will this work? Answered

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Circuit not working?

Hey Guys, This is like the 5th question regarding the same circuit. Maybe its because the circuit is a bit hard to make or .. idk. Anyway I tried it on breadboard and in the 5th attempt it worked but now that i soldered it on the normal perfboard its not working. It doesn't detect the clap at all.(the microphone is properly connected).I dont know what I did wrong. I bought a multimetre recently so if you could tell where im supposed to see what voltage that should make it easier to troubleshoot the circuit. BTW Pin 12 and 13 are not connected because i remember when they were connected on beadboard it wasnt working.

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Circuit not working? Answered

Hey Guys I just made this circuit (schematics provided) and it doesn't work. The problem is that the  at the output of the 2N3906 transistor the voltage is only 0.5-0.7. So that isn't powering anything. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the problem is. (the first pic is the original and the second one is the modified one with i built). Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

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Circuit not working...

So I made this circuit (http://niotronic.blogspot.mx/2013/07/clap-switch-with-ic741-and-cd4017.html) but it doesn't seem to be working. When I connect it to power the relay is in on position and the led is off. No matter how many times i clap it doesn't seem to change state. Can anyone please tell me what i could've done wrong? Note: when i touch the bottom of the circuit ( on some pins between 1 and 4 of ic 741) it seems to change state. Help would be greatly appreciated thanks. (This video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFu0pBvpmIk shows this circuit in action. It seems that he used an LED instead of a relay. I also found similar circuits here: http://www.electroschematics.com/5643/sensitive-clap-switch/    http://www.homemade-circuits.com/2011/12/make-simple-electronic-clap-switch.html     http://circuitdiagramcentre.blogspot.com/2011/12/make-simple-electronic-clap-switch.html)

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Circuit not working? Answered

Hey Guys, a few weeks back I posted a question about a clap switch with an IC 4017 not working (relay not turning on). Well I tried to make the project again. The problem is now the relay wont turn off (-_-). (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFu0pBvpmIk) video of the project by another guy ( He doesn't use relay, instead he uses an LED. The problem with mine is that when I give it power the CIRCUIT OFF LED is off and the relay is on, indication that the circuit is in on position, so far so good. But when i clap the CIRCUIT OFF LED turns on indicating that the circuit is off but the relay stays on. The first time I tried, i didnt put the diode near the relay, same result. THen I put a diode (the wrong way), nearly burnt my hand. This time i put the diode in the same way that im supposed to but the circuit still has the same result. I have uploaded the schematics, Hope someone can help me. UPDATE: I was using MJE13003B instead of BC547. When I was using the mje13003b it was very easy to turn the circuit on and it used to come on at first try. When i inserted the BC547 the circuit was in off position I clapped and it worked like a charm the indicator led turned off and the relay turned on. But when I tried to turn it back off, everytime i clapped the status led blinked and thats it, It just blinked, the circuit would be still in on position. I wonder whats the prob since turning it on is easy and turning it off is impossible. NOTE: Now its the same with the on position. Whether its in on or off position same thing happens. In one of the million clap it turns on. Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

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Is this going to work? Answered

I plan on using this gender changer to use a TV as a computer monitor. Will it work?

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what will it work

I bought a USB EXTENSION cable and it shows me USB malfunctions what is wrong

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Interesting Work

Surfing the web I found the following Chilean feat: http://ludens.cl/paradise/turbine/turbine.html The dude has done an awesome work, It deserves to be known by Instructables's community, do you think?

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Will this circuit work? Answered

It works, but are there any problems with it that might fry the chip or something? Also, I didn't know if audio ground should be connected directly to the amp ground, and I saw one schematic that had a 10K resistor in between so I just did that.

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Would this work???

I drew up this schematic of a solar 9v battery charge and wanted to consult the pros before I started to assemble it.

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audio work

Hi, I am working on a project where I need to recess a XLR jack.  Currently, I am looking for a recessed box that can hold one or two XLR jacks.  It seems as though any box I have found so far is rather pricey, and I am working on a fairly low budget.  Does anyone have a place where a small recessed box can be purchased for a good price?  I am hoping under $25.  Your help is greatly appreciated. 

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Work around?

Ok, i have an HP pavilion n5290, circa 2000? idk but anyway, it doesn't have a hardrive or the special 90 degree connector, i was thinking, is there a way that i can make the connector? it doesn't look so hard to build, and i don't really want to pay some guy in china to ship me his used one any suggestions??

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Would this work?

I am really interested in making some LEDS blink to my stereo speakers. i found a couple of good instructables but most of the pictures are too blurry. from my understanding i think this will work but i want to double check with you guys incase it stuffs up my speakers or something else. btw, there are no good eletrical or hobby shops near me, i only have wire, and a couple of LEDs and a soldering iron. thnx in advance!!!

