What glue can I use to stick silicone to plastic? Answered

Plastic is easy, lots of stuff sticks to plastic, but the only thing that seems to stick to silicone is more silicone. Hot glue, super glue, Elmer's glue, Gorilla glue, and liquid steel epoxy all fail. Any suggestions? Maybe something marine related? (Background: I used some left over silicone molding compound to make a comfy handle, but it doesn't want to stay on.)

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secret hiding place for cell phone?

I want to hide my cell phone at school. If there's a backpack check, i want my cell phone to be secretly hidden in something that a teacher would not look in.

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Q: how to ´mute´ the video on a tv-set? (most simple solution)

Hi, i have very little power up here in the cabin and have to watch pretty much any watt. i also watch a bit tv (small set). but most of the time i´d like to use it as a ´radio´ (sound only). is there a quick and dirty way to add the option/function to turn off the video (like i can mute the audio)? a way to configure the remote?, to re-programm a button?, to phyically insert a small switch in the tv-housing?, etc etc?feedback and any idea, no matter how wild, welcome.bowing.

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how can i drop 1A dc to 500ma dc? Answered

I have an AC-DC power supply with voltages of DC 3 - 4.5 - 6 - 7.5 - 9 - 12V and 1000ma and i want to drop this down to 500ma!

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Q: input/output-wattage of poe adapter

Hi, i found an ubiquiti poe adapter 100-240v .3a input. here the q: the output is 24v .5 amps >> shouldnt the input/output-wattage be about the same (not considering losses due to conversion, heat etc)? i am confused (but then: i´m usually always, haha)bow.

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How can I modify a PIR so triggers faster, and then fades out?

I want to make a motion-activated light that turns on immediately when someone walks by for about a second, then fades out for about one second. Most PIRs seem to stay on for a minimum of 5 seconds, then just cut off. I'm looking for a quick burst, quick fade. I'm very new to working with electronics, but my guess would be that instead of modifying the PIR itself, the PIR would be triggering something else that would be doing the timing/fading.

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Infrared Sauna wiring?

Well, I bought a used infrared sauna the other day for real cheap because it "just stopped working all at once". Figuring its just a fuse or something, I took it. Well now I cant figure it out for the life of me.What seems to be the problem is that no power is getting to the primary transformer. That would be on the second small circuit board to the right. It is getting to the secondary transformer fine. Heres a pic of whats goin on. Those things on the sides are fuse holders, (no not burnt out).

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Hi any body know arduino compatible soil ph sensor and salinity sensor?

Hi any body know arduino compatible soil ph sensor and salinity sensor?i'm looking to developed a soil ph meter and soil salinity meter. please help me friends.

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¿Código para "linkear" una imagen (o más) de nuestra librería? para que pueda quedar entre textos.

Buen día a todos:¿Alguien sabría como "linkear" una imagen de nuestra librería, para insertarla en medio de un texto. Adjunto imagen de lo que quiero hacer, también un código, aunque funciona es incomodo de hacer. Alguien lo ha hecho más fácil.Gracias.

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Motion sensor bypass

My security light is equiped with a motion sensor, I would like to operate the fixture with a switch when needed and also by motion, how can I accomplish this

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how to make permanent magnet motor ? is it true it is free energy device?

I heared that permanent magnet motor works on magnet repulsion and it is free energy device that works for life time....... is it true???

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Can I place two speakers back to back in a box, any issues being too close or touching? Answered

2.5w 8ohm 3" speaker in a plastic box 1cm apart, possible to operate?

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Sensor Contest Question -

Is a potentiometer considered a sensor?

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Novice here. Send a "gate open" signal from indoors? A gate closes access to the driveway leading to my little guest house.

