Hack programmable thermostat without learning arduino and without it being "smart"?

I just want to take the 4 different settings per day that they allow and turn them into 12 different settings per day. I don't want it to communicate with my computer or phone.

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SAFETY!!! How can I earth a Sinotimer programmable timer (TM618) inside a metal box ??

Hi, I am in the process of constructing a retro console timer for my 10yo grandson (for his parents really). They only want the power to the console on a predetermined times. I found an idea on Instructables which is basically a programmable 7 day timer in a small (lockable) cash box. Question: there is no earth tab on the input side of the timer and I want to earth the box because it will contain 240v!! Is it as simple as wiring the wall plug with three core cable and attaching the spare earth wire to the inside wall of the metal box? Please advice.Thanks

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What audio potentiometer to use?

I am building small Bluetooth speakers for Christmas presents. I am using a 5v 2*3w Bluetooth Amplifier with a PAM8403 chip. I am wanting to add a dual potentiometer to control the output of the speaker, not the power going into the amplifier. I am going to use a logarithmic potentiometer but I cannot figure out the resistance I am needing. I have found A5k and A10k resistors, would these work for the project? Is there an equation or guide that would help me out?

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Photoelectric sensors sending a text

What I'd like to achieve: Multiple motion sensors that will send a text message to my phone when any have been triggered. Once I get the hang of that, I'd like for it to specify a zone (ex: Zone 1 - Front of house, Zone 2 - Back of house, etc...)First things first, I'd like to just understand what components would be needed to complete this in the lightest way possible and for someone who is very new to any of this. I have found sensors, but I need them to send a signal somehow so that something like an alarm.com can send a text to my phone.I'm open to this being a learning experience, but am definitely at a beginner level.Here are two sensors I'm looking at:http://www.seco-larm.com/E-931-S35RRQhttps://www.amazon.com/Infrared-Waterproof-Photoel...Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Please help with qi coils! A chance to inform my ignorance!

Hi! I am working on a small wirelessly powered project and am having considerable trouble with finding a qi coil that is small enough and also has a charging circuit. Specs:1" square at most5v at 500maferrite shieldcharging circuit just as smallMy questions:1) Can I use any prebuilt coil and swap the circuit from a larger one? I feel like there is a reason I can't!2) Recommendations of specific coils?Thank you so much!

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How to connect google map app to arduino ?

How may I connect google map app to arduino so if i press a button connected to arduino it will turn on the google map app assistant. Then the instructions of google map will bass to speaker connected to arduino.

Question by B-D-M 

Headphone Jack mini portable speaker

Would I be able to successfully take an OEM phone's loudspeaker and connect it to a 3.5mm Male headphone Jack Plug for use with an mp3 player, like a mini portable speaker? All the options that I have run across are too big for what I'm looking for. I also don't need it to be super loud.

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Need a 1.5-volt(in-voltage) sun-sensing dawn/dust on/off pigtail widget... Help?

Need a 1.5-volt(in-voltage) sun-sensing dawn/dust on/off pigtail widget... Help?

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To repair Razer Kraken Pro V2 headphone jack

Good morning, I'm a new member of this family:)I'm trying to replace broken jack4 Pole connections / colour of wires on broken headphone jack on Razer Kraken Pro V2. the old one has (Red, Green, yellow and white with shield to solder on new plug.Hopefully, someone provide the correct connection locations with colour of wiresI appreciate your time and efforts.Thanks in advancePardeep

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Korg em1 customize

Hi i would like customize my korg em1 and add a single output to every part of Drum and synth. Can you help me? Tank you. Sorry for my english

Question by Tirec95 

How to make exact size svg fiels for eleksCam software?