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Metal Work

Does anyone out there have any knowledge on Cadam programming? I have a mini lathe and milling head and thinking about putting a Cad system on them. Would it be cheaper to just buy one already set up? Also looking for model plans to build and construct.

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will this code work? Answered

Q1-here is the code for picaxe 08m2 will it work or something is wrong Q2-to repeat a code what value do i have to give for the FOR loop i have assumed it to be 0 to 0 THE CODE--------- main: if pinc.4 = 1 then main2       if pinc.0 = 1 then main3       if pinc.1 = 1 then main4       goto main       main2:for b0 = 0 to 0       play 2,0       next b0       pause 2000       goto main       main3:for b0 = 0 to 0       play 2,1       next b0       pause 2000       goto main            main4:for b0 = 0 to 0       play 2,3       next b0       pause 2000       goto main

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working with leds

HELLO i AM WORKING ON A PROJECT IN WHICH i HAVE TO LIGHT TwO SETS OF LEDS. One set of led is white ultra bright led and other set is normal 5mm led red & green. I need a circuit for the lamp which should switch on the white led for like 1hour and after that this white led gets dimm and other led (red & green) wil bright slowly. In the circuit the time for glowing white led can be adjustable with timer. After making this circuit ,I will connect it with timer so that I can adjust  the 1hours time and then it gets dimm. Please help me out in this circuit .I am searching from last one week but I couldnt find. Thanks in advance

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PWM Not working? Answered

I have a circut with the following wiring and it works for what I have been doing, but I wan't to be able to dim the LED with PWM on the arduino.  Right now the light is running at about 50 for the length on the analogWrite.  There is really no difference between 50 and 255 in my opinion so I think something may be wrong.  When the length drops below 20 the light doesn't even come on.  This is for a bike light project and electronics aren't my strongest area.  I am guessing there is some period of time the MOSFET needs to switch on and off and the arduino's PWM is just too fast for this but I am not sure.  I have access to an oscilloscope so I can test to see if everything is working correctly as well.  I just get meaningless jitter with an inner oblong sine wave when I have attempted to use it, so where would be the best points to attach the scope to get some meaningful data.  (anywhere  I wrote PMW i meant PWM). I would like to point out that the LED is Rated for 13V and I am running it on  11.1 V, so no problems there. Aslo I got it working using a 10k resistor between the gate and ground, the arduino, on PWM mode doesn't sink the current very well. I have included the correct diagram.

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Will this circuit work?

Ok, so I'm building a giant led array and I'm running it off of a PWM chip and a few shift registers. Given the number of addresses and variables I need for each one, I'm guessing that the micro running the show won't like that too much and will be a bit slower than I'd like, and i'm not sure if it will be slow enough to cause irritating visual inconsistencies. This got me thinking, how did tube TVs do it? They had phosphors that slowly released their charge and therefor looked alright. Thats how I arrived at this circuit. Will it pretend to be a phosphor well enough or will it need something different?

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Why can I not post! Answered

How is that for 120 words?  It took me 15 minutes for it to accept the above. I really wanted to say I am so pissed.  I can not post my first instructable because I can not get the steps to work.  I have spent three hours and 4 attempts to simply post the language to the pictures.   I also can not get the pdfs to download. Instructables appears to be falling apart.  It is frustrating. I am so ready to just flush this whole thing.  I think I want my money back. Peter

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tesla coil not working :(?

Hii.... a few days back i constructed a tesla coil .... the spark gap fired ... but there was no activity in the secondary ... no sparks or anything ... :( ... please advice me ... what could be the error ?? i tried tuning by changing the taping of primary ..... but no effect ...

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Will a camera that works with 12v still work with 9v?

Heres the cam(left side of robot)http://s498.photobucket.com/albums/rr346/AmandoAbreu/?action=view&current;=Botwithcam003.jpgthanksthe yellow battery is the one i need now for the cam it weighs lots... so a 9v battery would save me unecessary weight, still that whole set only weighs 670 grams...

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Download is still not working. Even with Mozilla, I get a 404?

I am still getting no downloads.  With Mozilla Firefox I get Error 404.  I am a member in good standing. What is up? Peter E. Hughes

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I'm trying to install SQL Server 2008 but its not working. what are the version of SQL server that is still working? Thanks God Bless

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What's up with the favorites button?

How come the favorites button doesn't work?? There are a LOT of messages about the favorites button NOT working, but no one has come up with a solution. Is there one?

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Help regarding mobiles

'can anyone tell me the link where i can study the working of mobile(NOKIA) phones in depth?i mean the circuit diagram, symbian programming,about their memory structure etc.....

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hotmail is DOWN!!!

