Type of diode

Hey everyone, I recently had an ASUS laptop to repair and after troubleshooting, found some damaged components among which is this surface mount diode (kindly see picture). I looked around for a datasheet but cannot find anything. Am also unable to find out exactly what type of diode it is from its code marking. I've had results varying from a 'leakage diode' to '3.3V zener diode'. However, I am suspecting it might be a schottky diode since it was in what looks like a boost circuit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Code marking: 100 98FP1  j Thanking everyone in anticipation. Kind Regards, Nawaz

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Hand-held typing device - UK - Mid 1980s.? Answered

Back in the 1980s I knew someone who used a hand-held typing device which worked by pressing 5 keys (one for each finger + thumb) to form characters.  The stored text could then be downloaded via (I think) serial link to a PC.  He used to infuriate lecturers by appearing to be sitting idly and not taking notes when he could actually operate this device at normal speaking speed and could print off a whole lecture transcript afterwards. What was this device called and who made it?

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What type of capacitor are these? Answered

Hello . I just get some non-polarized capacitor .But What type of capacitor are these? Thanks!

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What is the type of this Diode?

Hi,all Please help me with a specific type of diode unidentified.it's symble is like a zener diode or Schottky diode.

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what type of capacitor is this ? Answered

Hello , i just bougth some capacitor from electronic store.In my country ,English is not the nature language ,so i dont know what is the name of this type of capacitor in English .they have number 104( 100nF)  and other is 105(1uF).And they dont have mask witch pin is  + or  -  pin.Thay mean they are Non polarized capacitor ??  Here is the image of them . Thanks ! p/s: sorry for my bad English.

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What type of resistor?

Can anyone help me I'm not very good with electrics but I would like to know how to find out what type of resistor I would need to run power from my ps3 power supply to the fan... If I wire it straight it's running way to fast and would like to set it to a lower speed. I have used a 220k potentiometer in the past but dont want to have to adjust it plus they are to bulky is heir a certain kind I should b looking at??

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What type of transformer is this?

I got this out of a wall-wart and am trying to add it to my stun baton to make a bigger arc, can anyone tell me the full info on how to use it as an arc generator using a 2000 volt input?    PS im doing this safely and DO NOT USE THIS ON LIVING THINGS JUST AN EXPERIMENT!!!!

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Quadcopter Motor Type? Answered

Hi, I'm working on building a quadcopter.  I have everything figured out, but I'm wonder what motors (and where) I should get.  I would also like that motor to have a propeller mounted on it.  I have seen many Instructables for quadcopters, but none of them specify the motors/propellers.  If you could answer this, please do!  Thanks.

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Looking for a type of switch

Hi People of Instructables! I hope I am posting in the right place. I am looking for a switch that when you walk pass a point it shuts off and when you walk the other way past that point goes back on.   For example... I have a flash-light in my hand, when I walk through a doorway into a house the light turns off.  I go through the doorway the other way (to the outside) the light turns on. Conditions: It has to be able to do this through cloth as the flashlight could be in my pocket. It can only work when you walk through the doorway but not when standing near the doorway Does anything like this exist?  if yes what is it called? I have been searching the 'net and not been successful as I don't have a clue what I am looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my post! TheLastPrincess

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How do you make the little heart symbol?

I have been wanting to make the little black heart when I am typing but can't figure out how! Please help!

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Dr. Weird showed me his Deagle (I think) so I made this ...................................()||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||(+) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||IIIII |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||IIIII ||||||||..........................---||||||||||||||||_(_|..........|||||||||||| |||||||..............................|||||||||||||||(..................|||||||||||| ...................................||||||||||||||(......................|||||||||||| ..................................|||||||||||||(..........................|||||||||||| .................................|||||||||||||(.............................|||||||||||| Post yours in a comment please!

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what type of this ir sensor??

What type of this ir sensor??

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What type of scooter battery is this?

Sorry about upside down pic

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What type of security tag is this? Answered

Hello, Could anyone tell me what type of security tag this is? I have Googled and Wickipediad en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_tag  around the subject looking for,  'induction coil security tag',  but I mainly find information about the flat strip type. I'm new to electrickery so I am guessing it is an induction type of device? Also, is the green component a capacitor? ...um...  Thank you.

