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ESC zero throttle power consumption? Answered

I have heard that an electronic speed controller (esc) uses some power continuously even at zero throttle. What I was told was about 0.5 amps, but it seems like it would be different based on size, voltage, etc... My UAV has two 20 amp ecs's being powered by two 4.4 Ah 11.1 volt batteries and it will need to land and sit with the power on for 3 hours after flying 2 miles and then fly back. At 0.5 amps the 3 hour sit will waste 3 Ah. I will probably need to set it up so the esc's are unpowered at zero throttle but everything else will remain powered.

Does anyone know a way to calculate about how much current the esc will burn at zero throttle if you know what battery, esc, and motor you have? Or do I need to measure it directly to know?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Most ESC specs I've seen don't give the quiescent current, but if you go over to the 'Power Systems' forum on RCGroups.com, and ask the question I'm certain you'll find someone who's tested this.  Or you could always simply measure it with an ammeter on your setup and do the calculations from there.


7 years ago

Turn it on sit it down and wait - see what happens .