Wanted: Desktop PC's

I'm looking for free working desktop computers. It does not matter the specs or age. Just as long as it works. You can ship it if you are not nearby. I'm located In Erie PA. Thanks - Jadyn. 

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Does anyone have a broken ps3?

Hey everyone, does anyone have a broken ps3 console or a motherboard for one. I have a CECHL01. It has the red screen of death and I want to get a new motherboard for it. If it has the ylod that is fine. If it is a system that has the ylod I might be interested in that. I have a hdd for it. I know that most people on this site would be willing to fix their own ps3.  

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Proper picture size for Ibles- Opinions?

What picture size is too large... or too small... or just right! ;-) Opinions appreciated.

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Wanting to sell photos?

 Wanting to sell photos, how do you watermark them, so others cannot download without first buying them?

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Arduino instructor wanted

Arduino instructor needed for summer course in NYC.      Contact davidg@cooper.edu  Include resume & experience.

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pi coders wanted

Looking for a few coders to help make a better 3d system based on the pi and arduino. apps available will incclude: 3d printing tool usage CNC 3d scanning and more to come I have next to NO experience in coding but have designed and tested 2 machines that I need programmers for. these will be opensource at the end and also sellable. I am hoping to make a store similiar to playstore or app store so that advanced programmers can also make a small amount for exceptional products. the idea is huge but could be beneficial to several thousand people including users of this forum in helping them with techniques and skills they have not yet mastered. the project is HUGE and the mechanical side is largely done with the exception of a few parts that are added extra. other inclusions will be safety features and high perfomance. for those that are interested in this AND have coding experience I look forward to your replies on this topic

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need solar panels

Need solar panel contact if you have any extra laying around, may be willing to pay depending on price asked

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Wanting some help with a project

I wanted to replace the light bulbs in my ceiling with a LED Bawls bottle chandelier. I already know how to make the frame for it but was wondering if you guys could help me with the Wiring specifics, and how many LED's you think I need.

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i want a login screen!!!! Answered

I cannot get a normal login screen, like typing user+pass, or clicking an user and then typing in the pass, how can i turn this back on? (i cannot get into normal things like configuration screen, nor in the users panel) no, i do not want this for school....

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I want a powerfull electromagnet?

Dear friends, For my thesis, I need a strong electromagnet. How can I made it? It must be as strong as possible. Thank you so much. Best Regards. Reza

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i want to build an app?

I want to build an app :) I understand that that there are sites with drag and drop features, which i will try out to get an idea of what i'd like, and use for smaller projects (any suggestions on which to choose?) But for a larger project i would like to build my own :) I have no programming skills or knowledge :( But i want to learn! SO! What i really want to know is were to start, what type of programming do i begin with? And were i progress to for app building? i.e java, joomla, CSS ( Don't laugh, I'm clueless at this point but I want to learn over the next year or so) Finally is there certain software that would be beneficial? i.e Adobe etc. Oh and is there any sites, books, tutorials, references to aid learning? Thanks for reading, I've tried googling but its a bit confusing finding were to start, but once i know the start and end point I'll get cracking :)

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Knife POV wants to kill

Flickr user zeni666 has created a lovely knife POV. Wave it around and the 7 LEDs spell out "KILL" in the air.   zeni666's Flickr page via Make

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Coin Press Want to Make

Do any of you have plans or the know-how to build a homemade coin press that can stamp 1 1/2" aluminum coin blanks?  Any help is appreciated.

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Anyone want to learn electronics?

A while ago I was going to start an electronic tutorial video podcast, but that took too much effort to make everything professional looking and well thought out.  I want to retackle this project by having a video whenever i feel like it (at least 1 a week) answering questions that people ask or just want a video on because people generally learn better via video than reading some boring text :P  Also, this podcast isn't going to be editted or anything, because all of that stuff just takes away all of the fun and just becomes boring. So, in short, I'm going to start an improvised video podcast answering people's questions to the best of my abilities. Anyone have any questions that they would like to have answered?

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i want to make a robot......!!!?