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how to make this type of pictures? Answered

Some pictures have box like line structure on the things in the picture which if we take the cursor on shows some sentences on the box.how tp make that type of picture.here is a link to a instructable which contain many of such type of pictures:https://www.instructables.com/id/5-Minute-DIY-Motor/.please takt a look and tell me how to make.

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What's the name of this type of switch? Answered

What's the name of the type of switch then works by rotating it, and you can keep rotating it on one direction.  Like the kind of switch that controls the volume in a car.  I'm assuming that every click switches between being it conducting and not conducting?  I need to use one with a micro controller (I don't want to use a potentiometer because they can only rotate so much) and I need to know the name so i can buy one.

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Electrolytic Capacitor types/ uses? Answered

About electrolytic (aluminium) capacitors..... what do the low ESR ones do that normal ones don't? And how come they have these capacitors in bipolar types, but not all are bipolar? Is it because of the size/cost? And lastly, can you make an LC circuit with any electrolytic capacitor?                                                                                                             Many thanks P.S: In which frequency range are LC resonant ciruits best used? Cos I heard that lower/higher than a specific point, they become impractical or something....

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Instructable for xshot-type device?

Hi, I've seen all the instructables for monopods and string stablilizer things, but I was wondering if there is anyone that knows how one would make a device that you can connect to your camera and take a picture of yourself, or get yourself in a group shot. There is a device called the xshot, but I'd rather make my own! Thanks!

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Which type of computer is best?

Ok, so my father has offered to pay for HALF of a new computer. But which type is the best? Macs are very aesthetic, but expensive. I also would be dual booting it with windows. PC's are cheaper, but sometimes that also reflects in the hardware. My only requirement is that it be gaming compatible. Big monitor, if it's like a iMac and has one built in. High performance graphics. I'd like atleast 4gb of memory, but 8+ would be delightful. Harddrive space isn't really an issue, since I am currently using about 60 gb. I have something like $400 right now. I could probably make that around 800 - 900 by the end of the summer. So a Mac is defiantly a possibility. Also, I'm a student so I get a $100 dollar rebate from the Mac store.

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Motor type / Arduino control

I am looking for a motor to control via Arduino. I know such a thin exists but am not sure exactly what it's called. Basically it is a motor but instead of rotating a shaft it make the shaft go in and out. It doesn't need to apply much pressure just a little tap. I thought it might be called an actuator and is similar to a solenoid I suppose. Any idea where I would find such a thing, what it would be called and how to control via Arduino. Thanks. Phil

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type of soldering wire use

Hello, I have a 60/40 rosin core solder wire. Then I use a 220V soldering iron. Now whenever i tried to melt it, it took short while. compare to those wire in which you can melt it by only touching it with the iron. It's because i tried to repair a headphone jack and I still got where to solder it. Top - Green 2nd - Blue 3rd - Copper  4th - Red It was based on its current solded positions between the thin wires and the 3.5mm jack. now I'm asking what kind of wire do I use. I saw other video tutorials on how to repair a headphone and whenever they solder it, it was a spot on. Thank you.

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Can someone make an instructable for this?

Hey,This is my first post on the Instructables community section, so here goes.I've been looking at this product for awhile now: ThisHowever, I don't live in the states, and have to pay for massive postage costs for something so simple.So, I'm requesting if someone could help me by making a DIY tutorial version (an Instructable :P) of this?I need it desperately. Plus it'd increase my nerdiness by 340% _~Tim.P.S - Sorry for any spelling errors, or if I posted this in the wrong section or anything of the sort.

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Are tube type amps really better than solid state type amps? Answered

A question below reminded me of this. My friend and neighbor plays a guitar and has been going on about how great his new Fender tube amp is and how much better it sounds than the solid state amp he previously used. Truthfully, I've listened to him play on both (he's no Chet Atkins for sure) and I can't discern much, if any difference. I've done a little research and heard words like, "warmer,"  "more vibrant" and "louder" used to describe the difference. With the exception of louder, most of these descriptions are not actually measurable. Is there a way to definitively say tubes are better, or is it just a subjective quality that depends upon the ear of the listener?