I’m completely new to making electronically operated devices. I can't interpret and translate the existing rf signaling instructables to my situation. I’m also completely new to your impressive Instructables.com. Happy to be here. The situation: On a shared property stands a main house and a little guest house. Both are served by a single driveway. Access to the driveway is restricted by a gate. The main residence (not mine) utilizes 1. a remote control and 2. a drive-up keypad to send the "gate open" signal. (Aside: the drive-up keypad is paired with an intercom. The intercom serves the main house only. My guests, or delivery drivers, must telephone me to alert me of their presence at the gate. To open the gate for them, I must exit my little guest house residence, walk the length of the property, aim my remote control, line-of-sight, at the gate and depress the button on the remote control. The gate opens. I make the return walk to the entrance of my residence. This poses two problems: 1. guests and delivery drivers must wait while I make the journey out of the house, to the end of the property and 2. I must make this journey through inclement weather and nighttime darkness. My first goal is to achieve an indoor located, or a just-outside-the-front-door located, "gate open" signal sending trigger. I've read that wired signal sending performs more reliably than wireless, due to the abundance of potentially interfering wireless device traffic. I dunno. My second goal is to give my guests and delivery drivers a two-way voice communication "intercom" specifically with persons in the guest house. This communication device must be unobtrusive in appearance to be appropriate-enough to stick onto the drive-up keypad & intercom to the main house. A device operating as communication to the guest house belongs alongside the intercom button to the main house. That's so my delivery drivers don't buzz the main house, unnecessarily bothering the owners. That has happened. Makes me cringe. There must be many methods by which to solve the two challenges: 1. a guest house located, “gate open” signal sender. The signal reliably reaching the end of the property and aiming at the gate, and 2. a guest house located, two-way voice communication something. I’ve seldom even peered into interiors of electronic devices, and am confessing my entire ignorance of electronic signaling. Since I embody the least informed and least experienced person possible to achieve these to goals, it seems to me the simplest to assemble and test is the best, and that I begin with challenge one. I appreciate you for your time in considering how best to recommend I proceed. I'm in the dark. If you are very swift of mind and short of time, perhaps take a pass on this one. I need a most elementary, every little step described, no steps missing or out of order, type of response. I’m a neurodivergent individual. I’m good with it. And I will convey, from within my areas of creative visual fluidity, instructables in gratitude for yours, and for fun. And when other Instructables.com participants request guidance that I can offer, I’ll do so.

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Giant Plastic Lung...

I have made a giant lung out of polythene plastic and I want it to inflate and deflate by itself, on a loop, inside a small room. How do I make this happen? I have access to power sources, plugs etc. I don't have a lot of money I am looking at breathing, it is there but doesn’t have a form. I am making breath something that can be caught by making a lung that I have built out of plastic.

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Using Arduino to control circuit to LED strip

Hey guys! First forum post here.I am currently trying to design an LED light system where when I place my wallet onto an NFC reader the lights turn on in my room.I am using an Arduino Uno for this project and I am stumped on how I do it.I have a separate DC Controller and a 12v, 3A battery to power the LED strips. I just want to use the Uno and NFC reader to either open or close the circuit. I don't want to pass the amperage through the Uno as it will just fry the board.Is there any way I can control the flow of the circuit without having the power pass through the Uno? I want to keep the power the battery pack supplies and want to make sure I won't just fry my board.Any help will be appreciated! If you have further questions feel free to ask.

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F330 camera drone help

Hello. I have ordered an F330 frame kit for a drone i wanna build. Basically its that frame because of its compact size, but i want it to have a lot of power since it will have to carry couple of different cameras, including a Gopro, and some mirrorless cameras. Would also like to have a decent flight time(30min) and decent range. Motors should be oveely powerful since i am experimenting with cameras etc, so i dont want it to struggle. Speed or performance isnt an issue, just the heavy payload. What motors should i use, that would fit the 330 frame? Also what battery and transmitter

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How to program the XS3868 bluetooth audio module through arduino?

Hello, I have a few of these xs3868 bluetooth audio modules that I used in some speaker systems I built for myself, but now one of my friends wants me to build him a custom speaker with a custom bluetooth device name and passcode. So I thought, ok, I read a little about programming with the AT commands but never tried it before, so I hooked up a board to 3.3 and gnd of the arduino like I usually do to check before soldering everything, my phone connected with no problem. So next I turned off my phone's bluetooth so it wouldn't mess with the chip while programming it and connected the rx and tx pins of the board to tx and rx respectively. I also made the following adjustments in the arduino serial interface that I remember reading somewhere: No Line Ending, and 9600 baud rate. Plugged in in to the tx and rx of the arduino board with at mega chip removed and had no luck getting any response from the chip, I switched baud rate to all of the different baud rates available with no success, the only effect the chip has on the serial interface is that when the power cord slipped and I plugged in back in with rx, tx and the usb cable still connected it output a few seemingly random characters while (I'm assuming) the chip was booting up, at 115200 baud rate the characters were a "u" with two dots over it and a combination lowercase "b" and "p" (for some reason I can't copy/paste it). It only outputs these characters when one of the power wires is reconnected after being disconnected (I have a bunch of these so if I fry one it's no big deal). I tried connecting my phone again after a while and it worked, checked the wires with my multimeter and both are connected and neither is shorted to any other pins and switching rx/tx does nothing to fix the problem either. I have a usb to serial coming in the mail soon hopefully but my friend was hoping this could be finished sooner than it would arrive so any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: Is it possible that the module could have a rs232 interface, rather than a ttl interface? I've heard that arduino only uses ttl and that I'd need another adapter to get to rs232 since my computer doesn't have that kind of serial interface.

