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ALCOHOL FREE spirit-tasting drinks, eg gin without the booze, does anyone have any accurate recipes? Answered

I am trying to put together an alcohol free cocktail cabinet and so far am unable to find a reasonable gin/whisky/rum/vodka substitute.  The whole point of this alcohol free cocktail cabinet is to enable me to host a party that everyone can enjoy - no drinking and driving means fruit juice/syrup based cocktails and that can get a bit boring after a while!  So, over to you, my incredibly inventive and brilliant 'Ible friends....  thank you in advance.



5 years ago

For a reposado tequila try agave nectar (check grocery or health food stores where they keep sweeteners), it's derived from the exact same cactus used for making tequila. Add a little liquid smoke to simulate that aged charred barrel taste. There is some controversy over liquid smoke's safety so if that makes you nervous, try molasses or puh erh tea. Some unsweetened grapefruit juice for the tart fruity taste and a little pear juice if you can find it for a sweeter, fruitful taste.

Play around with the ratios a little bit, but if I had to spitball a recipe right meow, I'd go with:

2 cups agave nectar (sounds like a lot, but it really isn't as sweet as you'd think).

Half cup of grapefruit juice

One teaspoon of liquid smoke / 1 tablespoon of molasses / 1 cup of puh erh tea

One quarter cup of pear juice.

If/when I come up with something more solid I'll upload it. Good luck!


9 years ago

The juniper berry flavored soda from this company (plus a squeeze of lime) is a fairly convincing alternative to the gin and tonic http://www.drysoda.com/


9 years ago

Rum is produced from sugar-waste, you'll find "black treacle" or molasses will give you a (sweetened) rummy-flavour.
Good vodka doesn't taste of much else but alcohol, so forget that one.
Gin as Angry says is principally flavoured with Juniper berries, but can be rather complex.
Whisky can be very complex, but you might try boiling charred-oak in water & malt extract?

Be aware that many of these flavours are alcohol souluble, you'll struggle to make non-alcoholic substitutes. You can get Rum flavouring for baking, I don't know about the rest.



9 years ago

Gin tastes like juniper berries (or pine trees), and you can find juniper berry extract and thin it out.

Whiskey generally tastes like oak barrels and malt/wheat.

Rum is kinda sweet.

Vodka is theoretically not supposed to taste like anything.

Personally I wouldn't drink any of them if there wasn't booze involved, so if I were making mixed virgin drinks, I'd leave out the whiskey/rum/gin/vodka/tequila entirely and not bother substituting or would use water.