In my design it has 6 wheels..... can u suggest me some suitable parts ?? or can u guide me !! i am also facing problems regarding the remote control as i am not able to get in market.... can we make reomte at home....??

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I want the background noise!

I have a recording of a conference call I have to transcribe. Unfortunately the recorder was placed near a noisy co-worker, who has become the main sound during the recording. Is there some way to pull out and enhance what is now the background noise, my important call?

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want help with schaer programmer

Hi every one i just have proplem i want any body help me to solve it 1) i build a schaer programmer with 74ls07 hex buffer and i get the power from transformer power supply i integrated in same circuit i getted from it rigth voltage 13 for vpp and 5 for vdd and i found that ic prog only support schaer programer i make hardware check on programmer and get good rating at vpp and vdd and clock and data in schaer clock and data only avalible when vdd is available i tried to program 16f628a i failed may reason vpp get after vdd ? and i also tried to program 16f684a and faied also i dont realy reason when i try to read from pic i some times get garbage data is it noise on data and clock ? is so how to remove it ? can i use this programmer with winpic800 ? if so tell me how ?

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Wanted Arduino Advice For Teenager

My son has expressed an interest in Arduino because he's in an after school group of "builders" in which a number of students are toying with Raspberry Pi. He was told that Arduino can be built using a ChromeBook - we don't own a Windows computer (only Macs). He believes that he could build using YouTube and other computer based research. Can someone tell me if Arduino is compatible with ChromeBook? With so many kits available, can you please advise one that will engage him for multiple projects and may even be used for growth but at the same time is not going to break the bank? Any advice is much appreciated!!

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Want a job building spaceships?

I know a few people here are ready to start looking for a "proper" job.Assuming you don't get your dream job at The Tower, there's a strong second-choice: building spaceships.Scaled Composites (Burt Rutan's company that built SpaceShipOne and Global Flyer) are looking to hire all sorts of people on all sorts of jobs. Some sound genuinely exciting, and some even state they will be working on SpaceShipTwo.Scaled is looking for people that like to build things with their hands and are good craftspeople. Must enjoy a fast-paced R&D; environment and enjoy working in a team atmosphere. Entry-level through experienced persons needed.See that? Entry-level through experienced persons needed - that's all of you, chaps.http://www.scaled.com/http://www.scaled.com/careers/index.html

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ever wanted to see an lcd screen under a microscope?

I got a usb microscope for 8 dollars, just showing some of it's pictures. I hope to make micro instructables with it later ;) In order: 10x 60x 200x The screen was from my sister's pixter that she was going to throwout

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I want to generate 2.4GHz frequency

I want to generate 2.4GHz frequency and transmit as well as received in liquid Which probe can use for transmit and receive?

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i want make a car or motercycle

I want make a car or motercycle which is run by without any fuel or gas ,it is devlopped self power but i have not material what am i do ?

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I want to build a super computer.? Answered

I have about 20 old ps2 keyboards, How can i build them into a super computer.  I've aslo got a bunch of old video crds and some memory chips.   Help me I'm in a hurry.  I need it to design some other projects.

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I want to make a R2D2 for Halloween

I've decided i want to make a R2D2 for Halloween. I'm pretty sure i can make most of it from scrape metal but i don't know where i can find something that's like the head on R2D2. I need a metal sphere that i can cut in half, any ideas?

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i want make robot car

I have arduino uno , arduino motor shield ultrasonic sensor ,2 dcmotors? PLS Can any one help me>>>>>>programmind arduino

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Anybody want a neat idea for a project?

This is a project that really needs to be done for real, but I don't have the resources right now. Come on, folk, get on it. From XKCD.

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I want to build the Swinging Sticks.

I would like to build the swinging sticks (more famously seen in Iron Man 2.)   It is 279 bucks so I need a cheaper solution. Thanks for the help.

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What do you want in an arduino?