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Should (or can) I get a patent on an arduino based project? Answered

I really don't know if I should get a patent or even if my latest "invention" could be patented. This topic will be a bit specific to my project, sorry :(I've posted an instructable of it here (vote it on the arduino contest while you're there!)The first problem is that, almost everything in the project hasn't been invented by me. I didn't invent drums, nor the idea of hitting some sort box or drum to produce sounds, and most certainly not the arduino. Autonomous musical instruments or robot musicians are not new either. Both the electronics circuits and the code might be patented somehow, but anyone with the required skills and with an intention to ignore my patent, could achieve the same results as I did but with a different circuits/code. Which brings me to my second question:Is this really something to worry about? is that common that people get their inventions stolen by big evil corporations? could you realistically win a legal battle against such corporation?... I've been checking a few videos and articles on this topic, including some written by instructables founder ewilhelm saying how he had never heard of this happening. One thing that does worry me is someone taking my project and claiming it as their idea. But I think being featured on this site and on the arduino.cc site too, should be a safe way of claiming authorship.Thanks.

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HC06 Bluetooth module, can't find it when I search for it

I paired to my HC06 Bluetooth module from my android phone then used application to drive my RC car without any issue. After that I tried to connect from the laptop or even from the same phone but I couldn't find it when I search for it, Although I'm still able to connect through the APPLICATION only and control my RC car.I have other HC06 bluetooth module which I couldn't find it at all when I search for it. so is that a normal problem with the HC06 and is there any solution for it ? or it is just a problem in my installation.NOTE: I used a voltage divider circuit from the Arduino Tx pin to the module Rx pin, there is a red led on the module flashing slowly when I turn the circuit On.

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Your Instructable Failed to Save

I'm trying to edit mine Instructable ,but I will get error ,,Your Instructable Failed to Save" I delete all cookies , but this didn't solved a problem.

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Hii what is the different btn sp flashtool and cm2 dongle??

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Can LED's in Gemmy Kaleidoscope Light be replaced?

I'm trying to re-purpose a Gemmy Kaleidoscope Green LED light bought last year for outdoor christmas lighting. Is it possible to replace a couple of the LED's in it and make it a multi-color unit (RGB) instead? Here's what the innards looks like. Not sure where I can get the LED part numbers to look them up. Thanks for any help.

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how to make a diy dehumidifier ? Answered

How can we make a dehumidifier, cheap. easy ? Thanks to you guys and girls ;-)

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What does DZ stand for ?

I would like to know what DZ stands for in a wiring schematic. Could it be diode Zener? Although I thought that was just Z?

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How to view the retina of the eye?

Hello everyone ,I viewed the OIO model but I am trying to do a slightly different method. I have a 20D lens and IR camera with raspberry pi . I have a problem viewing the retina of the eye . To be more precise the imaging of the retina in IR camera without pupil dilation is much difficult for me . I tried different angles in a dark room but still I can only view the anterior of the eye and the posterior is not viewed . Hope you understand the problem I am facing , can you help me in taking this project further ?

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How to Use a Single Half-Bridge Micro Load Cell for Weighing

Hello,Could anybody please tell me how to use a Single Half-Bridge Micro Load Cell along with an Hx711 module, Arduino Nano to make a weighing scale?I've attached the kind of load cell I'm using in the attachments.Thank you.

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My arduino bluetooth car is not working, how can i fix it?

