I have a 1980 Qld ambulance - which has a lot of rust in the floor - walls and roof of the cabin - I was wondering if anyone had any tips for taking the rust out apart from using oxy and jam cans. Cheers

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Trackers on vehicles?

How can i go and play in my (trackered) company van, with out the boss knowing? I don't think blocking it (if that's possible) will do, because they will think there's a problem, and get it seen to. If the answer is take it out, or part of it, and leave it at home, so they think the van is there, that would probably work, so, i look forward to your answers. Oh yeah, and if you can think of a way they will pay for the fuel, while i'm out playing, i'm all ears LOL.

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inspection vehicle

Hi everyone! I'm new here and I come from Belgium (so my english is bad ) I'm working on a school project with 5 people. 2 of them are electrical installation technicians and 3 are Mechanical design technicians. We do all of the electronics, while the housing is made by the Mechanical design technicians. We started on the first of oktober and now we almost finished. The vehicle has a Wild Thumper arduino board, Dension WIRC with 2 camcorders and a wifi stick, 2 LED's, a servo motor and 2 DSMP420 motors with a power of 41W. Thanks to my thesis, I started to have interest for arduino. And so I bought a lot of arduino products like the arduino UNO. And thanks to the opensource of arduino I learned a lot of arduino and tryed a lot of projects. So that’s why I'm also putting my project online. It isn't finished because I still have some problems with the charging of the battery's. I use 10x1.2V battery's with 4.5 Ah in series. And the Wild Thumper stops too soon charging. But I'm working on that. :D It's controlled with the WIRC app that connects with the Dension through wifi, which sends signals to the Wild Thumper. These signals controls the motor's and the LED's. The servo motor is directly connected to the Dension. The vehicle will later be used by the Company Cofely to ride in ducts and inspect cables or even take something with the gripper in unreachable places. We are doing a competition with our project. So could you please like this page and vote for our project Make sure that the checkbox is green! :D Thank you very much You can follow us on fb

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related to electric vehicle?

I am going to make an electric vehicle so my question is that how to calculate cost per unit,cost per mile for an electric vehicle? and ways to overcome weight issues so that when a person sits on the vehicle, the speed does not reduce or less.  I am asking this because i want to make a vehicle that will cover many miles with less battery efficiently. I hope that everyone understands that what i am trying to ask

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Arduino Clinometer for vehicle

I'm building a Clinometer for a vehicle, that will show roll & pitch, and log this data as well as yaw (skid). I'm using a 3 axis accelerometer with an Arduino, and am looking for ideas on improvements. I have the g forces for the 3 axis being displayed in the serial monitor, and am ready to display values on a LCD, but really thinking this should be graphics of a vehicle showing pitch and roll, like the old Jeep Clinometer I had as a teen.

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multiple speed setting for an electric vehicle?

Suppose an Ev had to run on different speeds say 30 miles/hr and 40 miles/h and vice versa. So how will the the current and voltage changes according to this situation. Say you have a 400w motor and torque is known already and is calculated according to the required acceleration. In short if you have an Ev and u want to set the ev run on different speeds what are the quantities that have to be checked or monitored (current,voltage) and .If you move from 30 to 40 miles/h what will happen to the variables?

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spec a dc motor for a vehicle

I am making an electric vehicle. Assume no friction on a flat surface. The vehicle will have two dc electric motors preferably 24v or 48v system as space is an issue(about 3.5 x 4 feet) one motor on each drive axle. The vehicle will weigh 2000lbs have a max speed of 10miles per hour be able to reach max speed in under 5 seconds overall wheel diameter will be 16 inches Can be geared down to attain needed torque but must go up to 10miles per hour. Please include formulas so I can at least know how to do this in the future. I need to know power, torque, rpm needed for electric motor. Thank you

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how to select motor for any project?

What is the formula to choose a motor to lift load? what parameter should have to consider while selecting a motor?  how much power it consume? which is the best motor for project(say to drive a vehicle/car) brushless dc motor or any other?

