weight gain? Answered

This is just one of those strange things that flashed through my mind when I read the other question on Deuterium. Since its just water, and I don't remember ever reading that it is harmful to drink it, I was made to wonder: If a person were to drink enough deuterium over a period of time to replace all the regular water in their body with heavy water, just how much weight would they gain?

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Sensor to measure weight.

Hi everyone, I am stuck. I am trying to find a method or sensor to do what I want. Basically, I am trying to make a cheap flat weigh scale- light weight , flexible and portable (carried in a brief case or lap top case); thinner than using load cell sensors. I was hoping for a flat compression fabric , foam or piezo resistive pressure sensor, but have not found what I was looking for. It needs to be able to measure 50 to 250 lbs & fit on a counter. Does something like this even exist? Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you Appl314  

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Weight sensor to act as a button? Answered

I had the idea for a prank I would love to try at some point, but I'm having some issues with the basic idea... What I need is a way to hook up either a sensor or button to a scale. What I want to have done is when someone steps on the scale, and exceeds a certain weight (say 50 pounds, just to make sure a pet won't set it off) it will act as a button, and toggle on a small speaker which will just scream at them. Cruel, I know, but it'll be a fun laugh if I can get it working. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Solidworks shows Mass Different from Reality?

Hi, When I check the mass properties of a model it gives me some weight (mass). When I weigh the actual product the mass is radically different (about 10-15 grams). Anybody had this problem? Can Solidworks be trusted regarding mass properties? Thanks, Yair.

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how to measure the weight of pushing on every pedal of a bicycle?

It's for a school project.. I thought the FSR sensor and arduino. I would like to measure the weight of a person for example 100kg.Maximum value of the FSR sensor is 10kg. I would like something more in detail if you could help me.

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How to make a weight sensor that turns off a pump at a very precise weight?

Hi everybody! I'm building a coffee maker, well trying to at least, and one of my goals is to have it be that that placing your cup on a sensor pad will read the weight of the cup and then activate a pump to pour in the appropriate amount of coffee to top it off. My thought was that the user would set up a profile when they set up the coffee maker so it knows how much their cup weighs, and this would be stored on a small inboard computer like the raspberry-pi, then placing the cup on the weight sensor would measure the weight of the cup and run a simple equation to determine how much coffee is needed and how long to run the pump to dispense that amount. Unfortunately i'm really new to all of this and at a loss for where to start with programming the raspberry-pi and how to connect it to a pump or a weight sensor, any advise or tips on where I can learn some of these skills would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Is it possible to use Piezoelectric sensors to measure weight, like a hypersensitive set of scales?

If Piezo is not appropriate in this case, which would be the best technology / method of weighing to use? I want to create a a hypersensitive set of scales which read up to 1 kg of total weight. But I want to create it as flat and flexible as possible. The footprint would be roughly 115 x 55 mm and be used to measure the weights of small foods for the prupose dieting, can anyone help me?

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How are we able to know the variable of a Strain Gauge? Answered

Hi, for a school-project I need to measure the weight of an object. Therefore I am using an old weight-scale. The component wich includes 2 Strain Gauges has 2 seperated wires coming out and 1 other wire conected to the Ground. Because we can't find something changing when we measure differend kinds of things, (for example the changing resistor-value) we hope that you can help us. The two wires coming out of the Strain Gauges are connected to an Amplifier (TL081CP). The scale itself is a KRUPS TYP 841 ; 871-B Thanks!

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how much does air weigh? Answered

How much does 1 cubic foot of air at 1 atmosphere of pressure weigh? (and for the lmgtfy.com answerers, a google search returned conflicting answers)

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How to make a motion or weight sensor?

So i am trying to make a sensor to sense if they're is a certain amount of weight in a car seat, or motions. But i do not know how, i am also trying to hook it up to an app so in case the sensors pick up anything there is a notification or if the weight sensor exeds a certain weight limit. Does anyone know how to go about this?

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Rapidprototyped Weighted Companion Storage Cube

Here are the .sldprt and .stl files for the projectFor those of you who do not have SolidWorks, you can get the e-drawings file (wcc.exe) instead. Just download it and open it - no special programs needed.

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Does the size\weight of an NST matter? Answered

Hi everybody, I have at work two old school iron core neon sign transformers. They are both rated at 10KV 100mA. The thing is, one of them is only 2/3 of the size and weight of the other.   Assuming they are both in good condition, would there be any difference in performance, durability, reliability or whatever between the two?   I want to build a Jacobs ladder, and was wondering which one would work best... Thanks for the help!

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Determining Distance With Math? Answered

Ok, I am only a freshman in high-school so I have know idea how to determine how high an object will travel at a given weight and size.  Does anybody know what this math is called and were I can learn it.