I bought this DIY Chinese laser machine. After some trials. I got it all fixed and yes it cut and engraved. They gave me 2 softwares. One is Engraver Master which i found useless as non of my dxf files show up properly. it's always warped. Then I tried EleksMaster. This software is great. But there is a major problem. It cuts only texts and engraves. But when i insert a new image and ask it to cut outlines, the image does not load up. I even checked this instructable and asked help. So to cut I found SVG files work. But there I encountered another problem. I cannot resize the images. All SVG files opened through PicCarve Appears way larger. Sizing is very important for me. Sometimes the size is way larger than my cutting area. It's really frustrating and annoying. It's more than a month now, and I'm still unable to cut custom cake toppers cause I can't seem to get a single software right for me. Someone said to try laseraxe but that does not connect to my laser. I have no clue why. So please help me so that i can cut the exact size of an image using PicCarve . Ther is a place that says input G Code. I'm not sure what that is. Currently I'm reserching that too. But if Anyone knows...Plese Please help.Thanks

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Guide on making a audio surveillance only device maybe using raspberry pi?

There are tons of video camera surveillance projects using the raspberry pi, but I'm looking for audio only.Ideally, it could be controlled by network, Should be able to save collected recordings with time stamp to attached storage device,A bonus if multiple mics could be attached to it,I checked around and couldn't find a project that dealt with audio only and I apologize if I missed it.

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Flc100 magnometer

Hi, can you launched sensor fluxgate flc100 magnetometr with ardunio and conected to pc wiht bleuthos? thack you very much

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How to send and receive/read 2 Values LoRa Arduino

Hey, I wanna build a car with Arduino, LoRa and more stuff. But I have a Problem, I need to send 2 Values(one for the Servo, wich turns it right/left and the second is for the motor. Both are controlled by the Servo library) at the same time and when I receive them, the arduino needs to seperate them, and I don't know how to send them right or how to seperate the values. Please help me.

Question by Sergey K 

Wireless DPDT Switch?

How can I make a wireless DPDT Switch for my robot. I'll be using a receiver and transmitter system but have no idea how to control the DPDT Switch using that.

Question by Shantam Sridev 

Mt3608 nixie

Hello, i'm trying to use mt3608 as dc-dc boost for nixie 12v to 100-200V and mt3608 look like it doesn't switchingplease help

Question by kuba.prochazka 

MT3608 nixie boost

Hello, i am trying to make nixie dc-dc boost from 12v to 100-200V using mt3608 and external mosfet, And my mt3608 won't to generate frequency

Question by kuba.prochazka 

Newbie question about DC motor (sorry...a real newbie)

Ive got a dc motor with this type of plugs. How do i connect this to any power source?? what do i have to buy??

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Hacking a Liftmaster solar gate controller system

I have a solar powered gate, using a liftmaster system. The main control box cannot have a power input above 12 dc at 30 watts. I need to be able to control the power input to about 25 watts. Due to the environment in which the system was installed, I had to use solar panels and batteries that have a higher output than 30 watts. How can I keep the volts to about 12 volt and keep the watts under 30? I tried to google adjustable amp regulators, and the answers are not clear. How can I find an adjustable amp regulator for my specific needs?

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Why is my electro magnet switching on and off!

I've recently built an electromagnet with a DC power supply off 5v 4a but when I turn it on it goes on and off . I'v checked this by downloading a sensor on my phone and surely enough every second the magnetic field goes higher than my phone's range and then returns to normal can you please explain why and how to keep a constant field

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Why is my electro magnet switching on and off?

I've recently built an electromagnet with a DC power supply off 5v 4a but when I turn it on it goes on and off . I'v checked this by downloading a sensor on my phone and surely enough every second the magnetic field goes higher than my phone's range and then returns to normal can you please explain why and how to keep a constant field

Question by charlie30122004 

LM35 temperature sensor on nodemcu esp8266

How can I just get 1 decimal instead of to using Arduino IDEhere is output from serial monitor in DegreeC= 25.24a part of the code int analogValue = analogRead(outputpin);float millivolts = (analogValue/1024.0) * 3300; //3300 is the voltage provided by NodeMCU float celsius = millivolts/12; Serial.print("in DegreeC= "); Serial.println(celsius);

Question by NenneD 

Help with an SMD circuit

Hello. I am trying to make something on my car that involves putting an array of orange SMD's in a big circle, one on each side of the car. Every circle has about 85 ish SMD's, how should i connect resistors,and which ones? Can i put them in groups of 10, and put a resistor between each? I have to conect them parallel. Thanks for the help

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36v ebike battery to 12v kayak motor

Hi. I have bought an e bike with a 10ah 36v Li-ion battery pack. Can I use this to power my 12v kayak motor? I have the kayak set up with a pwm currently to control the speed. Do I need a converter to lower voltage. Or can I just use the pwm? Advice please.

