks in advance for any help and resources folks can pass along. All your help is greatly appreciated :-)

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How do you program a attiny13a? Answered

I'm thinking about getting some attiny13a micro-controllers. But how do you program them. I've seen https://www.instructables.com/id/Ghetto-Programming%3a-Getting-started-with-AVR-micro/ but that's for the attiny2313. Thanks in advance!

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i have a small camera from a samsung phone which one of my friends gave to me and i want to use it for something

the small camera i have pictured is from a samsung mobile phine which was broken in halve, i want to use the camera for something but i don't know what to do. can someone tell me how to use it please

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I want to build a laptop inside my old gameboy SP?

I want to build a laptop inside my old gameboy SP. I have considered the beagleboard, gumstix, flashcarts, and even the ITX mini. So far, I think the beagleboard wins, because it's self contained  and just the right dimensions. Is there any other sort of board I should consider before I blow $100 on a beagle board? It has to fit withing 3"x 3" and preferably run linux or windows. Thanks for your ideas! -WiLL

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Tiny solar cells - UK supplier?

Solarbotics sell a tiny solar cell. A dollar each, but postage doubles the price.Does anybody know of a cheaper source, preferably in the UK?I have already googled, and failed.Alternatively, is it possible to cut or break up a normal solar cell and still use the fragments?

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I want to make a tiny hot plate

I am trying to make a hot plate about the size of a quarter to 50 cent piece. I am going to wire in a dimmer switch for temp control, I would like even heat so I dont know if nichrome is the way to go-I'd love to use some sort of flat type resistor but havent found anything on line that seems fesible. Also I would like to use a plug in power suppy. Any ideas?

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Tiny solar powered digital counter 6 digets

Is it possible to create a tiny digital counter with a plus and minus feature?

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Half Inch CRT Monitror

I was tearing apart an old VHS camera and decided to rip the LCD out of the viewfinder. Much to my suprise I find a CRT monitor not a LCD! This screen is about 1/2 inch. It has a 5 pin connector that leads to the motherboard and a chip on the bottom that says A118121. Obviously two of the conections would be V+ and ground, but what about the other three? I would like to turn this into a composite or VGA compatible screen (maybe even a crazy tiny oscilloscope) but I need some help. Any suggestions or leads would be greatly appreciated.

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Is there any use for the tiny transformers in compact florescent light bulbs? Answered

Can the tiny little transformers be of use in simple electronic experiments? Can they be used in place of a toroid in a Joule thief?

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Really Mini Shocker?

Hi all, I am looking to build a really miniature, low-output shocker device and I've come a bit stuck. The instructables that I have see here all seem to dispense shocks of about 400v and I think they are too painful for what I have in mind, though I don't really know (if you know better then please tell me, you may make my life easier :) ). I'm looking for the device to be able to deliver no more than a distinct nip, and be about the size of a Cr2032 cell. I also would like a miniaturised power source like that. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and point me in the right direction as to parts and where to get them (I'd like to salvage as many parts as possible because I'm on a tight budget). Thanks in advance to all who reply.

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teeny tiny circuit to make led fade in and out.

Good morning. long time lurker, first time poster. i am working on a small project and thought this would be the best place to ask. i need to come up with a teeny tiny circuit that when power is applied will fade in an led (over 1sec), and then when power is removed will fade back out (1sec). it doesnt have to be exactly 1 sec, but somewhere in that ballpark. the space i have to work with is only 21.91mm X 6.02mm X 19.4mm, and id like to also be able to add a small switch in there too so i can disable the led when its not needed. input voltage is 12v and i need 5.5v out, 6v max. any ideas are welcome. i have found a few circuits on here already, but most are way to big to fit into the tiny space i have to work with.

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Tiny LCD hack help for a non electronic experimenter.

Hi All! I am building a radio controlled plane and i want to simulate the moving animations on the cockpit displays. I'm totally electronic newby so i decided the best way is to take an old cellphone, and cut the lcd ribbon cable and just extend with wires, mounting the lcd in the cockpit and hiding the cellphone parts in a model of a aircraft servicing unit. the tracers on the cable are super tiny..... I was wondering if anyone here had a better idea, considering my lack of electronic knowledge? Ive tried digital picture frames but they take the first frame of the gif animation and discard the rest, showing only a picture.