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Need help from archery/ siege weapon people?

So im planning to make a ballista for a school project. I haven't learned all that graphing stuff yet, so how do i determine the range of a projectile launched according to it's angle launched, mass of prjectile, and draw weight? i suppose it would go somewhat like (Mass of projectile) x (n constant) x absolute value of ({angle launched - 45 degrees} x k constant ) x draw weight x g constant sorry, im not good at math. would it work if I just flung projectiles and recorded distances and graphed that? or would I have to calculate each thing seperately? please help 

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idea for a simple and thin contact based sensor

Hello instructacles, I'm trying to build a simple contact-based set of sensors embedded in card board, paper or thin plastic sheets. I want to make a simple game for my kids that could detect/react to the presence/absence of some random items positionned on such a board? (empty glass bottle of coke, cereal box, shampoo bootle, you name it) Ideally i would use something like those books for kids where they have metallic threads "printed" on think plastic sheets and when you press them, it triggers a music. But i dont know how to print metal basically. don't really know how to get started. I was thinking of sewing conductive thread but i'm not really sure it would work. I have seen many attempts with aluminium foil (ex: https://www.instructables.com/id/Interactive-Art-With-Scratch-and-Makey-Makey/) but those are based on the fact that a human finger touches them (basically it uses the conductivity of skin), whereas in my game i was to use the weight of random objects from the house (in the 50g to 500g range typically) Any idea how i should get started ? thanks fourchu

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Mario Party Tick Tock Hop game life size: How can I make this work in real life and not cost a fortune?

I want to make the Tick Tock Hop mini game from Mario Party in scale that kids and adults can play. Below is a video of the game. I figure I can use an arduino to run the random switching and speed of the hands. I just dont know if it would be possible to do this with the weight of the hand and the people standing on it. Any ideas?

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Ball counter or weight sensor with relay to sound alarm or trigger 9v confetti cannon

Anyone interested in a bit of work...I could also run it as a competition. Apologies in advance if what I am doing in not allowed on instructables, but I couldn't find a place to offer this work. Peoplehour does not specialise in tech gadgets! I am a one man band training business in the UK. I am trying to find someone to make this gadget to work with my Gravity Ball Game. Gravity Ball is a two hour team building activity. Gravity Ball requires teams to design and build a construction capable of transporting a ball from one zone to another; the ball must roll freely along the construction using gravity only. There will be a shared zone that will require team collaboration, co­operation and coordination. Everyone needs to contribute to the overall team objective whilst ensuring their own structure functions to a specific brief and works correctly. All teams will release their designated ball (tennis ball, golf ball, cricket ball, squash ball. Etc.) at the same time. Each team ball will roll freely along the team structure, into the shared area and the fall into a collection container. When all the balls are in the container (and a specific weight achieved) then the Weight sensitive relay switch will detonate a electronic confetti cannon. Alternatively, an infra red or sensor can count the number of balls that pass at a particular point and when the designated number is reached, the confetti cannon will detonate The detonation will give a wow factor to the team activity. Considerations: I need a gadget, Arduino, raspberry pi or beaglebone that can measure or count the number of ball and then detonate a confetti cannon or sound an alarm • Programmable weight or ball counter setting • Maximum weight 300g-400g or Maximum number of passing balls is 10 • Work with standard electronic confetti cannon from Confetti Masters, alarm or Siren (http://www.confettimaster.com/streamer.electric.confetti.cannons.html) or Showtec electric cannons (http://www.sblite.co.uk/598-80cm-multicolour-electric-confetti-cannon.html) Message me if you are interested! Kind regards Canute

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Does anyone know the weight of the Arduino Nano and the Mini?

I am working on a robot where weight is critical. I was wondering if there was a significant weight difference between the Arduino Nano and the Mini. Thanks!

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Does anyone know the exact weight of a golf ball? Answered

I an working on a science project and dont have a scale to calculate the weight of a goflf ball. Please help its due Tomorrow!!!!

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electronic magnet that produces enough force to lift weight

you have an unlimited power source. now is it possible to create enough force at the right "degree" that would be repelled by the earth instead of attracted.. so like a floating magnet. but its strong enough to lift large objects..... like maybe a human?

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Best material for an rc car body? Answered

I bought a nice futaba controller set from Hobby Town USA and built a RC Hovercraft with it. It was a failure, so I took it apart. I now would like to tackle something easier, like an RC Car. There is less worry about weight on one of these, like there is on a hovercraft. What would be the best material to use to build the frame? I was thinking PVC, but I'm no expert. Thanks!

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how to make a fighting robot having 6 kg weight?

