are you in this?

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How do I get past firewall to get to youtube?

My parents got really mad and blocked youtube and I feel like all my knowledge comes from there what should I do?

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What is the code for the project consists of lcd with IRsensors with arduino uno project Answered

What is the code for the project consists of lcd with IRsensors with arduino uno project it works at the expense of the number of cars that pass the street with an account number in an hour and one which looks like the work of the work of system accounting system

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You want you picture on money (closed)

Im done do it your self at ok? ok! OK!!! seriously

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Can anyone send me a google invite?

I would like too and just asking if u invite me do i get u as a friend?

Question by OrIsIt 

Not a question....a thank you!? Answered

For all that helped to build the charger for the cell far I have two working chargers!!!  My students are thrilled!  Thanks again! patti :)

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Guessing game for you...

We have a lot of LCD projectors at school.As you may, or may not, know, they work by splitting the light from a bulb into three beams, shinging them through three different-coloured LCD filters and them re-combining the beams to form a full-colour image on the screen.One of our projectors developed an odd blotch in the image, and a few minutes' furtle by our IT technician found that one of the LCD filters had packed up - the layers had delaminated slightly.Cost of a brand-new projector - 465GBP.Care to guess the price of a replacement LCD unit?

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how do you measure HV?

What's the best way to measure High voltage (I think my output is somewhere between 10kv and 50 kv)? Is there a formula for the spark length and humidity (I can measure humidity)? I need to buy an appropriate capacitor for my tesla coil, my initial HV is from an ignition coil.

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What do you want in an arduino?

Inspired by the Illuminato Arduino clone (can't really say clone because it's so much better!) really wants me to create my own Arduino clone. I've been thinking of making a clone for the Arduino Mega, but it'd need so feature that the original Arduino can't offer (like the boarduino is breadboard compatible, Sanguino has way more pins, Illuminato is the most beautiful PCB I've ever seen and has a lot of I/O's). So, I'm asking you guys! What features would you want in an arduino? If this "new" arduino is so much better than any other existing one I'll make kits (if the majority is through hole) for people to buy (no more than 40 dollars, probably, the 65 dollar price tag is a real turn off for the Mega) or just assembled if the majority is smd. Also instructable :P

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How do you put an avatar on your account?!

How do you put an image for your avatr? I hate being a boring silhouette. Please help anyone!!!

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What should I set the dimensions to in Sykz for hi-quality YouTube videos?

I think this might be for pixels. But I'm not sure.

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How do you finish you projects? (Arduino)

Whenever you want to finish a prototype, what kind of checklist do you go thru? things like: How do you decide what case design to use, what materials for that same case, how to solder everything up, what makes you decide if you "lock" the Arduino on that project forever by soldering everything around it. If you decide to make it modular, what techniques do you use. What kind of material do you use to attach everything together: Hot glue? close everything down with screws, nails, staples (...)? How would you make it water-proof or make the project resistant to the weather (if it was something to be outside for a long time). If you have to use a lot of cable, is there any good pratice you would suggest? When do you use connectors and what kind of connectors do you use? I would love to see a video tutorial on how to properly finish up a project, and make it look beautiful inside a case. :) Thank you all.

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If you die in a dream, do you really die? Answered

My friends and I are attempting to lucid dream. I don't wanna die and I'm sure my friends don't wanna die and I've heard mixed things. So is it Myth or Fact? UPDATE: Thanks for all the answers guys!  I just realized how dumb of a question it was after reading a post that said Even if someone died in a dream and actually died they wouldn't live to tell the tale. Again thanks for the answers! A_Person.

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what button cells can you recharge?/ super capacitor help

What button cells can you recharge? For example, some are in calculators wtih solar panels, do they need a complex charging circuit? I'm building a bunch of tiny circuits and I don't want to keep on changing the battery. edit, I now need help with super capacitors

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How do you connect 40 leds in a row. I need to run them on a small boat. Just looking for the best way thank you.  

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If certified in CPR are you required to help in an emergency situation? And if you don't can you be sued? Answered

I am considering CPR certification and I am aware of the "Good Samaritan Law" that protects you from lawsuits for trying to help a victim and failing to save their life.  My concern is, are you bound by the law to help in every emergency situation that arises?  If I choose not to intervene are there legal ramifications?

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how do you find this weeks weekly challenge? Answered

How do you find this weeks weekly challenge?

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if you follow somebody how do you tell if there online? Answered

Is there a in i-con i missed or somthing

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What electronic Kits do you want to see?

I've decided to call my company electroni-C, see more in the market place for more info on that, and I'm post this here in the Tech section cause to be quite honest nobody looks at the marketplace.I've decided to outsource the PCBs for kits to another company cause my CNC machine is taking longer than I thought (thing after thing just keeps going wrong!)anyways, I'm running low on cash, so I've decided to go onto phase 2 and start selling kits, but I just want to hear ideas of what people want.examples of succesful kits:TV-B-GONEBoarduinovarious arduino clonesmintyboostbasically everything made by ladyada, lolin shortif you have any ideas for a kit please post.If I decide to go with your idea I will give the idea's creator a couple of kits for free (for you and some friends to make)BTW it can be just an idea, no schematics or anything if you are a beginner at electronics just fire off ideasEDIT: DEADLINE: August First

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If you make a collaboration do you both get the views? Answered

I'm making a collaboration with someone but im not sure if we both  get the views and comments.

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Arduino audio pitch shifter

Is there any arduino libraries for shfiting the pitch of audio? I'd like to make something like but I'm not sure if I can with arduino. I don't need all the code, just a guide as to what library to use. Thanks!

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do you get money? Answered

Do you get money if you create instructables? or if they click on the ads? Do you get money?

