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Can a ring illuminated 5A 250VAC pilot lamp (6v led lighted switch) control a mini pc fan using a 9v battery ? Answered

The fan is for the combustion chamber of a spud gun and comes with an internal toggle switch but I would like to use the external lighted switch. Suggestions are appreciated, Thanks



3 years ago

The light is for the S-gun ready to Fire a fry, but you need a sealed dual ceramic feed through to keep the vinyl insulated wires from cutting your skin.


Answer 3 years ago

Ahhh Yeah? Thanks icing, for clearing up the the finer points. I'll take that into consideration...


3 years ago

Hey seandogue,
I hear you my friend. It's not that I'm particularly set on this
specific switch, I added it to a $35.00 + order from Amazon in order to
take advantage of the free shipping. Alone the s&h would have cost
more than the switch. Thanks for the heads up on Digikey, I'll certainly
check them out to see if I can find something a little better suited. I
was just trying to kill two birds with one stone. All that's really
required is an Led that reminds me that the fan is running. Just thought
it would be cool to kill the power without having to access the inside
of the combustion chamber.

I liked your bit about the old man storming from the auditorium. I
worked at an assisted living facility for ten years. Among my many, many
duties was cooking 3 squares a day for 15 cantankerous individuals. If I
made the perfect gumbo, inevitably, one resident would almost be in
tears because it was just too salty and "I just can't eat this", while
on the other side of dinning room another would be banging on the table
demanding more salt. Sigh, go figure.
I really do appreciate your input, Thanks for taking the time

3 years ago

You can probably use the switch, but if the pilot is designed for use with 220VAC, a 9V battery isn't going to light the switch. Further, the switch appears to be an environmentally sealed switch, so although my first thought was to swap out the lamp for an LED, I don't think that's going to fly either, and attempts to do so will probably leave you with a pile of techno bits and powders (from drilling and picking and grinding) that can no longer be used as a switch..


Answer 3 years ago

seandogue, I was shopping for parts on Amazon and bought this particular switch after reading the specs on many, many others that were 12v and finally just picked one without reading the details. I figured I'd be able to make it work somehow with a resistor or something (obviously electronics are not my strong point). The site I plan on buying the fan from (ultimatespudgun.com/offset-coaxial-parts-c-46.html) offers no specifics about the fan itself but what would you recommend if I wanted a lighted switch that simply turns the fan on and off using a 9v battery. Could I use a more powerful battery and restrict the voltage or whatever to the fan or some such thing? I really want a lighted switch as this is going to be "my" ultimate spud gun. Thanks for any suggestions, Jack


Answer 3 years ago

Before I start rambling, remember this. If the fan is on, you probably already know it. So do you really need to drain your battery powering an LED?

Now for ramble...

Understood. I've done the same on many ocassions. (considered using or used parts that weren't specifically meant for use in the way I wanted to or did use them)

But... As noted, if the lamp is designed for use with 220VAC, then the illuminated portion of the equation is probably not going to fly. (many shoulders shrug, a faint sigh is heard from one person in the audience who's particularly disturbed by the news, a frail old man weeps in the darkness of the auditorium, another man storms from the auditorium raving about conspiracies ... and life goes on)

Regardless of wether your switch can be illuminated from a 9V battery, the switch itself should be just fine for use up to it's rated values (max voltage and max current primarily, in this context).

There are plenty of lighted switches suited to use with lower voltage DC power. I'd recommend visiting Digikey, regardless of where you are in the world, and using their selection tools to narrow the search down to a manageable list you can scroll through to see available options. That would give you a good starting point for what's available. Many many x many choices.

Me, if I didn't need the illumination, I'd just use the nice switch I had., at least I'd be very inclined to do so if the switch was being used in an environmentally harsh environment.

Alternatively to using a literal "lighted switch", you can slave a panel mount led from a standard spdt or dpdt (or other) switch. That is, wire the led so that when power is applied, it lights, when it isn't applied, it doesn't (or visa versa if that's how you want it to work!)

But as I said in the beginning, the real question is this: do you really need an illuminated annunciator for this task in the first place? If not, in my opinion, don't burn the battries