Hotmail does not work today. aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. i cant check my email or receive robot comment notifications. its amazing how little you appreciat somthing till it breaks. hopefully hotmail will kick back in soon.

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Why hasn't my Instructable shown up yet? Answered

I published an instructable on friday afternoon, and as of Sunday afternoon it still hasn't shown up on the Arts page as a Recent Instructable. Whats going on? I assume that they give each Instructable a once-over to make sure people aren't being racist or anything, but its been 48 hours. I thought maybe they don't put up new Instructables on weekends, but there are new ones that were published yesterday. I tried unpublishing it and republishing it but that hasn't helped. Does anyone know how Instructables operates on this matter, and what I may have done wrong? Thanks.

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Basic circuit not working? Answered

Hey Guys, Today I made one of the simplest circuit I have ever made, its literally two motors in parallel with a switch. The problem is it didn't work :( (embarrassing). I don't know what I did wrong. When i flip the switch the motors just spins for 1 microcentimetre then stops. I even attached an led to the terminals of the motor it just blinks once then turns off till i flip the switch again. Anyway wiring and demonstration is in the pictures, videos provided. Here are somethings to note: 1. The motors were working perfectly before i made the circuit. 2. The battery (may) be half used. 3. The glue used to attach them to the base (styrofoam) is hot glue, so I had to be verryyyy careful to not melt itithe base). 4. I cant take it apart since its attached to the base and the base will break and using glue with styrofoam wasnt easy so I dont want to do it again. 5. I have tried even by moving the motors a bit away so that they dont touch, still doesnt work. 6. If I leave it on for say a minute the battery gets slightly warm to the touch. 7. I cant find any short in the circuit.

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Darlington pair not working? Answered

HI,I've uploaded a schematic of a circuit I just built and hope everything is clear in it.I need the darlington pair(made using a couple of BC547) to allow flow of current through it to power the relay only when the SPST switch between the base of the first transistor and +6VDC line is closed.But here's the problem-Even before I close the SPST switch the relay's coil get power,as soon as power is served to the circuit.The situation can be compared to directly connecting a relay to a 6vdc source because all the other components in my circuit fail to perform their functions.FYI the LM 7806 regulator gives out a max.current of 1 ampere and I suspect the issue is related with the Darlington pair receiving too much current.I tried adding a couple of resistors to block the excess current,making little difference.I request for your assistance to correct the flaw.Thanks in advance for spending your precious time.

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Instructable Rating Not working?

For some reason when ever I go to an Instructable the rating rarely shows I usually have to reload it multiple times before it shows. So I was wondering if anyone else knows how to fix it. I use the latest version of Firefox.

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is this feedback gonna work???? Answered

Is this feedback gonna work????

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HTML Tags Working

Html tags not working well.

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how RSS works??

How "Really Simple Syndication" Works for any website??

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USB charge. Will this work?

Will this work? please reply with this LED work for me.....If i put the  USB cable from my phone or mp3 player  instead of the diode...Will this work? P.S.  my english is not very well

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HDMI slot is not working?

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how does this work? Answered

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Will this FlyBack Driver work?

Title says it all.

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LCD Monitor not working Answered

I have a lcd moniter (acer V233H 22inch) but overnight it stoped working it will turn on  then display a black screen  PS my cable works if you need more ifo than that comment

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Will a magnet work in space? Answered

Will a magnet work in space, if so, will its strength be affected making it seem stronger or weaker?

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facebook login not working?

Goes to unknown proxy

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instructables search not working?

The search in instructables is not working, it shows nothing when i search, even on different web browsers. There is no ad, result or error message, and it also logs me out of instructables.... anyone know what i can do?

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Would this circuit work? Answered

(Look at the picture)

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beetlebug stopped working

I built a beetle bug and it just stopped working, its for school and due tomorrow, i've tried changing batteries and replacing wires, soldering them off and back on but nothing works. i'm thinking that maybe the left motor is dead because the thing where you solder the wire is a bit loose, what can i do?

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my leds not work Answered

Is it possible to run 5mm white(3.3v each) 6 led series by 5v adapter without any rasister????

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Attiny84 is not working and frezes

Hallo,i have uploaded the program for several Attiny84, some of them working perfectly and the rest are not sending any signals. i checked the Fuse sitting, it is right because i compared with the other working attiny. i tried to upload the program by Atmel studio 7 much times but it is not working. i can see from atmel studio that the program uploaded and the fuse sitting is right my experience in AVR is not really good. could i someone help methanks in Advance

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instructables not working maybe?

When i go on instructables it comes up with error "excuse me that was very impolite: exception JBPC batch file could not update something, something, something" is what is says without the somethings i dont know whats wrong its been going for a couple days and to fix it i go to another link and then i log in and it works but i have to do that almost every time its annoying

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