I have made bluetooth car using arduino but im having a problem using bluetooth serial how can i fix it here are the code that i have written #include AF_DCMotor motor1(1,MOTOR12_64KHZ);//running motor on full speed of 64Khz AF_DCMotor motor2(2,MOTOR12_64KHZ); int led = 13; void setup() { //Put your setup code here, to run once: Serial.begin(9600); motor1.setSpeed(255);// default speed motor2.setSpeed(255); pinMode(led,OUTPUT); } void loop() { //Put your main code here, to run repeatedly: if(Serial.available()>0) { int incoming=Serial.read(); if(incoming=='f'){ motor1.run(FORWARD); } if(incoming=='b'){ motor1.run(BACKWARD); } if(incoming=='l'){ motor2.run(FORWARD); } if(incoming=='r'){ motor2.run(BACKWARD); } if(incoming=='o'){ digitalWrite(led,HIGH); } if(incoming=='c'){ digitalWrite(led,LOW); } } }

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Wireless Communication Answered

I want to make some small cheap (possibly from toys) walkie talkies it would also be handy if i could attach some headphones(with inbuilt [eg iphone headphones] or seperate mic) im hopeing to have signel ~100-500m but anything will do.

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How to Build "The Extra Investigator" aka "The Ed Box" Device. Will be featured on new Amazon Prime show. Will Pay for Build!!

Hey Im looking for someone that can help me build an older paranormal device called "The Extra Investigator" aka "The Ed Box". I can't find the right build for it ANYWHERE and only have one pic and the device details, this device is not used by "television paranormal investigators" any longer so its impossible to find any for sale or even other pics of this devices other than the one posted below... it has EMF detection, IR detection and detects "physical events', which i don't understand (BS basically) but it basically is an EMF detector that connects to the compass and points to the em field. Also, Im not sure how the IR detection is utilized. I have not seen this device in action, so this is what i'm assuming because of other gadgets with similar applications. I have found ways to build an EMF detector and an IR detector, I also have tons of parts, bread-boards.. everything needed for the build (have the enclosure and compass on the way via mail) but I need guidance in the build or it built for me. I understand that most serious builders don't believe in the applications of these devices but this is for a serious project and want to show this device on an episode of our new show, also they (the builder/helper) would get a shout out on an up-coming Amazon Prime show, along with payment for the labor and any parts i cant supply (paranormal engineering position for our team may open up if things work out. We are searching for a smaller company/engineer). But! ANY help would be appreciated! No need to make jokes and point out what i've obviously stated, if you cant or don't want to help, pls keep your negative comments to yourself. This device is also going to be a teaching tool for kids ages 12-16 who are interested in the paranormal and want to learn the basics. I wanted to show them some devices they wont see on TV. I'm under no illusions that these devices are 100 percent accurate and will not waste time with non-believers. This is a business situation, the build shouldn't matter. Thanks science peers

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Is it possible to use Piezoelectric sensors to measure weight, like a hypersensitive set of scales?

If Piezo is not appropriate in this case, which would be the best technology / method of weighing to use? I want to create a a hypersensitive set of scales which read up to 1 kg of total weight. But I want to create it as flat and flexible as possible. The footprint would be roughly 115 x 55 mm and be used to measure the weights of small foods for the prupose dieting, can anyone help me?

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Building a current booster circuit

Need to understand whats going on in this circuit which is a class project.

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Attiny84 is not working and frezes

Hallo,i have uploaded the program for several Attiny84, some of them working perfectly and the rest are not sending any signals. i checked the Fuse sitting, it is right because i compared with the other working attiny. i tried to upload the program by Atmel studio 7 much times but it is not working. i can see from atmel studio that the program uploaded and the fuse sitting is right my experience in AVR is not really good. could i someone help methanks in Advance

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Electric Ukelele & Viola, Violin or Octave Violin Build

