LCD White?

Well i dont know anything about lcd screens and i just aquiered one from an old pc and i want it to come to life again. if these help these are all the numbers and stuff on the back of the screen TORISAN TFT-LCM TM121SV-02L01 500F00023388O5 MADE IN JAPAN                                                                                       AR111A987K321129MS

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What is the white powder in firecrackers?

I took apart some basic firecrackers, they have a green fuse, waterproof, etc. So inside, I found some grey-ish powder (suspect it is Gunpowder) and a lot more white powder. The Firecrackers do not give of a huge flash, so I am asking. What is the white powder, what does it do, and should I keep it? (Please no answers like "You shouldn't play around with that" and other negative responses. I am looking from a makers point of view.)

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Wiimote Whiteboard

I have connected my WiiMote to my laptop via the bluetooth dongle that you reccomended with BlueSoliel software.  They are communicating with one another.  I am trying to use Johnny Lee's software for the Whiteboard Interface.  When I try to open his software it sends a message sayin that the device is not on the HID list.  Do I need a driver for the WiiMote?  How do I get it on the HID list?  Keep in mind that my laptop doesn't have built in Bluetooth hardware.  The control panel has bluetooth options, but when I open it, I can't do anything from there.  It doesn't see any of my devices.  The Blue Soliel wizard sees and communicates with both the Wiimote and my Blackberry.

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Source for "filament white" 1800-2200K color temperature warm white led's?

After literally hours, I can not locate small quantities of warm white led's with what is sometimes described as "filament white" color temperature. Most warm white LED's are a much cooler 3000K. Any suggestions? Ideally a 3 or 5mm discrete LED. Images of warm white led's are unreliable. A color temperature description is necessary. Anyone? Thanks! I received a sample of these, but their color temperature is actually much closer to 3000K. 2017 UPDATE:  2200K (and warmer) LED's are finally becoming more commonplace in bulbs, LED tape, etc... so I'm keeping my eye out for more component and project LED's to also include this warmer range. 

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White screen of death on iphone 3g.

I have "rebooted", updated the software and connected to iTunes but nothing has worked. I called the phone and it went into voice mail. I heard the camera "click" and when I connect to iTunes it allowed me access to the pictures on the phone. Is there a solution of there that I may try before I bring it to the Apple store? Thanks.

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my ps2 turned into black and white?

No color

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guitar hero drums white plugs?

What are guitar hero drums white plugs that connect to circuit board what are they called? any part number for it?

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How to colorize a black and white photocopy?

Hello. Years ago, Letraset had in catalogue a color film that you heated over a black and white photocopy and turned black in the color of the film (the film only was fixed to the toner). Does anybody know a way of getting the same result with cheap materials?

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Diffusing white LED's. I need high intensity white light but with little or no projection.

I am trying to have as bright a light as possible from 2 white LED's but with as little light projection as possible. So far I have found a small bit of a plastic shopping bag does well but the light isn't bright enough. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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What are the white & gold super thin speaker things found in some toys called? Answered

They are gold and have something that looks like a white sticker on the other side. They have two wires coming out from under the white sticker. I have found these in several toys and smoke detectors I have disassembled and need to know their name.

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"It Will Be Awesome if They Don't Screw it Up"

Public Knowledge recently published a white paper on 3d printing (see link for downloadable PDF version). It compares low-cost home 3d printing technology with home computing and digital publishing, with specific reference to the possibility of DMCA-style legislation preventing the technology reaching its full potential. In many ways, today’s 3D printing community resembles the personal computing community of the early 1990s. They are a relatively small, technically proficient group, all intrigued by the potential of a great new technology. They tinker with their machines, share their discoveries and creations, and are more focused on what is possible than on what happens after they achieve it. They also benefit from following the personal computer revolution: the connective power of the Internet lets them share, innovate, and communicate much faster than the Homebrew Computer Club could have ever imagined. The personal computer revolution also casts light on some potential pitfalls that may be in store for the growth of 3D printing. When entrenched interests began to understand just how disruptive personal computing could be (especially massively networked personal computing) they organized in Washington, D.C. to protect their incumbent power. Rallying under the banner of combating piracy and theft, these interests pushed through laws like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that made it harder to use computers in new and innovative ways. In response, the general public learned once-obscure terms like “fair use” and worked hard to defend their ability to discuss, create, and innovate. Unfortunately, this great public awakening came after Congress had already passed its restrictive laws. Of course, computers were not the first time that incumbents welcomed new technologies by attempting to restrict them. The arrival of the printing press resulted in new censorship and licensing laws designed to slow the spread of information. The music industry claimed that home taping would destroy it. And, perhaps most memorably, the movie industry compared the VCR to the Boston Strangler preying on a woman home alone. One of the goals of this whitepaper is to prepare the 3D printing community, and the public at large, before incumbents try to cripple 3D printing with restrictive intellectual property laws. By understanding how intellectual property law relates to 3D printing, and how changes might impact 3D printing’s future, this time we will be ready when incumbents come calling to Congress.   Podcasts and videos on 3d printing. Gothic Cathedral play set. BBC reportage. Freedom of Creation (3d printing designers)

