how meany mah is in 1 uf?

I need to know how meany mah is in 1050 uf and i need to know

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voltage vs uf?

If you were building something, say a coil gun, would it be best to use a bank of higher voltage (300+V), lower uf (80-120uf), or a few capacitors of say, 1000uf 50V or lower?  

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can i use capacitors in paralel/serial like resistors? Answered

I know about resistors that when u use them in serial, the ohm values should be added to eachother and then you have the total resistance, or when in paralel, count it up and divide by the number of resistors (right) what i want to know is, does this aply for capacitors as well? like when i use a 1.0 uF capacitor and a 0.1uF capacitor in series, i get 1.1uF please note that the ones im planning to use are ceramic. and if they weren't should i connect them like leds in serial? like positive of one cap to negative of the other?

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470 uf cap 10v vs a 470 uf cap 100v? Answered

If the specs call for a 470uf 10v cap. Would everything still work properly with a 470uf 100v cap? What might change? 

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Capacitor problem Answered

I needed a 2.2 and a 10 uf capacitor to make a metal detector, but the values printed on my capacitors are not less than 5. I want to find that if the values on the capacitors are in uf, nf or pf. And if they are none of them. 

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uF difference interchange capacitor question

Hello everyone! I got a microwave, Sharp R21LCF with a bad capacitor. A friend of mine used to have the same Sharp microwave, but older model, R21JCA. When his R21JCA broken and could not be repaired; he took out the parts that still work and save them. So he has a spare capacitor. I compare both capacitors and found his good capacitor has a 2400VAC with .94 uF comparing to my bad capacitor, which has 2300 VAC with 1.00 uF. I understand that you can replace the capacitor with a higher voltage rating, but not sure if .6 uF difference would be ok for replacement? May i ask for your expertise opinion/input? Thank you very much for yr time! attached are the two links for those capacitor I am asking about. Bad capacitor from R21LCF Good capacitor that we want to use from R21JCA

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What value (pF/uF) this capacitor? Answered

It's blue, it has a brown blob on the side, a small grey and a small brown spot on the top.I've not been able to find a reference to this colour code, does anyone know how to read it?L

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Im out of .1uF capacitors! Can I replace them with a different value?

Im building a FM transmitter and the project requires (3) 0.1uF capacitors. But i have none left! Can i replace them with a different value?∫

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does voltage matter in a capacitor or is it only uf? Answered

Ive seen volt numbers on capacitors but people mostly just mention uf. but the uf is the same but the size of the cap looks different. does voltage matter?

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what is the capacitor code?

I have a green capacitor that has the code, .22k 100sc What is the value in uf?

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Replacing capacitors...?

I need to replace three 470 uF 25V caps but I was wondering if using 1000 uF 25V caps would work or not?

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For the LM386 IC, what is the function of the 10 uF capacitor (between pin 1 and 8). Answered

I know that by placing the 10 uF capacitor at pin 1 and 8, it bypasses the internal resistor and setting the device at 200 gain. But what I want to know is what does the capacitor actually do? Like, what would happen to the audio signal if I replaced it with a 1 uF capacitor?

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How many capacitors of 3.15 uF will it take to run a 250 volts magnetic coil in coil gun?

I am Making a Coil Gun in which i have 4 Capacitors of 3.15uF to run a magnetic coil of 250 volts so i am asking how many capacitors of 3.15 uF will it take to run a magnetic coil of 250 volts

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which capacitor would work best for a high voltage circuit? 1.05 uF @ 2100 V or 4.7 uF @ 450 V?

Hello, im trying to make a hv ciruit to ignite annoying fuel to air mixtures and require a capcitor in my circuit... which capcitor would work best? this one...;=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash;=item35a07613b8 or this one....;=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item3f01b0bc83 if so, then why? thanks for your help i really appreciate it....

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I couldn't find to uf you ship contest prizes outside of US in the Q&A?

So as stated in the title, do you ship contest prizes to europe? More precise, Italy?

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Help me connecting capacitors???

Friends i need help in connecting capacitors to get a burst of current in following cases:- capacitors of same V but different uF(i know thats not a 'u' but i dont know how to type it) capacitors of same V and  uF capacitors of different V but same uF.                                                                                & also if you can suggest me a book, article,instructable ect. so i could do it next time on my own. And i know how capacitor works but just want to know how to practically use them.                                               

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Capacitor bank for Coilgun help please!

