witch wire is video for usb?

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TA7313AP and LM386, witch is better? Answered

Hello .I need make a low voltage speaker .Witch PowerAmp ic should i choose . a TA7313AP or 2x LM386(bridge) ? Thabks for advance ! sorry for my bad English!

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What sort of temperatures can a fog machine reach? Answered

I'm looking to create a full-body fog/smoke cloak, but need to know the kind of temperatures I'd need, since I don't really want to actually smoke myself! If traditional fog machines run too hot, can anyone suggest anything cooler? (and I'm NOT going the Dry Ice route!)

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witch copanyies ship free elctronic samples to the uk?

I was looking for some sites that give away free elctronic samples and ship to the uk can you suggest me some?

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Witch is the best camera that cost less than 500Eu (689.65 US Dollar)

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what are all the best batch file comands?

Witch commands are the best and easiest to use

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Witch transistor should i choose for low noise audio ? Answered

Hello , im making a guitar pedal .The original schematic use transistor BC107B (epitaxial NPN) but i dont have it.so i find some other NPN transistor to replace it. I have 2N3903 ,2SC1815,2N3904 , but witch should i choose for low noise application ? in their datasheet i found the "NF : noise figure" , the lower NF mean lower noise ?? BC107B         NF  Typ.= 2  Max.= 10 2N3903          NF  Typ.= -  Max.= 6 2N3904          NF  Typ.= -  Max.= 5 2SC1815       NF  Typ.= 1  Max.= 10 Thanks for advance! sorry for my bad English.

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What is an Arduino? Answered

I see a lot of instructables in witch they use arduino but I can't figure out what it is! can you help me?

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Let the Battle Commence! (Help me find some components)

Hello Instractables community! I am currently building my computer on paper and wanted to know, What components to buy, Here is the list of what I'm not sure of Processor (Dual core) Video card Motherboard And if possible show your system specs, Thanks, and you may see an Instructable in the near Future! AMD Vs Intel

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I want to run 20-12v leds, witch allready have resistors, what circuit am i best using and what power will i need?ty?

Basicly i want to run 20 5mm uv leds, they allready have the resistors prewired, and state a 12v power source is needed but i wanty to run all 20, what circuit would be best and what kind of power suply and voltage any help would be great chhers

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Hi everyone, I harvested this transformer from a Mitsubishi TV, it has two red wires on one side and two white wires on the other side, there is a tag that says 350P43902 witch I believe is the part number and 24F049HD witch I believe is the part name also it says TAM and M 9408. I want to know what this transformer does?  I tried to find the datasheet for it but had no luck looking online, so if anyone can help if they know what it is or where to find its datasheet online I appreciate it as I like to see what I can use it for, maybe somewhere in my flyback transformer project. Thank you.

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how to make an Ultrasonic Water Fogger for those creepy witch's cauldron effect?

Also known as ultrasonic fogging devices, these consist of metallic plates which vibrates with ultrasonic frequency to nebulize the water molecules to form a vapour which appears as thick low lying fog. For the effect they are simply placed below a water body. Please provide complete details. www.mainlandmart.com/foggers.html

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I have three old out of date cpus and im trying to use them to make at least one half way desent machine. Any tips?

Need to know what parts are needed and witch arnt. Primarily need internet and writting software

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I want to buy a new laser cutting machine. I need a suggestion.

The machine i am looking for should be approximate working aria of 45cms/100cms .  For SS, brass and aluminum cutting and engraving. Please anyone suggest me witch brand is best ?  

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i have 16 mic's from recycling computers(i-mac all-in-ones)what can i do with them? Answered

Im wondering how to hook them all up together & use it to record & tell witch direction the sound came from.or just something goofy looking.

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when making a rocket engine do you need to use pure kno3(potassium nitrate) or will any stump remover do? Answered

I need max thrust witch is why I'm asking,and if you know of an even more powerful engine mix be it liquid or solid please do tell.

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pdfs for your ibles!

Hey there and since the pdfs dont work at all now im going to offer people pdf styles in microsoft word just tell me witch one you ant and i will make it ones im makeing: Z35 assualt rifle iacs circle ball machine iacs spiff pistol iacs striker pistol

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I need help with a xbox 360 HDD led mod?

I need to know witch pins i need to soader to light up my leds in my HDD plaes help and mabe even a digram of the pins pleas thank you

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what i can use to replace MPF102 ? Answered

Hello , i making the little gem mk2 (http://www.runoffgroove.com/littlegem.html) the problem is i cant find any jfet mpf102.I have some other transistor, witch i can use to replace the mpf102 ? 2n3904 2n3906 2sa1015 2sb564 2sc1815 2sc2222 2sc945 s8050 s8550 s9013 s9014 s9018  thanks!

