Best way to create an 'ible on mobile phones?

This is part question part complaint. Ever since the Instructables app was phased out, it has gotten buggy to the point of jon-usability. However, the website has not improved on the mobile front to make up for that. Creating an 'ible on mobile simply doesn't work, because you can't drag and drop multiple photos like on a computer. Neither can you drag and drop photos from the photo library panel into a new step. To the staff: is there any plan to improve creating 'ibles via mobile platforms? This would help so much because almost everyone takes photos on their phones these days. Even simple photo editing is simpler on a phone than on a computer. To the community: has anyone found a good way to create 'ibles on their mobile platforms? If people could create posts straight from their phones, while on the bus or train or whatever, then we'd see a lot more active users.

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Finished building Low Level Laser Therapy Helmet using #38 3v and #69 5v diodes. The helmet will be used for hair loss prevention. Due to zero knowledge of circuitry, what's the safest and right way to power device? Answered

There are similar projects on this website but all using less diodes. I'm also not convinced that wiring all the diodes in a parallel circuit is the best route. If it is, then great and that will make my life easier.As you can see in the photos, I've soldered the diodes into bundles. However, each bundle either consists of only 5v or 3v diodes. If I need to desolder anything, so be it. Right now there are bundles of the following:5v = 20, 15, 22, 123v = 9, 9, 9, 11The diodes were purchased from Amazon and displayed the following specs:3V Output Power: 5mW Wavelength: 650nm Working Voltage: 3V Operating Current: less than 20 mA Laser Shape: DotWorking temperature: -10 degree~£«40 degree housing: CopperDimensions: 6.5 X 18 mm5V Output Power: 5mW Wavelength: 650nm Working Voltage: 5V Operating Current: less than 20 mA Laser Shape: DotWorking temperature: -10°C to +40°C Housing material: High quality Copper Dimensions: 6.5 x 18mmWire connection: Red wire connect to Positive, Blue wire connect to NegativeOther purchased materials2 x 4.8V 700 mAh Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery Item Name: Ni-Cd Battery Dimension: 2.16 x 1.97 x 0.59 inches Plug: SM 2P Plug Charging time: About 2-3 hours Working time:About 20-30 mins5 x 4 Cell 4.8V AA Battery Holder W/ JR Style Connector ReceiverUltimate Goal: Simplify powering of helmet for 20-30 minutes / 3x a week by using on/off switch or plug.*This is my first time on this website and I apologize if I entered into the wrong category. THANK YOU in advance to anyone who helps. Greatly appreciated!!

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Coin Slot to Arduino... Need Help. What to do?

Hey guys, been doing one of the project in instructables w/c is this Interfacing a Coin Slot to a Arduino. Read and done the instructions provided in the project. But there seems to be a problem bec. i can't seem to get the desired output. I have a Coin Slot w/c was already set to 3 different types of coins (P1, P5.00, P10.00)(Philippine Coins) Set it up according to the instructions of the project, "COIN" white wire connected to pin2 (interrupt pin 0) of the arduino, common ground connection of the arduino and the coin slot (12V), and for an easy way to see the output i put up 3 LEDs on pin8, pin9, and pin10. This is the code i used, (modified)(original comments still there) -- const int coinInt = 0; //Attach coinInt to Interrupt Pin 0 (Digital Pin 2). Pin 3 = Interrpt Pin 1. volatile float coinsValue = 0.00; //Set the coinsValue to a Volatile float //Volatile as this variable changes any time the Interrupt is triggered int coinsChange = 0; int OneLed = 8; int FiveLed = 9; int TenLed = 10; //A Coin has been inserted flag void setup() {   pinMode(OneLed, OUTPUT);   pinMode(FiveLed, OUTPUT);   pinMode(TenLed, OUTPUT);   Serial.begin(9600);                 //Start Serial Communication      attachInterrupt(coinInt, coinInserted, RISING);   //If coinInt goes HIGH (a Pulse), call the coinInserted function //An attachInterrupt will always trigger, even if your using delays } void coinInserted()    //The function that is called every time it recieves a pulse {   coinsValue = coinsValue + 1;  //As we set the Pulse to represent 5p or 5c we add this to the coinsValue   coinsChange = 1;                           //Flag that there has been a coin inserted } void loop() {   if(coinsChange == 1)          //Check if a coin has been Inserted   {    if (coinsValue == 1)     {        digitalWrite(OneLed, HIGH);        delay(1000);        digitalWrite(OneLed, LOW);     }     else if (coinsValue == 5)     {        digitalWrite(FiveLed, HIGH);        delay(1000);        digitalWrite(FiveLed, LOW);     }     else if (coinsValue == 10)     {        digitalWrite(TenLed, HIGH);        delay(1000);        digitalWrite(TenLed, LOW);     } //Print the Value of coins inserted   coinsChange = 0;   } } -- Rather than using microsoft express, i wanted to use simple LEDs on pin8, pin9, and pin10 to indicate if the program read the input correctly. after doing the wiring, and coding in the arduino, i tested to see if it would work. NONE of the LEDs light up after inserting coins on the coinslot. Need Help! :X

