what is this for?


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What are they

Anybody know what the little single in line components are (not the ICs in plastic cases.)Mine are blue

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what the...

I just dont know....

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What is this? Answered

 It says MFS 474K 250V.  It is on a dial-up PCI card.

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What is this?

Hi, I want to know what this thing is? It resembles a water pump, but on a miniature scale... I want to know the exact name for this thing and possible the use. Thanks for all your help.

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What the...

? I googled instructables forum and found this https://www.janeapplebottom.instructables.com/forum?&limit;=20&sort;=datewhat the heck ? it s exactly like the real instructables forum but the wrong address

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what is this?

I received this curious object from my science teacher today because he is cleaning his room. He does not know what it is, all that he knows is that it is related to Lego Mindstorms(I am assuming very old Lego Mindstorms the floppy disk he gave me that comes with it is dated 1988) and a mac 2.0.      There is a power source, a ribbon cable, old lego cable, and what appears to be the remains of a button attached to it. It also came with a floppy disk i don't know if the labels mean anything so i am including it. right underneath the switch there is a label that says TSI interface on/off.  the floppy disk says " "Feelies"  sensor interface for the apple p.o. box 5362 bla bla bla bla more stuff about the address then front: 2e version back: 2+ version". there is also what i think is a brand on the box that i think says "T.51n" but i'm not sure. if anyone knows what this is and what it does please do tell. thanks,      Harry

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What is this?

I have recently acquired a Sony Mavica MVC-FD95, and i noticed a little port or something on the lower right-hand corner, and it was intriguing to me, because it might be a media drive; a Godsend seeing as this camera only takes 3 1/2" floppies, as far as I know. If you know what is please post. :)

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Why is ibles going downhill i can stay loged on even for 5mins and cant post on orange borads or even join a group!

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What is this? Answered

I got this of of a portable heater with a fan and it had labels for fan speed. it has four settings when you turn it. When i try to use on a motor to control the speed it just works as a switch. Do i need a motor with 3 wires if so how do i wire it up? Is it something different.

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What is this? Answered

I recently got this "motor" in a box full of old telephone supplies. It didnt come with any instructions or anything on how to use it, which some of the stuff had. It looks like a giant motor. Any ideas? It says Teletype Corp on it, but I couldnt find any details on it anywhere on the internet.

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What are these? Answered

I came across about 100 of these, I am not sure if they are photodiodes or LEDs would like to use them for something!  Have tried them at alot of different voltages, they all have a resistor inline with them which makes me think they are LEDs not sure on operating voltage. they also have a glass lens. markings - mexico 1150

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What is this??? Answered

I found this in a box of misc. wires yesterday at a thrift store looks like a toy for a computer game maybe. It has a speaker up top and an adjustable microphone at the bottom. I know that speaker and microphone are self explanatory, but I was curious to know what exactly it may have been used with. It has a place in the middle to put in three AA batteries and it has a removable clip to attach it to something. When I put in the batteries it appeared to work or the little red light indicator  came on and the speaker was on with a real low fuzz sound. I have not plugged it into anything yet , I wanted some input first.Thank you in advance to anyone with help.

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What's an FPGA? Whats an CPLD?

What's an FPGA?  Like what's it compared to a microcontroller?  Please no links to google or wikipedia :P  I mean, from what I've read, it just seems like theyre inferior to a microcontroller, so I don't get why people use them.

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What is an orangeboard? Answered

What is an orangeboard?

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What is a transistor? Answered

Hey guys, I am having problems understanding what is a transistor. When I do a search it shows me that its made of semi-conductor material and stuff, I don't want to know that. I want to know what is does as in a battery supplies power, resistor limits current etc. I would really like it if someone could give me a basic explanation of what is a transistor. Thanks in advance :). -Prickly Potato

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What is Steampunk? Answered

I've seen alot of Steampunk instructables but what gives it the name steampunk?

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what to do

Christmas is coming up, yay!!! On the 6th I ordered some shutter shades from www.shuttershadesonline.com My brother is a Kanye West fan. It has been over 2 weeks (almost 3 weeks on christmas) and they still havn't shown up. If they don't come, what do I tell my brother? I'm not too worried, because the thought was there, ordering something 3 weeks before christmas is good i think.