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what type of capacitor is this ? Answered

Hello , i just bougth some capacitor from electronic store.In my country ,English is not the nature language ,so i dont know what is the name of this type of capacitor in English .they have number 104( 100nF)  and other is 105(1uF).And they dont have mask witch pin is  + or  -  pin.Thay mean they are Non polarized capacitor ??  Here is the image of them . Thanks ! p/s: sorry for my bad English.

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wath machien works on 1 AA batary for more then 2 months ?????

hi I'm looking for some kind of machinery or construction that works on only 1 AA battery for as long as possible and that has a constant movement witch i can see like a clock's second pointer i must be able to build it myself (i have electronically experience) and it must be low cost thanks in advance

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2 way Headphone crossover update

Hallo i want to construct a 2 way speaker crossover but i dont know how, im new to the electronics construction.The crossover for my application will be not for a speaker but for a 2way studio headphones from the 70s can anyone help me understand how to construct it and how to calculate and identify witch capacitor or coil to use for specifiec frequency ranges? and where to cuttof the freq ranges for smooth and natural sound?

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L.E.D desk lamp run on 12 volt? Answered

So I have an L.E.D desk lamp that plugs into the wall. It is hardwired into a power adapter witch  converts 120 volt to an output of 14 volts, If I cut off the adapter can they be run straight off a 12 volt battery. It is very bright so some lost light is okay, I fried the inverter for my cabin and need some light. 

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IoT server / gateway

Hello Instructables, Like a lot of people lately I'm experimenting with IoT and Home Automation. There are a lot of interesting projects going on, also a lot here at Instructables. But a thing that i run against is the fact of IoT Gateway/server software. On Google I found differed IoT gateways/servers that I wanted to share with you guys. If you have to contribute to my list, please do. All software's have there pros and cons, so more project the better.  - Thingspeak. This is a in the cloud site to witch you can send your sensor data and switch things - Exosite. Pretty similar to Thingspeak - IFTTT. This also a cloud site, with witch you can have your sensor data communicate with other services on the web like google, facebook, twitter - Openhab. Is a open home automation software that runs on the Raspberry Pi, it also has a android app. Unfortunately not that easy to configure. - EasyIoT. Is a pretty new server application, that looks great on the web and phone browser. Still new and in development.  Like I said all projects are have there pros and there cons. If somebody has to contribute to this list, please do. 

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I'm trying to build a semi auto rifle that doesnt shoot only little knex rods but also little round bulets i have already the mag system witch reload auto and has like 10 bullets in it but only little round bulets no knex rods and i have a little problem with the trigger :s if anyone can can help me try to build a nice trigger and i would like the slide piece couse it has more firepower if it has reactoin motion

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veritcal lines on a vizio tv m55osl

What can i do to fix the vertical lines on my vizio tv m55osl they are always visible they don't move or anything the only thing about it is when you are in front of the tv there not so bad but if you move to either side the lines get more apparent is there in easy fix or witch bored do i need to replace?also to watch cable tv i have to use a/v inputs because the cable input dosent work

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I need help with my little idea? Answered

I am totaly useless with electronics but I had this brainwave witch involves accelerometer, some led diodes. I just need some drawing or blueprint. I need to know what does it goes with them. Basic idea is to make the led go flashing when accelerometer stops moving and it does stop flashing when it is in complete stop or moves forward. And do I need a board for it or I can weld all of it together?

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Please i want to ask this, i know some one is gonna help me.?

Those it really matter if i led my circuits on a breadboard or those it make any change if i use another things ells from the breadboard? lets say i use something ells like for example a plastic or a peace of word. i interne to use a peace of plastic so i can use wires to let my circuits together from bottom. will the wires affect my work if its done correctly? And please could someone get me out of this doubt? those it matter witch company produces transistors, or those it matter the type of transistor, or those it matter the size, or those it make no difference. I am asking thing because i am unable to locate the B C and E on each no matte witch type i use, so i suspect it being the reason why i have been unable to complete my project. maybe it could be that i need to know by a means of testing through something? Please i am asking because i do not know. hope its not bored to say. I hope it will not disturb if i do not connect my circuits directly but through  wires to link to each of them.

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How to attach a jack to a small speaker pulled from a computer? Answered

Well, I have obtained a small speaker from a computer that I have scraped. It seems to only have a positive and negative wire, my only problem is, is that I do not know how to attach the jack to it (I'm very new to this). I've obtained some cord from an old pare of headphones witch also has a volume control wheel. The wires inside the cord are Copper, Green, and Red. Would very much appreciate the assistance.  