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Expected unqualified-id before 'void'

I m facing a problem in this code during implementationi m using wemos d1 r1 controller board.i m attaching a code.the error is webtwit:52:1: error: expected unqualified-id before 'void' void setup() { ^webtwit:49:16: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ';' token timedRead(void); ^exit status 1 expected unqualified-id before 'void'please help me to resolve this query

Question by nazni 

Building an ultrasonic soldering station ?

I have some strage projects coming up that will require me to solder things together that usually don't really like this.In my past job this was quite easy as we had an ultrasonic soldering bath and several ultrasonic soldering stations.Well, the access to those is gone :(At first I thought "How hard can it be to build one?"Not really too hard for a half decent soldering bath but a lot harder for a soldering iron...The soldering stations we used operated in the range of 50-60kHz.Commonly available transducers and their drivers however you find for 28 and 40kHz.Finding small ones in the range of 10 to 20W is also not easy.I can deal with a soldering iron that ends up in the size of a 500W wood burning iron as long as the tip is replacable.But what are the frequencies really required to solder for example on ceramic, titanium or lab grade glass?Does anyone have experience with doing this on lower frequencies than what the professional stations use?Last but not least:Is there any software available (preferably free or as an online tool) to simulate the quite long feed horn that is required with a soldering tip?Going with 1/4 wavelenghts is logical but how could I get the info on the actual shape required without simulating it first?I was thinking of using a heater cartridge like used for the hotend on a 3D printer to heat the tip.However, tests on my ultrasonic actuator showed the entire thing disintegrates within a few minutes, at least the filler and "glue" used to hold it all together.Would a free standing heating coil around the tip work?Heat transfer would be a pain and losses high, but should be possible?In case you wonder why: I just don't ave the thausands of dollars at hand required to buy one of these soldering stations....

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What is the optimal and minimum voltage to charge a 12v 9a,h battery? Answered

What is the optimal and minimum voltage to charge a 12v 9a,h battery?

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Power bank

Hello everyone I recently found a 12v 9a.h battery in my stuff and now i decided to make a portable power bank with it.this is what i am thinking about:i want to make a portable power bank with several voltage outputs for using in car and etc. 1- I want to get a 5v output and use it to charge my devices when I am in a car.2- i want to connect some power led lights so that i have a light bar.3-maybe I also connect an amplifier to it to play music when walking or etc.now that you understood what i want to make these are my problems:1-when the battery slowly drains and the input voltage decreases will the output of the charger module also decrease?2-different devices need different currents for charging for example my tablet needs 2amps while my phone needs 1 amp. do i need to set the output current to any special value?3-what kind of solar panel will be suitable to charge the battery?

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Circuit help

Been decades since I did any circuit design and I have a fairly simple need someone will certainly have a simple answer for.I need to run a simple pulse output from a 5 minute timer into a circuit that will have 4 outputs. Each pulse in will cause the next output in line to go HI, with the others all LOW. 5 minutes later, the HI will move to the next Output, with all the others again at LOW. Once the 4th and last output has gone HI, it will wrap around to the first output again, and so on. Sound a bit like a Ring Counter, but there is no CLOCK pulse here. Just a short pulse every 5 minutes or so to the input. Any help would be appreciated. This isn't rocket science, so simple and cheap would be a plus.Thanks.

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Ammeter on bluetooth speaker

Hi,I'm building a portable bluetooth speaker and need some help. The speaker is equiped with a TPA3116 amp and is power supplied by a 3s lipo battery. On my construction I would like to attach an analog Weston 301 ammeter in order to check my battery's life. Is it possible? The ammeter can measure 0-15A and the battery is 10A. I made an effort but when I attached it on th battery there was a spark.