I havetwo 680 uF capacitors, rated for 200 volts.. And I want to use a disposable camera charger to charge them both. The camera charger stops at 300 something volts, and when I wire them up in series, I get 400 volts, right?.. I want to charge them and discharge them into a coil of wire to launch a projectile at a fair velocity. , I can work with up to 10k wraps of wire, and i have only two capacitors and a major one.. First 2: 680 uF 200v 680 uF 200v Major one: 180 uF 400v Now I imagine I'd get more joules with the two smaller ones than the big one because of the microfarads, right? These specific type of capacitors are made from Elite, and are electrolytic I think, and I got the major one from a computer CRT monitor, and the two smaller ones from a computer power supply.... I also have a 3.3uF 50v capacitor. Now the question is: Can someone help me add these together to increase maximum joule output? I want to hook up the two 680 uF 200v capacitors in series to get a maximum voltage of 400. Then I want to add the major capacitor, which is 180 uF in parallel with the two other capacitors to increase microfarads, in this case, it'd be: 680 680   + ------- = 680 (because they are in series) ------- + 180  = 860 I want two capacitors in series, and the major in parallel, increasing voltage to 400 volts, and the major capacitor doing nothing but adding capacitance (IF possible) Sorry, this is alot to ask for you guys to answer, If none of the above can work, What would work better, the two 680 uF's in series, or one big 180 uF 400 volt capacitor? I apologize if I cannnot explain my question properly.... it's very hard to understand capitance and series/parallel blah blah mumbo jumbo. Thank you.

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What component is this?

I have many of these components, all different sizes. they always have Numbers and letters on them. this one says .22K 100SC It is green. what is it? thanks

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Beginner In electronics

Hey, I've just started getting into electronics, it interests me alot. I have a pretty good understanding of each individual component, but don't have a good one of how they work together, so do any of you know of a good 'circuit cookbook' that has easy circuits with explanations? That would be great. Also, what components should I always have around if I'm just tinkering? I have a bunch of resistors (1 ohm to 1M ohm) and a bunch of capacitors (.22 UF to 2200 UF).

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for a coilgun is it better to have higher voltage rated caps or higher uF rated caps?

Should i use caps with higher voltage or farads? i can get caps with like 10V and 1200uf, but idk if thats better or worse than caps that are 330V and 10uF? also could u use something with high voltage to make a coilgun like a taser with 1800000V if u just pulsed it with the right kind of switch?

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Coil Gun Question?

So i have a coil gun with 5 capacitors at 330v and 120 uf. If i charge them with a 9 volt battery will it burn the camera circuit out?

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How do I fix my tesla coil? Answered

My tesla isn't working, and I just want to see if anyone sees a problem. * NST voltage: 10,000 Volts 30 mA * 12 AWG connections wire (radio shack) * 15 feet primary copper tubing * 900 feet secondary winding * Aluminum ducking top load (18 inch diameter) * 12 0.22 uF 2000 volt capacitors (total: 12,000  volts, 0.0073 uF) * 2mm spacing spark gap * ground rod: metal knitting needle If you need more information, just ask (pictures below). Thanks for your help! (I need it to work in half a month)

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What amperage will I get from these capacitors?

Alright I am finally getting around to making a coil gun, I made a measly bank of 30 330v 100uf capacitors, totaling 3k uf. However, I just took apart a big ass power supply for battery banks, now I have two coke-can sized 250 volt capacitors, each rated 4400 uf, and I am going to hook them up in parallel, making it an 8200uf capacitor bank, to charge with camera flash circuits in parallel as well. Thing is, I need to find a relay that won't blow up from this, so what kind of amperage will I be getting sending this through a coil?

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is there a to use the big burst of energy from a capacitor to have enough energy to make a photon or ray gun of sorts? Answered

How powerfull would a capacitor need to be to do this, an what is the relation between volts and uF?