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How to and which direction to connect a resistor in an audio amplifier? Answered

Please there is this audio amplifier i have been working on, but have not been successful with it. i did check to make sure all my connections are OK. but what i am confused about is " dose it matter witch direction i connect my resistors" secondly "does it matter if i connect the resistor directly on the transistor collector arm or those it make the same if i use wires to make a longer connection? thanks. can anyone help?

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how to avoid ground loop when use one powersupply for multi guitar pedal? Answered

Hello . I going to buid a guitar pedal witch have 2 boards in a box and use a power supply to power both of them.But i dont know how to wire them to avoid groound loop problem.Normal i will do like the picture below .Do i need to cut any wire to avoid the noise ?? Thanks for advance! sorry for may bad English!

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How can I get a fly back transformer from a ionic air purifier to work?

I took apart a ionic purifier and i haven't cut many wires(I needed the switch.), but i need help using it as a hv supply. There's four different wires red, black, yellow, and white and i need to know witch ones to connect to get it to work. I'll have pics later. UPDATE: Now I have pics. P.S. It worked before I took it apart.

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can i use a micro controller to switch audio or will i need to also use relays? Answered

Hi, I'm thinking about making an audio linked house (each room can listen to music playing from another) (for details read my other post) basically all the rooms are going to be linked to a central switcher witch will have a micro prossesor in it, maybe an arduino or pic. my current design uses a whole load of relays connected to the digital pins via a transistor. i was wondering if there was an easier/simpler way to do this, maybe direct onto the micro prossesor?

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random led scrambler

I recently was asked a challenging question concerning a type of circuit design. My electronics knowledge is somewhat limited and was wondering if i could get some help on this project. The project is: How do you get one led to light up amongst a row of say ten or more leds by selecting from one switch from a row with the same number of switches. The system should be set up so every switch will have a randomly selected led circuit. In other words the leds are randomly scrambled for the switches. This is basically a type of led guessing game but also involves guessing witch switch will operate which led. Thanks!

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How would I install a resistor and LED to a 120volt outlet without lowering the voltage output ?

Hello out there, I am a beginner at electronics, but love this new hobby! What I have done is taken a 120-volt AC wall outlet with four receptacles and separated them to be four individual switched outlets. I would like to put a LED next to each receptacle letting me know witch one (or all) are switched on. (I have the on/off  switch wired to the Hot, or black wire) My question is:   How would I install a resistor and LED without lowering the voltage output of that single outlet?  “Your help is greatly appreciated”. Thanks IsLandbum 

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Did I screw up my power converter?

My motorhome has a115v ac to 12v dc with a split transformer, the 2 outer leads went to press in diodes and the middle lead went to neg or pos.(cant remember witch)  it is 40amp converter. one of the diodes was bad and i was only getting 6 volts out so i replaced them both with 40 amp 600 volt ZENER diodes. Are the zener diodes the wrong type to use, all seemed good except my neg and pos polarity were reversed coming out of the power converter, I reversed the terminals at the hook up so polarity would be correct.  Could this discharge my battery when its not connected to 115v.                                                                                             Thank you, Duncan

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Help with chardging batterys in paralell?

I have a Nikko Super Dictator witch I replaced all the eletronics in it apart of the engines. I used an rc reciver I found lying around out of a plane. I put this in the car (it olny has one engine now because one was blowen with the eletronics when I got it). The problem is that the batterys get hot and run out very fast. Each battery is 9.6 volt, 650MAh, Ni-MH, and the chardger is 9.6V, 300Ma (the batterys are equivlent to 8xaaa batterys in series). I want to wire two batterys in paralell and tape them together. How, and what, would I chardge these batterys I have made?

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What is the best program to use for drawing/planning projects in 3d? Answered

    What I want to do is design a project in some kind of 3d program. I googled different programs but couldn't really find what I envisioned. I tried sketch-up but was looking for something a little different im having trouble controlling witch axis im drawing on. I don't care what operating system it runs on. The program this guy used looks cool does anyone know anything about it http://picasaweb.google.com/catalin.art/ProiectLicenta# Also its not a requirement but it would be nice if in the future there was a way to send the files to a cnc. ps.To anyone who has made a map for counter strike you know how u had those views of different axis I liked that.

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Is there some way for me to connect the type of LCD screen with a ribbon-type DSI connection to raspberry pi zero?