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Looking to make tiny motorized track for spice storage?

I need more spice storage than any spice rack I can find.  My cabinet space is roughly 23 inches by 11 inches.  I would like to build some sort of serpentine track through the entire space that can hopefully be motorized to carry standard size spice bottles around for display.  I have considered using train track but the trains that would run on track that can make the radius turn required (roughly 1.5 inch radius) is not sturdy enough to support the bottles.  I have considered a chain and sprocket system.  I have even considered using children's building toys.  Any ideas?

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Removing a teeny/tiny iPod/iPhone drilled screw

Hello, I have been doing some repair work on an iPod Touch 3G. One repair I'm having to perform is the power button which is totally unresponsive. This required removing some very soft tiny screws at the bottom of the device. Unfortunately, one didn't survive the screwdriver and quickly chewed up, which means I've had to drill it using a drill bit, which took a surprising amount of effort. The problem now I have is extracting the final stem which is still screwed in. The stem isn't flush with the metal but it's not far off, making it hard to grab using pliers. I'm looking for some suggestions how to remove it. I've read that cutting a thin screwdriver in half and gluing it using super glue is a way. Another way seems to buying an extraction set but the only one I can find in the area looks far too big (despite having a precision piece). Thoughts? All suggestions welcome.

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Can I fit a 10W heatsink in a zippo? Answered

I want to put a cree XM-L LED in an old zippo, and I want to know if anyone knows how to fit a big heatsink in the top part of a zippo lighter, not in the base, and preferably able to buy everything from a hardware store, not ordered online.  Also, does anyone know how to anodize aluminum for added heat dissipation?

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where can i get tiny LEDs like the ones in my cellphone?

Phone is a samsung t319 & the LEDs are TINY! maybe 1mm x .7mm(?) barring any info on a supplier, does anyone know the spex on these little buggers (in case i try to extract them from the phone & use them)?

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Do they sell tiny little steam/fog/smoke generators?

I'm not sure what to be looking for. I would like a tiny little thing that makes fog/steam/smoke. I think they are sold for model trains. What are these things called, and where could I get one? There is one in this instructable here.   

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I need a tiny screen for a pc running Debian with LXDE.

I was thinking around the size of a pip boy screen because thats kinda the idea. 5"-7" would be the best size, and vga input or hdmi as I will likely be using the raspberry pi (http://www.raspberrypi.org/) when it comes out

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Does anybody know a tiny MCU for PWM and USB Connection?

I need a microcontroller with 3 PWM pins, for an RGB LED. I also need to connect it to a computer using USB. I`ve seen the attiny2313 has enough PWM pins for this, but is quite big. As I understand, the attiny 25 has just 2 PWM channels. Does the attiny24(or 44 or 84) have enough pins for USB Serial comunication and 3 PWM pins?

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Good TINY colour lcd/screen for RPI? +What LCD is this?

(My LCD in comments) In need of a  tiny screen for my raspberry pi, the best one I have seen is 1.44"  https://www.adafruit.com/products/2088 But I am actually looking for something smaller and as high quality as possible while keeping my budget under the £25 mark. Optimum size would be 15 by 25mm but obviously that is impossibly as this for the main display. To be used as a computer right next to your eye; (I am using focusing lenses) (Raspberry pi) Brilliant is around 15 by 25 Good is 20 by 35 Kinda bad is 3.5 by 3.5 Preferably detached from board (wires-  unlikely) and rectangular ratio. Must be Raspberry Pi Compatible. UK please! You guys here, are incredible that you can answer me and my persistent waffling and stupid questions for free, so thanks so much. Regards Rowan

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USB to 3.5mm Aux Cable?

I am planning to make a tiny bluetooth earbud and the only way I see that I can make it is that if I can connect a USB Bluetooth plug thing into an aux cable and connecting it to tiny speakers.

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personal media viewer screens?