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I need to power 150 led's, and Im not sure how.?

The LED's I want to use have this as a data sheet: Emitted Colour : White Size (mm) : 10mm Lens Colour : Water Clear Peak Wave Length (nm) : N/A Forward Voltage (V) : 3.2 ~ 3.8 Reverse Current (uA) : <=30 Luminous Intensity Typ Iv (mcd) : Average in 25000 Life Rating : 100,000 Hours Viewing Angle : 20 ~ 25 Degree Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25°C) Max Power Dissipation : 80mw Max Continuous Forward Current : 30mA Max Peak Forward Current : 75mA Reverse Voltage : 5~6V Im going to be using 150 of them and was told my arduino cant power them all and I need to get/make a "led driver" So Im not exactly sure what I need to make to power them, and not blow up my arduino. Any help?

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Take a Black and White Photo, Get a patch!

 Hello again. It's time for another photo contest! This month the theme is a nice broad one, just to get things going after the first one last month. Black and White This months theme is Black and White. Try and focus on those distinctive shapes and defined shadows that make black and white photos pop. Get into the mindset of what will look good when in black and white. A good contrast is normally a good basis for a black and white photo. Any black and white photo is allowed, digital or analogue. Nearly all modern digital cameras have a black and white mode. The one stipulation is that you have to go and take a new photo! Not just upload an old photo. The idea is to encourage you to take some new pics, opposed to showing off what we have done before. Attached are a couple of shots I took today! Every black and white photo uploaded gets a Patch! If I missed giving you a patch last month, let me know in your comment, and I will send you one of each to make up.

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how to get TiO2 from a white paint?

Actually I want to make a solar panel and for that I need TiO2, would you please tell how to extract it from the paint?

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Whereto buy LEDs? Answered

Sure, radioshack has them(i actually just bought some) but they're expensive, even if you get the 20-pack. Anyone know about a good electronics store? I need blue and white leds, alond with other components.

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LED car headlights colour temperature (Australia)? Answered

I was looking to replace the headlights on my car to LED ones, but I'm kinda conscious about the legal requirements I contacted the Licensing and Vehicle centre/department/whatever to ask about the max colour temperature, but the best they gave me was what was in the pic below. Does anyone know how to convert that or something into colour temperature? I know they sell 5000K lamps at a nearby automotive shop, but they also sell a few more... questionable accessories. I really don't want to have to drag my car in and have to pay several hundreds over just a few headlights; might as well just take the ticket if I ever got one. Other than that, they should have the same brightness, throw, etc. Thanks

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How can i make a white hawkstrider, a white giant bird, that is a robot and can carry my weight?

A white hawkstrider is a mount in World of Warcraft.  you can google an image of what a white hawkstrider does look like. I was wondering if it was possible to make a robot that can look like that. And if it can carry my body weight and i can mount it around or just walk beside it.  i hope i can.

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What is the size for an avatar picture without if leaving any left over space?

I looking for a new avatar, and I want to know the length and width without leaving a white border.

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Where can I find white translucent plastic? Answered

I'm trying to find white translucent plastic to use for a light table and other photo related projects. I found some at Lowe's, but it's pretty pricey and the sheet is much larger than I need. Thickness is not critical, at least an eight of an inch thick and at least 8x10 inches to start. Any ideas?

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What does white lines in center of Solettes stand for?

Hello, I would like to ask, what that white line on solette means. On some solettes it's full and on others 3/4, 1/2, 2/5, etc. Adding picture. Thanks

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Connecting 3.6v white led to 6v power supply

Trying to power up one white led, 3.6v off 6v power supply. Understand what resistor I need. What's throwing me off is this microchip looking thing inside the project I'm copying. The difference is, on the original project, there's a 4 hour timer on it. So, is this microchip used for that? Or does it have another purpose? I don't need a timer for my project, just on/off option. Picture attached. Let me just add I'm a newbie to electronics. Thanks!