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G.E. dielektrol capacitor making popping sounds internally Answered

I recently acquired a G.E. 40,000 volt capacitor and initially it was fine but it has started making loud popping sounds inside while charging and discharging. It sounds like there might be arcing inside but it still holds a charge just fine which is quite strange. The sound always comes from the same exact spot and the capacitance has decreased from 1.88 uf to 1.5 uf. I'm wondering if inside the cap there is several smaller ones and maybe a connection came loose during shipping but I really don't want to pull it apart because it's welded shut. Any advice on what I should do would be helpful :) Thank in advance!

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Old LED ratings?

I bought a large box of what appears to be New Old Stock (NOS) of electrical parts at a garage sale.  In one box was a bunch of orange LED's and a piece of paper with the following written on it. Ir=6nA Uf=1.92V C=1pF Can anyone decode this for me? Duane

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What kind of SCR would I need for a coilgun with 2500uf 500vdc capacitors? Answered

Using a bank of 6 capacitors, all rated for 500 WVDC and 2500 uF. I'm only going to be mainly using them with 240 and 130 VDC. Would a 500Amp SCR be applicable?

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What is the best form of charge a capacitor bank?

I want to charge a capacitor bank of 450 volts, 4000-6000 uf. With dc. I have these ideas to charge it: Cockcroft walton Flyback  What is the best way to charge it, i want that the charge time be like 2-10seconds Thanks

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555 monostable sensitivity?

Has anyone built a 555 monostable circuit that was extremely sensitive for no apparent reason? I'm trying to use one in a rube-goldburg machine, and for some reason it's extremely sensitive to any sort of touch! The circuit sometimes comes on for no apparent reason, other times it will stay on for longer than the expected duration after the button is pushed. I'm using non-CMOS 555 on about 5 volts to run a small LED. The capacitor I used was a 0.01 uF on pin 1 to 5, and a 1 uF electrolytic on pin 1 to 6. I used a 1M resistor on pin 7 to 8.  I'm simply baffled by it. I've tried using different breadboards, different PSUs, brand new components, and correct gauge wire, but despite everything being seemingly fine, it's still shows the sensitivity. Anyone have any advice?

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Circuit Design Edumacation

Can anyone direct me to free internet resources that will help me with circuit design? I can usually figure out what type of parts are needed for a given circuit, but am often completely stymied by what specific parts to select - what resistor value, which transistor, what voltage and uF cap? What's available? Thanks!

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I want to build my first Tesla coil...need some advice about the caps

What size caps should I use in my Tesla coil...I have access to 24 and 48 uF that are used in street lights...this is my first coil and I am using a 15 kv nst..any help would be awesome

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12kj coilgun help Answered

I have 15 10000 uf 400v 17200 ma capacitors I was wondering what the best way to charge them would be each stage will be ran from 3 caps making 2400j each stage for 5 stages. If there is no efficient way to charge all at once I would like to be able to charge each stage separately.

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I recently took apart an old stereo reciever that didnt work anymore. As always, I salvaged as much stuff as I could, and came across 2 huge capacitors. They are each about the size of a C- batery,and are rated at 50v, 6800 uF. I, of course, saved them, but now I cant think of anything to do with them!if anyone has any ideas, please let me know stat.

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if my capacitor is 100uf and 330v can i charge it with a 1.5v battery and still use it to "wake" an innocent victim up? Answered

Im using the capacitor for a shocker to harm my enemies (those who hate instructables beware) (update) well could you help me make my own capacitor charger? one that wont vaporize flesh??

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Power supply

Last time I tried to do my own homemade project I failed utterly, I think mostly because I had no idea what anything was (if you saw my last topic on a distortion petal, you know what I'm talking about). I decided instead to buy a book (Tab Electronics Guide to Understanding Electricity and Electronics by G. Randy Slone) which has projects in it, the first one being a power supply. I haven't started building it yet (waiting until I get back to the city) but I've started looking up parts. The thing is, I can't find a 4400-uF 50-WVdc capacitor anywhere! So my question is, can I just put two 2200-uF 50-WVdc capacitors in parallel to do the job of one of the 4400's? That isn't my only question, just the first which I'll ask later in this thread. Thank you (PS: Has anyone had a problem with using Chrome and entering text into these fields? I had to switch to Firefox to get it to work)

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My NST is buzzing- how do I stop it?!?!?

