Where can I get reinforced graphene to make bullet proof aromor? Answered

Where can I get reinforced graphene for bullet proof armor? I live in McAllen Texas. I'm trying to get a type of graphene that is stronger than steel, but I'm not sure if I'm suppose to get reinforced graphene plastic or some other type, don't even know the names and differentions.

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Cystic Fibrosis patient needs an inexpensive respirator generator

My daughter with cystic fibrosis, uses a "bio vest system" that includes the vest with hoses that attach to a generator which weighs about 50 lbs. Hillrom makes a 17 lb vest system (www.thevest.com) but it costs $16,000.00. I don't understand why it has to cost so much. We can't afford the 17 lb version. My daughter who has just graduated from college and wants to travel in her career is faced with not taking her vest along with her for weeks at a time because she can't handle carrying the heavier version on and off planes, trains, etc. This leaves her without getting her breathing treatments. Is there a solution to this problem? Can the bio-vest be made any cheaper so that everyone can have the 17 lb version??

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How would I go about making a Human Mounted Computer? Answered

I wish to make a computer that can be carried on the person, and used at the same time, in sort of an intergrated unit, with sort of a head mounted display, so you can see the screen through one, or both eyes, but which you can also see through, in the case of the dual eye soloution, and with enough screen size and resoloution to be able to read text. Also, perahps some sort of control system for the pointing device (mouse), yes, how would you control the mouse in this Human Mounted Computer? And maybe a second screen, sort of like a wired tablet screen, so you can show people things on your computer. Maybe the whole thing could be contained in a vest, flak jacket sort of thing? yeah, so how?

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Keeping our troops in Iraq cool in the 104 degree weather

Any idea's of keeping our troops cool in Iraq? Temperature rises to 100's during the day. Seems our government only has more cumbersome vests with (the lightest) cooling motors of 6 pounds and from what I gather can only be used in a vehicle.

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How can I power 16 LED's with 2 AA batteries? What type of LED's do I need for this? Answered

I found a website that boasts a safety vest with 16 LED's powered by 2 AA batteries (see link at bottom). This confused me because I have a setup of 16 LED's in "series", but my setup requires 18v to operate. Is it the rating of my LED's? What "size" LED's do I need to get to minimize the voltage requirements?If you're curious, I set the LED's up for my daughters Power Wheels for headlights and tail lights.http://www.drivingcomfort.com/index.cfm/fa/p/pid/4235/sc/32193

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DIY Laser Tag System Cheap/Easy?

I would like to create a portable laser tag system. Somthing with targets on vests, and connected laser phaser, targets to shoot at, Basically something cheap, easy, and similar to the Lazer Runner Laser Tag System. In case you are not familiar with this, here is a link to their products: http://www.lazerrunner.com/Heres-What-You-Get.html or if you want the main page: http://www.lazerrunner.com/ I know that there are tutorials all over the internet, even here on Instructables, but I dont understand any of them, how to build it, or how it works. Or its too expensive. I want something that I can build for about $20 - $30 if parts are bought online, not somewhere like Radio Shack because I find projects such as this cost too much if EVERYTHING is bought there.

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For All the Concrete Enthusiasts at Instructables

Dr Purnell is actively seeking other researchers, engineers, scientists, designers or even sculptors and artists who also have ideas for new uses for cement.I'm not sure if anyone is interested or if someone in the community previously posted this, but I thought I might throw this out to the ingenious and innovative Instructables community. I thought some of you all might be interested.Main Page / Network Link:http://www.engineering.leeds.ac.uk/resilience/research/NACNetCementingtheFuture.shtmlLeeds engineers developing bullet proof vests from cementhttp://www.leeds.ac.uk/media/press_releases/current09/bullet.htmMight be a good way for interested Instructables folk to continue contributing on a global scale and to showcase the open-source power of the Instructables community. Plus, it might help you out if you're younger and/or looking for undergrad or graduate level resume boosting aspects for design and/or engineering programs.

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