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cancel account

How do i can this account

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How to convert touch screen display to monitor?

I have a HD touch screen AIO and a touch screen laptop and I want to turn the lcds into monitors, how can I add a dvi/hdmi/vga/display port to the lcd and link the touch screen too? specifics which may help Gateway ZX4300  LifeBook T4210 both computers are dead, new pc and want to get rid of these old ones but don't want to waste LCDs.

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how do i make clear see through plastic? Answered

I dont know anything so help me out here,

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Need help for Processing code

Hello everyone! I would like to change the sketch into Arduino-Processing process interchange to make circles Expend/Contract. The way Arduino sketch works (Increment/Decrement during all the way):int val;void setup(){ Serial.begin(9600); }void loop(){ for(int i=0; i<=1023; i++){ i=i+1; val=i; Serial.println(val); delay(50); }for(int i=1024; i>=1; i--){ i=i-1; val=i; Serial.println(val); delay(50); } }

Question by ngrigoriev 

Where to get this Push DPDT switch eagle cad library?

HI i'm designing a board that is using a push DPDT switch. the switch is look like this image. If anybody have this eagle library, please tell me thank you Devara

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Google review stars on LED matrix display

Does anybody know if there is a project available to display the number of Google Review stars on a LED matrix display?I know there are projects that do this for Facebook and YouTube, but haven’t been able to find any for Google.Help really appreciated.

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Laser perimeter trip

I’ve seen several configurations of a laser perimeter alarm design, however, I don’t want a piezoelectric buzzer going off. I want a message or alert sent to my smartphone. Bluetooth tech I feel would have distance limitations so I’m learning more towards a secure WiFi link. Any ideas along this line or if someone has already done this and I couldn’t find it?!

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Connection Winstar WH1602B3-SLL-JWV 16x2 LCD VATN White on Black I2C Interface to Arduino UNO

Hello,I have some trouble with the connection of the Winstar I2C LCD to a Arduino Uno.Can someone advise me?In a pdf from Winstar there is a diagram (as attached), but I see a lot af pins that I don't know how to connect to a Arduino.Thank you very much for your help.Roland

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Is there any way to disrupt or jam the am /fm radio station .

Hi, I have a new neighbour and despite pleading, he puts his radio on outside our bedroom window. Is there any way to disrupt or jam the am /fm radio station so when he puts it on we can disrupt the signal. Maybe he would get the hint that the radio no longer works from that window and he would move it somewhere else. Please can anyone help?

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homemade negative ion bracelet Answered

Is there a way to make a homemade negative ion bracelet on the cheap not like a ton of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ thanks for the help 

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How to power multiple servos with an external power source?