I am searching for inexpensive means to create aesthetically pleasing electric stringed instruments. I started this project when I started playing viola years after I was forced to quit private lessons. I discovered the F-f-fiddle on openfab.com which is a super rad 3d printed electric violin but since I do not have access to any 3D printer in the tiny town which I reside in, I sent the files to an online 3D printing business and they quoted me at least $500 just for the Fffiddle body! I didn't even bother to ask for a quote on the electric ukelele which I want to print & build so badly as well. I am interested in this project so that I can possibly help low income public school students in creating their own instruments to inspire them to take up an instrument and show them how much fun it can be to create something by yourself rather than buy. I am especially interested in acrylic plastic/lucite/celluloid, resins, exotic wood, recycled plastics, plastic injection molding, piezo pickups, and any other interesting materials that could be incorporated into these projects. I have been studying luthier tools, supplies, etc, along with design/fabrication of lucite/acrylic stringed instruments, furniture and other home goods. 3D printing/scanning, vintage celluloid guitar finishes, pre amps, recycling plastic bottles, landfill harmonic instruments, leather, pearl inlay, metallic finishes, enameling kilns, metal smithing, hand engraving & everything in between. I have been a mixed media artist for nearly my entire life and my father was a jeweler. I am going to find a way to create some functional and beautiful instruments no matter how long it takes me to narrow down the right combination of materials and how to make them, model them, mold them, dye them, etc! The photos attached are simply inspirational photos which I have collected over the past 6-8 months. Many of them are possibly patented, licensed, etc and I do NOT want to simply RIP OFF any of these photos! Please email me at svbacklund@gmail.com if you believe you could help me with my low income student instruments program or leads on 3d printing grants for public schools or anything else that may help me on my latest project or contact me directly via my instructables question here. I especially am interested in creating an electric violin which incorporates both classical and contemporary design. Any advice? Could you help?

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Help. Using Arduino as a pressure and voltage sensing switch?

Could use some assistance here.Required: An activation switch that relies on two pressure sensors and a voltage sensing input and a manual activation switchI am trying to use an arduino as the mastermind to activate a relay based on 3 inputs; 1200-1500psi transducer, 40-60psi fuel pressure sensor and a 4.8v max throttle position sensor.The Arduino once receiving an input from my arming switch, will check the sensors/inputs and if values are met will send an activation voltage to the relay, which will in turn activate my nitrous oxide and fuel solinoids.I may consider adding a small LCD to show what is ready and if the system is armed and activated.[Arm Switch]----》 [Arduino] [Checks]----》[Fuel Pressure Sensor]----》[ready/not ready] [Checks]----》[N2O Pressure Transducer]----》[ready/not ready] [Checks]----》[TPS voltage (4.8v=wide open throttle)]----》[ready/not ready][Arduino (if all ready)]----》 [Relay is activated]

Question by MrB36 

Pic18f452 generic board

I built a generic board for pic18f452 microcontroller. But i am not sure if it is working or not.it is getting Vcc=5Vits reset button is working(i.e gives 0V on pressing)i want to know about how to be sure that this generic board is built correctly.

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Can I power a Nintendo Wii with a 12 volt lead acid battery? Answered

I've decided to make a (somewhat) portable Wii, and I'm hoping to use a 12 volt 7AH battery to power it. The batteries will be attached directly to the power input on the console (with a filter cap). Here's what's been bugging me, though. The Wii's normal AC adapter puts out ~12.2 VDC, A sealed lead acid battery, however, puts out 12.6 when fully charged. Will that 0.4 volts do anything, or am I just being a nut? If it does, can I shave off that 0.4 volts with anything?

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Can you cut glass with a hacksaw blade ?

For example: opening of 4 feet fluroscent tubes.

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Single remote control button for grandma

Hello,I am trying to turn a remote controlled socket remote control (which comes with 4 on and an off buttons) into a single button remote, so that when pressing the button the light would go (on/off/on/off etc.) I am putting this together for a friend with limited mobility who is having issues pressing the on and the off button independently and was wondering if anyone could help? My knowledge of this is incredible limited, so apologies if this is a super simple solve. The current remote (seen in the picture) has a frequency of 433.92MHzThank you!!!

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Need help to power an LCD

So recently i salvaged an LCD from my broken head unit. It is a 6.5 inch screen i think. I really want to put it to good use because it is still in perfect condition. It even came with touch screen (it is pressure sensitive but meh at least there is something). Maybe someone here can help me to get picture to come out of the screen. Maybe a control board or something that have hdmi or vga input. I have included a pdf file about the screen :) Everythig should be there. Thanks in advance!

Question by piece of potato 

Get an error when saving instructable published yesterday.