Hello, I am in the final steps of perfecting a Tesla Coil that I started a few months back. I only got the spark gap to fire in one test run. Every other time, the circuit does nothing, and my new 10 kv neon sign transformer buzzes loudly and ominously. I'm really worried that I'll burn it out. Why is it malfunctioning? How can I fix the problem?Update: After a little experimenting, and checking all connections, I've found that the one time that the spark gap fired happened because of a wiring error (i connected the gap in series to the transformer instead of parallel); this resulted in a spark across the gap, but no oscillation. I'm starting to think that the capacitor's are the problem. I originally believed that the required capacitance was .003 uf, but I recalculated that and found that it was actually .0079 uf. This could explain why a spark couldn't jump. I'll order some more, and see how that goes. Thank you all.

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FT232RL+breadboard arduino programming problems

I am trying to program a breadboard arduino with an ft232rl programming adaptor that I found online. I made the 'duino using a atmega 328 preloaded with arduino uno optiboot from sparkfun. I attached 5volts power, 16mhz crystal, reset button, and an led to pin 13. When power is supplied, the led pulses then stopps suggesting that the bootloader is working correctly. I then connected a ft232rl to the arduino with rx to tx and tx to rx as well as the DTS pin to a 0.1 UF cap and to reset. Then i connected it to my computer via usb and installed the VCP drivers. It shows up as a com port in the IDE and I selected the board as an uno and tried to flash the blink sketch. The lights on the breakout blink, but i keep getting the avrdude not in sync message. I have tried switching cables, usb ports, pressing the reset button while programming, i have gotten rig of the 0.1 uf cap and jumped directly to DTS, i have tried both sets of drivers and have restarted the board, my computer, and the IDE as well as feeding a separate 5 volt source to the chip. How can I fix this? I am using windows vista SP1 with ide version 1.0.1 and a cheap programmer from ebay. 

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Coilgun, Mosfet problem and joules?

I have two questions: when a mosfet is damaged, it conducts electricity without putting energy to the gate? I have the 75N75 mosfet and I want to use it on the rwilsford07 boost converter, but the mosfet didn't work and I don't know why it conducts energy without putting energy to the gate. I read that the mosfet can be damaged with static electricity, but I use always an anti-static wrap. The formula to get the joules from a coilgun is this?: 0.000005 * C * V * V C= uf V= voltage

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Looking to make a new coilgun, need answers

I was going to start a new coilgun now that i've learn more about the coil it self (last one shot 3 inches , bad coils!Whats the best capacitors to use? - How many volts and UF? - Where can i get them for a cheap price?What tips do i need to know to keep the capacitors safe, as long with me (besides DONT TOUCH CONNECTIONS WHEN ITS HOT!) lol....I can use camera flash circuits to charge the caps, just don't know whats best to get :(

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Best voltage for coil gun?

In my coil gun project I have 36 330v 120 uf flash capacitors. When I had them arranged in 4 banks of 9 linked together in series (.5*1200*1200*1000e-6 = 720J) the projectile could easily punch through cardboard. But when I tried to increase the power by making 7 banks of 5 giving me (.5*2100*2100*500e-6 = 1100J) the projectile has trouble getting through cardboard. The coil I am using is 50 feet of 22 gauge wire. Is there any thing that I am missing? Thanks.

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12kj coilgun project

Hello I am working on a new coilgun using 15 10000 uf 400v 17200 ma capacitors. The accelerator is 5 stage, while using 3 caps per stage each stage will have 2400j of energy. I will be posting updates on this forum every month or so. my current setback on the project is charging what I am wondering is what input current and voltage and output current would I need to charge 3 caps decently fast. once that is solved I will line up 5 in parallel to charge all (1 per stage) if I need to line up a greater amount of a lower rated circuits I will.

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What is this component? Answered

I recently took up an interest in selling kits for my instructable "The Light Theremin." However upon ordering the exact parts I realized I still don't know what type of capacitor I used! When I built it I assumed from its size that it was 1.0uF, and judging from the lack of complaints on the instructable I must be somewhat right. Here is all the information i know and can provide... - its marked "104" on one side - It is a ceramic disk capacitor. - light brown in color. - and seems to work well in an experiment around 9 volts direct current. Here is a link to my instructable: Thank You!