I need to power the following servos (with the following quantities): 1 x HS-422 Servo Motor, 2 x HS-645MG Servo Motor, 1 x HS-755HB Giant Scale Servo Motor, 1 x HS-805BB Giant Scale Servo Motor, 1 x HS-485HB Servo Motor. I have an arduino uno controlling them but am powering them off of 1 6v 2800mAh NiMH battery (I have 2 at my disposal though). I am using the power strip on the side of my breadboard. I connected all my servos and battery to the same power strip. My servos seem to be going crazy when I have more than 1 connected (they don't listen to the input and just keep going from 1-180 degrees). I have attached the layout below.

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Hello makers! I am representing the Whittier Middle school makerspace and we are looking for anyone who has old electronics or parts to give away. if you have anything from computers to toasters to even cell phones, please don't throw them away! we would gladly take donations of any old electronics. please comment on this post or contact me at my account and i can tell you how to send them to us. we are located in norman oklahoma but can take parts shipped from anywhere. we are trying to start a program where we take apart old things to teach kids about how things work. So if anyone has anything to donate please contact me!

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How can i make a glass slide conductive for organic solar cell?

Can copper wire cut into very small pieces mixed with glue work? 

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Fixing broken key on apple aluminum keyboard? Answered

I bought myself an apple aluminum keyboard a while ago, it worked perfectly until a few days ago. I noticed the w key was a bit sticky, so i took it apart (with a paper clip) and messed around with it until it unstuck. now the key will not work at all (actually if i plug in the keyboard and hit w it gives me a string of w's until i hit backspace, but i hit it after that and it will not work.  the inside of the key assembly is a bit scratched (i used a metal clip, not plastic coated, and i was getting frustrated) so idk if that is it. it clicks responsibly just like the other keys now, but it felt like there as something underneath before i took it apart. getting rather sick of copy pasting w in  :(

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New black and decker single charger problem

I bought a new b&d; single charger and when i put my new battery in( slider tape) , the charger  red light  will not stop blinking what is wrong.

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Homemade Phone Charger Won't Charge more than 80mA?

I have a homemade linear power supply that can supply 5.1V up to 1.3A. I want to use it to charge a USB device such as a phone. However, the phone is "slow charging" at 80mA. I have tried connecting the data inputs together and then tried setting both data inputs to 2.75V (I have a throw away charger that I measured that voltage from). Both results still only have 80mA going through. How can I make it so the phone accepts a higher current? Is there a specific voltage the data inputs have to be at? I know chargers now "talk" to the phone but I'm just using my power supply as a "dumb charger". Charging the phone is supposed to be a proof that the supply can work. I'm using a Samsung Note 4 and a Note 9 for phones to try charging.

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If I am replacing a capacitor is it better when the microfarad rating is 1600 to use a 2200 at the same voltage?

I'm currently trying to fix my Xbox One power supply. I'm curious about the microfarad rating for my Xbox power supply I have discovered a bad capacitor and now I'm looking to replace the blown capacitor with a new one from my Xbox 360 power supply but it is 2200 microfarads instead of 1600 microfarads I was wondering is it acceptable to replace them with the 2200 rating instead of a 1600 rating. I also have a 1200 rated on all of these are 16V.

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Two arduino nano with oled check please help

Hi friends, I connected 2 arduino with i2c data, I'm doing the classic Led flashing, my question is, the master card in the project, counting from 1 to 100 counters, and initially the green LED is lit, when the counter is 80 yellow Led lights up green and 95 when yellow turns off and turns red, the system turns off. And this whole process is being copied to the sd card, the energy is cut off and the counter continues to be nosed when it is given again. Due to lack of memory the need for the second card was born. Now the Master is also on the slave card connected to the slave when it comes to burning operations (when the green LED is lit, the "system is running" while the yellow LED is running "maintenance approached" as the "service time", etc.) did the research but did not get a result. please help

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Can i get a replacement of this transistor ? Answered

Hello, i was just messing with circuits and i found this one above in the image i really want to make this but i don't have a BF494 transistor so my question is : Is it possible to replace this transistor with any other transistor if possible please name all possible replacement you know!