I need to get a personal media viewer for my current project, but it would be much cheaper if I could make one but I don't know how or where to to get the things I need rca or vga input would be good but I could use an adapter if necessary

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I need a circuit to run a tiny motor from a USB port? Answered

I made a leather "Steam Punk" case for a portable hard drive. It has several gears that show under a glass porthole and I need a way to move the gears powered from a second USB cable. I'll use a separate USB cable then the Hard drive as I don't want to compromise the original device. I have a very small motor from some Radio Shack ZipZap RC cars. Tried to design a simple circuit myself but can't get the motor to spin. I suspect it doesn't have enough current. The motor does spin if hooked directly to a AA batery. The ZipZaps work with 2 AAA bateries in the charger/controller. The car hooks on top of the controller charges up and then can run for a short time. Opening the car up it has a 1.2 V 100mAh NI-MH battery inside it. Tried looking at a couple of BEAM robot solar engine designs used to run small motors from solar cells but just coudn't figure out how to convert them. I'm looking for a small circuit (in size) that could drive this motor, with a backwards current spike protector so the USB or computer doesn't get fried. I have limited EE experience but can through hole solder but not surface mount. -Steve

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Would love your ideas for how to use tiny, wireless, battery powered sensor/controler.

Hey everyone, We made a tiny wireless sensor/controler that can be set up without any programming. We want to make step-by-step guides of how to implement these little sensors/controllers for all kinds of things. What would you use these for? We have a whole list of ideas, but im guessing there are plenty every day things for other people we didn't even think of. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks! -Tom-

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Does anybody have an idea of how I could fit an LED and battery into a very very small jar? Answered

The batteries are a tiny bit bigger than the inner circumference of the opening =( If you do, I will most definitely post an 'ible on how to make a very, very tiny light-up jar ;)

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I have a Lasonic mp3/mp4 player with a tiny screen and usb connector. Can I install linux on it?

 I have a music player by Lasonic. It has a small screen and a micro usb connector. I was hoping to install linux on it so i can then install a simple dictionary as i do not have any other use of it. Does anyone know how this can be done?

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has anyone used the sparkfun tiny avr programmer to program an atmega chip?

I know that in the documentation it specifically says that you can program an atmega chip with it; however, I don't know how I would go about it. can I program it through the arduino IDE like I can with the attiny85? if so, where would I get the files for it (I had to get specific files for the attiny85 chip)? where would I connect the wires (the hookup guide shows a connection points that are nonexistent on the actual chip)? sorry if these questions are simple. I'm currently blundering and flailing into the world of AVR microcontrollers and need all the help I can get.

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Need some help... tiny blinking LED's with a small battery and off/on switch?

I incorporated a few circuit boards into a stained glass panel I created (titled..."The Board Room") (kind of city scape piece with different textures of all clear glass) and would like to add 2 tiny red blinking LED's on the front side, with a small battery and off/on switch attached on the back of one of the boards, AND I'm electronically challenged.  I think the boards are a phone and a remote but shouldn't make a difference. Want to place LED's near the tops of the boards like blinking light atop tall buildings.... I have a radio shack nearby and plenty of beer for the project.  Would have attached a picture but a pin in card reader bay in my camera just broke off.  NOT in a huge hurry, I've had the piece shelved for 3+ years so a while longer won't kill me. Anybody out there got any ideas?  Thanx!

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Building custom tiny stereo to output sound from two different sources

Hello there, I'd want to build a tiny custom stereo, small enough to be mounted on a forearm. It has to receive input from two different sources: my smartphone (should act as a simple mp3 player) and a head mounted microphone. As I'm not into electronics really, I would use some help. I've read this instructable as reference: https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Stereo-Amplifier/ I'm not pretty sure about what kind of speakers I should use and what exact components I should need. I'd want to use two speakers and I don't really care about stereo sound, actually I would prefer mono sound. Maybe I could use one speaker for the phone output and the other one for the microphone output. I'd also like to put the amplifier distant from the speakers, since the forearm mount should be as slim as possible, so I'd put it in the back trousers pocket, if I manage to make it small enough. As you see I'm kind of confused, I have ideas, but not knowledge. Have you got any guide or whatever I could use? Thank you for your help!

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Gigantic 3D printer

This 3D printer is a giant step up from other 3D printers. Where most 3D printers make items that you can hold in your hands,  this machine by Enrico Dini in Italy is making items you can walk inside. It lays them up tiny layer by tiny layer and the result is pretty sturdy. One day it might even be used on site to make intricate buildings. Link via Make

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Anyone can tell me what's the smallest acutator/(stepper-)motor for angle of about ~45° ?