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Make a 9V powered zapper? Answered

My friend has this thing that looks like a pack of gum and when you grab and pull the piece sticking out it shocks you, it isn't really that powerful, but I want to make a better one.  I opened it up and it is a fairly simple device.  It has three button cell batteries with the negative side attached to a contact plate and the positive attached to the capacitor.  The capacitor has the neg attached to the same plate as the batteries negative.  The only problem is that the positive plate is attached to a third prong on the capacitor.  Why would a capacitor have three?  I have tried charging a 220 uf cap. with a 9v battery, but it doesn't deliver any shock even though it should be higher voltage and capacitance than the original device. 

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What to be aware of when considering power supply for a 100 watt amplifier?

I have a TDA7294 IC and want to know what kind of power supply should I build for it so that it can work safely. I heard that even though it works on 12V DC there are other things to take into consideration when choosing the tansformer and designing the AC to DC converter, like amperes and watts. My current set up is the following: a transformer (input: 220V AC; output: AC2*12V) a rectifier and a 35V, 2200 uF capacitor. I know this is very cheap and low quality but can you explain why in principle wouldn't an amplifier like the above work properly with such power supply? How do I calculate the ideal values of these factors for a 100 watt amplifier?

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Guitar Wah Wah Pedal Help!

My VOX Wah Wah pedal (V847) is not working. The bypass is working. However, when I turn ON the wah-wah effect - there is only a clean sound of the guitar and a very THIN sound of the wah-wah, it sounds more like a VOLUME pedal than it does a wah-wah pedal. I believe this is the schematic: From what i've gathered, the problem lies in the capacitors (because apparently capacitors are what create the wah wah? i'm not entirely sure myself) I've replaced the C2 (4.7MF) and C3 (.22MF) What could be the problem? Please help! P.S. are MF, mF, and uF all the same? Thanks.

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8x8x8 Led cube, Parts help?

Ok, Ive been debating this for a long time, and I already bought some of the parts, But Im trying to figure out what else I need. So far, I have" Computer power supply Prototype board from radioshack with copper eyes. Two way screw terminal 3 - 20 pin IC terminals (I know I need more, but 3 is all radioshack had at the time) 2 - 16 Pin IC terminals 1000 uf Capacitor - 6.3v 100 uf capacitor - 10v 33uf capacitor - 6.3v A push button 3 status led's (Red, Green, and yellow) Arduino uno protoboard ^ I also have 18 gauge aluminum wire for the layers.  I have a spool of rosin core solder (I hope this will work, I dont wanna buy more) And Im going to get 1000 blue leds off ebay. with these specs: Color: Blue Size (mm): 5mm Lens Colour: Water Clear Forward Voltage (V): 3.2-3.4V Wave Length(nm): 465-470 Luminous Intensity : 11000 - 12000 MCD Life Rating: 100,000 Hours Viewing Angle: 20-25 Degree Max Power Dissipation : 80mw Max Continuous Forward Current : 30mA Max Peak Forward Current : 75mA Reverse Voltage : 5~6V Lead Soldering Temperature : 240°C (<5Sec) Operating Temperature Range : -25°C ~ +85°C Preservative Temperature Range : -30°C ~ +100°C As far as the rest goes I have NO idea what I need. Im going to be using my arduino with it, And im not 100% sure how to change the current instructable here to work with it. they dont specify.  Any help would be really appreciated. Ive wanted to make one for a LONG time :D

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I'm building a power supply for a cnc router powersupply. The output has to be 36 volts at 12 amps. I'm going to use 6 of the 25.2 volts, 2 amps transformers at radioshack (I have a coupon). When I rectify it it should be about 36 volts. Couple questions about transformers 1) don't transformers essentially short out an AC socket? I don't wwant to start a fire. 2) how can I have a LED indicator that indicates that each transformer is working? I don't want to use a huge resistor, because that seams inefficient. 3) how big of a filter capacitor do I need? I have a 33000uF capacitor, think it's a bit overboard? I know I need at least 4800 uF for just stuff like motors, but the only capacitors I have that works above 50volts is that capacitor. 4) can you connect AC in parralel? Can someone draw be a diagram?

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