Inspired by the Illuminato Arduino clone (can't really say clone because it's so much better!) really wants me to create my own Arduino clone. I've been thinking of making a clone for the Arduino Mega, but it'd need so feature that the original Arduino can't offer (like the boarduino is breadboard compatible, Sanguino has way more pins, Illuminato is the most beautiful PCB I've ever seen and has a lot of I/O's). So, I'm asking you guys! What features would you want in an arduino? If this "new" arduino is so much better than any other existing one I'll make kits (if the majority is through hole) for people to buy (no more than 40 dollars, probably, the 65 dollar price tag is a real turn off for the Mega) or just assembled if the majority is smd. Also instructable :P

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My draft does not want to upload...

Hi everybody,I decided to write my first instructable. It all went ok with text and inserting pictures but now it remains in my draft folder and I can not figure how to get it published...Can anybody assist me?THANKS !!!!Christophe.

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i want to make a razer robot.....

I find some things like 12v solenoid valve , 12v hydraulic hump & motor ,but still can someone tell me ,how much SPI is required for mine hydraulic pump and what should be rpm for motor , mine robot's double acting cylinder's bore is 40mm and stroke is 150mm(15cm).. pls replay soon...........

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What website does the public want?

What website is the public looking for? I am 14 years old and I would really like to create and get a website/web service and would appreciate any advice from perhaps future users. Thank you so much! I have knowledge of these languages: php, html, css, javascript, jquery, and a small amount of java. I will soon be learning swift to create applications for iPhone iPad and mac. Thanks again!

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i want support for my research?

I am a student doing my 10th standard in india  . i won various awards in my research in agriculture and  horticulture field. now i am doing research in terrace farming . this research is about low cost farming using 4rs .  and main aim of this research is  REDUCE :IT REDUCES LAND POLLUTION. REUSE: BIODEGRADABLE WASTES ARE REUSED BY COMPOST RECYCLE:RECYCLING THE PLASTIC BAGS REPAIR:REPAIRING THE SOIL FERTILITY WE IMPLEMENT A NEW METHOD IN THIS PROJECT THAT IS GROWING CROPS UPON THE HOUSE .i.e ON TERRACE. and it has various economical benifit.

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Want advice on a brew temperature controller Answered

Some friends of mine have asked me to make them a brew temperature controller for their microbrewery. I have a rough idea about how I'm thinking of doing it, but would like to check out whether I am on the right track. What they want is something that will maintain a constant temperature inside an insulated box they are building (about 3x1x1m), which the vats will go in to brew. My idea is to use an arduino controller to switch a Solid State Relay and turn the heater on and off to maintain a set temperature. I want to try using low frequency PWM (at about 5Hz) and a proper PI control loop to get really accurate control, rather than just using a standard thermostat action. I'm thinking that given that the relay should switch on every half-cycle (100Hz), this will give me at least 20 levels of control. (Probably more because as the PWM frequency drifts against the mains frequency, the number of on cycles will jump up and down by 1 around an average value.) I decided on this method rather than using a phase angle controller because they are costly and need external components (e.g. a line filter) to work properly. As far as I can see, this switching method should give me pretty good control over the temperature, but it would be good to know if anyone can see any problems with it - I'm designing this more from theory than experience. One thing I'm not sure about is how to measure the temperature. I'm thinking of using an SPI chip rather than try to calibrate a thermistor, but these cost about 4 pounds, so I'm wondering if I could save a bit of money by using a simpler method. Another question is about safety - any advice on things I should do to ensure it's safe would be welcome. I've never done a mains powered project before, so I want to be really careful. I've written up some notes on my proposed design here.

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i want to convert DC to AC supply.and i want the circuit please help!!!!?

I have a dc 6 volts, which i want to convert to AC, so that i can power my plastic core transformer. and also i need an amplifier circuit. PLEASE HELP!!!

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I need a game coding tutorial. Answered

I have tasked myself,though I am still unsure how it came to be, to create a half-decent (hopefully) online game for some friends and i was wondering if you, the community, would tell me some good, free programs and tutorials on how to code, design, and create a computer game. I understand it takes work and practice, but i still need your help. Thank you.

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want to make RADAR system, need help in that.