Give details for manufacturing a fighting robot

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Is there a way to calculate how much weight a servo can lift? Answered

I'm working on a 6 legged, 3DOF, spider-like robot, and I was wondering if its possible to find out how much weight the servos I have can lift... It says they are rated 3.9kg - cm so for 1 cm pole, its 3.9kg, and how can I convert that to see how much weight it can hold? the servo's that move the legs I'm not worried about but the ones that lift the chassis, make me have second thoughts.. The chassis is less than 1 pound, so at the point of the servo is about an inch and a half away, will it be able to lift.. Also, 6 servos will be lifting, so does this add all the torque together for a total product?

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What weights do you use to get a levitron omega working?

If anyone could tell me what they used so I could use a range around that you would be amazing.

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How to decide the motor rating and torque required ?

I want to make manual  wheelchair to be electrically driven. For that I have assumed wheelchair weight to be=20 kg Patient's weight to be=100kg ( max ) Motor  with battery = 30 kg (approx) Thus total weight to be = 150 kg (approx) what kind of DC motor along with its rating should be used ?

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Dual energy generation with magnetic Seesaw system and gravity with the help of 3 volt toy motor

This technology is based on  a Seesaw system and magnetic repelling principle Linear motion  .We can generate electricity with very little force with the help of this technology.This will be a radical step in the field of energy generation. In this technology there will be a balance system and two heavy weight magnets(high strength NEODYMIUM MAGNETS) will be attached with each side of this balance system as per diagram. As per diagram there will be two moving weights and these moving weights will move on tracks.These tracks will be fixed at the angle of 8 to 10 degree. Two magnets will be attached on the front side of these moving weights and these magnets will have similar polarity with the magnets of balance system. These moving weights will be attached with two gear boxes and these gear boxes will be attached with two generators. HOW THIS TECH WILL WORK? When one side heavy weight magnet of balance system will be pressed with the help of any kind of external force then this side will come down and repel its side moving weight due to equal polarity of magnets.due to repelling the moving weight will move forward .but when the heavy weight magnet will move upward then this moving weight will move backward due to gravity to get its position back. in this way this moving weight will work to run a gear box and this gear box will work to start a generator to generate energy. This balance system will also work to pass through their side copper coil due to linear movement and in this way this technology will generate Dual energy. WE will take very high strength NEODYMIUM magnets  for balance system. I would like to insist on some following points (1) The balance system will be attached with 'L' form crank with external PRESSING source. (2) The moving weights will also be attached with 'L' form crank with gear boxes. (3) Each side magnet of balance system will work one by one .When one side magnet will come down the another side magnet will move up .These magnets will come down and move up one by one to repel their side moving weight. (4) We can take as much weight as we can of these magnets of balance system .(500 kilogram to 1000 Kilogram or more) to pass through the heavy coils having 100000 turns or more.  (5) External source of pressing this balance system could be anything such as pressing with foot  or solar cell. WE WILL NEED ONLY 3 VOLT EXTERNAL ENERGY TO PRESS THIS BALANCE SYSTEM  AND GENERATE MORE AND MORE ENERGY.

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i want to drive 1960 N weight with linear speed 5km/h which motor is suitab for this? Answered

I want same speed with load and without load? plz ans this question. 

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Help me guys! I need to measure a motors lift weight(for a flying machine)!

So, I'm making a hover bike. Yea, dont judge me. And i have to measure the motor(s) needed to lift my bike. I have measured that my bike will weight about 75kg with me without the motors. So i need motor that can lift 75kg+(motors weight) at a power consumption of (something). Help please? :D

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Where can I find a scale that I can read the weight with the computer? Answered

I need a scale that can connect to my computer and send data to the computer, it does not need to be able to measure more than 250g, but it should have .1g increments. 

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how can i make a solar power quadcopter?

Is it possible to make a quadcopter which could get its power need from solar energy? n what about its weight...with panels on it...it might be heavy....how can i control its weight? 

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without using a suspension system how to overcome the rolling of a gokart vehicle?

As per the gokart rule there is a specific weight limit mentioned..adding suspension springs in each wheel will amount to extra weight of vehilcle...our team has deceided not to use suspension system and at the same time we need to avoid rolling of body.

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How to "size" a servo motor? Answered

I have a 28lb solar panel that I'd like to position with servo motors, but not having worked with Servos I'm having a tough time trying to understand how to size the servos that I'll need. I'm finding a ton of "hobby"/"toy" servos that are rated at 25/30KG but am I under/over-thinking that would equate to the ability of those servos handle the full weight, if centrally positioned, of a 28lb array? I get that if they weren't centrally positioned I'd need to figure in leverage weight multiplication, etc., but if they were positioned in the center of the array to form 2 axises would a 30KG servo be able to handle the weight of the array?

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How can I make a cheap light weight camera to attach it to my RC Plane.?

