How do computer power supplies convert wall power to logic-useable power? Answered

Although I have some fair experience with electronics, it has all been battery-powered. I know that a transformer can step wall voltage down, but in doing so raises the amperage, correct? I know that the forward current limit on a 555 timer is lower than most wall-wart tranformers supply, and therefore lower than what a power supply can supply? Thanks!

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plasma cutter repair?

I have a cebora plasma cutter that is in tacked and complete but doesn't work I'm having a problem with repair centers because theire isn't one with in 100miles from me and snap-on and other tool men who come around keep try ing to sell me a new one Ok to the point there's not much to these things I have basic knowledge in electronic ITT 3 semesters, divorce killed that, and hands on knowledge automotive industry 20 years, Where should I start in my trouble shooting Got to go Company showed up

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How can you hack into a car's GPS or onboard computer system?

Once in, can you actually gain admin access/control any of the functions, or only watch what's going on?

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How do I convert the TV in my vehicle to DTV so I'll be able to watch it after the switch?

I have an analog TV in my van and want to convert it so that we can watch it after the DTV conversion. Is this possible and if so, how? Or, is there going to be a portable DTV available that can be hooked up in a vehicle?

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how to make a AA battery for psp? Answered

I cut and stripped the wires of the end bit of the charger and there are 2 wires white and red but i don't know which is positive or negative. also if i use a battery pack that says 3.6v on it but it has 3xAA's inside will it short my psp or blow it up or break it id appreciate the help to anyone who gives it.

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What are motherboard pin connectors called? Answered

What is the trade name of those grouped pin posts you see on motherboards - the ones you set CMOS settings with using jumpers.... The kind that the front USB cable plugs into. Under what name can that be looked up commercially, say, in a parts catalog?

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Will you have to create holes in the lift fan, if purchased??

On a hovercraft will I have to create holes in the lift fan, if purchased

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Need to build a 12 volt 3.2 amp dc power source. Help?

I picked up a nice flat panel monitor, cheap, but seller wouldn't part with the brick he had.(needed it for her monitor) I have pc power supplies and can scrounge with the best for other bits required. Would someone please help. Thanks

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Are there any GUI frontends to SPICE? Answered

I'd like to be able to draw circuits as in a CAD program, run the simulation and observe what's going on.

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What should I do with this fax machine, electric typewriter, and other junk?

I've got this stuff in the hopes of making something. I have not taken these apart yet, I also have a few adding machines that I saved from the way to the dumpster in the hopes of reuse as robotics and what not.

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whats the method for the beetlebot?

Whats the method for the beetlebot?

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can anyone direct me on how to get a computer monitor to work with my wii?

I would like to use a flat monitor with my wii to make it more portable , would like to use a 20 or 22 inch lcd if possible.

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What tool does one use to unscrew the button screws on the back of a desktop computer case?

An answer would be really helpful to me, as I'm looking to upgrade my computer's video card sometime in the future, but can't get inside the certain part of the back of the computer case, as I don't have the right tool to unscrew button screws.

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Limit of compact flash card for A75 canon?

I have a canon A75 Digital Camera which uses a compact flash card. Now that the flash memory is cheap i wanted to know what is the capacity camera can handle.?

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Anyone know how to make an Env 2 play a .jar game?

I know someone who had done it. i would like to figure how. i have a .jar game, i just don't where to put it in my memory card or how to get the phone to read it. i also heard that the env 2 from verizon doesn't read that file type. but i know they got it to work somehow! and its pokemon yellow version, so i know its not a bought brew game. lol thanks in advance for any help.

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How do i turn a laptop screen into a lcd tv?

Basically i need to convert the power to a 220V plug, and fit a video rca plug for an input. I have 4 broken laptops and wanna try get some use out of the screens. Problem is i know nothing about electronics, just basics. Any idea's?

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Any projects that use the ethernet port, etc. from an old cable modem? Answered

Have several old working cable modems and I would like to see if I can reuse any of the parts inside. i.e the ethernet port magnetics to make my electronic project work over LAN.

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Chain machine

I want to know, how can I do a machine to make stainless steel chains. That's a ward one. If some one can tell me

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how can I find a replacement tip only for an ibook G4 adapter?

The adapter works fine; my electrical meter shows 24V output as per spec. My 7 year old just broke the tip.

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can somebod y over can help me pls.?

I have 2 land line phone with one connection. Is it possible to connect in series .so i use in two different locaton of the same floor?

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i want to increase my cycles speed using gears .what i had to do for that?

I want to increase my cycles speed using gears.what i had to do for that?

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how do you wire led's in a line circut with one on off switch. very new to this.?

I want to make a sign for a play that can be turned off for other scenes. I want to wire led's together in one circuit with one power source. (how much power and what type would I need?)

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how do you make cell phones from other countries work in America? do you have to change the frequency ? what do i do?

Well i my aunt has some phones that she got from china or japan i think, and she has t-mobile, but the service isn't working, so how do i make it work?

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pcb design?

Hi how can i design a pcb for ba6849fm. i ask it because i can't find it's foot print.can anyone help me? please sent the answer to my mail

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Where is a list with the most recent instructables? It should be on the frontpage IMO? Answered

On the front page there is a list with featured Instructables, one with "Zeitgeist", whatever type of German Wurst that may be, and one with Popular. But where is the simple "Most Recent" list. It should be somewhere!

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How do you use Google Sketchup? Answered

So today, I downloaded the new Google Earth with Google Ocean and Google Mars. I saw Sketchup on the side. So I downloaded it and tried it. Fun, fun, fun. But I need some tricks and tips and tutorials. I NEED HELP!!!!

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how can i make a nightvision circuit with only an tiny screen and a tiny lens (from an old mobile phone)?

Recently I bought a new cellphone because my old one was wrecked, and old and so on and so on. so I took it apart, and finished with the parts I wanted, a tiny color screen and an tiny lens, with leads to an tiny red thingy where underneath a sort of connection circuit. can anyone give me a schematic where I can see how many power, how to connect, and how to turn on and off the camera. because I want to make a night vision set, which you can make with for example a webcam or that one on your mobile. but I want someone, without any cords, one you can build in an a modified pair of glasses. thanx in advance!

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What's the best way to scavenge toroids?

What are they commonly found in? And are those things easy to get for free?

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Why does there appear to be banding when I look at pictures of the visual spectrum or light through a prism? Answered

It seems like when I look at one unit of the spectrum the color looks pretty much the same at opposite ends of the unit, but when I look at another unit of the same size at a different place in the spectrum, the color seems to change drastically from one side to the other.

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How can I import stock option prices into Matlab automatically (without copy pasting)?

How can I import that bid and ask for diffrent stock options from a site such as yahoo finance into matlab without manually copying and pasting and editing the information? I Don't need historical data, only the current bid and ask. thank you

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where can I source some activated carbon for a project like this? Answered

I just want to make a little fume extractor, and every web search pulls up all commercial stuff ack

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Well as of a couple days ago no pictures on instructables will show. Not even the orange background. Only text and ads Answered

Well as of a couple days ago no pictures on instructables will show. Not even the orange background. Only text and ads. Any help?

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