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Type of sensor in automatic scooter's speedometer? Answered

So, which Type of sensor's is in scooter's speedometer. i've got a bunch of wires i've identefied all of them, only 2 are left, which one connected to a voltameter shows no hike in voltage when scooter is moving...... so which type of sensor is that.

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Is there a "remember me" type option for Instructables.com? Answered

I keep getting logged out of Instructables so would like to have my details remembered or be always logged in. Cheers.

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Substitute for Boron in p-type semiconductor?

I am trying to think of ways to make solar panels from scratch.  I can get phosphorus from pee, silicon can be extracted from the rocks all around me, but I don't have naturally occurring boron nearby.  What are some substitutes that can be synthesized from the world without modern factories or laboratories?  Furnaces are not out of the question.

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What is the difference between types of film??

Could you tell me the difference between ultraviolet film (or is the the same as regular film just using an ultraviolet filter) and inferred? I have seen instructables about turning your camera into inferred or ultra violet cameras. I know nothing about this subject.

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Can you determine the display type?

This is a defective display belong to zoom g3x model,and i want to replace it,i dont know if its called monochrome, it shows only yellow and black colors.size of lcd is 2.3 inch also how can i measure pixels,so i can order the right one.

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Looking for the right type of switch to use....?

Hi, I'm trying to build something that might best be compared to a manually controlled speech timer with a green, yellow and red light. I only want one light on at a time, or all off. What is the best way to control this without having a single switch for each light? Am I describing something that would be classified as "single pole, quadruple throw?" Best place to find this switch? Thanks!

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Different types of motors on the same arduino?

So I am still learning Arduino but I've already built quite a few robots. I'm stepping things up a notch by building a robot with several motors. I am using 9g servos, stepper motors, standard servos, and regular dc motors with l293d ic. I am also using 2 ultrasonic distance sensors. There will be 14 motors in all but I think Arduino Uno can only handle 12? I will be using an Arduino Mega, so will that be ok? I also want to know if you can put all these different motor types on the same Arduino and if it is possible, would writing a code be really complex?

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could i make a transistor by stacking 3 silicon wafers, N type P type N type?, and soldering wires to them? Answered

Was reading about homemade transistors, but it is really complex, so would this work?

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What type of transistor is Q1?in the link below. Answered


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what is the best type of wire for coil guns?

I've been planning on making a coil gun for a while, I've got around 25 capacitors and the charger circuits, but i'm unsure as to what type of wire i should use, i know that the thinner the wire and the closer the winds are the stronger the electromagnetic pull but what is the best type of wire? any help would be appreciated p.s i plan to make a coil gun grappling hook launcher

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What Type of sensor is used in hand dryers? Answered

Which sensor is used in hand dryer type of devices which does not need a pair of boxes as transmitter and receiver? You just bring your hand under the dryer and it triggers the device.

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What type of laptop should I get?

I want a macbook pro 13, but I am not sure if this is the right choice. I would use it for word processing, music, and some gaming. It would need to be relatively fast, and thats it. Please help!

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What type of Diode would I need? Answered

What type of Diode would I need for my little home made Wind Turbine to charge a couple of rechargeable AA and AAA batteries? I assume I would need the Diode for protection against reversal of current, correct?

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What type of transistor do i need?

Hello, Im trying to build some sort of disco light set up, i will be using an arduino. Spec: Voltage 12v Arduino (5v PWM) Amps 2.5 Needs to be able to: Dim Flash What type of mosfet or transistor will i need to controll it all Thanks Daniel

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What type of capacitors for Voltage Multiplier Circuit?

I want to make a voltage mutiplier circuit to get 30kV+ DC from 12kV AC, I'm not sure what type of capacitors to get or diodes. Also how many times does it multiply the voltage, for each set of 2 diodes and 2 capacitors

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What types of transformers are these? and what are these other things?