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Control of 25 electromagnets

Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a controller to manage 25 electromagnets. I've managed to come up with a driver circuit to energise each individual electromagnet using an N channel eMOSFET in parrallel with a diode. I need a programmable controller to operate the gate of each eMOSFET but the controller must be capable of managing all 25 switches. thanks for any suggestions in advance.

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Add stereo headphone jack to an exercise bike with hardwired on-board stereo speaker pair

I want to add a stereo headphone jack to an exercise bike with a pair of hard-wired on-board stereo speakers. I imagine each speaker has 2 wires going to it. Is this as easy as taking either or both ground wires and the two signal wires and wiring a 3.5 mm TRS jack? How does a connected headphone typically turn off sound in speakers? How do I handle the two ground wired (one going to each speaker).... can I just use either? or if combining grounds, do these need to be electrically "isolated", if so how?Thanks in advance.

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BLE Beacon finder, how to ?

Hi everyone,I am mechanical engineering student and haven't expertise in difficult circuits, so I am here to ask for your helps guys!I am working on a personal project in which i want to create the smallest BLE Bluetooth device possible which could be charged by induction. What i want is just to connect this device to my smartphone.I did some research and i came up with the following components : Qunqi-HM-11-Bluetooth BLE (1.7 V to 3.6 V) Rechargeable Lithium Battery (3V or 3.7 V ) TP4056 Lithium Battery Charger (5V, With micro USB) Wireless Charging Module 5V/300mA (SKU:DFR0363 Brand:DFRobot)So my questions are : Is the TP4056 required to charge with the wirless charging module ? Are those compnents can work together ? Is it possible to make all those components in one PCB by designing it ?Thank you very much,Nabil

Question by dzproject24 

Arduino NANO error uploading sketch. After attempted loading of NANO clone (ELEGOO) the IDE hangs -

The Com port was selected, old bootloader selected. Various error messages (will collect and add to post here). However the very strange thing is that the NANO is sending to the Serial Monitor at 115200 BPS the message"Loaded next response 1" continuously!OS is Win 10 64 bit - current version with all updates.USB Driver is USB Serial CH-340 version 3.5.2019.1 dated 1/30/2019.This appears to be a new issue that appeared after I attempted to run two instances of the IDE with two NANOs attached. One on COM4 and the other on COM11.I have deleted and reinstalled the driver - same issue.Going to try on another PC.Anyone have any ideas?

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Can I change resistance values in laser diode driver circuit to be able to use it with another laser diode?

I have Laser survey units,tens of them, each has IR original laser diode with this specification ((Ith= 17mA, Iop= 31mA, 798nm, Im=1.26mA)). This laser diode is not available any more, I used to use a Sanyo replacement for it DL3144-008S with ((Ith=25mA, Iop=30mA,785nm,Im=2.0mA)). The driver of laser diode is attatched, Iused to change the value of series resistor with photo diode to adjust the output power and it works great. Unfortunately the new LD is also not available now the available one for me is 9GAIA red LD(ADL-65o55TL) with ((Ith=18 to 25 mA,Iop=25 to 35mA,655nm,Im=0.12mA)) the beam is very dim even with current 35mA!!! does it have any relation with monitoring current which is very low in the new one and if it has, if someone can advise me how to change values of the resistance to let the driver work with the new monitoring current, and if it is something else kindly adviseThanks

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I need help identifying a part Answered

Somebody gave me a box full of speakers mids, highs, woofers, and tweeters... In that box also came 2 of these small circuit boards with 2 knobs attached to them... Don't know what they are, and what they use for. Any help will be appreciated

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Power supply recommendation

I've been trying to collect info and guidance on how to build a portable and minimalistic power supply. I have in the past built other stomp boxes and small amplifiers (PCB kits) but never enough to learn how to read schematics or build from scratch, so I'm looking for something pretty detailed or simple enough. List of the technical and practical requirements: -Steady and safe current output for several hours straight; -Operating voltage: 3-4 to 15-17 volts; -Current: 2-3A; -1 voltage control potentiometer; -1 digital voltmeter; -1 output (1/4 jack); -1 pedal switch input (1/4 jack); -1 status LED; - Possibly external transformer (to keep it smaller and avoid overheating); -No vent holes; I have found similar builds (instuctables and YouTube), but never similar enough to be sure that putting that build in a smaller and sealed box would perform well and not overheat It seems weird to me that I wasn't able to find any kit or project for such a simple build. Below a link to an ideal result example https://thelondontattooconvention.com/suppliers/hard-craft-company-handmade-tattoo-power-supplies/