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Ideas for making an RC vehicle

Hey, i have recently bought an rc module and controller, i need some ideas for what to make, any rc vehicle. pls give me some ideas. thx!

Question by Irish pirate630 

when making a gear system with a push mechanism, which allows it to move easier? more gears or less? Answered

I am trying to design and build a recreational vehicle with a push system instead of a motor. (similar to one of the old toys were u pushed in a button to rev up a part of the toy and the faster u pushed the faster the speed .) im trying to make it as easy as possible to get the "vehicle" moving.

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3D Printed Solar Electric Vehicle

Last months, as passive and low energy construction business went down in Romania, I had time to revival an old project - Zero Emission Solar Electric Vehicle. While researching online and off-line for chassis, body and materials suppliers and manufacturers, went to the 3D Printing idea for chassis, body and parts! There are already at least 2 cars printed so, and I'd like to share what I know already and also to learn from you. The vehicles will be modular, also. Hope you will love this idea, when I will have design ready and show it here :)  We might use Open Source Vehicles chassis, but not sure about this, because 3D printing will reduce the need of many parts that are in a classical chassis and body.  Your info brought here and your decent comments will be deeply appreciated. Thank you!

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Why wont my vehicle start?

I have a 2003 ford explorer it ran hot a few times then one time going down the road it had just shut down. we replaced to water pump, thermostat and the heating sensor. we had it running once or twice for about 15 min and then it would die. now it will turn over but will not start. pls help me!!!!

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I'm currently working on a mech but I need to get an idea on the interface system, so what would be the best fit for it?

Actually I'm working with a few others on this but (as you would expect) our funding is quite low. Right now however; we're trying to decide what the best type of interface system we could use on our mech (yes a REAL, FULL SIZE, WORKING, Mech.) and so I'm turning to the Instructables community for help. Thanks in advance, Jake PS: If you want in on the project then you can email me ( with a list of skills you believe could be useful in the building process and I'll get back to you asap or if you just have a question about it that's fine to. [edit] And to respond to my first (and currently only answer) thanks for the help btw, the motion tracking is a great idea and would help improve the user interface greatly. However, what I'm referring to when I say 'interface' is how you would control and interact with it, your reply was part of the answer and will (hopefully) be implemented into our UIS (user interface system). Thank you and I hope to get many more answers soon. Jake

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Computer AM Radio Controlled Vehicle?

So my school is planning a day for students with disabilities and I figured, heck, lets have some real fun.  So I have two very cool RC cars, each can easily do 40 - 50 mph.  One has been up to 65.  There is one problem, these kids need to be able to control them with the push of one big button.  I cant just solder some wires for the button to my RC remote so what do I do.  I figure I could still do the steering, but I want them to be able to hit the button and transmit the signal to the car to go.  It needs to be limited in power as well, normally I could just stick a large resistor on between the controller and the motor, but I have brushless motors.  These buttons are easily attached to computers and used as keystrokes so is there a way to make a w keystroke output a 25% throttle signal on a 27.255MHz (this is only one car's frequency) AM signal.  It would be nice if it could all be computer controlled so I could change settings to get them just right, and maybe control both vehicles without having to set up two completely separate systems.

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Ideal Gear ratio?

Hello i am competing in a design challenge at school. were were each given a 9v 12000 Rpm Motor, the object of the challenge is to build a land vehicle that can go 10m as fast as possible. we will be holding a race on november 3rd to see who has designed the fastest vehicle. anyway my question for the community is using a 12000 rpm electric motor what would be the best gear ratio to use between the motor and the axle to optomise take off speed as well as having a high top speed. (if the gear ratio is to high then the car wont accelerate fast enough to low then the car wont have a fast enough top end) so basicly im looking for that perfect med ground. if anyone here has had much experience with gears and help would be great thanks (PS the vehicle cant be any biger then a vhs case but can be as tall as i want it)

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How to maintain speed of an electric vehicle with an electronic differential when vehicle is cornering at maximum speed

As the motors are rotating at the maximum speed, how to increase the speed of the outer wheel in order to maintain the speed of the vehicle ?