I have an LCD screen that I am planning to use for a raspberry pi zero project, but it is a DSI connection, instead of a micro hdmi, is there some way for me to connect this anyway? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This screen is one I took from a broken HP 8600, it is an  "Hp Officejet Pro 8600 N911a Display Control Dash Panel Cm749-60021 Touch Screen"  ***UPDATE*** after a long time of twidling with the tiny terminals, I finally figured out witch ones would turn the screen on (and very brightly at that). Any advice on how to try and figure out how to get video input to it now?

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What is a smooth, or "rounded" aggregate, like sand, but NOT abrasive ?

I made an hourglass as a prop for a local production of "The Wizard of Oz".  The "witch" (the actress') still has it at her  home.  The "glass", which s actually plastic, & made of sections cut from 4 plastic goblets- is becoming less clear because the white sand I used is fogging up the surface with very fine scratches.  I'd like to replace this sand (that I got from a craft store, like Joann's) with an aggregate that has smooth round pieces, not rough ones.  These wont be so scratchy, and will also be less apt to cram together and clog the narrow passage from the top chamber to the lower one.  I googled these words, and got some very technical info about the science of manufacturing concrete and plastic products, but nothing I could use to find or even name what I could buy and use.  ALSO, is there a best compound for polishing the inside of the "glass" to restore the original clarity?  In other things, I've used brass polish, and even toothpaste!

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need some help with making an amp for speakers

I have a speaker that looks like the ones in the image but it has bigger magnets. its a 3Watt and 4 Ohms. i have another speaker but its only a 1.5 watt and i can't remember the ohms i think 3 Ohms. i wanted the 3watt speaker to be a little subwoofer in a little box that i am making but i don't know how to make an amplifier that can make one play regular and the other one just bass. if you have one i can buy it off of you if you will let me. get some info how to make an amp of you can sell me one and witch one i connect it to and i plan on using a   9 volt battery. the 3 Watt speaker came from a KAIDEAR portable speaker. these speakers are how the kaidear speakers look but with a big magnet and i only have 1 speaker for a little sub and a t.v. speaker for regular audio.

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I want to simulate the passive security of a car.How can I do it? Answered

I have a little idea about how I want this to look like and what to do. I intend to have an impact sensor, something to simulate the airbags (some kind of blinking led and something to make a sound, to simulate the explosion of the airbag without harming anyone), 2 pre-tensioned seatbelts (I don't know if I have to use new ones or it's ok to use some old ones from a crashed car).And very important , I don't know how to decide what "brain" to use for the project, what microcontroller I should use.Maybe I can use some leds to show certain states : the seatbelt is on/off, etc.I know I need a program and an interface witch allows me controll this circuit and show how it works. I want to build this for the students in a lab of Automotive Electronics, to make it easyer for them to learn about how it works a passive security circuit in a car. I don't know what components do I have to use and how to make it work just the way I want.  

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wifi receiver/repeater??

Hi everyone, i looked at the instructable of the wokfi antenna and the site of where it all started on that topic ( http://www.usbwifi.orcon.net.nz/ ).i found a free wifi access in my area, i got 1 pc (ethernet card+ usb wifi dongle), one laptop (wifi), a nintendo wii (wifi) and an old pc (233mhz, ethernet card) also a spare ethernet pci card and a pcmcia wifi not in the laptop, laying around .here's what i would like to do to have internet for free:- get the signal from the free wifi access point to the 233 mhz pc- use that pc as a firewall- then send the signal thru the ethernet cable and with another wifi (the pcmcia in the pc with a pcmcia to pci adapter or another usb wifi dongle, witch ever is cheaper) because my laptop can't reach the free wifi access point, it's to far..i'm looking for help on this please, i'll do an instructable with it because i think it could also be usefull to other. that whole idea of free wifi to anyone could be used here. because, let's say in a block, dorm, appartment a far away wifi connection could be shared localy. i've been digging for an intense 2 days now but my knowledge about networks and english (my first language is french) aren't that good so if anybody got an idea where to start looking it would be very appreciated.

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is it possible to transmit audio via micro controllers? (preferably arduino) Answered

Hello, i want to connect all the stereo systems in my house (between the different rooms) so that music playing from one room can also be played in several others, maybe even more than one room to be transmitting at a time (room1>room2,room3. room4>room5 etc) i would like to have the same type of controller in each room (a box with maybe 4 inputs switchable using a 4 pos switch (like the input selection for amps), an output for the amp in that room and then some kind of digital system that selects witch room to receive audio from and then sends it to the amp via the red and white audio leads (forgot their name)) i would also like there to be maybe an lcd on the box to show where it is receiving the music from and also who is listing to the music coming from that room) originally i was just going to run speaker wire everywhere but that would have been extremely expensive.i guess the question im trying to ask is: is it possible to send reasonably high quality sound from one arduino or other type of micro controller to the other?any info at all would be great and i would be so grateful.thanks in advance - luke?is i

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is it possible to make a paper engine that runs off of hydrogen if it really sturdy and cylinder is lined with tin foil.

