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Chinese laser cutter repair Answered

Anyone in Boston area able to provide or know of a source for service for these chinese made machines. We are a public high school, with an 8 thousand dollar 80 watt co2 paper weight.



4 months ago

Do you know what's wrong? I know Boston can be cold and I've heard of the laser tube exploding from the cold, so check that. I have no experience though. (if dreaming doesn't count)


4 months ago

If you could provide a bunch of details about the machine and issues, error messages, failures it might be possible to locate the real problem.
Almost all parts can be replaced by someone with a half decent understanding of mechanics, electrics and movement.
Even the laser power supply or tube can be quite easy replaced.

So please try to state how the problem started, what might have changed, like moving the machine or a power failure during use...
Error messages, what is shown on the display?
Is it hardware or software that fails you?
You get the picture ;)
Help us with information and we might be able to at least locate the culprit or with enough luck and assuming the hardware is fine fix it ;)