Don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to add another step. So, I add the step and then try to save it and this error message is what happens...Here is a screenshot of the error message.The only way to remove the error is to remove the additional step.Here is the link to the instructable which I am trying to add another step....https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Shorted-Motorized-Transformer-Simulated-in-Micro/

Question by Vinyasi 

How to turn .STL files into .SVG files?

Im looking to laser cut a part but i need to figure out how to get a cross section file saved as an SVG file. I made the part on inventor, exported it and then tried to upload it to 123D design but it wont allow me. What do i do?

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Need HELP! Dwyer Love TCS Controller- Temperature probe

Recently replaced a new aquastat for wood boiler and thermocouple. The new aquastat is a TCS-4010 Dywer Love controller. I have tested 2 different thermocouples and it appears the input for probe wires isn't detecting the thermocouple and creating a buzzer alarm with 000. Is this common to have a faulty controller new, off the shelf?Aquastat: TCS-4010https://www.grainger.com/product/product/LOVE-115V...Thermocouple- https://www.grainger.com/product/TEMPCO-Thermocoup...Thanks!

Question by bryanholcomb23 

Trying to give membership to a friend, where to enter the code? Answered

I'm sorry, I've looked all over the site, and even Googled key words, but keep finding broken links. I'm trying to give a friend a code for a free membership, but the site keeps asking her for credit card info. I understand the site has been changing lately, but I'm stumped as to how I can help her get the membership logged, and start creating Instructables. Many thanks!

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Help repairing a pair of headphones

First things first, they look like Beats, but I’m pretty sure these are knockoffs. Nonetheless, they sound pretty good, and I picked them up at Goodwill for a steal and love a challenge, so if someone is interested on taking on this electronics mystery with me I’d be incredibly grateful.Context: I’ve tinkered on and off with consumer electronics for a while now, am okay at soldering and have an okay knowledge of how more basic circuits work. Otherwise, I'm pretty beginner but generally a quick learner and would be happy to try any of your suggestions. The previous owner attempted to replace the AAA battery holding component with a rechargeable lithium ion battery - only problem was there was no way to charge the battery. Not a huge deal, fixed the headphones to run on AAAs again as they were originally intended. That said, pressing and holding the power button powers the headphones on, but also is the Bluetooth connection button on the board (image at the imgur link below) there is an icon for both the connection functionality and the power around the same button. The headphones power on, work, and sound great when you're holding the button down, but once you let go they turn off. So, it’s a momentary switch with no latch to keep it held down - not ideal. That said, I’ve tested jumping the switch so it gets constant power without holding the button down, and while the headphones power on, connect to my phone, and work, because it seems the power button and bluetooth button are one in the same, the headphones continue to look for Bluetooth devices and makes a periodic and infuriating beeping sound about every fifteen seconds. Based on the pictures of the board below (pictured with, and without button attached) can anyone figure out what the problem might be? Or point me in the right direction for further tests to run?Front of the board, with buttons.Front of the board, with power/bluetooth button removedBack of the board, held upright with power/bluetooth button side up

Question by WarpStar 

How to size a DC motor? Answered

I want to rotate a stainless steel shaft that is in a vertical position having a 40 mm diameter and 300 mm length. The motor will be attached to the bottom of the shaft, so when the motor is turned, the said shaft will rotate. The shaft is not driving anything, it just turns on its own. The shaft's mass is 3kg(according to my calculations).  I want the shaft to rotate at an angular speed of 45 degrees per second. Having this information, how can i size the motor that will do the job. What kind of torque would i need, what kind of wattage. Please show me some calculations so I can know how motor sizing is correctly done.  Very much appreciated, Chris

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what kind of laser is used in laser printers? Answered

what kind of laser is used in laser printers?

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How to make Tank+Drone = Trone

Hi! Can someone please guide me to make a Tank + Drone. I tried youtube but it wasnt much help. The 2 in 1 trone should have the functioning of a tank as well as a drone . On a switch of a button from radio (eg.flyskyi6) a the tank should be able to fly. I have added 2 pics for help.

Question by Barket 

How can I wire a standard light switch to an extension cord? Answered

I am working on a project in which 2 light fixtures are wired up to an outdoor extension cord. I need to wire a light switch like the one pictured below to the extension cord. How can I go about doing this? Thanks, Adam

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