Was just a fixed idea and i'm not really into electronics yet, but i wondered, if it was possible to make bigger panels with tiny motors that move metal stripes/chips to form shifting shapes. Maybe just think of iron man's self-mounting armor or fish swarms for example, but in a smaller way, say as tiny as possible, but affordable (hehe).

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I have an tiny monochrme CRT Monitor thing from a really old camcorder, can it be used for some interesting projects?

Its a 5 cm long CRT monitor, im guessing a native resolution of 640x480, its got four connecting wires at the very end, its a pretty cool looking piece, i read somewhere this guy ran xp through it, so i was wondering if it could be used for something like that, a hud of some sort probably. any clues?

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Can I use my Sony Ericsson mobile phone as a secondary screen for Windows XP??

 I like the idea of having a secondary screen for displaying stuff like twitter updates, new emails or just random photos from flickr. I have a Sony Ericsson k530i with a tiny screen that I connect to my Windows XP using Bluetooth or cable. Can I use this tiny screen to act as a secondary screen. Any software etc for this purpose?

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Are tiny gadgets that connect to TV's to play videos hard to make and if not why haven't anyone or company made one yet?

I've seen small sound boxes created to play sounds or voices, but have never seen small battery (cell or AAA) powered devices that'll connect to the video inputs to play short videos in a loop. This would be a good product for businesses that want to play a certain video over and over on a TV/monitor display without the need to hook up a dvd player or other power hogging device.

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Anyone know where I can buy this?

I am looking for a small (doesn't have to be tiny) camera with a transmitter and a receiver that can be plugged into a TV/LCD screen. Thanks -BuroKun

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usb to aux cable?

I am planning to make wireless headphones. The only way I see it working is that I need a usb bluetooth thing connected to an aux cable which is connected to tiny earbuds.

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Interview: the man who makes the smallest engines.

I lone this guy's work - tiny, working, hand made models of IC engines - but I love his attitude even more...

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My toshiba wont turn on, the battery died Answered

 i plugged the adapter in, and now the adapter is like making a tiny but high pitched whine. any clues smart masses??? thanks a ton!

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How can I make a USB driven heating element?

How can I make (if it is even possible) a heating element that runs off usb, and produces enough heat to burn a (tiny) piece of wood to the point of producing smoke?

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Is it a current limiter or what???

when rebuilding a battery pack for a Sears cordless drill,I encountered a tiny diode or fuse or thermistor of sorts,in the wire coming from the negative pole.It appears this is only active during charging. At any rate,what is it and where do you find a new one??

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Why is the ATtiny85 more expensive than the ATmega328? What? Answered

I only need 2 I/O pins, but if I can get it cheaper with the 328 then why not?  Can anyone find the tiny for under 5 bucks with shipping?

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how do you separate golds from the celphone boards?

The board of any cellphone has tiny amount of gold in it .what is the step by step process you do and the chemicals you add to separate those gold from the cellphone board.

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Can you take the arduino chip out of the arduino?

I have a pulse width modulation circuit set up on my arduino. Is there a way to take the chip out and connect it to leds? Can anyone explain this simple concept to me? I need to have a TINY PWM circuit

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Need a spy pen

I have searched everywhere, and cannot find a DIY spy pen ANYWHERE... I want it to have built in storage. Really I just need to know how to make a tiny camera set up, so I can put it in different housings. Really want it soon though. Thanks.

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How would I go about making a head mounted camera? Answered

Hi, I want to make some apparatus that will allow me to film first person. I have lots of spare PVC pipe and I have a tiny camera that I will record from. NM

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Should I use it? Answered

I got this flyback transformer without high voltage cable so I cut it until I found a tiny piece of metal. Is it safe to use the transformer ? and If it is how do I find the best coils to be the primary and the feedback from the 2n2055 driver.

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3d TV Made Simple? Answered

Okay so, 3d tv works by darkening the glasses over each eye at the refresh rate of the tv right? But wouldn't it be easier to have the tv just morph the image a little tiny bit to the right and left like 70 times a second? Look at the pic.

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