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Ws2812b led problem

Last year I put up 500 led round my home for Christmas (a permanent feature) . About 2 weeks ago I tried them and everything was fine. Over the weekend I added a Sonoff basic (better than a time switch) and had to adjust a small section as they were out of line. Since that (I'll fated) adjustment some of the LEDs have started to play up... I have the leds cycle RGB over several seconds, for testing, but the last 50 or so go berserk and rapidly flash white (and other colours). It's going to be PITA but do I replace the faulty(?) led/s or can I bridge what (may be) the fault and test the others??? The display leds are ip67 rated tied to plastic conduit with power injection at either end of the 5 strips I use. Ive checked the voltage (both ends) and I get 5v so it's not power issues. I've tried to upload a pic (possibly a video) to show what happens. The fault is in the last strip of leds towards the end of the circuit. Many thanks

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Whats the Best way of igniting 5 C6-7 model rocket engines at once? Answered

I'm hoping to launch a rocket with 5, C motors. I do not have a gun powder licence so I cannot purchase D + motors. Can anyone tell me what is the best way of igniting 5 model rocket engines. I Have an ignitor and I was thinking of wiring it all in parralel. What do you think? Oscar

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how to repair a stabilizer?

I have a v guard stabilizer- input voltage 280 and o/p voltage 200-250v,  now its not in working condition I want to rectify it myself, I opend it it consists one circuit board, and transformer and 2 relays, but I can't able to find how it works, I don't know how to check the transformer o/p because it getting i/p from circuit board and main phase connection is going to two relays and circuit board getting the i/p from transformer and main card its totally confused, so how can i check the transformer, circuit board weather realy is not working properly

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anyone out there know the specs for building a russian pyramid .

Anyone out there know the specs for building a russian pyramid . py

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can you give me cool cmd tricks? Answered

Give me cool cmd tricks and your email and I send you $50

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how to shut down security camera

I live and work in china, how can i shut down the video security system-hardwired, in my apartment block without being recorded

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Classroom jeopardy repair

We are a non profit using the classroom jeopardy 8000 game for programs with adults and students, and have had great success with participation. We have run into problems with the signal recognition acting sporadically. The company educational insights no longer sells or services the product and we have no clue who we could go to for help. Who would know the how to with this great program ? Thanks for any help you can send our way.

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Help Mod a Dumb Car Screen

So I have my first car with a smart screen..This is a 2019 Subaru Forester with an insulting first screen..Anyone know how to hack the screen with my Puppy Pic..

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How can I fix my DSi?

Okay, I have a DSi since 2010 (I don't remember when I bought it, so this could be false. Look, it's old. OK?) And it's been working fine untill one day. I turned it on, and the power light (blue in this case) turned on for a milisecond and then turned off. I tried it multiple times but nope. Plugging in the charger makes the charging light blink non-stop. So I tried opening up the DSi (I opended it up mutliple times before so the warranty is voided already. I also did it correctly the other times so opening it isn't the problem here) to find out what is wrong but I found nothing wrong in it! Sure, the ribbon cable connecting to the SD card is broken but it's been like that for years if I remember correctly. Battery was looking allright, took it out with a voltmeter, wasn't dead (Also, I doubt it static electricity because it wouldn't do ANYTHING). So, I closed it up and opended up the charger. Strangely enough, a piece of the charger's motherboard was cut off! Like someone took a bite! But how could I be using that charger for all this time and it was working. I won't use it again, defenitely. So I went to a store to try out the store's charger, it gets weirder. I plugged it in and the charging light flickered like before BUT, for only a couple of seconds. Anyway, I went home and couldn't figure it out what it is. Only thing I imagine is the charge port (the port where you put the cable to charge it, duh). I'm sorry if you cannot see the pictures very clear but my camera doesn't focus very well, and I'm not a profesional photographer to set the focus etc. So I'm writing now. Please help! Thanks  

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Is there a way to bypass saving camera images to a pc rather than the memory card?