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SMD3528 12v white led strip on battery question?

I'm building a table and i will use 1m of white led waterproof strip SMD3528 (300 LEDs), but because i don't want  any cables around i want to put rechargeable battery what will supply  enough energy to led light for some period of time.Battery is 12V Li-po Super Rechargeable Battery Pack DC  1800mAh. Do i need something else beside battery and led strip, and how long can led work on this battery, or should i use battery with more capacity?

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Laser type and power to cut holes in white paper? Answered

I am interested in building a machine to make pianola rolls. Pianola rolls encode the music in the the form of holes punched in a roll of paper. The holes are usually made by a metal punch or series of punches. I would like to make a unit that uses a laser to cut the holes (about sixteenth of an inch diameter). Thanks Andy

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Is it possible to replace a LED (white) with a Laser diode/Laser diode with driver?

Meant for a school project, i need it to be simple enough so i dont need parts to modify it, preferably just taking a regular laser pointer in place of the LED. I want to modify this circuit:

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i just electrolyzed copper sulfate and there is a white paste on the bottom of my cell, what is it?

I just electrolysed copper sulfate with my lead dioxide electrode i made by electrolysing a lead rod in sulfuric acid, and now there is a white paste on the bottom of my electrolysis cell, i want to know, is it lead sulfate? or is it something else? and also i wanted to ask, as well to anyone who may know the answer, how fast does lead dioxide get eaten away when making chlorate or perchlorate?

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Can I run 10w 12v leds directly form a switching power supply? Answered

Hi, I have a regulated switching power supply with 12vdc 400w output (similar item pictured below) and I need to power around 20 10W LEDs which are rated at 900mA. Can I wire these in parallel directly from my power supply since I know the voltage can't change meaning that the current (and heat) shouldn't really change? Thanks in advance.

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LED dimming and color temperature control (variable white LEDs)

I'm trying to find an inexpensive way to control a variable-white LED strip with knobs. There are tons of remote dimmers and wall-touch-controls available. These are way too complicated or too big for my application. All I want is two knobs. One that controls the brightness of the LED strips and one that controls the color temperature between the cold and the warm white LEDs I did some research and see two possible solutions: a) 100% analog using potentiometers and LED drivers or b) using potentiometers, Arduino, and LED drivers. Here are the details: a) Analog: - Use two LED drivers to drive the actual LEDs, like these ones: - Use two dual-channel potentiometers to control the brightness of the two different LEDs in the strips:   - One controls the brightness for both channels (connected to the same pins)   - One controls the relative brightness between the channels (connected to opposite side pins) b) Using Arduino: - Any Arduino with analog inputs - Two single-channel potentiometers connected to two analog inputs - Some software that generates the correct PWM outputs for the two LED channels - LED drivers that can dim using PWM signal input. According to this post, the same BuckPucks can do that, too: Do you have any advice on these options? Is there a third one or even an off the shelf solution? What about compliance and certification? If I use BuckPucks and other components that are certified, do I still need a certification for the whole system? (assuming I want to use the design not just for my personal pleasure)

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Where can i buy thin white vinyl that i can print on my laser/inkjet printer.? Answered

I'm making a decal for my buddy's surf board and i need some thin vinyl. I was hoping some company made sticker sheets of the stuff that i could run through my printer at home.

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Computer screen problem Answered

I've got windows vista home premium 64 bit with an HP w2338h display. Whenever I open a picture in windows photo gallery or sometimes when I maximize a youtube video the picture goes black and white, with verticle lines, and out of resolution as well-- help?

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Nanotech makes white LEDs 5x brighter than before with warmer light.

New research with nanocrystals has created a new LED that gets 300 lumens per watt. Even better, the light is a warm white and not the cold blue-tinted white that we all know.The crystals absorb some of the LED's blue output and emit their own red and green light. That combines with the remaining blue light to produce a soft white glow.Existing commercial white LEDs are also based on blue LEDs. But they use a phosphor coating that converts some blue light into a broad spectrum of yellow light. When mixed with remaining blue light the result is a harsh blue-hued white. Link

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How do i load transparency sheets to a printer?

My transparentcy sheet is attached to a white sheet. Do i remove the white sheet? If not, which way do i install it white sheet facing up or down?

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Fairchild LEDs?

Can someone show me where I can buy Fairchild LEDs? Preferably the 5mm kind. I know they are not cheap. I want 100 or less if possible. The Fairchild website is a bit confusing for me, and I have to buy in big bulks.