Aeromodelling is my hobby so i wanted to put a cheap cam in my plane. I want it to be cheap because if i crash the plane the cam might break. Can i use components from an old camera phone?

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Can plants be grown by using only water vapor, no soil either? the thing is to limit the weight to the plant alone.?

To create a system of plants and greenery, which is useful and productive, not just decorative, but which has limited weight. this would allow for various levels of plants needing only wire supports, increasing the effective production over a given area.

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Why my quadcopter not fly?

I guys, my problem is that my quadcopter not fly, my setup is: - Motor: 4xNTM 28-26 1200kv 286w http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__17345__NTM_Prop_Drive_Series_28_26A_1200kv_286w.html - Propellers: 4xPropeller GWS 10x4.5 https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=31129 and https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=35243 - Esc: 40A https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=36686 - Frame: SK450 Glass Fiber https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=32537 - Battery: Turnigy nano-tech 4500mah https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=36234 - Controller: Arducopter The total weight of this quadcopter is 1200g. I don't know why not fly, when I put the throttle to 2000 (max power), the copter is lifted a few centimeters(5 cm). can you help me? thanks  in advance :)

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Making a large shipping scale?

I'm wanting to build a large shipping scale with capabilities of measuring up to 2400 lb's.  I'm curious if anyone has done anything like this and could give me advice.  I was thinking of combining 6-400 lb. scales with an arduino and simply displaying the sum of their weights on an LCD screen.  Do you think this would work?

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Mechanical first rain drops detector?

I am looking for a mechanical' 'way of detecting the first raindrops of a shower or worse. This detector then releases a mechanical alarm, which will alert folk who keep their washing on the line as long as possible, to bring it in.The alarm could be sounded by a gravity falling weight (rock) or rewindable spring, driving a rattle, for example.If possible, a windmill action could generate the power to reset the weight.No electronics to be used in this if possible.

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how to make a remote control car and what type of requirements if its weight is 1.5 kg ?

I want to make a remote control car ..plz help me to know that what type of parts i required like what type of motor to run a1.5 kg car ..if you have any type of information plz let me know ..its urgent ..really need your help

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Selection of dc motor type and rating for a 300 kg weight electric car with 4400wh limit? Answered

I am doing a project on electric car which weighs about 300 kg and my battery supply limit should be 4400 wh. i wanna know which type of motor and ratings has to be selected. Car has to reach a distance of 75mts in less than 10 seconds Max voltage rating of battery and motor : 300v Max speed of motor with given load:50-60 kmph Please suggest some cheap and best motor controllers used for these ratings.  

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How to attach a flat weight sensor to a voice recorder? What kind of sensor to use and where to buy items?

I'm making a prototype the size of a door mat that when stepped on plays a voice recording. What kind of sensor would I use and how could I make it activate a voice recording (it needs to be flat)? Where might I buy the needed items? The sensor would need to be activated after 1lb of pressure was applied to it.?

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How can I make an electronic balance that would output a voltage and light a series of LEDs?

The display will be used to represent weight (weight would be between 1 and 100 lbs) and will be used in a competition in which coins will be added into buckets setting on the scales or load cell platforms at varying rates. I will make two identical units and would like for the displays to remain active throughout the competition which should last less than 20 minutes. The purpose will be to represent which bucket has the most weight at any given moment and the accuracy only needs to be the same for each device. In other words, if the buckets were switched, the results would be repeatable (accurate within one LED (or perhaps a better light arrangement may be suggested)). Thank you

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My Son is building Pinewood derby cars and he wants to set one up to run flashing L.E.Ds. Answered

2 head lights 2 tail lights and 2 red and blue over head lights. This is to resemble police car and it has to stay in the size of the car and weight Width: - 2-3/4" Length - 7" Width between wheels - 1-3/4" Weight - Not over 5 Ounces THANKS any help would be great !!!!?

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Do Gases Get Heavier or Lighter as Their Temperature Rise? Answered

I know that as the temp. in gases change, their weight does, but I'm not sure in what direction.

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Good travel tripod? Answered

Looking for a good travel tripod for cheap, i cant find very many in my specifications If i would get one it would hopefully be less than 12 inches when folded Can extend to a pretty high range (about waist height, or at least 4-5 feet) And preferably can clip to a backpack or other thing (optional) Weight is not a huge deal, so any weight is fine and be cheap :) less than 50 bucks most likely i dont care if it is a name brand one or not, it just needs to hold a camera stability doesnt have to be great also, i could probably clip some wight onto it if needed camera i will be using is over a pound, but just by 3 or 4 ounces- not a DSLR either so there is no added lens weight if i go telephoto Thanks!! I really appreciate it :)

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Is ceiling fan blade and helicopter blade same in design or not what is the difference between them in their design?

Can i use fan blade as light weight helicopter blade or there is a difference in their design

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