I have a Samsung NX1000 camera that has to take 1000s of images and its annoying having to take it off the tripod to take the card out when it reaches its max 9,999 image to transfer then put back in to continue (telecine hence many images!).I'd like to get something like attached images which I can use to have the sd card hang out of the camera for ease of access without removing camera off tripod but ideally can save directly to a usb hard drive or to a pc (that I guess would need to emulate being an sd card)? This would save a lot of time transferring images. Using wifi cards are far too slow and a bit a bit buggy.Thanks for any thoughts.

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build an italian icy cart?

I'm interested in selling italian iceys but don't have the money to purchase one, not even a used cart comes in cheap. I'm kind of crafty so my wife suggested build one and we don't need refrigeration so a simple one will do. I know i can have loew's cut my pieces but what about the stainless steal inside and out, how do tackle that?

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Wiring a Bubble Machine Answered

Hi I have a bubble making machine which recently had to have the capacitor and transformer replaced. However, I cannot get the machine to run the fan when its all connected. I think the wiring is all a bit of a mess, and I am wondering if someone can help me find a solution to get it to operate again. At the moment when the blades in the diagram are connected to the 3 pin switch only the motor which rotates the wheel for the bubble machine operates, the fan does not work. I have tried others (I have assumed these work but I don't know how to test them independently) but no success. I am unsure if the capacitor is wired correctly either, as reading about it online I have found that one pin is negative and the other is positive :(Also, I swapped the old transformer (see attached) for a replacement led transformer for running 12 volt light, I don't know if this was a suitable replacement. Please help me!!

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ESP8266 to PuTTY using telnet

I am working on a project where i want to use an ESP8266 to log data from an arduino uno to a computer using telnet. I'm using PuTTY as my telnetclient but I can't send data from PuTTY to my Arduino and can't find a right code for me anywhere. Can someone please give me some advise?

Question by floris.leirs 

Homemade MINI Particle Accelerator? Answered

Hello!  I'm working on a homemade mini particle accelerator from stuff in like hardware stores and thrift stores. I was wondering if someone could give me a definition of a particle accelerator and their hazzards? Also the only thing that I would need to buy off eBay is a some sort of detector for electrons. Heres a list of supplies: concrete, CRT Monitor, wood, lots of thin copper wire (for the electromagnets), a electron detector, and a power supply. It would be a circular accelerator too. Any ideas or info is welcome! PM me or just comment below!

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Does anyone have the pinout to make a Simple Signaling UPS Cable AP9827- USB to RJ45 for an APC ES 500 UPS?

This is the USB to RJ45 that connects the Battery backup to the computer

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Transforming a speaker from AC to battery Answered

Hello,I'm trying to turn an AC powered speaker into some sort of boombox aka run on battery and add bluetooth.The problem i'm facing is that I'm unsure of where to hack the battery in since the circuit rectifies on-board. My best guess would be to just start probing the terminals until I find a stable power. I also think I have to bypass the 2 transformators (see bottom). But before starting I wanted to see if there is anything I should watch out for, since I don't have too much experience with Li-ion batteries.Any thoughts, advice, prayers are welcome!

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Copper and magnet electricity generator

For a project in school we are designing a simple electric generator using copper wire and a magnet. The output i'm aiming for is 15V .The fixed criteria for Faraday's law as followsE =( NBA ) / T T= 3 seconds N = adjustable A = adjustable B = Neodymium 1.32 T so how do i chose my copper wire? what diameter? what kind? how do i keep the design not so BIG . How do i increase my voltage output by using a double coil system?

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Hidden camera and listening devices

Could someone please let me know if I’m looking on the wrong spots or if someone knows of a way of building or buying a good device for finding hidden cameras and or listening devices also please.

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Arduino drum kit combined with piezo triggered led lights?