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off relay with delay on timer

Hello smart people! I need to pick your collective brain. The project that I am working on is on my car. I am replacing the front turn signals on my car with an LED strip. The led strip has three wires. One for ground, one for white LEDs, and one for the amber LEDs. If it is just directly connected to the current incandescent bulbs, the white comes on as a running light. When the turn signal comes on, the lights flash white, amber, white, amber..... (not what I want) What I want it to do is turn off the white while the amber flashes, then turn the white back on. I have a delay on relay, but that won't quite work for what I am trying to do. Isn't there a way to just throw a cap and resistor to keep the voltage on a relay to keep the white off till the amber is done flashing?

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Any ideas on an in-ear white noise device to help stutterers/stammerers?

Hi, This is my first post. I don't know much about this kind of tech but am eager to learn.  I want to build a hidden/discrete wireless earpiece which can play a short burst of white noise (1-2 seconds) when a button is pressed (see below for an explanation of why on earth I want to do this). The button would need to be able to trigger the white noise from a range of around 1 metre so that the controller can be kept in my trouser pocket. There are earpieces around which play white noise (to help people sleep in noisy environments) but I want to be able to control whether or not the white noise is playing. I thought about using a wireless earpiece (e.g.) with bluetooth, however it seems like the maximum range for this would be around 40cm. Anyone know of alternatives?  WHY WOULD I WANT TO?! Individuals who stutter/stammer often experience blocks. It's not that you'll hear them repeating sounds or anything - their speech just totally freezes up. For reasons which aren't entirely clear, listening to white noise can help stutters who block to start talking. White noise can be played before trying to speak, disrupting our auditory feedback - resulting in less blocks. Some devices have made use of this, e.g. Edinburgh Masker (, but were ugly, bulky and didn't allow you to manually control when the white noise was playing. Other devices, like SpeechEasy make use of Delayed Auditory Feedback ( - which can help some people but is of no use if you aren't already making some kind of noise. Is this impossible?  Many thanks for anyone with ideas on this! Cheers Oli

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hello all, some of the videos only show up as a white box

Hello all, some of the videos only show up as a white box with a green y inthe upper left corner, what do I need to download ? Thank you?

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Can I make line follower robot on white line and can you help for coding for this

I want to make line follower robot on white line i need program for that so can you help for the coding to made that robot.?

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How would I make a 2000+ lumen white LED circuit?

I'm thinking of using so I can drive the circuit with a TTL pulse and three of, but I'm not entirely sure on how to wire up the circuit/choose the correct values for the components. Any help would be awesome!

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How many super bright white LEDs can be connected in series and in parallel to an Arduino pin?

I'd like to make an 8x8x8 LED cube with super bright white LEDs with the Arduino. I've thought of two ways to do this. I just want to know what my limitations are and if I should use red LEDs instead and what are the limitations on them? I'm using an Arduino Uno R3.

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i have a lg charger that has red white and black wires and im trying to rig it with my clippers to get power to charge

I need tocharge my phone but only have the tip of the charger. the wires are red green white and black. i have my clippers charger and the wires are black and black and white. which wires do i connect together to get power to charge my phone. please help!! unable to get charger right now

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I have a line of leds but white and blue dont light up no there not broken

No there not broken i think i need more power but im scared i will brake them? Do i need something or do you need the other colors there's white blue green yellow and red im using AA bateries

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can I connect pre-kit led strip to a battery wired led strip (see pic)?

Connecting a led kit (white strip) to battery pack (black strip) but am I stripping end both black and white to make it happen. Or way to make black same as white?  Is there an easy way to do this?  Thanks in advance.

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Source for reliable bright white led strips that can be powered with 5v (USB)

Hello,  wanting to build a portable light tracing box that can be ran off the power of a laptop USB port.   Are there any sources for strips of that voltage?   Mostly what I have found is 12v,   the sites that seem to have 3v strips seem unusually expensive or the details of the strips are vague so I don't know if they are trustworthy.

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Which battery is best for making a 20 white LED flash light for longer duration? 6V-4.7Ah or 12V-4Ah?

I want to make a flash light using 20 white LEDs, I have one 6v-4.7Ah lead acid battery and one 12v-4Ah lead acid battery. Which battery is better to use for longer duration?Thank you, Wir.?

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What makes your tv start having little white dots all over the picture on the screen, and how to fix?

I have a samsung flatscreen tv and about a month ago i noticed a couple white dots showing up in the picture, and every day more shows up. Any idea what this could be? i was thinking something with the pixels, but not sure.  Any advice would be helpful.

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