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i am going to build an electric vehicle so here is my question what things are to be considered?

 I am going to make an electric vehicle so my question is that how to calculate cost per unit,cost per mile for an electric vehicle? and ways to overcome weight issues so that when a person sits on the vehicle, the speed does not reduce or less.  I am asking this because i want to make a vehicle that will cover many miles with less battery efficiently. I hope that everyone understands that what i am trying to ask

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Robot Pegasus design possible? Answered

Ok, so I have another idea that will most likely never get anywhere due to my lack of funds/it not being possible.           What if I made a magnetic track somewhat like a maglev and had a robotic pegasus with electromagnets in its feet. It would also be an ornithopter to get it farther than a few inches off the ground. I would have the magnetic track to have it hover a few inches off the ground for about a minute before and after takeoff to make it less likely to crash on landing and give a minute to text the mayor to not worry about any upcoming pegasus sightings above or around town before taking off.           What kind of horsepower engine would I need to power the wings enough to get sufficient lift (at least 15-20 feet)? And would the electromagnet buffer before landing be significant enough to at least lessen the impact so it doesn't maim/kill you if you crash?           The electromagnets don't seem to me like they would work, but it would still be fun just to hover it to show it off without flying up 20-30 feet and worry about falling. Also, would it make it too heavy to fly if I put in an extra motor to make it walk/run so it doesn't have to be flying to move? I don't really expect this to be within my budget, but it would still be cool.

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How to guide a vehicles with two infrared sensors?

I have a robotics project where I need to guide a few robots to specific circles that are at a random distances. On the day it is due I will be given the distance to the middle of the circle and can adjust what ever guidance system I have. There is a budget cap on the project so i would like to use just one or two controlling things for every robot. Now what I was thinking was to set up some sort of IR beacon in the starting square. If I placed two beacons, one at each corner or the square (each circle is a certain distance from each side of the square) I could have an arduino to remotely control them. I hope that makes sense so if you have any ideas or questions that would welcome both. Thanks in advance, Zootsuitman

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How to make a magnetically powered/propelled vehicle ?

I'm a freshman in high school doing a Year End Project (YEP) for STEM. My project is a vehicle that is propelled by electromagnetism. I have three main idea's already. Option 1: Completely replace wheels with large magnets with either a North or South charge. Then replace normal roads with railings charged with magnetism of the same polar to the cars. The bumpers could be magnetically charged as well. With all car bumpers being the same polar, it would decrease the chances of accidents. Take into account that this idea has only started growing for the past 2 years so my ideas for the mechanics are not close to completion so I'm leaving those thoughts out. Option 2: keep the wheels but modify them to have 2-3 smaller magnets on the inside of the wheel. By turning and switching on different a polar changing direction between forwards and backwards. Then add the same idea with the bumpers for the same reason. This cuts the cost exponentially. Option 3: Keep the wheels and everything else of a normal automobile except the engine. Replace it with on large magnet that's stationary and a smaller magnet that can rotate or switch between North and South polar's. Possibly instead of only one pair of magnets increase to an unknown number to allow for more speed, braking and acceleration power. Still keep with the bumper idea. I can't seem to find a reason other than cost to get rid of it. Of course the magnets would interfere with electronics. I haven't thought of a solution for that problem as of yet.

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How can i make a vehicle that can pick objects up and drop them off ??

So me and a school team want to build a vehicle that can perform tasks such as pick up and drop things off. i have experience with building rc airplanes from scratch but i might need a little help with this. any help will be very useful. Thanks

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What excellent examples in CAD of low drag coefficient pickup trucks exist that are available on the internet?