Hie guys..i want to make a project for my college final year.i want to make a RADAR system which can make map of its scan..i mean i dont want any increased range, just want to create map of surrounding of my transmitting antenna.plz do help?

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i want programmer for 89c51 or 89s51 with software?

I want ic burner circuit (isp ) with isp software pls send me web site addres and circuit dig.

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want to modernise attendance system in my college.

I want to make an instrument which can scan the bar code on student's id card, and put their attendance. Give me some guidance on this topic

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What does Kevin Rose want for xmas?

PopSci has a fun post. They ask a few geeks like Kevin Rose, Amanda Congdon and Fake Steve Jobs to name the tech toys they want this holiday season. They also asked them what they would want that doesn't exist yet. Here's the link.

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I want to use my camcorder as webcam.

Hey Everybuddy!!!   I have an everio JVC HDD camcorder. The model is GZ-MG330RU. It connects to the pc via usb. I want to use it as a webcam. But it should connect to the pc via usb. I mean the connection type for the webcam must always be usb. I dont want to convert it to someother type.

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I am 3rd year student of engineering (ELECTRONICS & INSTRUMENTATION) . I want to create a own TV channel for study purpose then how it is possible and what i am doing to achieve this. i want to help from my seniours who worked in this organisation . and want to ask you how a channel telecast ..... please inform on my email- id erabhig@gmail.com erabhig@yahoo.com erabhig@rediffmail.com erabhig@hotmail.co.uk please anyone have a information about this please share it.                                                                                            Thanks                                                                                      Abhishek Upadhyay

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I want to build my own safe ?

I want to build my own safe instead of having to buy one if anyone has any information on what equipment i need to build one or a link to a website with helpful info you would be a great help to me Thanks

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I want to make christmas lights blink!

I want to take a string of LED Christmas lights and add some form of relay that causes the entire light string to blink. I'm sure this can be easily achieved by adding some kind of in-line relay or circuit, but I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for to add. Any ideas?

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problem with Arduino ): i don't want to use it ???

Hi all  i want anyone help me in my project first i want explain the idea of my project :-) this project will show you how to build a quite fancy 8 by 10 L.E.D matrix(with scrolling text and animations) using the Arduino and 4017 decade counter. T you can see the details of project from : http://sohilp.blogspot.com/2011/10/tutorial-10x8-led-matrix-arduino.html my problem::-( i don't want to use Arduino Can I use parallel port Instead ArduinoØ�Ø�Ø� if you tell yes how i:|? and how to make the new circle plz help me or give me any like about this thank you :oops: i am waiting for all [/LEFT]

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Want to make singing lighted pumpkins for Halloween?

I have looked at pre-fab LOR and really can't afford it at my home haunt for this one project.  Any plain language schematics to create this for a newbie.  I want to do "This is Halloween" and was hoping someone out there could help out with some simple suggestions to make it work without spending a fortune.  Help!  Any links to specifics or

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Wanting Custom Flash Game Job For NDS

Hi, looking for someone who can rip a few flash games from the net, and put them onto an DS chip, we can discuss pay outside of this site. Please consider.

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The truth about email spam: opinions wanted.

The link that follows is to an article and discussion on email SPAM. Spam email would not be nearly as beneficial to spammers if they had to send their own email, the reason it is cost effective is that spammers aren't really doing the spamming.Any comment on it ?The truth about email spam

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want to build a 'UFO Detector' any ideas?

I've seen some old "plans" for them on the net, built from very basic 1960's parts. I think someone could come up with some pretty neat ideas to improve on the 'old design' with some updated stuff. Eh, just an idea.

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i want a machine to make a guy invisible.

.ok guys my brother is a film maker and is working on a sci fi movie in which a guy is turned invisible by some nasty russian made device the device is a prop (of course!!) but i want it to look the business. im thinking steel box, big lights cyryllic warnings..big buttons..a launch style key....any more ideas :)? id like it to do stuff if i could ive seen one or two doomsday devices on the net.not bad, but.......... .but im thinking about briefcase size...maybe with an osciliscope in the lid..i dunno...help me o oracles of the weird

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