I know most of these are transformers, but i want to know what type they are, and how i can figure out what voltage they put out. most of these circuits are from a rear projection tv except for the one that has a single transformer on it. I am new to this type of stuff and want to make something that creates sparks at least 1 cm long, and also can any of these be used to charge capacitors? Also can any of these be used to create a high voltage over 1kv?

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What can i do with this type of hardware?

What can i do with this type of hardware?Internet Plug and Play Server Gateway. Model Name ISS-2000,   VDSL MASTER BRIDGE 682M (Ethernet Over VDSL Converter VE-682M),VDSL DESKPORT KIT VE-682 (Ethernet Over VDSL Converter VE-682), GIGIBIT FIBER MODULE 10000BASE SX MODEL GS-4511X,  EXPRESSNET W/LAN POE INJECTOR F919?

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what type of electronics do i get? Answered

I am thinking of making something similar to a 3d printer (the axis part) i know a lot of diy 3d printers use arduino what electronics should i get?

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How do i charge this type of battery?

This a pic of a similar battery that I picked up at fry except mine is a 12v now how the f do i charge this thing the guys at FRY were about as helpful as a kid with down syndrom working on the assembly line at the cheeto factory.

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Make a mechanical typewriter type to a text file?

I've got an old (circa 50-60's) mechanical typewriter that has a great deal of sentimental value to my girlfriend. Her grandfather was a writer and was always glued to his typewriter. And since I'm a huge nerd I came up with this crazy idea. My plan, and hopefully this can come to life in a few years is to modify (and not break) the typewriter so that it will send text to a file that is typed out on the typewriter. I've seen the tywpewriter, but they use an electric one and it types out tweets that are found on their twitter account. My idea is to use the typewriter as a guestbook in our wedding. People will come in and type on nice pretty paper so they can see what they're writing, and we'll have a text file. I'm pretty much settling for a text file or some sort that I can use later to modify. I'm thinking I'll have to scrap a keyboard and make small solder pads for the metal keys to make contact to. Any ideas where I can get started? I'll post pics of the typewriter when I take some, but for now, just know it's mechanical and not electric. TY!

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What is the best type of ball milling media?

I'm trying to decide what kind of grinding media to use for crushing powders in my ball mill. Is it better to have different sizes? Also, is it true cylinders work better that spheres? My two main choices are either brass balls or alumina cylinders, which one should I pick?

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Website does not open when www.nagarkatti.in is typed

I have a website http://nagarkatti.in which works fine. But when I type http://www.nagarkatti.in, then the site does not open, say 404 error not found. Can someone tell me why this happens. Till two days ago, both ways was working fine. Can someone help me rectify the problem. Thank you.

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Jammed locking type RCA Audio Interconnect

Hi  I have these Straightwire Rhapsody S RCA interconnects . They have a threaded sleeve over the RCA plugs. Mine are totally jammed !!! and any attempt to turn them is loosening the RCA plug on the AMP itself !!! the RCA plug is supposedly Gold - meaning gold plated copper mostly the sleeve is nickel looking  I tried pliers ! no avail ! Help!!! thanks  NEO

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When and what was the first form/type of money?

I know about barter but what/when was actual money first about!?!?!?!?!?!???

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How could I shoot this type of video? Answered

I have been planning on shooting a postapacalyptic movie now for some time, and I have been wondering on how to get the "look" I want. I want the film to have a "gritty" feel to it. I recently have been playing through the Command & Conquer series, and I really like the way the video cutscenes look. they definitely have that "gritty" feel. How would I shoot footage to look like this? I have provided a screenshot below as an example. Thanks in advance!

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Can anyone help me with this type of LCD?

Hi everyone. I have this LCD with 21 pins. On this PCB its writen AZ-2060 LCD driver. I have no idea what kind of LCD is, i have it from a printer i think (the printer didn`t work), because i like to save parts from old things. If anyone know what kind of LCD is , please tell me, because I have an Arduino and i like to play with it and in the same time learn programming. Maybe i can use it with my Arduino. Thank you very much !!

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