Vehicles have been designed to minimize the aerodynamic drag with notable success. Production candidate vehicles (such as Aptera, Twike, and Honda Insight) achieving drag coefficients of 0.25 down to 0.11. Solar Challenge vehicles have reached 0.07. Nose cone and fastback upper and sealed or faired lower body designs can achieve significant reductions in drag, and are worth attention. I am attempting to optimize a design for pickup trucks and cross-over utility (CUV) vehicles that are based on the same basic chassis design. Can anyone contribute designs, examples, or sources of information on optimized pickup design? BTW, I am simultaneously searching for a safe design that has the vehicle center of gravity at or below the axle height, as it should be to prevent roll-over accidents. Risk of injury and death are significantly higher in pickup trucks and CUVs than cars, and now pickups and CUVs account for more than 50% of new vehicle sales. This tragic fact needs to be reversed with safer design.

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Why has nobody found a way to power a vehicle using magnetic energy? Answered

It seems like such a simple solution, yet nobody has attempted it yet. Why? The force put off by magnets is basically free energy, right?

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How can I automatically trigger a fixed vehicle-mounted still camera to take a photo every (say) 30 minutes?

Is there some system that can automatically trigger a fixed vehicle-mounted still camera to take a photo every (say) 30 minutes so as to produce a sort of travelog of photos? Maybe a crazy idea for an inventor. I would certainly like to try it.Perhaps a refinement would be to be able to adjust the frequency and also to pause the timer if the vehicle is stopped.?

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how do you measure speed of a vehicle using hall effect sensor?

I mean where do you fix the sensor and how is it done!

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I want to manufacture radiator coolant for vehicles. Pleae tell me the process.

In ur ans in yr 2010 u ve mentioned about the dye.. what kind of dye is requierd ?? 

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Some uses for this? (click to see the pics)

Hey, well the other day I took a part an air bed and find the "motor" that sucks air in, and now I want to give it another use, but I dont know what to do with it, any ideas? I was thinking to make a r/c vehicle or something but I dont know if this is possible, someone please? any ideas? any help? thanks guys

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How do I get rid of the white border around my custom vehicle?

I am trying to make my own vehicle, but everytime I do it, I have a white border around the image. I am a rather novice'er. Is there a way to crop out the image without having the frame around it?

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how to build a circuit for a micro remote control vehicle.?

I am trying to make a very small receiver and transmitter from scratch to remote control many very small devices, specifically movement. the transmitter has to be an integrated circuit, but on a scale that is not sold commercially. this may be a bit vague but could anyone give me schematics for such a thing? keep in mind, i need 6 channel control and i might have thousands of separate units i have to control simultaneously. also if anyone can help with make the transmitter work with a computer, so that i can program all the functions for each of the machines from a computer, it would really help. Thanks! (p.s. i can't be much more specific)oh and i have all fabrication equipment i need from  photolithography as well as atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopes for building things on that scale, just to give an idea of what scale i'm talking about. (the reason i'm asking for help is because i'm trying to incorporate my research with something outside my field and electronics is not my speciality.) 

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How does one warm the passenger compartment of an all-electric vehicle in winter?

An all-electric car does not have a heat source as combustion engine-powered vehicles do. Without the engine, there is no heat source to keep the passengers warm in winter. Powering electric heating systems would deplete the batteries, stranding the eco-friendly driver in unfriendly conditions.

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How do I convert the TV in my vehicle to DTV so I'll be able to watch it after the switch?

I have an analog TV in my van and want to convert it so that we can watch it after the DTV conversion. Is this possible and if so, how? Or, is there going to be a portable DTV available that can be hooked up in a vehicle?

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How does a carborator work? Answered

In a motor

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In the uk can you legally own a vehicle if your under 18? Answered

If you do not intend on driving it Just keeping it Its a small road legal 49 cc Trike for info

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Why aren't Ni-mh batteries used for electric vehicles? Answered

It seems to me that Lead-acid and Lithium batteries are the only type of batteries used for electric vehicles. Also every one complains that Lead-acid is too heavy and Lithium is too expensive. So why not split the difference and use Ni-mh batteries? They aren't really heavy or expensive. Why aren't they used?