Ok so i have this edea to make a small two stroke engine out of paper and run it off of hydrogen witch i will make with a large battery and water like a fuel cell. But anyways ive allready built the piston and teh crankshaft and the encasing well most of it but i wanted to get some opinions on it can anyone help me? i should put on here that its not just a single sheet of paper thick um each component is 10 sheets of paper glued and compressed over 24 hours but also im thinking that if i lined the cylinder with tin foil it would stop the paper from burning and also the explosion will be very very micro sized probably 2x times smaller than a fire cracker and the compression will not be much of a problem because it works more off of the just the force of the pop. Ok so um the paper is yes just ordinary printer paper you can get at walmart for $2.50 but i cut out the shape i am making about 10 to 12 times sometimes 15 even and glue them all then stick it under a couple boxes of clay i have that are about oh well idk but allot of wheight and when its done each peace is about 1/6 of and inch thick so basicly about the thickness of chipboard.

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Basic single direction led chaser

Hello everybody. I am a newbies in this world and I am a bit lost. I want to make a project witch is a single direction led chaser. ( 6 led blinking one after another from one to six then start from the beginning over and over). I found plenty of larson scanner nightrider style but those are all bi-directional. Since I don't know much about it, I would need someone to tell me what hardware that I need and maybe a plan of the circuit. I will use 6  orange ultra-bright  5 mm led  VF: 2.1V- 2.5V    VR: 5V.  I would like to know what resistor that I have to use with this setup. I've read about a 4017 ship but I don't know if it is the one that I need for my project. I know I will need a lot of hardware that I don't know the name and that is why I need  help. It will be on a car so it need to be on 12V. I will have to make my schema on a PCB board 1 inch X 10 inches. It would be good if i can adjust the speed too. Since it will be a car blicker/flasher, I don't know if I need to use blinking led or if regular bright led will do. Sorry about my lack of knowledge(and my bad English), I am sure that I forget to mention a lot of detail so feel free to put me on the right track. Thank you for your time people Rick PS: In the picture, we aiming for the 6 orange led. they have to blink one at a time from the left to the right over and over.

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Arduino code help input binary to pin 4?

Unsigned char APin=4; unsigned char BPin=5; unsigned char CPin=6; unsigned char PinState; unsigned char LastPinState=B111;  // As in High, High, High for random mode pinMode(APin, INPUT);   pinMode(BPin, INPUT);   pinMode(CPin, INPUT);   digitalWrite(APin, HIGH);   digitalWrite(BPin, HIGH);   digitalWrite(CPin, HIGH); this code im using is outdated for me now and im using an iphone to send binary commands to atmel328 chip witch tells sends the binary code out a pin to my arduino can i recieve a b101 or b111 on pin 4 or any other pin. how do i change what i have right now it reads the state of pins 4,5,6 aka a,b,c and displays different messages. so if i ground b and c it plays one of the messages and so on i dont want this i want to take the b001 being sent from my other boards and use it on pin 4 aka a void loop(){   PinState = B111;       // Read ABC and assign to a 3 bit number   if(digitalRead(CPin)==LOW){        // A if Gnd -1 to make B??0     PinState = PinState - 1;                     }   if(digitalRead(BPin)==LOW){        // B if Gnd -2 to make B?0?     PinState = PinState - 2;      }   if(digitalRead(APin)==LOW){        // C if Gnd -4 to make B0??     PinState = PinState - 4;      }   if (PinState != LastPinState){     LastPinState = PinState;     switch (PinState){       case B000:{    // B000  HPs all on random on/off         if((FrontHPStateDefault==0) && (RearHPStateDefault==0) && (TopHPStateDefault==0)){           FrontHPStateDefault=3;           RearHPStateDefault=3;           TopHPStateDefault=3;         } else {           FrontHPStateDefault=0;           RearHPStateDefault=0;           TopHPStateDefault=0;         }         break;       }       case B001:{    // B001 Cantina MP3         FeedString    (1, FrontHPStateDefault, RearHPStateDefault, TopHPStateDefault, 1,0, 0, "<<<<<<<<<");         break;       }       case B010:{    // B010 Han Shot First         FeedString    (8, 3,3,3, 1,1, 1, " HAN SHOT FIRST! ");         break;       }       case B011:{    // B011 Short Circuit         Failure       (7, 5,5,5, 8);         LogicOffDelay (6, 0,0,0, 1, 20);         FailureReverse(8, 4,4,4, 2);         break;       }

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