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Project idea for artificial lift

Hi Team,I want to develop a prototype of Artificial liftThe requirement of my project is that it should be based on arduino.Till now, I have thought of having a robo car which will have a robotic arm and attached to it will be linear actuator.The robo car will help me go to the well, robotic arm will be above the well and linear actuator will go inside the well and measure temperature and humidity and come backThe problem is that I am not able to get all the things and attach to each other. If I get a robo car, then I will not get a place where I will attach robotic arm.Kindly help me and also suggest me some ideas. I have bought a meped mechanical spider.Thanks & regards,

Question by jhaamit6666 

Battery support with Intel Compute Stick

Hi, I've been working in a project that is basically an Intel Stick with Z8350, a 7 inch waveshare screen and joystick buttons in the case. The idea is to be able to play windows games like Skyrim, Borderlands, Fallout... Anyway, I've come to a point where everything works just fine, right now I'm designing a 3d printed case to fit it all inside and take it to the go. I was planing on using a battery meter with LEDs to know the charging state and current state of the battery, but I just have been wondering, is there anyway to add battery support with windows 10 reading? just like a laptop, you pop a battery and windows gives me the percentage left and charging status. I plan to post a instructions for this when I finish it as well with the 3d print files and part list. My thanks to all!

Question by deadlyredink 

UPS system

Hello every one recently i found a 12v 9000mah battery in my stuff and decided to make sth with it and found out that a UPS system can be good. I want to make a system that can give me power for a short time while I am outdoors so the low amper wont be a problem but I want to make the system with lower cost and better quality so I found out that I had to choose an inverter(12 to 220) which I think a 100w one would work. But my problem is choosing the inverter these are my choices based on my research:An inverter starter kit---------the cheapestAn inverter module(ones without box and fan which are small too)Inverters that are used in cars(ones with a box and fan)----------the most expensive

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Q: why can i switch the screen of a led tv on & off via its built-in usb jack?

Hi, had a broken usb-cable causing a short in a usb-a 2.0 jack of a tv-set. thereafter the screen went black (tho the rest kept working, thus: audio, remote,...).did open up the beast and, after having given it for a goner, started playing around a bit. bridged the (metal)-mounting-frame of the inside with the vcc+ pin of the usb, and, look-look, the screen came back on... turns out: each time i apply this pulse the screen turns off, and on a 2nd pluse it turns back on, a.s.f... sort of works like a switch (i always wanted, incidentally).... i am just a lucky stupid bastard - but can any pro here explain what the hell/heaven is going on here? thanks, pit

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Decoding and understanding what your SDR scanner is receiving!?

For some reason, every time I upgrade my antenna I get more signals on my screen that I fail to decode or even understand.When I started this hobby it was mostly about voice transmissions and trying to get radio stations from overseas.Now I am starting to wonder what is behind these endless amounts of transmissions that my software fails to decode or recognise.Some things like TV, pure data or trunked system like the P25 are usually not a problem to identify.An awful lot though is not recognised at all.Also found quite a few signals that produce sound that just isn't right.No matter what type of audio is selected thest I describe these sounds is like weird space sounds with a lot of echo in them.Like a base tone that goes up and down in frequency and is overlapped by blips and beeps.I am not good at all with Linux.You could say Linux and I are like a cat and a dog locked in the same room ;)So I only used the common programs available for SDR decoding use that work with Windows.I guess my question would be:Is there a software out there that can identify the received signal automatically?You know, if doubt be routing the audio to it and getting something back like "Encrypted P25, LoRa data, DVB-T,....".And for whatever is not recognised directly at least something to help identifying the signal.A lot can be done by just researching the frequency allocations.At least down here they are quite strict and that means if you find some info that a certain frequency is reserved for data transmission on short range you can tick them off.The ideal thing of course would be something that works automatically as a complete packet.But I guess that will be a few more years till we get that pleasure :(