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How can I power walkie talkies (3 AAs each) using my vehicle cigarette lighter?

Motorola Talkabout T5200, 4.5V, uses 3 AA batteries.  I would like to build a power unit that would plug into the vehicle dc outlet / cigarette lighter and continuously power a single unit.  We use these on trips when we are follow one another or when we have multiple vehicles in a convoy but storing them with batteries in the vehicle for random use is problematic at best. This seems very doable but I sure don't know how and haven't been able to find directions online.  Thanks for the help!!

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Electric Vehicle (electronics/components) question. What would be the best tool for the job? Answered

I am starting an electric vehicle project. For this project I have two motors, each powering to 2 fixed wheels. I will have a computer (Arduino-ish) supply power to these motors based on the graph of cos 2x (1 being 100% power ratio). The the steering wheel is the input of the degrees/radians. (Now comes my question) I will need some way for the computer to know what degree the steering wheel is currently at, (0 degrees= strait,  -90 degrees=90 degrees left, 90 degrees of course being 90 degrees right.) what would be the most efficient way of doing this?

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How can I hack my "RFID Vehicle Gate Pass" to give it more antenna power?

This gate pass is used to get me into my community.  I am pretty sure its whats referred to as a "Passive RFID Vehicle Transponder".  It doesn't have batteries.. therefor passive.  But the read range of the transponder is very POOR so I wanted to figure out a way to make the PASSIVE tag.. ACTIVE.  Lets say with a battery and new antenna.

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how to make motor vehicle indicator lenses, the orange bit,

Can i use my origenal to make a mould, any suggestions, then i'll be back to ask, what do you mean, how do i do that, where can i get one of those from etc. etc. hehe thanks johnny

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remote control vehicle regulations (not drones, rather cars and boats) Answered

Hey everyone ! I'm designing an amphibious rc vehicle thats a wee bit bigger then most. I want to use mostly bike parts, a 500W drive motor and a 100W trolling motor.  Max out at 30kmh (18Mph)  not sure of the final weight it will not be used on a public road / highway  but will be used on public lakes. I've been trying to consult google but it's overwhelmed by drone regulations and I can't find anything useful. Any thoughts or links with some info? I live in british columbia, canada

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HOW do you select a pmdc MOTOR for an electric vehicle?

Suppose we are up to making an electric vehicle and needs to set up the parts correctly.HOW  do you then select the dc motors of appropriate ratings.Like for a 48 v  PM DC what amount of load can it pull and stuff like that?

Question by Nr-Think different   |  last reply

How much torque is required of DC motor to move vehicle?

My motor specification is power=500 W, RPM =2500, motor torque = 1.91 Nm, drive sprocket is 16 teeth, driven sprocket is 43 teeth , gear ratio is 2.38, diameter of wheel is 26 inch. i would like to move a vehicle of weight 150 kg with the speed 10 kmph. what would i do ?

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Is there government money available for electric/alternative fuel vehicle conversions?

I plan on doing an alternative fuel (ethanol) or electric motorcycle project and need money for it. Are there special-purpose government grants that I can tap into to help pay for this? I'm in the United States, in the state of Georgia... if that helps.

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About the drone contest:

I read in the desciption for this contest: Individuals and small groups (from universities and hackerspaces) will be creating projects around airborne autonomous and radio controlled vehicles. So does it only count if you enter with an instructable for a flying autonomous vehicle or does any kind of radio controlled project count (like a car or a boat)?

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Windmill vehicle? connecting magnets to a wheel and recharging the battery while using? What problems might I run into? Answered

I'm starting a project. and wanted to know the best way to tackle it. The wheel is the size of a cd not including the tire. I wanted the four wheels to generate power to make the battery's last longer. Any ideas would be helpful.

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Does your vehicle have to be a deisel to be converted to run on used cannola oil?About how much does it cost to convert?

I have a 1990 mazda protege and i was wondering if it could be converted to run on used cannola oil. can that be done. how much would it cost? how easy is that stuff to find?

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