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Help with what they are? Answered

its in the pic is it a regulator and what brand is the F

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Whats Sexpot?

Sexpot.exe? And what do I need to run it? And how? EDIT------------------------- Ahoy! Oops. I thought it was some online phone thing.

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What to make ?

I found  electronic components at home. What I have 1. ON-off button switch 2. on-on tumbler switch 3. on dpb or something like this switch 4. 2 100k lin pote 5. on-on-off tumbler switch 6. 2 leds 7. 3 lm386's 8. 5 DIL sockets 9. 1N914 10. 100k 11. 1m 12. 470k 13. 220k 14. 4k7 15. 0.047uf 16. 0.0033uf 17. 100uf*16v 18. 2w 10k 19. 0.47uf 20. 220uf*16v 21. 0.01uf 22. 3 9v battery sockets 23. IR electronic volume control 24. speeker cable 25. cables. 24. Audio cable 25. 50 line pote 26. 9v adpater 27. 6.3mm audio socket 28. naked speaker cable socket 1) I wanna make something for my electric guitar. I have no idea what to make. 2) Something what is not sound related. I have no idea what to make.

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what are these ic's? Answered

I have puled two components out of an old radio/amp/ cd player etc. and i want to know what they are and if i can use them to make an audio amplifier. one says BC Power Module  SVI 3101 D on the front and 424  1w2  on the back and has 14 legs (it can be seen here, this is actually the exact one i have from the same appliance :  http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1042/4733036801_a2d72f1df9.jpg ) . The other looks kind of like an op amp, it has 12 pins and the part no 5a3920, and below that 218 130a (as you can tell i am not a good at desoldering and not having a solder suck doesn't help).

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what is CNC? Answered

What is CNC?

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what is arduino? Answered

Im new to this, and was wondering what it is and what it does?

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What are patches? Answered

On people's profile pages there is a space for 'patches' an I was just wondering what they are and what they are used for.

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What is Telehack? Answered

What is Telehack?

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what are patches?

I notices i can send 15 people patches but  what are they whats the point?

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What is this tool for? Answered

Anyone know what this tool is used for?

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What is this tool

Does anyone know what this tool is?

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What is challenge? Answered

What I have to do to win a challenge  ?

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what is "arduino?"?

Please explain briefly, and include an example

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what is an atom? Answered

What do you mean by atom

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cDc, what is it?

CDc cult of the dead cow. has anybody heard of them? more importantly, what are they and what do they do?

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What is HDMA?

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What are capacitors for? Answered

What are they for I've seen them everywhere... are they used to hold power?  

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What is the Arduino? Answered

What is the arduino actually? I know it has something to do with computers, but where is it for? What does it do? And why is everyone on instructables talking about it?

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What are patches ?

Sorry i just got my membership and i don't know what are patches

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what is an arduino? Answered

What is an arduino? i hear people talking about it all the time, and i have not found out as to what it does, and how it functions

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what is Arduino?

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what will it work

I bought a USB EXTENSION cable and it shows me USB malfunctions what is wrong

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What is a group? Answered

Who makes them? What do they add to the community? When can they be made? Where are the people that make them? Why are they made? How can I make one? Seeing as this is a question about Instructables, what category would you put it in?

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What is GIMP?

What is GIMP? My friend talks about it all the time and I have to just pretend like I remotley know what he's saying. Please help!?

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what is a pinout? Answered

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what else is there?

What other operating systems are there besides Windows(sucks) Luinix and Mac??

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What is that called??

What is that called? What is that thing called-there's a looped wire between two planks of wood and we have to bring another wire with a ring in it to the other end.You know what i mean??please help.i want to make it for my physics project.?

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what is steampunk?

I've heard the term many places, and never knew what it referred to. Please expound upon said term. Thanks!

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What is RSS? Answered

...and how do you use it?

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What is k2? Answered

Ive heard a lot about this drug and i just want to know what it is. i hear its like mary j? I do not intend on using this i would just like to know what it is.

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what is arduino? Answered

I have seen a lot of thing about ardunio. but i have no idea what it is! can someone help me?

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