Being a broke person combined with massive curiousity, i've started taking interest in diy electronics. What i've been wanting to make is actually a drumset with tons of pads and cymbals and is not only a midi, but has its own sound. But, while there are many tutorials about it, there aren't any that match exactly what i wanna make. (I'm not even sure how many midi inputs can be made using an arduino) Sooo, being a newbie who's 100% confident she won't be able to make something as advanced as that without clear instructions (yet), i wanna start off by making a drum pad like yamaha dtx multi 12. I should be able to make something like that since i wouldn't have to worry about something like hihat controller. And i thought it would be awesome if i can attach led triggered lights! But i have zero idea what i have to do :/ which arduino do i use? Where do i wire them to? There's an instructable here about it but his drum is an acoustic drum so he's using the piezo entirely for led. I want my piezo to act both as midi trigger and led trigger. Anybody got an idea? Actually, i want to make 2 LEDs for each pads. The first LED lights up only when hit, the second one will continue to light but change colour when the kick pad is hit. But i'm not sure if this is doable

Question by Stelladevania 

Xbox 360 kinect

There was one post ive found but didnt work for me any help?

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no matching function for call to 'DS3231::DS3231(const uint8_t&, const uint8_t&)'?

How can i rectify this error please? #include DS3231  rtc(SDA, SCL); void setup() {    rtc.begin();    rtc.setDOW(WEDNESDAY);       rtc.setTime(12, 00, 00);       rtc.setDate(1, 16, 2018);   } void loop() { }

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If a person can feel magnetic fields does that mean they have electromagnetic hypersensitivity? Answered

I want to know cause I have a reletive who can feel magnetic fields from magnets.

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Help: First project - Bluetooth HUD/Router (i don't know what it would classify as)

OK Here's what i'm trying to make you guys. Essentially id like to make a device that will connect to a smart device via Bluetooth and also can connect and transmit to up to 5 Bluetooth speakers (of any brand). i know some Bluetooth speakers now have duo casting or whatever its called but i would like to go a step further. honestly i have no idea where to start, currently what im thinking is using some model of raspberry pi as the backbone of this unit. i would imagine id have to wire 5 bluetooth transmitters and one bluetooth receiver to the pi but i have no idea how i would program the pi or wire it up. as said before this will be my first project so i am rather new to this whole concept of diy but i love the idea of making my own gadgets. i want the pi to recieve bluetooth audio from a smart device and then redirect the audio to the 1-5 other bluetoooth speakers that could be connected to it. i also think it would be really cool to 3D print a body for the pi unit that can house a decent sized rechargeable lithium ion battery, that could be recharged via micro usb or maybe type C. Another cool feature i thought of was if i could wire 6 usb ports to the rechargable battery that could be used to charge 5 bluetooth speakers and you phone in one go. i also suppose id need to put some kind of screen on the pi unit and program some kind of user interface so i could make pairing to the bluetooth speakers and smart devices easier. all in all i guess what im going for is a power bank with the ability to redirect bluetooth audio from a smartphone to multiple bluetooth speakers. is there anyone out there that could maybe help and suggest how to make such a device? constructive critism is welcome as are any ideas for extra features. also maybe point me in the right direction as to where i could purchase the parts for this?Parts i know i'll need5 bluetooth transmitters1 bluetooth receiver6 usb ports1 micro or type C port1 rechargeable lithium ion battery (preferably at least 10000 mah or more, more is always better)

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How to make solenoid retract when friction applied.

I have a 12V solenoid that was going to be used in a project with a spring loaded door. It was wired into an arduino project and all was going well. That was until I realised that if the bolt had any friction on it that it would not get retracted when power was applied.I wonder therefore whether there is a simple way of making the bolt retract even when friction is being applied?Alternatively, is there a simple mechanism that could be made where friction can be applied to something else that doesn't add friction to the solenoid bolt itself so that when the bolt is retracted the secondary part is free to move and release the sping loaded door.Any help would be appreciated.

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Podra funcionar sin dañarse el amplificador o los bafles?

Es cierto lo que dicen que se puede instalar un bafle de 130 w con un amplificador de 90 w o 140 w, sin dañar los bafles o el amplificador?¿Cuál es la mejor instalación de bocinas (woofer, medio, tweeter), para una buena claridad y limpieza del sonido?Bafles se construye de acuerdo a si se usara para musica clasica o musica rock ?Al aire libre

Question by jtrujilloc