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Can I use a RC TOY transmitter to control an advanced receiver? Answered

I have one of those micro rc cars.The car died and I'm experimenting with its parts.
I was wondering if it's possible for a simple Tx ,like this one, to control an advanced Rx connected with a Brushless ESC.
By simple I mean single speed(forward without ESC) and with advanced those used for example in rc helis(advanced tech,many ch).
I am definitely talking about the same Quarz crystal controlled frequency.
Thanks you.



5 years ago

No, those micro rc toys are infra red, proper RC Rx's are PCM modulated (old school) with newer digital and 2.4G as well.


5 years ago

Much depends. Most cheap RC is based on AM - Amplitude modulated - signals - The information is carried on the amplitude of the carrier signal. Most modern RC is based on FM - Frequency modulation - This allows a signal that is much less prone to interferance. The information is often carried as a digital signal.

If you Tx is Am and the receiver FM and perhaps Digital than no they are incompatible. The easy answer is try and see if you get any result. My expectation is that you won't - In fact even amongst modern digital TX and RX systems not all are compatable.