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Why you picked Arduino? Answered

Can you explain why we have to pick Arduino?

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Can You read this? - No cheating!

-- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / .. ... / --. .-. . .- - .-.-.- / -. .. -.-. . / .--- --- -... .-.-.- / -.. --- -. .----. - / --. .. ...- . / .- .-- .- -.-- / - .... . / .- -. ... .-- . .-.

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Can you melt a book? Answered

So if you apply extreme heat to a book in either an inert or vacuum chamber, what happens.

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Instructables, I missed you

So, did the downtime result in any updates? Post em if you notice em!

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You know to code PHP?

Is there anyone out there that knows how to code PHP scripts? :) If not, then don't answer question please.

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can you program on java ? Answered

I can't find javascript and I was wondering if there is a way to program on java because I have downloaded it about a thousand times

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How to you start a collaboration?

My addition to the project been recognized by the other author within the intro text, but I wonder if I can be listed as Co-author.

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How do you vote??

How do I get my friends to vote for my project at

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Can you partition a DVD? Answered

I have several games that I want to put on one disk so that I don't have to keep track of three disks, one for each game and one for the game files. Anything?

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Can you cheat on contests?

So I was browsing the contests and found an instructable that seemed kinda suspicious. The instructable itself was fine, but in the comments section I found about 8 users, all praising this "amazing", "genius" instructable, and when I checked the accounts, they were all made and favorited and commented on the post on the same day, and that was all of their activity. Oh yeah, the author also commented. I'm also guessing that they all voted as well. My question is, will this be overlooked, or will this author win possibly runner-up with their instructable for cheating? I hope that this will be noticed and will be thoroughly checked. Thanks,Zakbobdop

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do you log in as amninistrator ?

I am linux (arch linux) user so the question is aimed mostly at linux users. but i'd like to see what windows and other os users think toowe all need sometimes to log in to the computer as administrator (called root in linux) to do maintenance and other tasksin modern os we have some options. we can log in to the entire desktop or console as administrator and work freely. or we can run the single apps we need with 'run as administrator' from our user desktop. maybe we work all the time as administrators (even to surf the net) and then there is no question at allin the world of linux many users dont recommend logging it to the desktop as administrator. i dont understand why. i think based on the following assumptionsi am less likely to smash something when i see it. so i prefer to do stuff in the desktop and not in the consoleif i smash the os i can just format and install it again quickly. if i smash any of my files in home (home is like my documents in windows) i can never recover it again. and i have permission to smash my files when i am normal user tooi trust my applications to not format my drive on their own decisioni log in as administrator to the desktop when i need to manage and as user in other timeswhat way of getting administrator access you use ? why ?

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Can you Record Directly to ipod from camcorder, camera, etc ??

Hello everyone i was wondering is it possible to record direct from ipod to a camera or a camcorder. I have seen the 100 dollar devices buy thats really expensive and kind of stupid when it probably only has to do with 3 wires. so if there is anyway please tell me if not tell me. More importantly if there is a way MAKE AN INSCRUTABLE ON IT!!!! i havent seen one anywhere on how to do this, metacafe, youtube, google,and rotteneggs From Homepie64

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Can someone help me figure out what kind of technology is used for this shirt?

I was on youtube and ran across a video with Diane Eng (I love her fashion technoloy work!) doing an interview and in that interview she was wearing a shirt that the LEDs would light up when anyone spoke. I've never heard of any kind of technology like that and wondered if anyone on here had. If so can you please explain to me what it is and how it works. Thanks! Here's the video I was talking about:

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How do you make your computer make money for you? Answered

I have a friend who said he makes 37 cents an hour or rather his computer makes 37 cents an hour for him making some sort of equations for people to solve and I was just wondering how I can do this.

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Do you own Windows XP if you have a product key? Answered

I have a used laptop with a Windows XP product key on the bottom.  I would like to format and start fresh, but don't have the install disks.  Is it legal to use a downloaded version of XP and use my key?  Is this even possible?  Thanks in advance.

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what size heat sink do you use with a peltier?

What size heat sink do you use with a peltier, in order to make a mini usb fridge. 70w peltier

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Your Dream Game

Let's say that you have an idea for making a videogame. You are good with 3D software, designing, game flow, you are creative, and you are a programming GOD. What woud you dream game be? Would it be a simple arcade or a puzzle game? Or would it be a complex RPG or action game? Would it have a story? Are you even working on it now? Do you have artwork or ideas you wish to share? Remember-it is your dream game. It's whatever you want it to be.

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Funny new website i found

This will humiliate people who make mistakes so badly. This is a website which googles something for you automatically in a short animation. Good old internet memes! You just copy the url into a new window, and change the ending to what you want to search for.'s so fun!

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You know when you are signed up on a site and getting friends to visit it gets you points to download stuff?

I'm registered on, an official site promoting the upcoming fighting game for PS3 and 360, Tekken 6. Every week the site pits two characters against each other and in order to vote for one, you need to share a video trailer link with your friends. Whether it be through IM or myspace, anything will work as long as they click it. Every different friend who clicks your link counts as a point towards your account. Get enough "shares" and you'll be able to download exclusive wallpaper, character PDFs, etc. So i was wondering how these sites work, if there are ways to boost or speed up the process of getting "clicks". Any help would be great.

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What do you have near you when using an iPod touch? Answered

I'm making a special case for ipods and I want to know what do you like to have with you? I have a pocket for earphones and a cleaning thingo (glasses rag). But what else do I need??

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How can you see how many votes you have for a contest? Answered

I would like to know if there is a way to see how many votes you have for a contest. More specifically i would like to know how many votes my butler robot instructables has.

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