Question by Downunder35m 

Naomi Home adjustable bed remote

My Naomi Home IdealBed 500i adjustable bed remote does not work. I think it is produced by SUTA, for Naomi Homes. It lights up, but won't connect to or operate bed. Even the flashlight feature does not work. It may have gotten wet, but I am not sure. Bed was near open window when it rained heavily. The part of the bed near where remote was is not wet, but nearby part of bed did get wet from rain coming in through window. Attached is photo of remote, can also attach circuit board picture, if requested. Any help as to how to fix remote would be very welcome.

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Help: hacking fog machine with timer relay

Hello, everyone. I need a little help! I'm not very skilled in circuits, but I have already did something similar with a different device (following some tutorials from instructables); this time the same approach seems not working.I have a sensor which triggers a timer relay; when the relay is triggered on i would like to switch on my fog machine (which is already turned on and heated) and spread the fog until relay reset.From the relay I have a COM and the NO(/NC) output.I need to connect those outputs to my fog machine cable controller (which i cannot unmount completely). I attach here some photos of my circuit.The first image shows a red area (short circuit!), and two green areas (fires fog): if i connect the relay output there (COM or NO or NC) circuits reacts even if the relay is off.I have tried connecting the relay out to blue/white wires but nothing happens.What can i do? I'm starting to think to connect only NO (or NC) to both blue and white wires. Any help is appreciated.Thank you so much.- - - - - EDIT - - - - -Thanks for the first 2 replies: connecting COM and NO to blue and white cable was the first thing i did, but with no success. I tried again (maybe i was doing wrong), but again no success. I add 4 new pics of the circuit from above (i have dismounted it). Hope it is much clearer now.Thanks again for your support.

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Retractable mount for stepper motor

I am currently working on a small project which includes a 28BJY-48 stepper motor. I want to make a retractable mount for the motor so I can extend it to a desire length. What is the recommended way to do it? I thought about intalling two metaling poles inside the body of my device which will be connected to motor and to use pg16 glands as a twist-lock locking

Question by eliariev   |  last reply

Old microwave request!!!

Hey there fellow makers! i am currently trying to build a tesla coil and i am looking for microwave transformers. is there anyone who would be willing to donate a broken or used microwave?

Question by Irish pirate630   |  last reply

My Chinese solar lamp batter connect with old motercycle battery???

How do I connect my solar lamps (0.1amp current) with my 12volt 5ampr battery Is this possible ???

Question by Kingmishra   |  last reply

Upgrade my bluetooth speaker

Hi everyone I need help with my bluetooth speaker. I bought a trolly bluetooth speaker with a very bad quality speaker in it (didn't knew at the time of buying) so I put Orion Co124s 500w sub in it but the problem now is its amp have not that much power to make it sound louder...I need help what do I need to put in it to make it sound good and loud...

Question by Shahzeb5   |  last reply

Bio Incubator Arduino Code - Problem

Hey guys hope your making wonderful things and providing more value to this incredible world.Inspired by the project of building the Bio incubator from PiyumF I started making my own DIY incubator with slightly more detailed features.https://www.instructables.com/id/Low-cost-and-accu...But however when I started working on the brains of the system I ran into problem I couldn't solve myself. I know that there are, in this community some of the brightest people I could know, more experienced with arduino and coding than I am.So the main problems are:When I started compiling the sketch of the provided finished program I ran in some errors I couldn't fix and cant really describe it in detail, because of my lack of knowledge. Another problem is that I cant properly connect the LCD keypad shield with the I2C backpack and arduino and dont know how should I modify the code to work properly with all of it. So that it creates menu in which you can choose a target temp and set it up.Can you guys anyhow help me solve this situation, because I'm running out of options. Many thanks in ahead

Question by JohnSmith-Workshop 

Why are my entries not in? Answered

I entered the summer camp contest with two projects on sunday yesterday, and other entries are being accepted while I don't know if mine are rejected or accepted. Can someone help me with this?

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